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Twitter as Data

Author : Zachary C. Steinert-Threlkeld
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The rise of the internet and mobile telecommunications has created the possibility of using large datasets to understand behavior at unprecedented levels of temporal and geographic resolution. Online social networks attract the most users, though users of these new technologies provide their data through multiple sources, e.g. call detail records, blog posts, web forums, and content aggregation sites. These data allow scholars to adjudicate between competing theories as well as develop new ones, much as the microscope facilitated the development of the germ theory of disease. Of those networks, Twitter presents an ideal combination of size, international reach, and data accessibility that make it the preferred platform in academic studies. Acquiring, cleaning, and analyzing these data, however, require new tools and processes. This Element introduces these methods to social scientists and provides scripts and examples for downloading, processing, and analyzing Twitter data.

Using Social Network Analysis to Study Twitter Data in the Field of International Agreements

Author : Johannes Schuster
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With its increasing popularity and reach, Twitter has recently become an interesting and promising database for social sciences. As a platform which is also used for political interactions, it offers a variety of research opportunities especially for political scientists. For this case study, we applied techniques of social network analysis to investigate Twitter communication networks in the context of international agreements. We visualized and analyzed network data to identify central actors and to make assumptions about the formation of the network. In this case, we describe the research process from data acquisition over data preparation to data analysis. Our aim is to enable other researchers interested in Twitter research to utilize Twitter data with a network analytical approach.

Data in Society

Author : Evans, Jeff
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Data is a social phenomenon. This book examines the ways in which we are constantly engaging with data, consciously through the ways in which we provide data about ourselves and without awareness. It analyses the construction and use of statistics by governmental and non-governmental organisations, looking at how statistics are used in social discourse to advance interests and to achieve particular, often political ends. The authors also consider the increasing power of private corporations and transnational organisations, including recent processes affecting the ownership and access to data, as well as the importance of data in uncovering and portraying injustices.

Twitter Data Analytics

Author : Shamanth Kumar
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This brief provides methods for harnessing Twitter data to discover solutions to complex inquiries. The brief introduces the process of collecting data through Twitter’s APIs and offers strategies for curating large datasets. The text gives examples of Twitter data with real-world examples, the present challenges and complexities of building visual analytic tools, and the best strategies to address these issues. Examples demonstrate how powerful measures can be computed using various Twitter data sources. Due to its openness in sharing data, Twitter is a prime example of social media in which researchers can verify their hypotheses, and practitioners can mine interesting patterns and build their own applications. This brief is designed to provide researchers, practitioners, project managers, as well as graduate students with an entry point to jump start their Twitter endeavors. It also serves as a convenient reference for readers seasoned in Twitter data analysis.

Thick Big Data

Author : Dariusz Jemielniak
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The social sciences are becoming datafied. The questions once considered the domain of sociologists are now answered by data scientists operating on large datasets and breaking with methodological tradition, for better or worse. The traditional social sciences, such as sociology or anthropology, are under the double threat of becoming marginalized or even irrelevant, both from new methods of research which require more computational skills and from increasing competition from the corporate world which gains an additional advantage based on data access. However, unlike data scientists, sociologists and anthropologists have a long history of doing qualitative research. The more quantified datasets we have, the more difficult it is to interpret them without adding layers of qualitative interpretation. Big Data therefore needs Thick Data. This book presents the available arsenal of new methods and tools for studying society both quantitatively and qualitatively, opening ground for the social sciences to take the lead in analysing digital behaviour. It shows that Big Data can and should be supplemented and interpreted through thick data as well as cultural analysis. Thick Big Data is critically important for students and researchers in the social sciences to understand the possibilities of digital analysis, both in the quantitative and qualitative area, and to successfully build mixed-methods approaches.

Smart Cities Issues and Challenges

Author : Miltiadis Lytras
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In 15 similarly structured chapters, Transitioning to Smart Cities: Mapping Political, Economic, and Social Risks and Threats serves as a primer on smart cities, providing readers with no prior knowledge on smart cities with an understanding of the current smart cities debates. Gathering cutting-edge research and insights from academics, practitioners and policy-makers around the globe, Transitioning to Smart Cities identifies and discusses the nascent threats and challenges contemporary urban areas face, highlighting the drivers and ways of navigating these issues in an effective way. Uniquely providing a blend of conceptual academic analysis with empirical insights, Transitioning to Smart Cities produces policy recommendations that boost urban sustainability and resilience. With the multiplicity of qualitatively new issues and developments in these debates, Transitioning to Smart Cities offer an invaluable framework on current developments shaping today and tomorrow's urban Combines conceptual academic approaches with empirically-driven insights and best practices Offers new approaches and arguments from inter and multi-disciplinary perspectives Provides foundational knowledge and comparative insight from global case-studies that enable critical reflection and operationalization Generates policy recommendations that pave the way to debate and case-based planning

Intelligent Systems and Computer Technology

Author : D.J. Hemanth
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Recent developments in soft-computation techniques have paved the way for handling huge volumes of data, thereby bringing about significant changes and technological advancements. This book presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Emerging Current Trends in Computing & Expert Technology (COMET 2020), held at Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai, India on 6 and 7 March 2020. The aim of the book is to disseminate cutting-edge developments taking place in the technological fields of intelligent systems and computer technology, thereby assisting researchers and practitioners from both institutions and industry to upgrade their knowledge of the latest developments and emerging areas of study. It focuses on technological innovations and trendsetting initiatives to improve business values, optimize business processes and enable inclusive growth for corporates, industries and education alike. The book is divided into two sections; ‘Next Generation Soft Computing’ is a platform for scientists, researchers, practitioners and academics to present and discuss their most recent innovations, trends and concerns, as well as the practical challenges encountered in the field. The second section, ‘Evolutionary Networking and Communications’ focuses on various aspects of 5G communications systems and networking, including cloud and virtualization solutions, management technologies, and vertical application areas. It brings together the latest technologies from all over the world, and also provides an excellent international forum for the sharing of knowledge and results from theory, methodology and applications in networking and communications. The book will be of interest to all those working in the fields of intelligent systems and computer technology.

Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

Author : Bo Yuan
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Twitter as a Potential Data Source for Statistics

Author :
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Professional Twitter Development

Author : Daniel Crenna
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Twitter is rapidly moving up the social networking food chain and is currently outranked by only Facebook and MySpace. It features a programming API that allows you to build Web sites and applications (both desktop and mobile) for reading and posting to Twitter, finding other Twitter users, aggregating Twitter content, and other uses. This book walks you through the process of combining many programming tools in order to build exciting, useful, and profitable applications. You'll begin with a look at RESTful services and examine how to structure your queries, handle asynchronous operations, use headers, and post binary data. From there, author and TweetSharp developer Daniel Crenna explains how to authenticate with the OAuth specification for Web and Windows applications. Twitter is growing in popularity at a rapid pace and this book shows you how to take advantage of its programming API to build applications Explains the various ways to design a Twitter application, including caching, third party application interoperability, real-time data binding, push vs. pull data scenarios, and more Takes an in-depth look at TweetSharp, a .NET library for developing Twitter applications-whose creator is also the author of this book Walks you through requesting and retrieving responses from Twitter's API Warns you of considerations to take into account regarding authentication and security Professional Twitter Development shows you how to get the most out of Twitter so that you can build your own applications for this exciting new platform.

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning IDEAL 2014

Author : Emilio Corchado
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, IDEAL 2014, held in Salamanca, Spain, in September 2014. The 60 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from about 120 submissions. These papers provided a valuable collection of recent research outcomes in data engineering and automated learning, from methodologies, frameworks, and techniques to applications. In addition the conference provided a good sample of current topics from methodologies, frameworks, and techniques to applications and case studies. The techniques include computational intelligence, big data analytics, social media techniques, multi-objective optimization, regression, classification, clustering, biological data processing, text processing, and image/video analysis.

21 Recipes for Mining Twitter

Author : Matthew A. Russell
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Millions of public Twitter streams harbor a wealth of data, and once you mine them, you can gain some valuable insights. This short and concise book offers a collection of recipes to help you extract nuggets of Twitter information using easy-to-learn Python tools. Each recipe offers a discussion of how and why the solution works, so you can quickly adapt it to fit your particular needs. The recipes include techniques to: Use OAuth to access Twitter data Create and analyze graphs of retweet relationships Use the streaming API to harvest tweets in realtime Harvest and analyze friends and followers Discover friendship cliques Summarize webpages from short URLs This book is a perfect companion to O’Reilly's Mining the Social Web.

Beautiful Data

Author : Toby Segaran
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In this insightful book, you'll learn from the best data practitioners in the field just how wide-ranging -- and beautiful -- working with data can be. Join 39 contributors as they explain how they developed simple and elegant solutions on projects ranging from the Mars lander to a Radiohead video. With Beautiful Data, you will: Explore the opportunities and challenges involved in working with the vast number of datasets made available by the Web Learn how to visualize trends in urban crime, using maps and data mashups Discover the challenges of designing a data processing system that works within the constraints of space travel Learn how crowdsourcing and transparency have combined to advance the state of drug research Understand how new data can automatically trigger alerts when it matches or overlaps pre-existing data Learn about the massive infrastructure required to create, capture, and process DNA data That's only small sample of what you'll find in Beautiful Data. For anyone who handles data, this is a truly fascinating book. Contributors include: Nathan Yau Jonathan Follett and Matt Holm J.M. Hughes Raghu Ramakrishnan, Brian Cooper, and Utkarsh Srivastava Jeff Hammerbacher Jason Dykes and Jo Wood Jeff Jonas and Lisa Sokol Jud Valeski Alon Halevy and Jayant Madhavan Aaron Koblin with Valdean Klump Michal Migurski Jeff Heer Coco Krumme Peter Norvig Matt Wood and Ben Blackburne Jean-Claude Bradley, Rajarshi Guha, Andrew Lang, Pierre Lindenbaum, Cameron Neylon, Antony Williams, and Egon Willighagen Lukas Biewald and Brendan O'Connor Hadley Wickham, Deborah Swayne, and David Poole Andrew Gelman, Jonathan P. Kastellec, and Yair Ghitza Toby Segaran

Twitter API Up and Running

Author : Kevin Makice
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This groundbreaking book provides you with the skills and resources necessary to build web applications for Twitter. Perfect for new and casual programmers intrigued by the world of microblogging, Twitter API: Up and Running carefully explains how each part of Twitter's API works, with detailed examples that show you how to assemble those building blocks into practical and fun web applications. You'll also get a complete look at Twitter culture and learn how it has inspired programmers to build hundreds of tools and applications. With this book, you will: Explore every component of a Twitter application and learn how the API responds Get the PHP and MySQL code necessary to build your own applications, with explanations of how these ingredients work Learn from real-world Twitter applications created just for this book Discover the most interesting and useful Twitter programs--and get ideas for creating your own--with the book's Twitter application directory Twitter offers a new way to connect with people on the Internet, and Twitter API: Up and Running takes you right to the heart of this technology. "Twitter API: Up and Running is a friendly, accessible introduction to the Twitter API. Even beginning web developers can have a working Twitter project before they know it. Sit down with this for a weekend and you're on your way to Twitter API mastery."--Alex Payne, Twitter API Lead "Twitter API: Up and Running is a very comprehensive and useful resource--any developer will feel the urge to code a Twitter-related application right after finishing the book!"--The Lollicode team, creators of Twitscoop

Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

Author : Ted Prodromou
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Who should you follow? How many people should you follow? How often should you tweet? Most people don’t get Twitter. Longtime internet guru Ted Prodromou shows you how to become someone who does. Set to prove that 140 characters or less and a hashtag can dramatically grow your brand and your business, Prodromou takes you step by step into the Twitterverse and shows you how to tweet your way to the top of your industry.

Social Networking and Constituent Communication Member Use of Twitter During a Two Week Period in the 111th Congress

Author : Matthew Eric Glassman
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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During the past 15 years, the development of new electronic technologies has altered the traditional patterns of commun. between Members of Congress and constituents. Many Members now use e-mail, official web sites, blogs, YouTube, and Facebook pages to communicate with their constituents. These technologies have served providing greater opportunities for commun. between the Member and individual constituents. This report examines Member use of one specific new electronic commun. medium: Twitter. After providing an overview and background of Twitter, the report analyzes patterns of Member use of Twitter during two one-week periods in July and August 2009. Charts and tables.

Packaging Digital Information for Enhanced Learning and Analysis Data Visualization Spatialization and Multidimensionality

Author : Hai-Jew, Shalin
File Size : 27.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With higher education turning towards data analytics as the next big advance in technology, it is important to look at how information is gathered and visualized for accurate comprehension, analysis, and decision-making. Packaging Digital Information for Enhanced Learning and Analysis: Data Visualization, Spatialization, and Multidimensionality brings together effective practices for the end-to-end capture and web based presentation of information for comprehension, analysis, and decision-making. This publication is beneficial for educators, trainers, instructional designers, web designers, and graduate students interested in improving analytical tools.

The Electoral Challenge

Author : Stephen C. Craig
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Format : PDF, Docs
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What decides elections? Is it the national economic condition, voters’ partisan attachments, or the campaigns that candidates run? How much do campaigns matter? Scholars and political consultants will give you different answers. Stephen C. Craig and David B. Hill bring together the voices of both in this engaging volume, now updated to include the volatile and groundbreaking 2008 campaigns and elections. Each chapter features an essay from a top scholar in the field, followed by a response from political consultants. Contributors bring to bear the best literature and empirical evidence to determine what we know about the factors that drive election outcomes—all while inviting students to join in the conversation.

Twitter For Dummies

Author : Laura Fitton
File Size : 50.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A fully updated new edition of the fun and easy guide to getting up and running on Twitter With more than half a billion registered users, Twitter continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This handy guide, from one of the first marketers to discover the power of Twitter, covers all the new features. It explains all the nuts and bolts, how to make good connections, and why and how Twitter can benefit you and your business. Fully updated to cover all the latest features and changes to Twitter Written by a Twitter pioneer who was one of the first marketers to fully tap into Twitter's business applications Ideal for beginners, whether they want to use Twitter to stay in touch with friends or to market their products and services Explains how to incorporate Twitter into other social media and how to use third-party tools to improve and simplify Twitter

Profiting from the Data Economy

Author : David A. Schweidel
File Size : 54.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Today, the insights available through "big data" are potentially limitless – ranging from improved product recommendations and more well-targeted promotions to more efficient public agencies. In Profiting From the Data Economy , cutting-edge academic researcher, David Schweidel, considers the role that individual consumers, innovators and government will play in shaping tomorrow's data economy. For each group, the author identifies both what can be gained and what is at stake. Writing for decision-makers, strategists, and stakeholders of all kinds, he reveals how today's data explosion will affect consumers' relationships with businesses, and the roles government may play in the process. The book puts you in the shoes of individuals generating data, innovators seeking to capitalize on it, and regulators seeking to protect consumers – and shows how all these roles will be increasingly interconnected in the future. For analytics executives; senior managers; CIOs, CEOs, CMOs; marketing specialists, and analysts; and consultants involved with Big Data, marketing, customer privacy, or related issues. This guide will also be valuable in many business analytics, digital marketing, and social media courses and academic programs.