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Twilight of the Elites

Author : Chris Hayes
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A powerful and original argument that traces the roots of our present crisis of authority to an unlikely source: the meritocracy. Over the past decade, Americans watched in bafflement and rage as one institution after another – from Wall Street to Congress, the Catholic Church to corporate America, even Major League Baseball – imploded under the weight of corruption and incompetence. In the wake of the Fail Decade, Americans have historically low levels of trust in their institutions; the social contract between ordinary citizens and elites lies in tatters. How did we get here? With Twilight of the Elites, Christopher Hayes offers a radically novel answer. Since the 1960s, as the meritocracy elevated a more diverse group of men and women into power, they learned to embrace the accelerating inequality that had placed them near the very top. Their ascension heightened social distance and spawned a new American elite--one more prone to failure and corruption than any that came before it. Mixing deft political analysis, timely social commentary, and deep historical understanding, Twilight of the Elites describes how the society we have come to inhabit – utterly forgiving at the top and relentlessly punitive at the bottom – produces leaders who are out of touch with the people they have been trusted to govern. Hayes argues that the public's failure to trust the federal government, corporate America, and the media has led to a crisis of authority that threatens to engulf not just our politics but our day-to-day lives. Upending well-worn ideological and partisan categories, Hayes entirely reorients our perspective on our times. Twilight of the Elites is the defining work of social criticism for the post-bailout age.

Splitting Europe

Author : Jens Stilhoff Sörensen
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This book explores and analyses the deep political crisis, new fragmentation and splitting that takes place both within Europe and between Russia and the West.

Twilight of the Elites

Author : Christophe Guilluy
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A passionate account of how the gulf between France’s metropolitan elites and its working classes are tearing the country apart Christophe Guilluy, a French geographer, makes the case that France has become an “American society”—one that is both increasingly multicultural and increasingly unequal. The divide between the global economy’s winners and losers in today’s France has replaced the old left‑right split, leaving many on “the periphery.” As Guilluy shows, there is no unified French economy, and those cut off from the country’s new economic citadels suffer disproportionately on both economic and social fronts. In Guilluy’s analysis, the lip service paid to the idea of an “open society” in France is a smoke screen meant to hide the emergence of a closed society, walled off for the benefit of the upper classes. The ruling classes in France are reaching a dangerous stage, he argues; without the stability of a growing economy, the hope for those excluded from growth is extinguished, undermining the legitimacy of a multicultural nation.

The Noosphere

Author : Mike Hockney
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The Noosphere is a "thinking atmosphere" that has been evolving on Earth since the dawn of humanity. The internet is a physical manifestation of it: a worldwide linked network. What comes next? Does mind detach itself from bodies? Can the collective consciousness of humanity leave Earth and enter the heavens? Is the Noosphere a Soul Sphere, composed of the souls of all good people and leaving behind the evil? Imagine the Soul Sphere merging with God. Is that the ultimate destiny of higher humanity? The Noosphere will not be powered by faith, prayers or superstition. Ontological mathematics and hyperreason will be its engines. This is the story of the highest human thought, how it's leaving behind materialism and realizing the truth of existence - that we inhabit an immortal, indestructible mental Singularity outside space and time and that the illusion of materialism is produced by holography. The universe is a self-generating, intelligent, living hologram, comprised of infinite souls.

The Boy Who Could Change the World

Author : Aaron Swartz
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In his too-short life, Aaron Swartz reshaped the Internet, questioned our assumptions about intellectual property, and touched all of us in ways that we may not even realize. His tragic suicide in 2013 at the age of twenty-six after being aggressively prosecuted for copyright infringement shocked the nation and the world. Here for the first time in print is revealed the quintessential Aaron Swartz: besides being a technical genius and a passionate activist, he was also an insightful, compelling, and cutting essayist. With a technical understanding of the Internet and of intellectual property law surpassing that of many seasoned professionals, he wrote thoughtfully and humorously about intellectual property, copyright, and the architecture of the Internet. He wrote as well about unexpected topics such as pop culture, politics both electoral and idealistic, dieting, and lifehacking. Including three in-depth and previously unpublished essays about education, governance, and cities,The Boy Who Could Change the World contains the life’s work of one of the most original minds of our time.

The Wealth of a Nation

Author : Xavier L. Suarez
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The Great Depression of 1929 was similar to the Great Recession of 2008, but not identical, either in its cause or its cure. This book explores the reasons why that is and suggests that the US economy has changed radically in the last half-century—to the point that one must reanalyze the theories of the four great economists, with a view to synthesizing and applying their separate bits of wisdom into a compatible, modern diagnosis of recessions and prescription for curing and avoiding them. Buttressed on the brilliant reinterpretation of Keynes by Princeton’s Allan Meltzer, and on the writings of modern commentators and academics, the author weaves together a readable explanation of what nowadays passes for the “liberal” view and the “conservative” view. Numerous examples are given of specific industries and enterprises, of joint public-private projects, and of the interdependence between government and the free market. Vignettes and quotes are also offered of the great deeds, as well as the dismal failures of policies implemented by Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bush father and son, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. In the end, a tantalizing fusion is achieved of the best elements of Keynesianism, monetarism, and free-market economics. And all the time, the level of discussion is reachable by all and interesting to all who have even a minimal interest in the history and politics of economic theory.

Das demokratische Unternehmen neue Arbeits und F hrungskulturen im Zeitalter digitaler Wirtschaft

Author : Thomas Sattelberger
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In Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft zeichnet sich eine grundlegende Veränderung ab: Das Thema "Demokratisches Unternehmen" liegt in der Luft. Denn der Ruf nach Beteiligung und Einflussnahme wird insgesamt immer wichtiger. Zugleich erleben wir geradezu eine Explosion an neuen Möglichkeiten der Beteiligung durch die Digitalisierung. Dieses Buch greift die aktuellen Herausforderungen auf und stellt neuartige Konzepte für das Unternehmen der Zukunft vor. Hochrangige internationale Experten aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik zeigen, welche Vorteile, Chancen und auch Risiken in der Demokratisierung der Arbeitswelt liegen. Die Autoren verdeutlichen, wie alle - auch Mittelständler und Konzerne - vom Trend zur Demokratisierung profitieren. "Das demokratische Unternehmen" von Thomas Sattelberger wurde mit dem Preis "Managementbuch des Jahres 2015" ausgezeichnet.

The New Power Elite

Author : Alan Shipman
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Elites have always ruled – wielding inordinate power and wealth, taking decisions that shape life for the rest. In good times the ‘1%’ can hide their privilege, or use growing social mobility and economic prosperity as a justification. When times get tougher there’s a backlash. So the first years of the twenty-first century – a time of financial crashes, oligarchy and corruption in the West; persistent poverty in the south; and rising inequality everywhere – have brought elites and ‘establishments’ under unprecedented fire. Yet those swept to power by this discontent are themselves a part of the elite, attacking from within and extending rather than ending its agenda. The New Power Elite shows how major political and social change is typically driven by renegade elite fractions, who co-opt or sideline elites’ traditional enemies. It is the first book to combine the politics, economics, sociology and history of elite rule to present a compact, comprehensive account of who’s at the top, and why we let them get there.

Elite Schools

Author : Aaron Koh
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Geography matters to elite schools — to how they function and flourish, to how they locate themselves and their Others. Like their privileged clientele they use geography as a resource to elevate themselves. They mark, and market, place. This collection, as a whole, reads elite schools through a spatial lens. It offers fresh lines of inquiry to the ‘new sociology of elite schools.’ Collectively the authors examine elite schools and systems in different parts of the world. They highlight the ways that these schools, and their clients, operate within diverse local, national, regional, and global contexts in order to shape their own and their clients’ privilege and prestige. The collection also points to the uses of the transnational as a resource via the International Baccalaureate, study tours, and the discourses of global citizenship. Building on research about social class, meritocracy, privilege, and power in education, it offers inventive critical lenses and insights particularly from the ‘Global South.’ As such it is an intervention in global power/knowledge geographies.

Elite Schools in Globalising Circumstances

Author : Jane Kenway
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Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances foregrounds the richly theoretical and empirically-based work of an international cast of scholars seeking to break out of the confines of the methodological nationalism that now governs so much of contemporary scholarship on schooling. Based on a 5-year extended global ethnography of elite schools in nine different countries—countries defined by colonial pasts linked to England—the contributors make a powerful case for the rethinking of elite schools and elite class formation theory in light of contemporary processes of globalization and transnational change. Prestigious, high-status schools have long been seen as critical institutional vehicles directly contributing to the societal processes of elite selection and reproduction. This book asserts that much has changed and that these schools can no longer rest on their past laurels and accomplishments. Instead they must re-cast their heritages and tradition in order to navigate the new globally competitive educational field enabling them to succeed in a world in which the globalization of educational markets, the global ambitions and imaginations of school youth, and the emergence of new powerful players peddling entrepreneurial models of curriculum and education, have placed contemporary schooling under tremendous pressure. This insightful and though-provoking volume provides a well-researched perspective on the nature of contemporary schooling in the globalizing era. This book was originally published as a special issue of Globalisation, Societies and Education.