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Twisted Confessions

Author : Charles E. Skoller
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In the early 1960s, the quiet borough of Queens was rocked by the violent and brutal murders of Barbara Kralik, Annie Mae Johnson, and Kitty Genovese. These murders shocked not only Queens and New York, but the entire nation, especially when newspapers disclosed Kitty?s neighbors heard her screams and looked on without calling the police. Two suspects were apprehended and indicted, Winston Moseley for the Genovese murder and Alvin Mitchell for the Kralik murder. Before the trials, Moseley claimed to have committed the Kralik and Johnson murders as well, not taken seriously by the police and DA until Moseley disclosed details only the actual killer could have known. Charles Skoller, the young prosecutor assigned to these trials was now faced with a prosecutor?s nightmare. In Twisted Confessions, he details the murders and relives his investigations and trials that followed in the almost impossible task of revealing and convicting the actual killer.

Crimes That Changed Our World

Author : Paul H. Robinson
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Can crime make our world safer? Crimes are the worst of humanity’s wrongs but, oddly, they sometimes “trigger” improvement in our lives. Crimes That Changed Our World explores some of the most important trigger cases of the past century, revealing much about how change comes to our modern world. The exact nature of the crime-outrage-reform dynamic can take many forms, and Paul and Sarah Robinson explore those differences in the cases they present. Each case is in some ways unique but there are repeating patterns that can offer important insights about what produces change and how in the future we might best manage it. Sometimes reform comes as a society wrestles with a new and intolerable problem. Sometimes it comes because an old problem from which we have long suffered suddenly has an apparent solution provided by technology or some other social or economic advance. Or, sometimes the engine of reform kicks into gear simply because we decide as a society that we are no longer willing to tolerate a long-standing problem and are now willing to do something about it. As the amazing and often touching stories that the Robinsons present make clear, the path of progress is not just a long series of course corrections; sometimes it is a quick turn or an unexpected lurch. In a flash we can suddenly feel different about present circumstances, seeing a need for change and can often, just as suddenly, do something about it. Every trigger crime that appears in Crimes That Changed Our World highlights a societal problem that America has chosen to deal with, each in a unique way. But what these extraordinary, and sometime unexpected, cases have in common is that all of them describe crimes that changed our world.

Deathbed Confessions

Author : Olive May
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Confess! Confess your love, your hate, your lusteverything. By the time you are on your deathbed and feel the urge to do these things, it will be far too late. The ears of the ones who need to hear the confessions will not be there to hear your heartfelt truth that they deserved to hear so many years ago. Don't wait until the hands of time are wound so tightly that the beauty in your confessions no longer exists. Do it as you feel it. The naked and raw outcome is refreshing and peaceful. Olive May has lived her entire life in lies and deceit, in all ways. Every decision she has made arose not from truth and honesty, but from treachery, masked by thoughts of judgment. She was born the seventh child of a tormented woman, her mother dying within the first year of her birth. Her father did not want her, but eventually she was adopted by her mothers ex-husband and his new wife; joining her mothers six other children created unusual circumstances that laid the groundwork for her later problems. Now she sees the pleasure in truth, and she longs to help others see this light.

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist

Author : Bradley R. Smith
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Twisted Fairytale Confessions Collection

Author : Sarah Pepper
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Warning: these aren't your grandmother's fairy tales! *These are samples of Death of the Mad Hatter, Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged, Snow White Lies and two upcoming novels!*@theunconventionaldamsels who rock hot pink, refuse to conform to society's rules, and aren't obsessed with labels. Your definition of Happily Ever After may not match your fairy godmother's. "Prince charming" will not define your self-worth, and you'll be damned to settle for anyone less than the best. So until the clock strikes midnight and the (other) glass shoe drops, enjoy a sexy book boyfriend. Sometimes #fantasy>reallife

Confessions of a Story Writer

Author : Paul Gallico
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A collection of short stories, each prefaced with background information supplied by the author, as well as an autobiographical sketch.

Twisted Path

Author : Don Pendleton
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Confessions of an Eccentric

Author : Gerald Sparrow
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Confessions of Super Mom

Author : Melanie Hauser
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Endowed with extraordinary powers in a bizarre cleaning accident, middle-aged single mother Birdie Lee becomes her town's unwitting champion against a sinister force, an adventure that is challenged by Birdie's smug ex-husband, her teenagers, and a string of PTA meetings. A first novel. 40,000 first printing.

Library Journal

Author : American Library Association
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Confessions of a parish priest

Author : Andrew M. Greeley
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Covering Andrew Greeley's controversial career over five decades of change in the Catholic Church, this autobiography offers personal insight into the major issues confronting a modern priest, from the birth control encyclical, to clerical celibacy, to th

Twisted Sisters

Author : Yvonne Galloway Brown
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Spanning the medieval period to modernity, the papers in this collection look at women's involvement in crime and deviance in both public and private spheres of Scottish society including infanticide, social deviance, witchcraft and political influence.


Author : Jessica Zafra
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Confessions of a Muckraker

Author : Jack Anderson
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Confessions and Catechisms of the Reformation

Author : Mark A. Noll
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Twisted Genius

Author : Craig Jacob
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Since he was a teenager, Jacob has been ripping off his fellow citizens. He's one of the best con men, and estimates the money he swindled to be around ten million dollars. No institution was immune, for Jacob targeted everyone--banks, airlines, casinos, credit card companies, and countless others. Jacob is currently serving a seven-and-a-half year sentence in a federal prison for check fraud.

Decisions of the Nizamut Adawlut

Author : North-Western Provinces, India
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Confessions of Johnny Ringo

Author : Geoffrey Aggeler
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John Ringgold, a.k.a. "Johnny Ringo", was no ordinary Western badman. He was an outlaw renowned for both his savagery and his book learning, as well as his uncompromising code of honor that coexisted with a life of violence and dissipation.


Author : Diana Silber
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Four college chums go on to lives of success and personal fulfillment, but someone out there knows the private weakness that each woman harbors and is bent on terrorizing them one by one

Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient

Author : Michael A. Weiss
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While a serving of fruits and vegetables picked by the hands of migrant farm workers adds sustenance to the American diet, infants and children are exposed to harmful pesticides. Misery, suffering, violence illness, and death may be the worker's only harvest. This memoir details the lives of a subculture in our society, a population large enough to constitute a small nation. Peacocks of the Fields: Working Life of Migrant Farm Workers Depicts the lives of two migrant work crews composed of 50 workers, pulling sweet corn and picking red ripe tomatoes in the East Coast Migrant Stream over a migrant work season during the late 1970's. The name Kwan in this memoir is the alias for Emiel Owens, a 46-year old African American, and the Principal Investigator. Kwan shares his experience during the year as a member of the two migrant crews, highlighting how they travel, where they work, what income they earn, how they survive in deplorable work camps, and how competition for scare economic and human resources under constrained camp living conditions lead to human discards, violence and in some cases, death. As I start picking tomatoes to day, I wasn't aware that there were two separate work crews in the field. The female tomato checker with the black-and-white straw hat is with Humberto's crew; Rosa, her sister, and two brothers make up Sam's crew. Today, there is a territorial dominance intrusion between these two crews. As the two crews move toward each other, they find themselves competing for scarce fruit in a limited row space, tempers flare and a physical altercation almost takes place in the field between members of two crews. Suddenly, things become quiet and both crews leave the field. About 6:00 P.M., the two conflicting crews meet again at the Lee Brother Commissary in the labor camp. The conflict escalates to violence. Sam and his brother, Amulso, meet Humberto, his brother Francisco, and two other workers, Alexon and Jorge in a gun duel inside the bar at the commissary. When the smoke clears a few moments later, Rosa's brothers, Sam and Amulso, have mortally wounded Humberto and Francisco by shooting them almost at point-blank range in the neck with a sawed-off shotgun. Alexon is shot in the right side and paralyzed and Jorge is wounded, although less severely. In spite of their mortal wounds, Humberto and Francisco walk slowly through the front door of the bar into the night and disappear. They hold back the blood pouring from their neck wounds with their hands as blood runs down their arms onto their chests. Sam and Amulso walk out behind them and they too disappear in the night unharmed.