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Understanding Arabic

Author : El-Said M. Badawi
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Understanding Arabic is an exciting new collection of studies by authors who investigate and outline the practical corollaries of Badawi's theory of Arabic.

Talk Arabic Enhanced eBook with audio Learn Arabic with BBC Active

Author : Jonathan Featherstone
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Talk Arabic Enhanced eBook (with audio) - Learn Arabic with BBC Active The bestselling way to make learning Arabic easy "Determined to learn the language but no time for nightschool? Try the BBC Talk short courses."The Guardian Learn even faster and smarter with the flexibility, speed and convenience of this enhanced eBook. Everything you need is just where you need it: navigate the book with ease, practise your listening and speaking skills, test your progress and access valuable language notes all with one touch from the page you're on. Talk Arabic has already inspired thousands of people to learn Arabic from scratch and find the confidence to give it a go. It is a bestselling course, widely used both in the classroom and by independent learners. Make fast progress right from the start using the successful, proven Talk method - with specially designed activities, interactive audio and clear, jargon-free grammar explanations. Develop your language skills with tips and strategies to help you learn. Express yourself more confidently through taking part in real Arabic conversations. Whether you're learning for business, travel or just for fun, this straightforward, step-by-step approach will ensure you're soon able to speak Arabic in a range of everyday situations. Learner reviews of the book/CD version of Talk Arabic: "A very good and well organised course. I have been struggling with Arabic classes for two years and this has given me the confidence to speak up at last. I recommend it." "Perfect starter pack for beginners: Highly recommended." "Excellent course. Very clear and easy to follow." Talk Arabic focusses on the Arabic of the Levant, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and widely understood elsewhere. Also available in French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Understanding the Arab Culture 2nd Edition

Author : Jehad Al-Omari
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Understanding the Arab Culture is a thoroughly practical crosscultural guide to working with Arab cultures, written with theWesterner in mind.The book focuses more on the key differences than similarities, issues that Westerners will find puzzling, unusual or difficult to cope with. It is based on years of experience of lecturing to Westerners and a long list of frequently asked questions. It addresses Western perceptions and misconceptions of Arabs, Islam and the Arab world as well as some key Arab perceptions of the West. Many practical tips are given on a variety of issues, from exchanging appropriate gifts to negotiating techniques. Contents: Preface; About the author; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. A cross-cultural Perspective; 2. Ten cross-cultural realities; 3. The Arab culture in a generic context; 4. The business pyramid; 5. An Arab perspective; 6. First encounters with Arabs; 7. Values and attitudes; 8. Experiencing Arabia; 9. Islam: away of life; 10. Doing business; Epilogue; Recommended reading; Index.

Learn Arabic Level 1 Introduction to Arabic

Author : Innovative Language Learning
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Interactive. Effective. And FUN! Start speaking Arabic in minutes, and learn key vocabulary, phrases, and grammar in just minutes more with Learn Arabic - Level 1: Introduction - a completely new way to learn Arabic with ease! Learn Arabic - Level 1: Introduction will arm you with language and cultural insight to utterly shock and amaze your Arabic-speaking friends and family, teachers, and colleagues. What you get in Learn Arabic - Level 1: Introduction: - 5 Basic Bootcamp lessons: dialog transcripts with translation, vocabulary, sample sentences and a grammar section - 15 All About lessons: cultural insight and insider-only tips from our teachers in each lesson - 5 Pronunciation lesson: tips and techniques on proper pronunciation Discover or rediscover how fun learning a language can be with the future of language learning, and start speaking Arabic instantly!

Alarabia A Communicative Approach to Learning Arabic for Non Native Speakers

Author : Mahmoud Amer
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This book is meant to assist students learning Arabic with the basics in communication and sentence structure. Because this book focuses on the communicative aspect of using Arabic, the first few chapters will introduce students to expressions in everyday speech in a colloquial Jordanian dialect. In later chapters, however, texts written in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) are presented and examined.

Learn Arabic PhrasePower

Author : Innovative Language Learning
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Power up your Arabic with Learn Arabic - PhrasePower! It’s the perfect learning companion for travelers and beginner students alike. Whether you’re looking for a convenient travel guide to help prepare you for a trip to Arab countries or you’re starting on the path to Arabic fluency, this Arabic language e-book will get you speaking from page 1! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! This powerful Arabic phrase book will not only teach you over 700 must-know Arabic words and phrases, it will show you how to use these essential phrases in conversation with vibrant illustrations and easy to follow sentence patterns. Need to introduce yourself to a new colleague? Want to ask someone to take your photo? You’ll learn how to do this and much much more with Learn Arabic - PhrasePower!

How to Learn Arabic

Author : Adam Yacoub
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Just, 20% of the words in a language make up to 80% of the conversations we face in our daily life. You'll have a solid base and the ability to keep improving and developing yourself. This method is suitable for everyone from frequent travelers to first timers, as well as language students and enthusiasts. 'Let's Talk Arabic' is the faster and easier way to learn this language as it is: * 15 step-by-step lessons * Practical vocabulary and authentic everyday usage * Simple explanations and plenty of examples and exercises * Supported by Pictures, two colors texts * A grammar reference sections An effective guide teaches you everything you need to know about Arabic culture. There are simple step-by-step explanations, plenty of practice talking exercises. No previous knowledge of Arabic is assumed. - The book teaches the basics of Modern Standard Arabic using a simple and effective building-block method which is proven, simple, solid and reliable, as it has been successful for few years! - The book includes everything you need for the Beginner's level- vocabulary, grammar, culture, and practice, and English - Arabic - English dictionary. This book will teach you the basics of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the modernization of the Classical Arabic structures, as well as additions from the main dialects spoken all over the Arab world. - The book is supported by audio lessons, facebook page, and website.

The new nation

Author : John Morris
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ancient Egypt

Author : John Morris
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Arabic Today

Author : John Mace
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Audio material to accompany the book is available at the following website: student, business and professional course in spoken and written Arabic aimed at those with no prior knowledge of the language.Suitable for business professionals and students wanting to communicate directly with people and institutions in the Arab world, Arabic Today is a self-contained course in contemporary Arabic. Tuition tends to concentrate either on the written language (never used in everyday speech) or on a selected regional dialect (which is never written down). Arabic Today breaks with this tradition, capitalising on the emerging form of spoken Pan-Arabic. This supraregional form of educated speech is drawn from the most influential areas, as well as the modern written word. So whether you wish to speak the language or add writing skills as well, this course book and accompanying audio website are the ideal tools for self-tuition and classroom use. The second edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and updated to make it relevant to a new generation of readers. Grammar is explained more clearly and precisely, the reading material has been updated and the typography is clearer. New word indexes give meanings and reference for the vocabulary and together with the grammar index they offer an invaluable additional reference function.