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Understanding Scripture

Author : Robert P. Vande Kappelle
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The Bible is the single most important book in the history of Western civilization; it is also the most widely misunderstood. To understand the Bible, we must consider its historical and literary context. Utilizing the contributions of three disciplines—biblical introduction, biblical theology, and biblical interpretation, Understanding Scripture sets the record straight. Intended as a handbook or study guide, this work provides forty practical guidelines to make your reading of the Bible more useful and your understanding clearer. The goal of this book is not simply to persuade you to read the Bible more frequently, but to encourage you to read it with discernment. The forty concepts alluded to in the book’s subtitle are not factual in nature, meaning they are little concerned with biblical information. Rather, they comprise interpretive tools, “insider” techniques used by biblical scholars but widely unknown or ignored by average readers or believers. Parabolic in nature, the forty statements are designed to promote conversation rather than close or clinch an argument. This book is designed to keep you awake at night, romancing Scripture rather than mastering it, nourishing your spirituality rather than gorging or starving it. Understanding Scripture is useful for individual or group study. Each chapter concludes with questions suitable for discussion or reflection.

Understanding Scripture

Author : David Alan Greene
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The Bible is an incredible book. Not only is the Bible the written Word of God, but also its depth of meaning and beauty were masterfully supervised by the hand of God. There is a Hebrew poetry form called a chiasmus, which is beautifully balanced, where the first and last verse match in subject, working their way inward to the central and most important point. The New Testament has this balanced approach to its structure. Dr. Greene examines the purpose of their arrangement and their relationship to each other using the chiasmus as a tool. The results are amazing. This approach honors Scripture by allowing it to speak to those to whom it was written. The goal of this book is to present an alternative method of examining the Bible, understanding that all the Bible has been written for you, but only a part of the Bible was written to you.

Understanding Scripture

Author : Van Davis
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This is a basic exegesis of a few passages of Scripture from a Messianic perspective.

Divine Scripture in Human Understanding

Author : Joseph K. Gordon
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Divine Scripture in Human Understanding addresses the confusing plurality of contemporary approaches to Christian Scripture—both within and outside the academy—by articulating a traditionally grounded, constructive systematic theology of Christian Scripture. Utilizing primarily the methodological resources of Bernard Lonergan and traditional Christian doctrines of Scripture recovered by Henri de Lubac, it draws upon achievements in historical critical study of Scripture, studies of the material history of Christian Scripture, reflection on philosophical hermeneutics and philosophical and theological anthropology, and other resources to articulate a unified but open horizon for understanding Christian Scripture today. Following an overview of the contemporary situation of Christian Scripture, Joseph Gordon identifies intellectual precedents for the work in the writings of Irenaeus, Origen, and Augustine, who all locate Scripture in the economic work of the God to whom it bears witness by interpreting it through the Rule of Faith. Subsequent chapters draw on Scripture itself; classical sources such as Irenaeus, Origen, Augustine, and Aquinas; the fruit of recent studies on the history of Scripture; and the work of recent scholars and theologians to provide a contemporary Christian articulation of the divine and human locations of Christian Scripture and the material history and intelligibility and purpose of Scripture in those locations. The resulting constructive position can serve as a heuristic for affirming the achievements of traditional, historical-critical, and contextual readings of Scripture and provides a basis for addressing issues relatively underemphasized by those respective approaches.

Understanding the Bible as a Scripture in History Culture and Religion

Author : James W. Watts
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UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE AS A SCRIPTURE IN HISTORY, CULTURE, AND RELIGION The Bible is a popular subject of study and research, yet biblical studies gives little attention to the reason for its popularity: its religious role as a scripture. Understanding the Bible as a Scripture in History, Culture, and Religion integrates the history of the religious interpretation and ritual uses of biblical books into a survey of their rhetoric, composition, and theology in their ancient contexts. Emphasizing insights from comparative studies of different religious scriptures, it combines discussion of the Bible’s origins with its cultural history into a coherent understanding of its past and present function as a scripture. A prominent expert on biblical rhetoric and the ritualization of books, James W. Watts describes how Jews and Christians ritualize the Bible by interpreting it, by expressing it in recitations, music, art, and film, and by venerating the physical scroll and book. The first two sections of the book are organized around the Torah and the Gospels—which have been the focus of Jewish and Christian ritualization of scriptures from ancient to modern times—and treat the history of other biblical books in relation to these two central blocks of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. In addition to analyzing the semantic contents of all the Bible’s books as persuasive rhetoric, Watts describes their ritualization in the iconic and expressive dimensions in the centuries since they began to function as a scripture, as well as in their origins in ancient Judaism and Christianity. The third section on the cultural history and scriptural function of modern bibles concludes by discussing their influence today and the controversies they have fueled about history, science, race, and gender. Innovative and insightful, Understanding the Bible as a Scripture in History, Culture, and Religion is a groundbreaking introduction to the study of the Bible as a scripture, and an ideal textbook for courses in biblical studies and comparative scripture studies.

Understanding the Islamic Scripture

Author : Mustansir Mir
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This book makes the Qur'an accessible to the English-speaking student who lacks the linguistic background to read it in the original Arabic by offering accessible translations of, and commentary on, a series of selected passages that are representative of the Islamic scripture. Mustanstir Mir, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies at Youngstown State University, offers clear translations and analysis of 35 selected passages of the Qur'an that will help students understand what kind of book the Qur'an is, what the scripture says, and how it says it.

Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture

Author : James W. Watts
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A cutting-edge scholarly review of how the Pentateuch functions as a scripture, and how it came to be ritualized in this way. Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture is a unique account of the first five books of the Bible, describing how Jews and Christians ritualize the Pentateuch as a scripture by interpreting it, by performing its text and contents, and by venerating the physical scroll and book. Pentateuchal studies are known for intense focus on questions of how and when the first five books of the Bible were composed, edited, and canonized as scripture. Rather than such purely historical, literary, or theological approaches, Hebrew Bible scholar James W. Watts organizes this description of the Pentateuch from the perspectives of comparative scriptures and religious studies. He describes how the Pentateuch has been used in the centuries since it began to function as a scripture in the time of Ezra, and the origins of its ritualization before that time. The book: Analyzes the semantic contents of the Pentateuch as oral rhetoric that takes the form of stories followed by lists of laws and sanctions Gives equal space to its ritualization in the iconic and performative dimensions as to its semantic interpretation Fully integrates the cultural history of the Pentateuch and Bible with its influence on Jewish and Christian ritual, and in art, music, theatre, and film Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture is a groundbreaking work that highlights new research data and organizes the material to focus attention on the Pentateuch’s—and Bible’s— function as a scripture.

Understanding the Bible as a Whole

Author : Sam Rainer
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Everything you need to grasp God’s big picture in Scripture so you can dive deeper into each book of the Bible. Every single word in the Bible is powerful and purposeful. But too often we can be guilty of thinking that the details of God’s plan for us must be buried in obscurity somewhere in the vastness of the Bible—as if we’re missing God because we missed that tiny iota subscript in the original Greek. What if it is the opposite? What if our daily purpose, our next step tomorrow, our discernment in the moment comes from a broad understanding of God’s revelation in the Bible? When you grasp God’s Word holistically, your life begins to make more sense each and every day. In this book, Sam Rainer will help you Understand God’s big picture as revealed in the Bible Explore the major themes of Scripture Know quickly and easily the subject and purpose of each book of the Bible See the entire masterpiece instead of focusing on the brushstrokes. Understand the broad themes that occur from Genesis to Revelation to find God’s purpose and plan for your life.

Understanding the Bible

Author : George T. Montague
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1900 edition. Excerpt: ... THE GOVERNING BOARDS OF THE SEMINARY. The Officers of the Board of Commissioners for the ensuing year are: Rev. Newton L. Reed, President. Rev. Tract B. Griswold, Auburn, N. Y., Stated Clerk. Rev. Frank E. Van Wie, Clerk. Rev. "warren D. More, Assistant Clerk. The Board Of Trustees is constituted as follows: 1. Class whose term of office will expire in 1901: Hon. Charles C. Dwight, LL.D., Auburn. Hon. Charles A. Hawley, LL.D., Seneca Falls. The President of the Seminary. Jared T. Newman. Esq., Ithaca. Rev. M. Woolsey Stryker, D.D., LL.D., Clinton. 2. Class whose term of office will expire in 1902: Hon. Charles I. Avery, B.S., Auburn. Hon. James H. Loomis, Attica. Mr. John H. Osborne, Auburn. Rev. Levi Parsons, D.D., Mount Morris. Hon. John D. Teller, Auburn. 3. Class whose term of office will expire in 1903: Mr. Clarence F. Baldwin, Auburn. Mr. Stephen M. Clement, Buffalo. Mr. Henry A. Morgan, Aurora. Mr. John C. Knowlton, Watertown. Rev. George B. Spalding, DD., LL.D., Syracuse. The following are the Officers of the Board of Trustees: Rev. Levi Parsons, D.D., President. Hon. Charles C. Dwight, LL.D., Vice-President. Hon. Charles I. Avery, B.S., Secretary. The Treasurer of the Seminary is Mr. Levi S. Gates, Auburn, N.Y. n. The Faculty. The Board Of Instruction for the year now closing has been constituted as follows: Rev. George Black Stewart, D.D., President of the Seminary and Professor of Practical Theology. Rev. Samuel Miles Hopkins, D.D., Emeritus Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Polity. Rev. Ezra Abel Huntington, D.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Biblical Criticism. Rev. Willis J. Beecher, D.D., Professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature. Rev. Anson Judd Upson, D.D..LL.D., L.H.D., Emeritus Professor of...

Revelation Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

Author : Robert W. Wall
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The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series helps readers navigate the strange and sometimes intimidating literary terrain of the Bible. These accessible volumes break down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds so that the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. The contributors tackle the task of interpretation using the full range of critical methodologies and practices, yet they do so as people of faith who hold the text in the highest regard. Pastors, teachers, and lay people alike will cherish the truth found in this commentary series.