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SUNY at Sixty

Author : John B. Clark
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A close examination of the history, accomplishments, and potential of the State University of New York system. The State University of New York is America’s largest comprehensive public university system, with sixty-four campuses, including community colleges, colleges of technology, university colleges, research universities, medical schools, academic medical centers, and specialized campuses in fields as diverse as optometry, ceramics, horticulture, fashion, forestry, and maritime training. Despite its reputation for wide access, demanding academic programs, vital public services, and cutting-edge research, little has been written about its fascinating history. Originating in a lively conference held in spring 2009 to mark SUNY’s sixtieth anniversary, the book’s authors examine SUNY’s origins, political landscape, evolving mission, institutional variety, international partnerships, leadership, and more. Taking its place alongside studies of state systems such as those in California, Michigan, and Texas, this book is a long overdue effort to return SUNY to the national conversation about public higher education during the last half century. Edited by a former interim chancellor of the system and two SUNY history professors, and with a foreword by current Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the problems and promise of public higher education in New York State, or, indeed, anywhere.

Project Management Theory and Practice

Author : Gary L. Richardson
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Although there are numerous project management resources available, most are either too academic, focus too heavily on IT, or provide quick-fix advice without the theory required to understand why the solutions work. Following and expanding on PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), Project Management Theory and Practice provides students with a complete overview of project management theory—in language they can easily understand. This classroom-tested textbook translates the abstract model vocabulary and processes from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Fourth Edition into accessible discussions complete with contemporary views and projections for the future. The text integrates the organizational environment that surrounds a project to supply students with the well-rounded knowledge of theories, organizational issues, and human behavior needed to manage real-world projects effectively. Providing a clear picture of the state of the art in project management, it details numerous project-related frameworks, including: Enterprise project management Project portfolio management Work breakdown structures Earned value management Professional responsibility Project team productivity The text reaches beyond traditional core project management topics to include discussions on enterprise maturity, virtual and outsourced organizations, project management offices, operational governance, and multi-project management. Filled with numerous end-of-chapter questions, scheduling and budgeting problems, scoping projects, and sample worksheets that illustrate various analytical tools and management decisions, this is the ideal text for classroom use and essential reading for anyone seeking project management certification.

Peterson s Graduate Programs in Ocean Engineering Paper Textile Engineering and Telecommunications 2011

Author : Peterson's
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Peterson's Graduate Programs in Ocean Engineering, Paper & Textile Engineering, and Telecommunications contains a wealth of information on colleges and universities that offer graduate degrees in these fields. The profiled institutions include those in the United States, Canada, and abroad that are accredited by U.S. accrediting bodies. Up-to-date data, collected through Peterson's Annual Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions, provides valuable information on degree offerings, professional accreditation, jointly offered degrees, part-time and evening/weekend programs, postbaccalaureate distance degrees, faculty, students, degree requirements, entrance requirements, expenses, financial support, faculty research, and unit head and application contact information. Readers will find helpful links to in-depth descriptions that offer additional detailed information about a specific program or department, faculty members and their research, and much more. In addition, there are valuable articles on financial assistance, the graduate admissions process, advice for international and minority students, and facts about accreditation, with a current list of accrediting agencies.

Handbook of Research on Information Security and Assurance

Author : Gupta, Jatinder N. D.
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"This book offers comprehensive explanations of topics in computer system security in order to combat the growing risk associated with technology"--Provided by publisher.

Integrating Total Quality Management in a Library Setting

Author : Susan Jurow
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Improve the delivery of library services by implementing total quality management (TQM), a system of continuous improvement employing participative management and centered on the needs of customers. Although TQM was originally designed for and successfully applied in business and manufacturing settings, this groundbreaking volume introduces strategies for translating TQM principles from the profit-based manufacturing sector to the library setting. Integrating Total Quality Management in a Library Setting shows librarians how to improve library services by implementing strategies such as employee involvement and training, problem-solving teams, statistical methods, long-term goals and thinking, and an overall recognition that the system (not the staff) is responsible for most inefficiencies. Total Quality Management in a Library Setting describes the principles of TQM, its origins, and the potential benefits and barriers to be expected when adopting quality management approaches in libraries. Chapters provide guidelines for planning and implementation to help libraries use total quality management to break down interdepartmental barriers and work on continuously improving library services. The contributors, who have begun to think about using or who are already using TQM in a library setting, present specific planning and implementation issues that can be put to immediate use in libraries. With this innovative book, library managers will learn that by working together on problem solving teams to address specific operational questions, and by developing a shared knowledge of problem-solving tools and techniques, staff members grow personally and gain a larger sense of organizational purpose. Other TQM methods introduced in this book include the concept of the internal customer, which teaches staff to recognize how other staff members use the results of their work, and the principle of continuous improvement, which enables libraries to set measurable goals based on quantitative performance indicators, and to monitor progress toward those goals.

Fundamentals of Management

Author : Ricky W. Griffin
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Prepare for success in management today with this brief, streamlined approach from leading management author Ricky Griffin. FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 7E offers a strong theoretical and functional framework clearly organized around the functions of management with a concise presentation that offers the flexibility to add cases, exercises or projects. The book's proven balance of theory and practice incorporates numerous, engaging learning features to help readers develop and strengthen today's most important management skills. Opening vignettes immediately emphasize the relevance of each chapter's content, while skill applications and new cases keep readers focused and actively engaged. New features reflect today's emerging management challenges, including the economic crisis and energy crisis. With FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 7E, readers quickly find themselves equipped with the confidence of a management professional. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Fundamentals of Management

Author : Ricky Griffin
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Prepare for success in management today with this brief, inviting approach from leading management author Ricky Griffin. FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 8E combines a streamlined approach with a strong theoretical and functional framework clearly organized around the planning, leading, organizing and controlling functions of management. The book's proven balance of theory and practice incorporates numerous, engaging learning features and memorable examples to help you develop and strengthen your management skills. New and revised First Things First opening vignettes immediately show you the relevance of each chapter's content, while clear learning objectives and chapter outlines, summaries of key points and key terms, skill applications and new cases keep you focused and actively learning. You Make the Call end-of-chapter features bring students back to the opening case with the newfound knowledge they have gained after reading the chapter. New Building Skills exercises and Skills Self-Assessment Instruments equip future managers to handle some of today's most critical business situations. Following our state of the art, Engage, Connect, Perform, and Lead model, students truly learn to think and act like managers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Architectural Design of Multi Agent Systems Technologies and Techniques

Author : Lin, Hong
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"This book is a compilation of advanced research results in architecture and modeling issues of multi-agent systems. It serves as a reference for research on system models, architectural design languages, methods and reasoning, module interface design, and design issues"--Provided by publisher.

Synthesis of Service Life Prediction for Bridges in Texas

Author : Lu Gao
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Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology

Author : Kidd, Terry T.
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"This book provides information on different styles of instructional design methodologies, tips, and strategies on how to use technology to facilitate active learning and techniques to help faculty and researchers develop online instructional and teaching materials. It enables libraries to provide a foundational reference for researchers, educators, administrators, and others in the context of instructional systems and technology"--Provided by publisher.

Technology Application Competencies for K 12 Teachers

Author : Chen, Irene
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"This book is designed to strengthen understanding of the critical information in the framework for technology application competencies for K-12 teachers"--Provided by publisher.

Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Author : J. R. Bourne
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ISCRE 10 Tenth International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering documents the proceedings of the symposium which brought together experts from all over the world to discuss developments in CRE. Efforts were made to cover high added value substances and to encourage papers from industry. Some success was achieved, but there remain significant gaps between Chemists and Chemical Engineers when considering high added value products as well as between researchers and practitioners of CRE. The volume begins with plenary papers covering topics such as challenges in reactor modeling; bioreactor engineering; the design of reaction systems for specialty organic chemicals. This is followed by papers presented during the eight technical sessions. Technical session A focused on the modeling and control of chemical reactions. Technical session B was devoted to studies on biotechnology. Technical session C covered mixing while Technical session D dealt with special reactor systems and chemicals. The papers in Technical session E examined reactions for emission control and recycling. Technical session F covered the safety aspects of CRE. Technical session G focused on the experiments with multiphase reactions while Technical session H dealt with catalytic reactors.

Social Information Technology Connecting Society and Cultural Issues

Author : Kidd, Terry T.
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"This book provides a source for definitions, antecedents, and consequences of social informatics and the cultural aspect of technology. It addresses cultural/societal issues in social informatics technology and society, the Digital Divide, government and technology law, information security and privacy, cyber ethics, technology ethics, and the future of social informatics and technology"--Provided by publisher.

Eldercare Technology for Clinical Practitioners

Author : Majd Alwan
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This important handbook addresses technologies targeted at the assessment, early detection and the mitigation of common geriatric conditions. These include decline in functional abilities, gait, mobility, sleep disturbance, vision impairment, hearing loss, falls, and cognitive decline. This book not only describes the state of both embedded and wearable technologies, but also focuses on research showing the potential utility of these technologies in the field.

Design of FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Girders in Shear

Author : Abdeldjelil Belarbi
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 678: Design of FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Girders in Shear offers suggested design guidelines for concrete girders strengthened in shear using externally bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems. The guidelines address the strengthening schemes and application of the FRP systems and their contribution to shear capacity of reinforced and prestressed concrete girders. The guidelines are supplemented by design examples to illustrate their use for concrete beams strengthened with different FRP systems. Appendix A of NCHRP Report 678, which contains the research agency's final report, provides further elaboration on the work performed in this project. Appendix A: Research Description and Findings, is only available online.

Education Directory Colleges and Universities

Author :
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Health Promotion and Interactive Technology

Author : Richard L. Street
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This book's purpose is to offer various perspectives relating to the development, effectiveness, and implementation of interactive computing technology for health promotion--programs and interventions aimed at improving various health-related outcomes such as involvement in care, quality of life, adherence, disease management, healthy lifestyle, and more. Its coverage includes: *conceptual foundations for examining how characteristics of media, messages, and users relate to one another and how interactive media can effectively and appropriately promote health outcomes; *examinations of the development, utilization, and evaluation of specific computer applications for health promotion featuring discussions of the theoretical rationale for the program, the targeted audience, research on the program's effectiveness, and implications for future program development; and *analyses of critical issues such as potential benefits and limitations of technology on the delivery of care, institutional obstacles to the adoption of computing technology, and prospects for integrating information technology into the health system.

Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization

Author : Wang, John
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As the age of Big Data emerges, it becomes necessary to take the five dimensions of Big Data- volume, variety, velocity, volatility, and veracity- and focus these dimensions towards one critical emphasis - value. The Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization confronts the challenges of information retrieval in the age of Big Data by exploring recent advances in the areas of knowledge management, data visualization, interdisciplinary communication, and others. Through its critical approach and practical application, this book will be a must-have reference for any professional, leader, analyst, or manager interested in making the most of the knowledge resources at their disposal.

Chukchi Sea Oil Gas Lease Sale 126

Author :
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Draft of probable environmental impacts of offshore oil and gas field developments in the Chuckchi Sea off northwest Alaska including oil spills and effects on marine mammals, and effect on commercial and subsistence fishing.

Open Source Technology Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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The pervasiveness of and universal access to modern Information and Communication Technologies has enabled a popular new paradigm in the dissemination of information, art, and ideas. Now, instead of relying on a finite number of content providers to control the flow of information, users can generate and disseminate their own content for a wider audience. Open Source Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications investigates examples and methodologies in user-generated and freely-accessible content available through electronic and online media. With applications in education, government, entertainment, and more, the technologies explored in these volumes will provide a comprehensive reference for web designers, software developers, and practitioners in a wide variety of fields and disciplines.