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Ultimate Horizons

Author : Helmut Satz
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In the last hundred years, modern physics and cosmology have shown that there exist regions of the universe forever beyond our reach, hidden by truly ultimate horizons. Such regions exist in those remote parts of the universe where, from our point of view, space expands faster than the speed of light. They are found in black holes, where the gravity is strong enough to retain even light within its field of attraction. And in the realm of the very small, quarks must remain forever confined to their world of extreme density and can never be removed from it. The aim of this book is to describe these ultimate horizons, how they were discovered, how they shape our view of the world, and what clues we have about a world beyond them.

Ultimate Reality and Meaning

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The Labyrinth of Modernity

Author : Johann P Arnason
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This important new book by a major voice in the Social Imaginaries movement offers the most systematic attempt to establish conceptual and historical links between the idea of modernity as a new civilization and the notion of multiple modernities. Arnason demonstrates a theory of globalization that is still compatible with the emphasis on unity and diversity of modernity as a civilization.--Wolfgang Knöbl, Hamburg Institute for Social Research and Leuphana University Lueneburg

Pluralisms and Horizons

Author : Richard J. Mouw
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The authors say that it is not necessary for Christians to view pluralism in purely negative terms. By seriously wrestling with the types of pluralities that pervade contemporary society, Christians can better understand and appreciate the genuine challenges that pluralism poses to human social life. Mouw and Griffioen also critique the leading contributors to the pluralism debate.


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The Liturgy of the World

Author : Michael Skelley
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Textile Horizons International

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More Preschool Ultimate Skill Builder

Author : Learning Horizons
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A ton of learning is contained in these giant 320-page workbooks. Designed by curriculum professionals, they'll give children a giant leap toward learning. Giant Books are a great value!

Walter Cerf

Author : Constance Kenna
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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Author : Mykhaĭlo Kot͡si͡ubynsʹkyĭ
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Philosophia reformata

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The Ultimate Unauthorized Econoguide to Walt Disney World Epcot and Universal Studios

Author : Corey Sandler
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Philosophical Historicism and the Betrayal of First Philosophy

Author : Carl Page
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Philosophical historicism argues that human reason is totally and necessarily bound to the contingencies of its historical context. In the twentieth century, the most arresting development of the historicist attitude has been a growing willingness to include many if not all forms of rational and theoretical activity within the scope of what must be historicized. Most striking of all has been the recent emergence, among philosophers, of the view that the activity of human reason in all its possible modes must also be historicized, including the activity of philosophizing itself. This view may be found in writers as diverse as Hans-Georg Gadamer, Richard Rorty, Michel Foucault, and Alasdair MacIntyre. This contemporary view of human reason contrasts with the traditional commitments of "First Philosophy," Aristotle's name for the knowledge of things through their ultimate causes and principles. Philosophical historicism denies that such knowledge may be realized by human beings. The stage is thus set for a "battle of the giants" between two fundamental yet contradictory interpretations of human reason, two views of philosophy. This book challenges the prevailing historicist orthodoxies about the nature of reason and philosophy. It offers the first comprehensive analysis and critique of historicism in its current philosophical form. Can philosophical historicism reasonably justify the interpretation of human reason on which its own objections to First Philosophy are based? While Carl Page ultimately concludes that it cannot, he also seeks to rehabilitate historicism's motivating insights by showing how they derive from questions Hegel and Heidegger raised about reason's relation to history.

The Journal of Religion

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Includes section "Book reviews."

The Horizons of the Mind

Author : Ramón Fernández-Marina
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The Modern Soul

Author : Stephen Alan Ray
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World and Life world

Author : Balázs M. Mezei
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The authors investigates in depth the development of two central notions in Edmund Husserl's philosophy: the notion of world and life-world. He considers some of the difficulties given in these concepts, evaluates criticism on Husserlian phenomenology and, with reference to the work of Jan Patocka, he offers an outline of a new, critical reading of the method of Husserl's epoche.

Man Mutable and Immutable

Author : Kurt Riezler
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Beyond Tolerance

Author : Michael Hurley
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