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Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Fall 2020 9781250800466

Author : Flatiron Author to be Revealed November 2020
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Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy

Author : Emmanuel Acho
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Adapted from Emmanuel Acho's New York Times bestseller Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, comes an essential young readers edition aimed at opening a dialogue about systemic racism with our youngest generation. Young people have the power to affect sweeping change, and the key to mending the racial divide in America lies in giving them the tools to ask honest questions and take in the difficult answers. Approaching every awkward, taboo, and uncomfortable question with openness and patience, Emmanuel Acho connects his own experience with race and racism—from attending majority-white prep schools to his time in the NFL playing on majority-black football teams—to insightful lessons in black history and black culture. Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy is just one way young readers can begin to short circuit racism within their own lives and communities.

Summary of Emmanuel Acho s Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

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Buy now to get the key takeaways from Emmanuel Acho's Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Key Takeaways: 1) We can never allow ourselves as a society to forget that the majority of people in this country of African descent had ancestors who were stripped of their culture, language, and land, and forcibly taken to America as slaves. This went on for hundreds of years. 2) Black racial labels have changed over time. Following the Civil War, “colored” was popularized. This was switched to “Negro” after progressive black figures like Booker T. Washington pushed for it. In the late 1960s, “black” became prominent, and in 1988 black leaders met and proposed the replacement “African American.

Summary of Emmanuel Acho s Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

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If you: * weren't familiar with Emmanuel Acho's recent viral YouTube episodes of the same name or * ask questions like: How can I have a white privilege if I'm not wealthy? or * want to know the answer to a question: should I teach my children to "see color", then you'll find this summary of Emmanuel Acho's Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man right for you. What is more, if you're in the rush this book brings to you the essentials without missing a point. To help you make a decision, let me shed some light on what you will find in the summary. The book has three parts: → Part 1: You and Me, → Part 2: Us and Them, and → Part 3: We. As you can see, the book navigates from a notion of division through to one of oneness. The author introduces each chapter with questions from white people about black people and black culture. The people who asked these questions are presumably from his video series on YouTube. Emmanuel tackles each question with a masterful strategy, challenging the reader to get uncomfortable by questioning their beliefs and common beliefs (stereotypes) that exist in American society. I wish you all the best and have a great time when reading the book!

Summary Analysis of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. SNAP Summaries is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at]snapsummaries[dot]com with any questions or concerns. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man is a no-nonsense look into racism in modern America written by the host of the wildly popular YouTube series of the same name. If you've ever been curious about your own privilege, this is the perfect place to start. What does this SNAP Summary Include? - Synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways from each chapter - The three types of racism and how they show up in everyday life - How anyone can check their bias and privilege and help undercut systematic oppression - Editorial Review - Background on Emmanuel Acho About the Original Book: Emmanuel Acho wants to have the uncomfortable conversations about race that so many of us try to avoid. His first book is just that--a series of questions and answers in conversational format that address racism on an individual and systemic level. He answers burning questions on everything from saggy pants and durags to the justice system, poverty, and crime. He is here to help you recognize your own bias and privlege and better understand the history of being black in America, and to offer earnest suggestions as to how we can all move forward, both as individuals and as a nation. DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. SNAP Summaries is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at] with any questions or concerns. Please follow this link: to purchase a copy of the original book.

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Author : Emmanuel Acho
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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An urgent primer on race and racism, from the host of the viral hit video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” “You cannot fix a problem you do not know you have.” So begins Emmanuel Acho in his essential guide to the truths Americans need to know to address the systemic racism that has recently electrified protests in all fifty states. “There is a fix,” Acho says. “But in order to access it, we’re going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations.” In Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, Acho takes on all the questions, large and small, insensitive and taboo, many white Americans are afraid to ask—yet which all Americans need the answers to, now more than ever. With the same open-hearted generosity that has made his video series a phenomenon, Acho explains the vital core of such fraught concepts as white privilege, cultural appropriation, and “reverse racism.” In his own words, he provides a space of compassion and understanding in a discussion that can lack both. He asks only for the reader’s curiosity—but along the way, he will galvanize all of us to join the antiracist fight.


Author : Emmanuel Acho
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, a call to break through our limits and say yes to a life of infinite possibility. You may know Emmanuel Acho as the host of groundbreaking video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” Or as a New York Times bestselling author. Or as an Emmy-winning television broadcaster. Or as a former linebacker for two NFL franchises. What you probably don’t know is that Emmanuel defines his own life with just one word: Illogical. Behind every triumph, every expression of his gifts, Acho has had to ignore what everyone around him called “logic”: the astronomical odds against making it, the risks of continuing to dream bigger or differently. Instead of playing it safe, at every turn Acho has thrown conventional wisdom—logic—out the window. Now, in this revelatory book, he’s empowering us all to do the same. Whether it’s creating the next groundbreaking startup, fighting for change as an activist, or committing to a personal passion, Illogical is the go-to book for all readers ready to become change-makers. With a step-by-step guide to finding our callings and shifting our mindsets, enlivened by stories from Acho’s life and other illogical pioneers, Acho asks us to replace the limits set for us, and which we set for ourselves, with a world of possibility. Our horizons, he shows us, are endless.

No Pain No Gaines

Author : Chip Gaines
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Chip Gaines likes to sweat. That’s been true ever since he was a little pint-sized hustler selling candy and Capri Suns down at the public tennis courts in northeast Texas. You’ve probably seen him sweat on his television show, Fixer Upper. Deep in his bones he has always known that hard work yields great results, even when there’s little observable evidence of it. On the cusp of launching into what might be the hardest work he and his wife, Joanna, have ever done—building a network—Chip realized that none of it would be possible without his network of people. Call it a network, a community, a home team. We’ve all got one. Today it might be made up of your family, your neighbors, the people you work with. But if you want a network that will pull you into a life of meaning, a life of joy and connection, you need to be intentional about choosing the people in it. People who are enlivened and electrified by the power of living according to their purpose, who are always in pursuit of lifelong learning, and who have a sincere belief that relationships are more than transactions. Chip Gaines has been building that kind of network his whole life, and he can tell you, it doesn’t come easy. To say it requires sweat equity would be an understatement. It requires faith in people. It requires hope. And it requires a willingness to grow even when it hurts. From hard-won lessons and personal stories from Chip, No Pain, No Gaines is a by-the-bootstraps manual for building a network you can count on.

Kingdom Men Rising

Author : Tony Evans
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God is good and powerful and wants the best for your life. He has big plans for you. You believe these things are true. But what is your own responsibility as a man when it comes to becoming all God created you to be? How can you walk in victory and faith and make an impact on others for God? Kingdom Men Rising challenges men to foster personal discipleship and apply discipleship skills and a leadership mindset to all areas of life. Dr. Tony Evans brings his insights, stories, and wise counsel from God's Word to clear all obstacles in your path, leading you to the abundant life you've been called to live. And along the way, you'll find your heart stirred to reach for more, no longer settling for a faith that just goes through the motions. The life of King David is used as the book's foundation, and topics include overcoming temptation, restoration from sin, how to disciple others, and finally how to leave a legacy of faith and godly influence. Replace helplessness, boredom, and regret with vibrancy, power, and joy. Let Kingdom Men Rising help you take the next step in your faith to become the powerful man of God you were made to be.

This Is the Fire

Author : Don Lemon
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In this ‘vital book for these times’ (Kirkus Reviews), Don Lemon brings his vast audience and experience as a reporter and a Black man to today’s most urgent question: How can we end racism in America in our lifetimes? The host of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is more popular than ever. As America’s only Black prime-time anchor, Lemon and his daily monologues on racism and antiracism, on the failures of the Trump administration and of so many of our leaders, and on America’s systemic flaws speak for his millions of fans. Now, in an urgent, deeply personal, riveting plea, he shows us all how deep our problems lie, and what we can do to begin to fix them. Beginning with a letter to one of his Black nephews, he proceeds with reporting and reflections on his slave ancestors, his upbringing in the shadows of segregation, and his adult confrontations with politicians, activists, and scholars. In doing so, Lemon offers a searing and poetic ultimatum to America. He visits the slave port where a direct ancestor was shackled and shipped to America. He recalls a slave uprising in Louisiana, just a few miles from his birthplace. And he takes us to the heart of the 2020 protests in New York City. As he writes to his young nephew: We must resist racism every single day. We must resist it with love.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Author : Dylan Watson
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We have to discuss these difficult and uncomfortable conversations to guarantee our future will be better than ever. Before we are able to come up with a plan for change, we must discuss these conversations to be prepared for when it's time to begin the plan that will change everything. These conversations are needed because they are the roots beneath all of this pain and confusion that's going on. From issues that are separating us to policies that are enabling gun violence and hate crimes. These conversations we will make sure we're all on the same page. We need to guarantee that our future and the future of our kids and grandkids will be better than we ever imagined. These conversations will also help us, no matter what ethnicity, get on the same page so we can start moving at the same speed. This information will open eyes and hearts to the realization that most people fail to notice. This manuscript is more than simple casual conversations or opinions. This manuscript is the gateway, the introduction, to a real plan that will really change our lives for the better.

A Black Man s Journey in America Glimpses of Islam Conversations and Travels

Author : Muhammad Ali Salaam/ Ma Salaam
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One of the most progressive movements for “Freedom, Justice and Equality” in African American history has been Islam. Transported into America among the very first slaves, it has survived for four centuries under the most difficult of circumstances. Yet, it has produced some of the most influential leaders among Black Americans including Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Imam Warithu Deen Mohammed, Louis Farrakhan and many others. In A Black Man’s Journey in America: Glimpses of Islam, Conversations and Travels, I have placed my family’s history within the context of that Islamic heritage. Further, I have attempted to unravel the method through which African American Muslims were so often forced to embrace as a means of survival.

Awkward Conversations with Animals I ve F cked

Author : Rob Hayes
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One-night stands are awkward. One-night stands with animals are more awkward. And when you're as desperate to please as Bobby, things get awkward as f*ck. He's just a guy with too much love to give, and a burning desire to give it to consensual adult mammals.

The Money Booth

Author : David Allen
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Book Delisted

Why Black Men Love White Women

Author : Rajen Persaud
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A provocative, candid study of the romantic relationships between white women and black men offers a psychological explanation for the phenomenon, as well as analyzing the influence of the entertainment industry, exposing stereotypes, and assessing the global implications of black and white relationships.


Author : Malcolm D Allen
File Size : 87.3 MB
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Shattering Social Stigmas, Embracing Our Differences and Learning to Have Uncomfortable Conversations. Though we usually assume all Karens are women, a man can be a Karen too. We should all understand that not everyone named "Karen" is like this. There are Black women and girls named Karen, and there are plenty of white women named Karen who aren't racist, demanding, or mean. But the name's unfortunate current use defines a phenomenon that many of us often see right in front of us: white women who feel that their race entitles them to privilege. These Karens see African American equality as a threat. Its time to speak up and against the systemic racial injustice that people of color face in the United States. This problem has lingered long enough, with untold consequences. It's time to shatter social stigmas, embrace our differences, and have uncomfortable conversations! To understand the effect Karens have on the rest of us, we should start with how their behaviors affect them. In this book, we'll discuss how to have uncomfortable conversations to validate painful emotions and hurtful expressions, how to acknowledge personal contributions to these issues, and the need to discover the way forward. These conversations won't result in anyone being made out to be the villain nor the victim. However, we will point out how everyone has contributed to the problem and how everyone should be committed to solving it.

The Black Woman s Guide to Black Men s Health

Author : Andrea King Collier
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Studies show that black men are more likely to seek medical attention, follow a healthy diet, and take prescribed medications if there is a woman in their lives. In short, black women play a key role in keeping their men healthy. The first of its kind, THE BLACK WOMAN'S GUIDE TO BLACK MEN'S HEALTH is a comprehensive guide packed with valuable medical information, prescriptive advice, and personal stories from celebrity and non-celebrity women about their men's health issues. Divided into chapters covering key health issues that overwhelmingly affects black men, including prostate and colon cancer, obesity, diabetes, and substance abuse, to name a few, this book provides strategies for building healthy partnerships within the home and community, as well as invaluable guidance for finding the right healthcare and health insurance providers.

Listen to This If You Love Great Music

Author : Robin Murray
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Listen To This If You Love Great Music is a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in music. Featuring 100 of the best albums from the last four decades,​ editor Robin Murray shares his passion for exceptional music and offers insightful takes on what elevates these records above the competition. Robin steers clear of the usual classics – The Beatles and The Clash, for example – and instead goes deep into his record collection to pull out the albums he considers the greatest ever. For each, a solid case is made for why it represents a watershed moment in music history, outlining the story behind the record and critiquing what constitutes a classic. Uniquely curated to offer a fresh perspective on the last 40-plus years of music, find politically charged rock brushing shoulders with dub-infused electronica, progressive pop and dreamy shoegaze shaken awake by ear-drum rattling grime and house music. Whether it’s bass-heavy hip-hop from Nas that inspired a thousand MCs to pick up a mic or experimental indie dance from LCD Soundsystem that blurred genres and tempted musicians to trade in their guitars for synthesizers, this is an essential rundown of the albums that really matter. You need to play them loud.


Author : Zachary R. Wood
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Drawing upon his own powerful personal story, Zachary Wood shares his perspective on free speech, race, and dissenting opinions--in a world that sorely needs to learn to listen. As the former president of the student group Uncomfortable Learning at his alma mater, Williams College, Zachary Wood knows from experience about intellectual controversy. At school and beyond, there's no one Zach refuses to engage with simply because he disagrees with their beliefs--sometimes vehemently so--and this view has given him a unique platform in the media. But Zach has never shared the details of his own personal story. In Uncensored, he reveals for the first time how he grew up poor and black in Washington, DC, where the only way to survive was resisting the urge to write people off because of their backgrounds and perspectives. By sharing his troubled upbringing--from a difficult early childhood to the struggles of code-switching between his home and his elite private school--Zach makes a compelling argument for a new way of interacting with others and presents a new outlook on society's most difficult conversations.

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable

Author : Michael Bennett
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Super Bowl Champion and three-time Pro Bowler Michael Bennett is an outspoken proponent for social justice and a man without a censor.