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Sugar Wobblies

Author : Georgie Godbold
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These quirky, wobbly, sugarcrafted figures are packed with character! Includes instructions on how to make fun, adorable animals, and assortment of fairies and much more.--Cover.

Battling for American Labor

Author : Howard Kimeldorf
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"This riveting, nuanced book takes seriously the workplace radicalism of many early twentieth century American workers. The restriction of working class militancy to the workplace, it shows, was no mere economism. Organizational rather than psychological in orientation, Battling For American Labor accounts for both the early preference of dockworkers in Philadelphia and hotel and restaurant workers in New York for the IWW rather than the AFL and for the reversal of this choice in the 1920s. In so doing, it points the way to a fresh reading of American labor history."—Ira Katznelson, Columbia University "Howard Kimeldorf's book, based on sound and solid historical research in archives, newspapers, journals, memoirs and oral histories, argues that workers in the United States, regardless of their precise union affiliation, harbored syndicalist tendencies which manifested themselves in direct action on the job. Because Kimeldorf's book reinterprets much of the history of the labor movement in the United States, it will surely generate much controversy among scholars and capture the attention of readers."—Melvyn Dubofsky, Binghamton University, SUNY "Howard Kimeldorf's new book is a very exciting accomplishment. This book will surely leave a major imprint on labor history and the sociology of labor. Kimeldorf's focus on repertoires of collective action and practice instead of ideology is a particularly important contribution; one that will force students of labor to rethink many worn-out arguments. After reading Battling For American Labor, one will no longer be able to assume the IWW's defeat was inevitable, or take seriously psychological theories of worker consciousness."—David Wellman, author of The Union Makes Us Strong

The Essential New York Times Cookbook Classic Recipes for a New Century

Author : Amanda Hesser
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A New York Times bestseller and Winner of the James Beard Award: All the best recipes from 150 years of distinguished food journalism—a volume to take its place in America's kitchens alongside Mastering the Art of French Cooking and How to Cook Everything. Amanda Hesser, co-founder and CEO of Food52 and former New York Times food columnist, brings her signature voice and expertise to this compendium of influential and delicious recipes from chefs, home cooks, and food writers. Devoted Times subscribers will find the many treasured recipes they have cooked for years—Plum Torte, David Eyre's Pancake, Pamela Sherrid's Summer Pasta—as well as favorites from the early Craig Claiborne New York Times Cookbook and a host of other classics—from 1940s Caesar salad and 1960s flourless chocolate cake to today's fava bean salad and no-knead bread. Hesser has cooked and updated every one of the 1,000-plus recipes here. Her chapter introductions showcase the history of American cooking, and her witty and fascinating headnotes share what makes each recipe special. The Essential New York Times Cookbook is for people who grew up in the kitchen with Claiborne, for curious cooks who want to serve a nineteenth-century raspberry granita to their friends, and for the new cook who needs a book that explains everything from how to roll out dough to how to slow-roast fish—a volume that will serve as a lifelong companion.

Waterfront Workers

Author : Calvin Winslow
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Few work settings can compete with the waterfront for a long, rich history of multi-ethnic and multiracial interaction. There were Irish dockers from Chelsea to Ashtabula to Tacoma; African Americans, Poles, Germans, Scandinavians, and Italians joined the Irish on New York's docks; Eastern Europeans worked with the Irish and blacks in Philadelphia, and farther south, African Americans were the majority on the Baltimore waterfront in the 1930s. On the Pacific Coast, where the Chinese were excluded and African Americans were relatively scarce until World War II, waterfront workers were mostly white. In Waterfront Workers, five scholars explore the complex relationships involved in this intersection of race, class, and ethnicity.

Alberta Labour

Author : Warren Caragata
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History has traditionally taken the working man for granted, ignoring the fact that without his labour there would be no history. As this book shows, the history of working people in Canada is colourful, exciting and filled with many dramatic characters and events well worth discovering. Alberta Labour traces the growth of union organizations in Alberta like the Knights of Labour in the 1880s, the legendary Wobblies, the abortive One Big Union and finally the Alberta Federation of Labour, founded in 1912, which today represents and fights for the labouring men and women of the province. This history, the first of its kind, has been compiled from interviews with union members, original letters and documents, and contemporary newspapers and magazines. The text is illustrated with over 90 full-page photographs, most of them never published before, depicting labour at work in Alberta from its origins to the present day.

Sugar and Spite

Author : G. A. McKevett
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A plus-sized private investigator must clear her friend and ex-partner of murdering his ex-wife in this cozy mystery by the author of Cooked Goose. When Savannah Reid’s only shot at romance for Valentine’s Day includes a stakeout with her ex-partner, Dirk Coulter, things aren’t exactly looking up in the hearts-and-flowers department. After pulling an all-nighter, Savannah wants nothing more than to cook up a plate of steamy grits and hash browns. But no sooner has she buttered the skillet when disaster arrives in the overdone, underdressed form of Polly Coulter, Dirk’s ex-wife. Days later, the no-good, two-timing broad is found lying in a pool of blood in Dirk’s doublewide trailer, shot through the chest with his service revolver. When Dirk is arrested for Polly’s murder, Savannah goes to work to clear his name, and every lead points to trouble. All in all, this is one Valentine’s Day that’s shaping up to be a real massacre . . . Praise for Sugar and Spite “Savannah’s fifth outing is fresh, breezy, and believably plotted.” —Kirkus Reviews “Delightful and spunky, California private detective Savannah Reid, always enticed by food, turns her talents toward clearing her ex-partner of the murder of his ex-wife. Never a dull moment, so be sure to buy this one.” —Library Journal “Romping good fun, and don't forget the chocolates.” —Booklist

Sugar Sand

Author : Jeff Behm
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Russian immigrant Owen Heron comes to the US to make his fortune in the dotcom boom. When circumstance finds him out of work, he searches for direction in life, and wiles away the hours in the NJ Pine Barrens with his faithful dog. The chance discovery of a small fortune puts Owen back on the path to happiness - or so he thinks. Owen's unwitting & unsavory benefactors are anxious to get their money back, and will risk anything to accomplish their mission -- unless someone or something can stop them.

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

Author : Robert D. C. Atkins
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This is an updated version of the book I wrote ten years ago to help as many people as I could to lose weight. I felt certain then—and continue to do so—that the widespread dissemination of misinformation about what constitutes a healthy diet had caused that epidemic of weight gain in this country. The book made a greater impact than anyone might have predicted. Its sales exceeded ten million copies, and it was the number oneselling diet and health book in the U.S. for nearly five years. In fact, it has been the all-time top seller in its field. Certainly of the millions of people who’ve read it, a large percentage followed its precepts, lost weight, kept it off and decisively improved their health. What you hold in your hands is a thoroughly rewritten version of that work. Having listened with care to the people who followed my weight control program, I’ve clarified and improved the “do-ability” of the practical chapters of this book. I’ve added many new case histories and a horde of new and improved recipes. Finally, I’ve incorporated information on the recent upsurge of scientific evidence. We had it right ten years ago, but now we have twice as much research to confirm the nutritional approach championed by New Diet Revolution.

The Trail

Author : Meika Hashimoto
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Toby has to finish the final thing on The List. It's a list of brave, daring, totally awesome things that he and his best friend, Lucas, planned to do together, and the only item left is to hike the Appalachian Trail. But now Lucas isn't there to do it with him. Toby's determined to hike the trail alone and fulfill their pact, which means dealing with the little things -- the blisters, the heat, the hunger -- and the big things -- the bears, the loneliness, and the memories.When a storm comes, Toby finds himself tangled up in someone else's mess: Two boys desperately need his help. But does Toby have any help to give?The Trail is a remarkable story of physical survival and true friendship, about a boy who's determined to forge his own path -- and to survive.

The Tariff Review

Author :
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