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Typologies of Industrial Buildings

Author : Bernd Becher
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An encyclopedic collection of all known Becher industrial studies, arranged by building type.

The Oxford Conference

Author : Susan Roaf
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50 years after the first Oxford Conference on Architectural Education, the 2008 conference brought together over 500 people from 42 countries to share best practice, discuss how, when, where and why we teach architecture now and in the future.

Bernd Hilla Becher

Author : Jeff L. Rosenheim
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For more than five decades, Bernd (1931–2007) and Hilla (1934–2015) Becher collaborated on photographs of industrial architecture in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, and the United States. This sweeping monograph features the Bechers’ quintessential pictures, which present water towers, gas tanks, blast furnaces, and more as sculptural objects. Beyond the Bechers’ iconic Typologies, the book includes Bernd’s early drawings, Hilla’s independent photographs, and excerpts from their notes, sketchbooks, and journals. The book’s authors offer new insights into the development of the artists’ process, their work’s conceptual underpinnings, the photographers’ relationship to deindustrialization, and the artists’ legacy. An essay by award-winning cultural historian Lucy Sante and an interview with Max Becher, the artists’ son, make this volume an unrivaled look into the Bechers’ art alongside their career, life, and subjects.

The Post Industrial Landscape as Site for Creative Practice

Author : Gwen Heeney
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This book brings together experts in the fields of art history, visual arts, music, cultural geography, curatorial practice and landscape architecture to explore the role of material memory in the post-industrial landscape and the ways in which that landscape can act as a site for many forms of creative practice. It examines the role of material memory in the siting of public artworks and politically inspired installation art within the socio-economic post-industrial landscape. The post-industrial ruin as a place for innovation in the curatorial process is also investigated, as are social memory and the complexities of inscribing memory into places. A number of chapters focus on photography and its important role in recording memory as transformation, abandonment and erosion. Artists and musicians present personal case studies examining the siting of permanent and temporary artworks which can invoke memory of both culture and place. The land itself and its associated histories of post-industry are explored in artistic terms investigating dislocation, wasted spaces and extinction. Landscape architects and cultural geographers explore the aesthetic of the urban ruin, its natural and human ecologies and the re-wilding of urban spaces. The volume provokes discussion by a group of diverse experts on a very contemporary subject.

The Reconstructed Past

Author : John H. Jameson, Jr.
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Collection of original articles that examines issues in reconstructing archaeological sites fo the public, both physically and virtually.

Dense and Green Building Typologies

Author : Thomas Schröpfer
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In this book, academics, policy makers, developers, architects and landscape architects provide a systematic review of the environmental, social, economic and design benefits of dense and green building types in high-density urban contexts and discuss how these can support higher population densities, higher standards of environmental sustainability and enhanced live ability in future cities.

Multi Scale Integrated Analysis of Agroecosystems

Author : Mario Giampietro
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Ecologists, agronomists, and others who may question the validity of current models for determining sustainable growth of agroecosystems, need a new set of analytical tools that more effectively address the complex nature of related processes. Those who challenge traditional assumptions of optimization and static factors in agricultural modeling de

Coastal Towns in Transition

Author : Raymond James Green
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Many coastal areas around the world are experiencing dramatic landscape changes as a result of increased tourism development and the "sea change phenomenon" – the migration of affluent urbanites to small coastal towns seeking beautiful, natural surroundings. In response to these changes local residents in these places often complain that the distinctive character of their towns and/or individual neighborhoods is being lost or degraded. Coastal Towns in Transition looks at how changes due to unsympathetic development of the built environment and modification of the natural landscape are perceived to negatively impact on the character of small coastal towns. The book explores the concept of town character, and associated notions of sense of place, genius loci and place identity, as conceptualised by local residents in several coastal town communities along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Findings of a four-year study involving over 1800 respondents from these communities are used to explore theoretical and methodological issues associated with the assessment of place character in the context of coastal towns that are experiencing rapid environmental change. This book will be of interest to planners and environmental designers, as well as scholars in both landscape studies and social science and planning fields who are interested in the sustainable development of coastal areas. The case studies and associated planning and design strategies, together with the bibliography of selected relevant literature, will provide an invaluable reference for these scholars.

The Aesthetic Commonplace

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A study of the notion of the everyday in the work of William Wordsworth, George Eliot, and Ludwig Wittgenstein that explores the interdependence of expressive form and the conceptualization or framing of questions about thinking, feeling, and communicating.

Energy efficient Office Refurbishment

Author : Simon Burton
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Little has been published on the subject of energy-efficient refurbishment of offices, despite the growing need to refurbish older office building stock throughout Europe, and the global requirement to conserve energy. The book suggests the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to refurbish offices using examples of real buildings and designs wherever possible. Each case study includes a building description, the retrofitting strategy, passive and low energy technologies used, energy assessment, comfort and environment assessment, financial assessment, client and market assessment, and conclusion. This practical design manual will be invaluable for architects and engineers specialising in the refurbishment of commercial buildings.