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The Grand Designer Discovering the Quantum Mind Matrix of the Universe

Author : graham smetham
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Universe of the Mind

Author : Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman
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This work is the author's seminal text in cultural semiotics, laying out the theoretical structure on which all his work is built for another generation of readers engaged with critical theory and cultural studies, with philosophy and historiography. It is a full-scale undertaking to show the workings of the semiotic space in which human society as a whole functions and in which the individual is caught up.

The Christian Science Journal

Author :
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The Non local Universe

Author : Robert Nadeau
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Classical physics states that physical reality is local--a point in space cannot influence another point beyond a relatively short distance. However, In 1997, experiments were conducted in which light particles (photons) originated under certain conditions and traveled in opposite directions to detectors located about seven miles apart. The amazing results indicated that the photons "interacted" or "communicated" with one another instantly or "in no time." Since a distance of seven miles is quite vast in quantum physics, this led physicists to an extraordinary conclusion--even if experiments could somehow be conducted in which the distance between the detectors was half-way across the known universe, the results would indicate that interaction or communication between the photons would be instantaneous. What was revealed in these little-known experiments in 1997 is that physical reality is non-local--a discovery that Robert Nadeau and Menas Kafatos view as "the most momentous in the history of science." In The Non-Local Universe, Nadeau and Kafatos offer a revolutionary look at the breathtaking implications of non-locality. They argue that since every particle in the universe has been "entangled" with other particles like the two photons in the 1997 experiments, physical reality on the most basic level is an undivided wholeness. In addition to demonstrating that physical processes are vastly interdependent and interactive, they also show that more complex systems in both physics and biology display emergent properties and/or behaviors that cannot be explained in the terms of the sum of parts. One of the most startling implications of non-locality in human terms, claim the authors, is that there is no longer any basis for believing in the stark division between mind and world that has preoccupied much of western thought since the seventeenth century. And they also make a convincing case that human consciousness can now be viewed as emergent from and seamlessly connected with the entire cosmos. In pursuing this groundbreaking argument, the authors not only provide a fascinating history of developments that led to the discovery of non-locality and the sometimes heated debate between the great scientists responsible for these discoveries. They also argue that advances in scientific knowledge have further eroded the boundaries between physics and biology, and that recent studies on the evolution of the human brain suggest that the logical foundations of mathematics and ordinary language are much more similar than we previously imagined. What this new knowledge reveals, the authors conclude, is that the connection between mind and nature is far more intimate than we previously dared to imagine. What they offer is a revolutionary look at the implications of non-locality, implications that reach deep into that most intimate aspect of humanity--consciousness.

On Providence and Other Essays

Author : Ulrich Zwingli
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A collection of of Zwingli's later writings (1525-1531), including such works as his treatise on original sin, essay on providence and his Short and Clear Exposition of the Christian Faith.

Heart of the Universe

Author : Brad Clark
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Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

Author : Smithsonian Institution. Board of Regents
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The Will of the Universe Intellect Unknown Mind and Passions

Author : Konstantin T︠S︡iolkovskiĭ
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Mission Gamma Book One

Author : David R. George III
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THE TIME HAS COME...for a new era of exploration. With the Dominion War behind them, the crew of the U.S.S. Defiant journeys through the wormhole as Commander Elias Vaughn leads a "corps of discovery" to blaze new trails into the unexplored reaches of the Gamma Quadrant. THE TIME HAS COME ...for a civilization to reach a crossroads. As political forces throughout the Alpha Quadrant intersect at Deep Space 9™ to determine the future of Bajor, the planet's theological unity threatens to shatter. And for Colonel Kira Nerys, the path of the Prophets may become a road to ruin. THE TIME HAS COME...for a father and daughter to confront their past while a mother and son fight for the future, for lovers to be tested and for friendships to transform, and for worlds on opposite ends of the galaxy to face the dusk...or the dawn. TWILIGHT

Body and Mind

Author : Walter Byron McDougall
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