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Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War

Author : John Day Tully
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Part One: Reflections on Teaching the Vietnam War. - Part Two: Methods and Sources. - Part Three: Understanding and Teaching Specific Content.

Understanding and Teaching the Cold War

Author : Matthew Masur
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Experienced teachers share innovative, classroom-tested content, methods, and resources for presenting the Cold War in college and high school classes.

Causes Origins and Lessons of the Vietnam War

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Foreign Relations
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Against the Vietnam War

Author : Mary Susannah Robbins
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For some, it was a movement for peace. For others, it was a war against the war. In the eyes of certain participants, the movement was cultural and social at its core, a matter of changing society. Still others defined their protests as political and sought out the economic root causes of the war. What many would agree upon was that it was a time when a remarkable generation came of age and a great nation was shaken to its very foundations. The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events. Against the Vietnam War brings together the different facets of that movement and its various shades of opinion. Here the participants themselves offer statements and reflections on their activism, the era, and the consequences of a war that spanned three decades and changed the United States of America. The keynote is on individual experience in a time when almost every event had national and international significance. A foreword by Staughton Lynd considers the events of the Vietnam War in the context of the present war in Iraq.

The Lessons of the Vietnam War When war becomes a crime the case of My Lai

Author : Jerold M. Starr
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Illumination Rounds

Author : Larry R. Johannessen
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Based on the idea that the Vietnam War is highly significant as a vehicle for studying the power of language, engaging in critical thinking, and probing American values in a time of crisis, this book presents a rationale for exploring the literature that emerged from that conflict and offers a framework for exploring it. The book outlines a large array of classroom activities and assignments designed to help students inquire and form their own conclusions, and supplies extensive information on resources for teachers and students. After a section on theory and research, the book offers activities based on researching the war; teaching poetry; drama and film; personal narratives; teaching novels; and character analysis in novels. The book also includes selected and annotated resources for classroom use, a list of 59 works cited, and 25 student activity sheets. (NKA)

Resources in Education

Author :
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Teaching the Vietnam War

Author : Joe P. Dunn
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A Voice from the Vietnam War

Author : Russell H. Coward
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Russell Coward recounts the experiences he had during the two years he taught South Vietnamese officers English during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War in Context

Author : Dale Scarboro
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Exam Board: AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC Level: AS/A-level Subject: History First Teaching: September 2015 First Exam: June 2016 Think more deeply and work more independently at A level History through a carefully thought-out enquiry approach from SHP. Enquiring History: It makes you think! The OFSTED report on school history suggests that the current generation of A Level students have been poorly served by exam-based textbooks which spoon-feed students while failing to enthuse them or develop deeper understandings of studying History The Schools History Project has risen to this challenge with a new series for the next generation. Enquiring History is SHP's fresh approach to Advanced Level History that aims: - To motivate and engage readers - To help readers think and gain independence as learners - To encourage enquiry, and deeper understanding of periods and the people of the past - To engage with current scholarship - To prepare A Level students for university Key features of each Student book - Clear compelling narrative - books are designed to be read cover to cover - Structured enquiries - that explore the core content and issues of each period - 'Insight' panels between enquiries provide context, overview, and extension - Full colour illustrations throughout The Vietnam War in context The Vietnam War was much more than just a war. As a conflict it was drawn out and deadly, but in the history of the 20th century its significance goes well beyond those jungle encounters that have been represented in so many feature films. The Vietnam War was also a watershed event in the story of American foreign policy and their attempt to contain Communism. This book examines how and why the Americans got so involved in Vietnam and with what consequences. It also examines its relationship to the Korean War and to World War Two; and how the Vietnam experience shaped US foreign policy over the following decades and into the present. Web-based support includes: - Lesson planning tools and guidance for teachers available from the SHP website - eBooks for whole class teaching or individual student reading available from eBook retailers

The War in Vietnam

Author : Anthony O. Edmonds
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Examines the causes and legacy of the war, using a chronology, biographical sketches, primary documents, and an annotated bibliography.

What Should We Tell Our Children about Vietnam

Author : Bill McCloud
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"What should we tell our children about Vietnam?" That was the question facing junior high school teacher and Vietnam veteran Bill McCloud as he prepared to teach his students about the war. To find the answers, he went straight to the people who were involved in the war: soldiers, politicians, military officers, POWs, nurses, refugees, writers, and parents of soldiers who died in the war. He sent them handwritten letters, and responses poured in from all over the country. A collection of these responses, this book represents a unique and heartening outpouring of national conscience, hindsight, reflection, sorrow, and wisdom. Respondents included here are: George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Geraldine A Ferraro, Allen Ginsburg, Barry Goldwater, Tom Hayden, Henry Kissinger, Timothy Leary, Robert S. McNamara, George S. Patton, Oliver Stone, Gary Trudeau, Kurt Vonnegut, and Caspar W. Weinberger.

Whitewashing War

Author : Christopher Leahey
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Whitewashing War explores perhaps the most critical issue social studies educators presently face: How do we teach our students about war? In this timely book, Christopher Leahey investigates how the political struggles over the social studies curriculum, the corporate domination of the textbook and testing industry, and the curricular constraints of the No Child Left Behind Act combine to stifle historical inquiry and deprive students of meaningful social studies instruction. Using the controversial Vietnam War as a case study, Leahey holds textbook narratives up to the light, illuminating how the adoption process, interpretive framework, and selection of evidence combine to transform the past into thinly veiled historical myths. By attending to questions traditionally ignored in history education, this dynamic book: Challenges educators to rethink their pedagogical approaches to military conflict, American and otherwise. Calls on teachers to develop students’ critical sensibilities to ask questions, conduct research, evaluate evidence, and make meaning of the past. Provides classroom lessons for history educators and students to engage in rich, intellectual encounters with the historical record. Christopher R. Leahey teaches world history in upstate New York. His articles have appeared in Social Education and The Social Studies. “If students are to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, then we need to provide inspired, interdisciplinary instruction that can provide the skills, values and knowledge to enable our future citizens with the possibility, promise, and perspective to transform their world. Whitewashing War provides that solid interdisciplinary framework for teachers and students to teach and learn about the myth of war.” —Critical Education “Leahey echoes a concern expressed by others that history textbooks fail to address the realities of war.” —CHOICE “The crowning achievement of Whitewashing War is that it clearly illustrates the necessity of pursuing rational answers about why things are as they are (or were as they were). It becomes clear upon reading this book that, if we help our students pursue rational answers in the course of creating personally meaningful understandings of the world, they will figure out just what it is that needs to be done.” —From the Foreword by E. Wayne Ross, University of British Columbia “The author has done a masterful job of exploring issues of historiography, pedagogy, textbook debates, and critical thinking. Through a deep examination of two historical turning points in the Vietnam War, he has contrasted the known facts of these periods with the accounts contained in the textbooks.” —Rick Ayers, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley “A passionate and powerful analysis. Christopher Leahey provides penetrating insight into how Americans teach about their wars. As such, his book is an invaluable aid to understanding the past and its connection to our current predicament.” —Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University “Whitewashing War challenges the fundamental assumptions underlying the corporate regime of standards, textbooks, and testing and exposes the distortions, manipulation, and lies that result. Leahey builds a compelling case for critical inquiry and dialogue. Highly recommended!” —Ronald W. Evans, San Diego State University, author of The Social Studies Wars

Understanding and Teaching the Age of Revolutions

Author : Ben Marsh
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Designed for university and secondary school history teachers, this volume combines up-to-date scholarship, classroom-tested techniques, and an exciting variety of pathways to introduce students to the complex era of 18th- and 19th-century revolutions in Europe and the Americas.

The Vietnam War

Author : Marc Jason Gilbert
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This collection of essays offers approaches to teaching the Vietnam War on the secondary and higher education levels. Written by some of the leading scholars in the field, the book addresses specific teaching strategies and resources that teachers have identified as the most useful and important. Among the topics covered are major interpretive stances toward the war; the use of literature, film, and the voice of the veteran in teaching; the employment of Asian, European, and American literary sources; and the importance of students' critical thinking skills and ways for furthering those skills.

Illinois English Bulletin

Author :
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A Curriculum of Peace

Author : Virginia R. Monseau
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"This is a collection of essays from the NCTE periodical English Journal, clustered around the subject of teaching for peace. The editor has contributed an introduction and arranged the essays in."

The American War in Vietnam

Author : John Marciano
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On May 25, 2012, President Obama announced that the United States would spend the next thirteen years – through November 11, 2025 – commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, and the American soldiers, “more than 58,000 patriots,” who died in Vietnam. The fact that at least 2.1 million Vietnamese – soldiers, parents, grandparents, children – also died in that war will be largely unknown and entirely uncommemorated. And U.S. history barely stops to record the millions of Vietnamese who lived on after being displaced, tortured, maimed, raped, or born with birth defects, the result of devastating chemicals wreaked on the land by the U.S. military. The reason for this appalling disconnect of consciousness lies in an unremitting public relations campaign waged by top American politicians, military leaders, business people, and scholars who have spent the last sixty years justifying the U.S. presence in Vietnam. It is a campaign of patriotic conceit superbly chronicled by John Marciano in The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration?. A devastating follow-up to Marciano’s 1979 classic Teaching the Vietnam War (written with William L. Griffen), Marciano’s book seeks not to commemorate the Vietnam War, but to stop the ongoing U.S. war on actual history. Marciano reveals the grandiose flag-waving that stems from the “Noble Cause principle,” the notion that America is “chosen by God” to bring democracy to the world. Marciano writes of the Noble Cause being invoked unsparingly by presidents – from Jimmy Carter, in his observation that, regarding Vietnam, “the destruction was mutual,” to Barack Obama, who continues the flow of romantic media propaganda: “The United States of America … will remain the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known.” The result is critical writing and teaching at its best. This book will find a home in classrooms where teachers seek to do more than repeat the trite glorifications of U.S. empire. It will provide students everywhere with insights that can prepare them to change the world.

Indochina Interchange

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Acts and Shadows

Author : Philip K. Jason
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The imaginative literature of the Vietnam War participates-both overtly and covertly-in a struggle for national memory. First-generation Vietnam War literature, focusing on representations of combat and life in the battlefield, strove to give testimony, to write history. Later writings, in their range of genre and style, investigate and interrogate the very meaning of war. To reflect these two stages, Philip Jason divides his newest book of literary criticism into two sections: 'acts' and 'shadows.' In 'Acts, ' Jason provides formal and cultural readings of combat narratives-by such authors as James Webb, Larry Heinemann, and Joe Haldeman-and explores the meaning of 'authenticity' as applied to Vietnam War texts. 'Shadows' looks both forward and backward from the combat zone, challenging the parameters of what we define as 'Vietnam War literature.