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UK Metro Light Rail Systems

Author : Robert Pritchard
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Fire and Rescue Service operational guidance railway incidents

Author : Great Britain: Department for Communities and Local Government
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The Fire and Rescue Service Operational Guidance - Railway Incidents presents a framework for a safe system of work for operations at incidents involving railways. It provides robust yet flexible guidance that can be adapted to the nature, scale and requirements of the incident. Incidents involving railways may generate intense media attention where the operations of the emergency services are rigorously scrutinised. Whilst much of this attention is approving it will invariably focus on the preparedness of the emergency services and their operational effectiveness. Such incidents may place significant demands on local fire and rescue services and often require a national co-ordinated response from across the country

The Changing Geography of the United Kingdom

Author : V. Gardiner
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This fully revised edition of a widely used introductory text presents a full description and interpretation of the changes that have occurred during the 1990s.

Celebrate North East England

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HC 428 Security on the Railway

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee
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Crime on Britain's railways decreased year-on-year over the past decade. That trend shows the effectiveness of the specialist rail policing provided by the British Transport Police (BTP). The Committee were impressed by the BTP's commitment to tackling crime while minimising delays for the travelling public. Despite the welcome decline in overall crime, we identified areas where the BTP could improve its performance. The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) is the body with responsibility for setting the BTP challenging but achievable targets to tackle crime on the railway. The BTPA must fulfil its remit and avoid any perception that it is too close to the people whom it should be holding to account. The Committee concluded that the BTP model of developing specialist policing skills and securing funding from transport providers might usefully be applied to other transport modes, such as aviation. Such an approach could minimise delays, maximise security and reduce the cost of policing to taxpayers. In the course of the inquiry, the Committee heard that vulnerable children and young people are often found in and around railway stations and were surprised to learn that the BTP currently has no targets in relation to child protection. The Department for Transport, the BTPA, the BTP and the charity sector should work together to tackle this emerging issue by examining the available data and reviewing current practice.

Video Surveillance Uses by Rail Transit Agencies

Author : Dorothy Moses Schulz
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TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 90: Video Surveillance Uses by Rail Transit Agencies explores the current use of electronic video surveillance technology solely by passenger rail agencies onboard railcars, along rights-of-way, and more.

Secure and Tranquil Travel

Author : Martha J. Smith
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Herein lie the answers to crime and disorder. So many people become dispirited, fatalistic or angry about crime instead of seeing crime problems, like business setbacks, as challenges or even opportunities. This book sets out a clear, systematic and demonstrably successful strategy for reducing the temptations and opportunities for crime. You cannot change the travelling public or the communities which public transport serves, but you can change the immediate circumstances and surroundings that you present to people, you can re-think and reinvigorate your service offering, you can recruit help from other agencies, from staff and even those who ride the system, and you can make the transition from being reactive to being ahead of the game. The theory is backed up by concrete examples of how and why and where smart-thinking has worked before to outflank crime-this is not just off-the-shelf self-help philosophy but a compendium of real-world best practice. What's more, you can often make money, or at least save a lot of money, by doing the right thing, and this book tells you how. Nick Ross,BBC Crimewatch UK, Chairman, UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science Advisory Board

Ticketing and Concessionary Travel on Public Transport

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Transport Committee
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Ticketing and concessionary travel on public transport, is the 5th report from the Transport Committee in 2007-08 session (HCP 84, ISBN 9780215514493). It examines the the aim of producing an integrated ticketing system across England, with the introduction of smartcard concessionary travel passes.The report inquires into the extent to which integrated ticketing on public transport has been achieved for all users; the issues regarding smartcards; arrangements for revenue protection (stopping fare-evasion) which will be affected by new forms of ticket; the impact of concessionary travel in England which is costing £1 billion per annum. The Committee has set out a number of recommendations, including: the Committee believes that the Government in terms of promoting integrated bus ticketing has achieved too little of practical value; it recommends that Traffic Commissioners be given powers to arbitrate where bus companies and local transport authorities disagree; that coach travel should be given greater consideration in future statements of public transport policy; it is imperative that the full range of tickets, including multi-modal options be available at all main outlets so that the Government's aim of fare simplification can be better acheived (see The Future of Rail, Cm. 6233, ISBN 9780101623322); that the Government needs to ensure suitable guidelines on differential pricing is included in decisions on rail fares and rail franchises with particular reference to smartcards; that the Government needs to articulate a clearer strategy for the development of integrated ticketing in general and smartcards in particular; that the Government should move towards a unified system of public transport revenue protection; that the Department of Transport should commission an evaluation of the benefits of the national scheme for free local bus travel and that national concessionary travel is properly funded. For a related title see, How Fair are the Fairs (HCP 700-I, session 2005-06, ISBN 9780215028853).

Jane s Urban Transport Systems

Author : Mary Webb
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Surveys the systems, manufacturers and consultants within the global market. City by city, you can analyse and review both current operations and future plans. Provides traffic statistics, fleet lists and numbers in service. Provides contact details and background of approx. 1,500 manufacturers

Ottley s Bibliography of British Railway History Second Supplement 12957 19605

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