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Understanding Sports Massage

Author : Patricia J. Benjamin
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"Massage can enhance athletes' conditioning and performance, reduce injury potential, and aid injury rehabilitation. Understanding Sports Massage offers comprehensive information on how to use massage in any sports setting and focuses on these topics: the theoretical basis for sports massage; various applications of massage for athletes - restorative, event-related, and maintenance; massage and adjunct techniques; the effects of each technique; tips on giving massage; how to plan and give a massage; how to set up a sports massage program; and contraindications and cautions." "Understanding Sports Massage will help athletic trainers, sports physical therapists, massage specialists, and other sports medicine professionals ensure the health and enhance the performance of their athletes."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Massage Therapy

Author : Trish Dryden
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Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice presents the latest research examining the evidence for the use of various massage therapy techniques in treating pathological conditions and special populations. In this resource readers will find a synthesis of information from the diverse fields of kinesiology, medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and psychology. Authored by experts carefully selected for their specific knowledge, experience, and research acumen, Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice will assist both students and practitioners in these areas: • Learning the benefits of evidence-based massage therapy practice • Understanding various research methods • Developing research skills by learning guidelines for writing case reports and journal articles • Understanding how to integrate massage therapy research into education and clinical practice This text presents a seamless integration of research and practice in four parts, providing readers first with a background to the field of massage therapy followed by discussion of research methods. Next is an evidence-based presentation of the efficacy of massage therapy for conditions and populations often encountered in massage therapy practice. This clinicial section presents three patient populations (pediatric, athletic, and elderly); three pain-related types (headache, neck and shoulder pain, and low back pain); and six conditions that massage therapists may encounter: pregnancy and labor, scar treatment, cancer, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and clients who have experienced sexual trauma. Recommendations and evidence-based treatment guidelines are clearly defined for each condition. Case reports developed from real-life cases are included in this section, offering readers a real-world context for the clinical content presented. The final section illustrates specific ways to integrate research into the educational and professional development of current and future massage therapists. It provides readers with the fundamental tools for a research-based approach in clinical practice, especially as it relates to special populations. A running glossary, chapter summaries, and critical thinking questions assist students in learning the content and act as self-study tools for practitioners. Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice offers both students and practitioners of massage therapy the most current evidence-based information, guidelines, and recommendations for the treatment of conditions often seen in massage therapy practice. This essential reference will assist practitioners in understanding the scientific literature and its application in enhancing the practice of this safe and effective health intervention.

Sports Massage

Author : Susan Findlay
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On the field, post-event, or in the clinic, Sports Massage is the essential resource for developing and perfecting your sports massage technique! Sports Massage provides an in-depth discussion of applications of foundational massage techniques within a sports massage approach. Thorough instructions and over 130 full-color photos demonstrate the correct application of each massage stroke for muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, torso, pelvis, legs, and feet. You’ll also learn how to use advanced working positions in prone, supine, side-lying, and sitting orientations to address each muscle group, helping you achieve a more comfortable and therapeutic session for your client. This practical guide explains the foundations of sports massage as a profession, including performance-related benefits of sports massage, common environments for professional practice (practice, event, clinical), range of clientele (recreational or serious athletes, physically active people), and applications (pre-, inter-, and post-event, or as part of a training regimen or rehabilitation program). Sports Massage emphasizes proper therapist mechanics, including working posture, proper table height, and effective client positioning to help improve the delivery of your technique and reduce strain to your arms, hands, and back. Highlighted in the text are tips on technique adjustments, and special “Client Talk” boxes offer suggestions for ways to communicate technical information to your clients. Throughout the text, self-test questions with answers allow you to check your understanding and reinforce your learning. In addition, a photo gallery index provides quick reference for checking techniques and their application. Organized for quick reference, Sports Massage explains massage modifications for common injuries and conditions and provides technical information to support your decision-making process. Information regarding contraindications and pathologies will prepare you to adapt your technique to accommodate a wide range of soft tissue conditions. In addition, discussion of equipment, hygiene, and safety considerations will help you be prepared for each therapy session. A discussion of client assessment and consultation will assist you in learning how to obtain the necessary information to address muscular issues during the therapy session. Sports Massage also discusses considerations in administering the technique to special populations, including individuals with spinal cord injuries, limb deficiencies and visual impairments, and cerebral palsy. In addition, you’ll find information on conducting sports massage before, during, and after sporting events. Part science and part art, effective sports massage relies on a therapist’s thoughtful application of knowledge and experience. Sport Massage provides a solid knowledge base, helping you learn how to work with your body efficiently and apply each technique with sensitivity. With its emphasis on correct body mechanics and effective client positioning, Sports Massage will help you improve your technique, reduce strain as you work, and provide a better quality of touch.

Sports Massage

Author : Jari Ylinen
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Sports therapy has made huge advances in recent years and is no longer the preserve of the professional athlete.More and more people who take part in sport at all levels are seeking treatment from masseurs and other therapists for injury or the fatigue that follows intensive training. This landmark book is the first to set out in full the techniques and routines involved in sports massage, as well as guidance on the treatment of specific injuries related to various sports. This book explains how sports massage improves and speeds up a sportsman's recovery from training, which sports injuries can be effectively treated by massage, and how quickly it can be applied.Based on sound medical principles, and with over 200 specially commissioned photographs and illustrations, Sports Massage sets out the skills and techniques of sports massage for physiotherapists, coaches, trainers and keen sportsmen themselves.Also included are sections on stretching, self-massage, Shiatsu and acupressure.

Routledge Handbook of Sports Therapy Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation

Author : Keith Ward
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The work of a sports therapist is highly technical and requires a confident, responsible and professional approach. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation is a comprehensive and authoritative reference for those studying or working in this field and is the first book to comprehensively cover all of the following areas: Sports Injury Aetiology Soft Tissue Injury Healing Clinical Assessment in Sports Therapy Clinical Interventions in Sports Therapy Spinal and Peripheral Anatomy, Injury Assessment and Management Pitch-side Trauma Care Professionalism and Ethics in Sports Therapy The Handbook presents principles which form the foundation of the profession and incorporates a set of spinal and peripheral regional chapters which detail functional anatomy, the injuries common to those regions, and evidence-based assessment and management approaches. Its design incorporates numerous photographs, figures, tables, practitioner tips and detailed sample Patient Record Forms. This book is comprehensively referenced and multi-authored, and is essential to anyone involved in sports therapy, from their first year as an undergraduate, to those currently in professional practice.

A Physician s Guide to Therapeutic Massage

Author : John Yates
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As consumers increasingly choose to blend their use of medical and complementary modalities, practitioners in all health fields are challenged to understand each other's approaches to patient care. The physician who cannot provide knowledgeable advice about concurrent use of practices like massage therapy risks being out of touch with the benefits they can provide as well as the health considerations for different populations. Massage therapists need an evidence-based understanding of their work and a shared language in order to engage in meaningful dialogues with medical doctors with whom they share patients.

Integrated Sports Massage Therapy E Book

Author : Anders Jelvéus
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Integrated Sports Massage Therapy is a highly illustrated evidence-based handbook which presents a wide range of effective sports massage techniques to cover any sports-related situation. Anders Jelveus explains and applies effective techniques from a variety of disciplines of manual therapy, ranging from commonly used sports massage strokes to more advanced concepts for real-life effective sports massage treatments. The presented techniques serve as a great addition for any therapist seeking to work with athletes, and are suitable for pre-event, post-event, inter-event, and in remedial sports massage therapy. This unique book offers a comprehensive presentation of sports massage therapy including: Sports massage history Basic sports massage strokes and work postures Sports massage applications Event-based sports massage treatment guidelines Sports-specific massage treatment recommendations Therapeutic muscle stretching techniques Therapeutic muscle stretching applied to specific muscle groups Positional Release Techniques (PRT) Acupressure and Tui Na techniques with applications Myofascial release techniques Connective tissue massage Lymphatic drainage massage Myofascial Trigger Point etiology and treatment techniques Sports injuries Athletic taping Remedial Sports massage applications Athletic self massage techniques. The book is suitable for all manual therapy students and practitioners, whether novice or advanced, including massage therapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, naprapaths, naturopaths and acupuncturists.

Sports Exercise Massage E Book

Author : Sandy Fritz
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The competitive athlete, whether amateur or professional, presents specific challenges to the massage therapist. To treat these individuals, the therapist should have a background in sport specific activities, be aware of the effects of training, and understand injury types and rehabilitation applications. This text describes patterns for sport activities (like running, throwing, impact, and repetitive use) and provides guidelines for applying massage to specific sports. Because athletes depend on highly coordinated neuromuscular activity, assessment and massage applications that address these physiologic mechanisms are covered in depth. Comprehensive text covers all the essentials of sports and exercise massage making it the sole resource needed for massage therapists interested in specializing in sports massage. 450 full-color illustrations accompany procedures, concepts and techniques to enhance understanding and comprehension of each topic. Provides information for both assessment and management of connective tissue dysfunction. Covers general nutrition for fitness, with material on supplements and banned substances for athletes. Includes Autonomic Nervous System functions as well as fluid dynamics in circulation. Each chapter contains chapter outlines, chapter objectives, key terms, summaries, practical applications, and workbook review questions, so the instructor can build lesson plans off of this pedagogy, and the student can comprehend the information more thoroughly by completing all of the exercises. Included with the book is a DVD containing almost 2 hours of video showing the specific applications described in the book. Case studies integrate information and touch upon the family and social support of athletes.

Therapeutic Massage in Athletics

Author : Patricia A. Archer
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This textbook on sports massage was created specifically for massage therapists, certified athletic trainers, and physical therapists who work with athletes. The author is an experienced massage therapy and athletic training educator and practitioner, and provides instruction on how to apply clinical massage techniques to athletes. The text is uniquely focused on the use and integration of basic sports massage, myofascial, neuromuscular, and lymphatic facilitation to enhance an athlete's performance potential and treat common athletic injuries and conditions. The book includes numerous diagrams and pictures of techniques to help readers visualize specific concepts and procedures. From the Field Boxes contain quotes from professionals who practice sports massage. Case Studies present common athletic injury scenarios and descriptions of treatment protocols.

Sports Performance Massage

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Sports Performance Massage informs the student and practicing therapist to use a combination of experienced and scientific evidence to inform their sports massage practice, particularly when working with athletic populations. Strength and conditioners, coaches, managers and athletes frequently ask questions about the best use of sports massage in order to recover quicker from injury and fatigue and improve performance. 'Sports Performance Massage' will empower the therapist, by giving them greater confidence, improve their scientific understanding when working with injured and competitive athletes. The exciting new volume covers all the aspects required to make a highly skilled, confident and employable sports massage therapist. Working with high level athletes requires an additional skill level compared to working with the general public. Furthermore, advanced massage skills taught in this book such as; soft tissue release and trigger point therapy, are essential skills when working on muscular adhesions and injured areas. Pregnant athletes, those with disabilities, contraindications and athletes with special requirements have also been considered. Sports Performance Massage is a learning and research aid for those studying both vocational sports massage courses and those studying other courses where massage forms part of the undergraduate and post graduate degrees, this includes; sports therapy; sports rehabilitation; osteopathy and physiotherapy. Unlike other sports massage books, Sports performance Massage has a strong academic focus, allowing the graduate therapist to stay up to date with the latest research in their respective field.

Massage Therapy and Medications

Author : Randal Persad
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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author : Virginia S. Cowen
File Size : 56.80 MB
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Massage techniques are widely and effectively used in treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) to address sensory issues, motor problems and touch receptivity. This title explains how massage works, how the body senses touch, and how touch therapy can benefit children with ASDs.

Tappan s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques

Author : Frances M. Tappan
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This pioneering text in massage therapy provides basic information on the art and science of effective healing massage techniques in quick-learn, easy-to-understand terms. This leading book contains a thorough description of both Eastern and Western massage skills and explains the effects of massage in physiological as well as holistic perspectives. Also included are self-evaluation sheets and sample health history forms. A functional second color has been added to this edition to help highlight massage techniques. The perfect guide for physical therapists, massage therapists, health related professionals, and anyone interested in massage therapy.

The Complete Guide to Massage

Author : Mary Biancalana
File Size : 61.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discover the healing power of massage therapy! With The Complete Guide to Massage, you can use the power of touch to soothe aches and wash away worries. Each page guides you through the time-honored practice with step-by-step instructions and photographs for massaging yourself and others. You'll learn the different strokes and movements within a massage as well as techniques for popular methods, including prenatal massage, Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy. Whether you're looking to relieve muscle tension, alleviate pain, or simply de-stress, The Complete Guide to Massage will help you uncover a whole new world of healing and relaxation.

Outcome based Massage

Author : Carla-Krystin Andrade
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Written for physical therapists, massage therapists and occupational therapists, this text introduces an evidence-based clinical reasoning process for incorporating massage into therapeutic practice. The authors instruct readers in how to identify impairments, select and apply appropriate massage techniques, and integrate massage with other treatments. The book integrates a wide variety of techniques into a single problem-solving format consistent with the APTA's "Guide to Physical Therapist Practice". This Second Edition includes step-by-step examples of massage sequences and features superb photographic illustrations, boxes, charts, figures, and clinical examples. The companion website contains approximately 70 video clips that show how to perform many of the techniques and sequences illustrated in the book.

Body Mechanics and Self care Manual

Author : Marian Wolfe Dixon
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book shows bodywork professionals who may be experiencing symptoms of fatigue, stress, or overuse, how to heal themselves and prevent injuries from recurring. It teaches healthy bodyworkers how to stay that way, and to help clients who suffer from repetitive motion injuries. Chapter topics include principles of physics—moving and static objects, weight and pressure; eastern influences on body mechanics; unpatterning; repetitive motion and other common injuries; taking care of yourself—physiologically and psychologically; and adaptations for special populations/conditions. For all licensed massage therapists, neuropaths, chiropractors and chiropractic assistants, acupuncturists, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, certified nursing assistants, and expressive art therapists.

Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

Author : Larry P. Credit
File Size : 29.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Describes a variety of alternative medical approaches, including acupressure, aromatherapy, myotherapy, and rolfing, providing details on conditions that respond to treatment, how each works, what to expect, cost, and finding a practitioner.

Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

Author :
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A Massage Therapist s Guide to Understanding Locating and Treating Myofascial Trigger Points

Author : Leon Chaitow
File Size : 47.67 MB
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Describing the background to the evolution of Rnon-specificS backache as well as the assessment and treatment methods ideal for use in combination with massage therapy, deriving from physical therapy, osteopathic, and chiropractic sources, this book describes these methods individually and then integrates them into a detailed description of a massage session focusing on the person with backache.

Complete Massage

Author : Clare Maxwell-Hudson
File Size : 34.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Detailed step-by-step massage techniques from aroungd the globe, including Indian Bridal Massage, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage. Explains the history and health benefits of massage.