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Twilight of Abundance

Author : David Archibald
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Baby boomers enjoyed the most benign period in human history: fifty years of relative peace, cheap energy, plentiful grain supply, and a warming climate due to the highest solar activity for 8,000 years. The party is over—prepare for the twilight of abundance.

AMLR 1999 2000 Field Season Report

Author : Jessica D. Lipsky
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Fishery Bulletin

Author :
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Administrative Report LJ

Author :
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Significant Achievements in Space Science

Author : United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Division
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Author : Kitt Peak National Observatory
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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Marine Biology in Taiwan Crustacean and Zooplankton Taxonomy Ecology and Living Resources

Author :
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At Twilight

Author : Beth Henderson
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The Twilight Symbols

Author : Julie-Anne Sykley
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How well do you know the Twilight universe… really? In her famous four-book series The Twilight Saga, author Stephenie Meyer refers to myth, music, history, literature and more. She masks numerous symbols in her romantic vampire dreamscape. The Twilight Symbols is a rich A to Z guide of symbols in the Twilight Saga that will lead you to discover whole new worlds, both real and mystical. It will delight and inform Twilight fans, symbol seekers, and the keenest literature detectives. From apples to zombies, from Forks to Rome, from round meadows to moonlit beaches to dark forests, this compelling and comprehensive sourcebook spotlights the symbols that hide and reside in the Twilight world.

The Celtic Twilight

Author : W. B. Yeats
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W.B. Yeats was a towering figure in twentieth-century letters. Though best remembered as a poet and playwright, Yeats was insatiably curious and devoted much of his life to the study of folk literatures. This collection brings together an astounding array of Irish legends, fables, and fairy tales.

The Celtic Twilight

Author : William Butler Yeats
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Many of the tales in this book were told me by one Paddy Flynn, a little bright-eyed old man, who lived in a leaky and one-roomed cabin in the village of Ballisodare, which is, he was wont to say, "the most gentle"Ñwhereby he meant faeryÑ"place in the whole of County Sligo." Others hold it, however, but second to Drumcliff and Drumahair. The first time I saw him he was cooking mushrooms for himself; the next time he was asleep under a hedge, smiling in his sleep. He was indeed always cheerful, though I thought I could see in his eyes (swift as the eyes of a rabbit, when they peered out of their wrinkled holes) a melancholy which was well-nigh a portion of their joy; the visionary melancholy of purely instinctive natures and of all animals. And yet there was much in his life to depress him, for in the triple solitude of age, eccentricity, and deafness, he went about much pestered by children. It was for this very reason perhaps that he ever recommended mirth and hopefulness. He was fond, for instance, of telling how Collumcille cheered up his mother. "How are you to-day, mother?" said the saint. "Worse," replied the mother. "May you be worse to-morrow," said the saint. The next day Collumcille came again, and exactly the same conversation took place, but the third day the mother said, "Better, thank God." And the saint replied, "May you be better to-morrow." He was fond too of telling how the Judge smiles at the last day alike when he rewards the good and condemns the lost to unceasing flames. He had many strange sights to keep him cheerful or to make him sad. I asked him had he ever seen the faeries, and got the reply, "Am I not annoyed with them?" I asked too if he had ever seen the banshee. "I have seen it," he said, "down there by the water, batting the river with its hands."

Black Sea Twilight

Author : Domnica Radulescu
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1980s Romania: As the sun sets on the magical shore of the Black Sea and casts its last rays across the water, all Nora Teodoru can think about is pursuing her dream of becoming an accomplished artist - and of her love for Gigi, her childhood boyfriend from the Turkish part of town. But storm clouds are gathering as life under Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu becomes increasingly unbearable. His secret police are circling, never far from the young couple's doors. Nora and Gigi make plans to escape to Turkey. But nothing can prepare them for the events that follow...

The Twilight of Britain

Author : G. Gordon Betts
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A study of the erosion of Britain's sovereignty, national identity and culture, the subversion of her history and traditions, and the demoralization of her institutions. The process began, argues G. Gordon Betts, with the end of the colonial empires.

Evening Twilight a Woman S Village Journal 2007 2011

Author : Mary Kelly Black
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This book is the third volume of journal selections (2007-2011). Volume I included an Introduction and some biographical memories. As with the previous two volumes, the major events of life claim little diaristic attention, the overlooked or insignificant habitually capturing the author’s attention. Most journals or notebooks of eminent writers conclude with their relative youth, when they pick up the pen to create an imaginative retrospective journey, so there is little available of aging journal-keepers describing the downward journey. Those who maintained journals intime, or other forms of introspective writing, were rarely long lived, so there is little available of the aging journal-keeper describing the downward journey. Added to this is the paucity of proximal contemporaries who share or admit to the narrowing path, seeking instead the rejuvenations of youth. “I unavoidably focus on the early twilight of this narrowing journey, lead me where it shall.” Those interested in a more event-filled diary will find scant reportage in these pages.

Twilight at Mac s Place

Author : Ross Thomas
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"Anyone reading a Ross Thomas thriller for the first time is in imminent danger of addiction: One taste is never enough." - Los Angeles Times In Twilight at Mac's Place, the quiet death of an aged spy triggers a desperate race to control his memoirs, which threaten to reveal Cold War secrets many would prefer stayed secrets. When the spy's estranged son receives the then dizzying sum of $100,000 for all rights to the work, he is properly dizzied. He is also smart enough to seek the help of veteran Cold Warriors McCorkle and Padillo, owners of a D.C. bar called Mac's Place that is both a capital landmark and a nest of intrigue.

When It s Twilight Time

Author : Clement E. Lewis
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This book offers 30 meditations and complete orders of worship for use by clergy or lay persons at retirement centers. In addition to 26 topically based services, this volume features worship outlines for Easter, communion, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Each service includes and opening prayer, suggested scripture, hymns, easy-to-present meditations, and appropriate closings. Worship themes include: - If We Are Dreamers - The Best Surprises - The Larger Design For Living "As a minister with 56 years of experience, the last 15 of which I have spent ministering to and living with older persons, how I wish a volume such as Chaplain Lewis' When It's Twilight Time had been available to me! The themes he has selected, and the manner in which he has organized them; his choice of hymns, prayers, scripture readings, and other worship helps; and his appropriate and timely illustrations reveal a keen insight into the interests and needs of older persons and those who work with them." Rev. W. Darwin Andrus San Antonio, TX Clement E. Lewis has served as chaplain at Morningside Meadows, an ecumenically sponsored retirement community in San Antonio, Texas, since 1982. He is a graduate of Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, and previously served as pastor of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

In the Twilight with God

Author : Benjamin W. Farley
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Granted that God may exist, how may God be defined in our time? Addressing this issue Benjamin Farley explores a variety of belief systems, Western and Eastern, religious and skeptical. Taking an approach that is both critical of religion as well as sympathetic, Farley refuses to shy away from hard questions or to dismiss constructive answers that speak to the human condition. He distinguishes human "intellectual ascent" towards God from humankind's "innate and inner sense" to know and relate to the living God, demonstrating the efforts and rewards of both approaches in Christianity, as well as in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen. Alongside these more obviously "religious" approaches, Farley reviews the methodologies and findings of today's greatest scientific minds, including skeptics such as Hawking, Dawkins, and Wilson, as well as their skeptical forerunners of the past. He argues that belief in God can no more ignore the scientific truth about the universe than science can dismiss the spiritual yearnings and hunger of humanity for purpose, meaning, and its inescapable sense of the presence of God.

Flavius Aetius Twilight of Empire

Author : Jose Gomez-Rivera
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Flavius Aetius: Twilight of Empire The story of Flavius Aetius: The Last Conqueror continues in this sequel bringing to life in sweeping color and romance the last years of the Western Roman Empire. It focuses on the remarkable relationship of Empress Galla Placida and the last great Roman General Flavius Aetius. This turbulent relationship, which this historical romance sets squarely as a dramatic and star crossed love affair with the fate of Empire riding on it, frames the history of Rome in the throes of decline, but still flickering its thousand-year light on Europe, keeping the encroaching darkness at bay. The brilliance of the protagonists, who faced down the threats of Alaric, coups, religious conflicts, and Attila, is detailed in a sweeping tale of Rome, fighting for its last gasps of air. Characters such as Honorius, Stilicho, St. Augustine, Alaric, and others fill the panoply and splendor of a dying empire, and the two individuals who struggled, as they saw it, to maintain their world, even sacrificing their love to achieve that end. Aetius and Galla are portrayed as passionate lovers caught in the maelstrom of power and drawn to oppose each other over policy and events, although always in love. Passion and love underscore historical events and the fictional relationship of these two historical characters. It is a full blooded tale that moves through history and romance, blending both in a comprehensive tale of a world in transition and the people whose efforts held the deluge at bay and transformed the very process of change.

The Twilight of Ancient Egypt

Author : Karol Myśliwiec
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Karol Mysliwiec surveys a turbulent time in Ancient Egyptian culture and history -- the eight hundred years between the eleventh century B.C.E. and the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.E., after which Egypt became part of the Hellenistic world. It was a time when Libyans, Kushites, Persians, and Greeks ascended to the throne more frequently than did indigenous kings. The history of this phase of pharaonic Egypt, marked by rapid changes in rule, has been relatively neglected until now. Egypt had become increasingly involved in the affairs of its Near Eastern neighbors (Assyria, Babylon, and Persia) and of the Mediterranean world. These many cultures greatly enriched and influenced pharaonic traditions. At the same time, Egyptian civilization extended far beyond the borders of Egypt itself. One of the most important cultural products of this period is the Old Testament, called here "an inestimable source of information on daily life in pharaonic Egypt". Mysliwiec perceives in recent archaeological discoveries clear evidence that the First Millennium B.C.E. was witness to more than a slow, progressive dying out of the pharaonic past; new and creative elements profoundly altered the culture of Ancient Egypt. Originally published in Polish, The Twilight of Ancient Egypt appeared in 1998 in a German edition. The Cornell edition has been updated by the author and also contains previously unpublished photographs of recently discovered treasures.

Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist

Author : Friedrich Nietzsche
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These 2 polemics blaze with provocative, inflammatory rhetoric. Nietzsche's "grand declaration of war," Twilight of the Idols examines what we worship and why. The Antichrist denounces organized religion as a whole.