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Unleashing the healing power of animals

Author : Dale Preece-Kelly
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Ten animals – nine non-human and one human – take you on ten journeys, where, in each case, an animal in need of rescue overcomes their issues and goes on to help people overcome theirs. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Arial} Dale Preece-Kelly, an Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner, details his own very personal experiences – and how he was rescued by his animals – describing how the creatures he has rescued have become first class therapy animals. Featuring a unique range of species, some never previously used in a therapeutic environment, this book demonstrates how each species brings its own benefits to a therapy session. With a foreword from respected Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen, who has long supported Dale’s work, the book also gives advice on how to select and ‘train’ a therapy animal, what the benefits are of working with different animals, and how the benefits of each species differ. This book provides a unique and fascinating insight into the field of animal-assisted therapy.

Letting in the dog

Author : Patricia Blocker
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Communicating with and understanding dogs builds trusting relationships, relieves frustration, and improves lives at both ends of the leash. Apart from simply reading canine body language, this book explores the juncture between hearts and minds, where true understanding begins. Taking a light-hearted yet earnest approach to exploring how to connect with dogs, each chapter features amusing, thought-provoking anecdotes and much useful information, showing us how, by connecting with our dogs, we learn how to connect with ourselves. Finding the intersection between the academic and the spiritual for better communication with dogs leads to effective two-way conversation: how to talk with our dogs instead of talking at them. The intuitive side of communicating with canines in conjunction with the intellectual side is also investigated: in this space, we build trust, respect, and better relationships, and human and canine lives are enriched. Come walk with us on our journey ...

Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit Born Emotions

Author : Mark Virkler
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Experience Healing for your Body, Soul and Spirit through Kingdom emotions! In Christianity, human emotions are often considered to be misleading and untrustworthy—a lingering part of our fallen nature that distract us from God’s truth. But our emotions were created by God, and though the enemy may seek to manipulate our hearts, Jesus sets us free! Dr. Mark Virkler is a trusted authority on prayer, hearing God’s voice, and inner healing. In Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions, Dr. Virkler and his daughter Charity, help you to see emotions as unique channels through which the Holy Spirit works to bring miraculous life-transformation, deliverance and healing. Jesus died to redeem your whole person—not just your reason and intellect. This makes it possible to move beyond anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty. When you are made alive in Christ, you can hear God speaking through the emotions of your “New Self.” Mark and Charity help you to discover how… Kingdom emotions can turn on healing genes Cleansing your cellular memories releases deliverance and freedom Heightened emotions can set the stage for supernatural miracles Embrace your redeemed emotions and experience miraculous healing in a fresh way today!

Animal Healing The Power of Rolfing

Author : Briah Anson
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"If you enjoy animal stories as much as I do, you're in for a great read. . . . You'll witness the health and happiness of these animals being transformed through the hands and heart of Briah Anson and her passionate application of Rolfing(r) Structural Integration. . . . It's an incredible menagerie: cats, dogs, and horses, as well as guinea pigs, llamas, eagles, an owl, a rooster, a cougar, and, perhaps most intriguing of all, an up close and personal encounter with a wild moose named Mike." Paul Schurke, Outdoor adventurer and educator; coauthor with Will Steger of North to the Pole and author of "Bering Bridge: The Soviet-American Expedition from Siberia to Alaska"; Director, Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge and Arctic Adventures, Ely, Minnesota "As Briah Anson's collection of nonhuman patients clearly demonstrate, Rolfing(r) Structural Integration isn't just for people, though a person's appreciation of its benefits for themselves often leads to an interest in trying this form of body work on their animals. . . . Each animal's emotional and locomotor response to Rolfing described in this book strongly suggests a true and sustained benefit." Julia H. Wilson, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine; Associate Professor, Large Animal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota "Briah Anson shares her experience, insight, and her love for all creatures in these amazing stories of her quest for healing through Rolfing(r). . . . After each session, the ravages of the eagles'] permanent disabilities seemed to have less influence on their performance. . . . The Rolfing sessions improved their overall disposition and health. . . . I'm grateful to Briah for her extensive dedication and the volunteering of her time and talent given to the eagles at the National Eagle Center." MaryBeth Garrigan, Executive Director of Eagle Watch, Inc. (2000-05); Program and Development Director, National Eagle Center (2005-09), Wabasha, Minnesota "Rolfing(r) Structural Integration, a unique myofascial approach to assist the body in healing numerous musculoskeletal and other issues, is being introduced to the animal world through Briah Anson's fascinating book, "Animal Healing." Through case reports, anecdotes, and stories from her pioneering practice applying Rolfing SI to animals, Briah offers convincing evidence that the benefits of this work may be applicable to animals as well. This book is an excellent introduction to Rolfing Structural Integration and its potential application to nonhuman animals. Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM, Ph.D. (hon.); author, "Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live" and editor, "Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine

The Juice Lady s Guide To Juicing for Health

Author : Cherie Calbom
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A practical A-to-Z guide to the prevention and treatment of the most common health disorders. Written by nutritionist and juicing expert Cherie Calbom, The Juice Lady?s Guide to Juicing for Health, Revised Edition, shows you how to use fresh juice to lose weight, boost energy, and achieve the glow of health. With helpful guidelines for buying and using a juice machine, Cherie also explains how to put that machine to work with delicious recipes and easy-to-understand nutritional programs for more than fifty health conditions. These research-backed programs include the best combinations of fruits and vegetables for each disorder, along with a diet plan and other health tips that can help you fight off disease. This revised edition provides updated health and nutritional information on many conditions, including ADHD, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Supporting the nutritional programs with a unique diet plan, special cleansing regimens, and detailed appendices packed with useful information, The Juice Lady?s Guide to Juicing for Health gives you a total approach to health?now, and for the rest of your life.

Unleash the Inner Healing Power of Foods

Author : F C & A Publishing
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A look at the believed medicinal and healing power of certain foods.

Two on a Bridge

Author : Linda L. Stampoulos
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Volumes have been written to address personal problems and dedicate themselves to the theme of "self help." The term itself seems to place the responsibility of healing on the individual who is already expressing a need for assistance. Often the mire and the muck we find ourselves in require more energy to cope than we alone can give. This guidebook can be another approach to healing. "Two on a Bridge" picks up where "self help" leaves off. Through guided discussion, you and someone you choose will begin to explore the ancient powers and energy sources that surround us today. In addition to the guidebook you will benefit from having the companion workbook. The workbook suggests activities you and your partner can complete during your time together. These activities are designed to help you access the different energy sources and hopefully make them a part of your life. The basic concept is quite simple: Strength and healing can be enhanced when two join together, share a short journey, and discover the healing energy that can come from the power of two. About the Author Linda L. Stampoulos lives in New Jersey, and often travels to the West to research material for her books. After completing her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees at Montclair State University, she went on to Columbia University to earn her Doctorate in Education. She has taught at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels in the Schools of Health Foundations and Educational Foundations at Montclair State University. A large portion of her curriculum included the works of Joseph Campbell. In addition, she has devoted over twenty-five years to work in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services. Her last book, "The Redemption of Black Elk" was published in English as well as in German, "Black Elks Vermachtnis." She has also contributed to the Images of America series: "Visiting the Grand Canyon, Views of Early Tourism" which was listed among the Southwest Books of the Year, Best Reading 2004. In addition, she has previously worked on several projects with Native American author Kenny Shields, Jr. to produce: "Fort Peck Indian Reservation; The Little Bighorn, Tiospaye;" and" The Grand Canyon: Native People and Early Visitors." These and other works can be found at

Green Smoothie Revolution

Author : Victoria Boutenko
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"Thanks to the advent of processed food, people who live in industrial countries, especially those whose families have done so for several generations, often have symptoms of multiple nutrient deficiencies on a very high level. Green smoothies provide a way for us to correct these persistent imbalances and begin to discover what health actually feels like. Green Smoothie Revolution offers a wide variety of smoothie recipes as well as the nutrition and know-how behind the drinks. With 150 easy-to-make recipes offering an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and greens to choose from, Green Smoothie Revolution provides an important diversity of nutritional sources as well as enough variety to keep taste buds happy"--Provided by publisher.

The Power of Wagging Tails

Author : Dawn A. Marcus
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Argues therapy dogs may help those with chronic illnesses and explains how to add a dog to the home of someone with an illness, how the family dog can help with health conditions, and how to train a dog to be a certified therapy dog.


Author :
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Llewellyn s Herbal Almanac 2001

Author : Michael Fallon
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Full of sage advice from recognized herbalists around the country, Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac explains how you can benefit from nature’s most versatile plants. Learn how herbs can boost your immune system,used to create craft items, add zest to your food, nourish your skin, and bring some natural magic into your life.

Healing Power

Author : Bridget Doherty
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A collection of traditional folk remedies and health practices

Critical Care Nursing

Author : Linda Diann Urden
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Focusing on critical care nursing, this full-color text provides an examination of the important aspects of critical care nursing. It is organized in ten units around alterations in body systems.

True Magic

Author : Cyndi Brannen
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Transform your life through spells, practices, rituals, and journeys, unlocking the power of your true self. Are you ready for True Magic?

A Girl s Guide to Retail Therapy

Author : Amy Elliott
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Play Therapy with Kids Canines

Author : Risë VanFleet
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VanFleet (licensed psychologist with focus on play therapy) offers child and family clinicians guidelines for incorporating play with dogs into treatment for a variety of child problems. Early chapters summarize the rationale for animal-assisted therapy from neuroscience and psychology, as well as discussing ethical considerations and safety and training guidelines. Anecdotes from the author's and other play therapists' practices discuss the use of dogs in exercises for anxiety reduction, treatment for grief and loss, confidence building, weight reduction and fitness, work with behavioral and social difficulties.

Prevention Magazine s Hands on Healing

Author : Prevention Magazine Health Books
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Applies self-healing techniques and remedies to hundreds of common ailments, in a guide that also provides two hundred detailed illustrations that demonstrate therapeutic touch, massage, bending, and flexing examples.

How to Get a Good Night s Sleep

Author : Norman D. Ford
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The Omega Solution

Author : Jonathan Goodman
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Tap Into the Proven, Potent Healing Powers of Essential Fatty Acids Think of essential fatty acids (EFAs)--both omega-3 and omega-6--as nature's own miracle drug. Research has proven that a proper balance of these nutrients promotes a healthy heart, influences how you think, look, and feel, and enhances your body's ability to fight disease. EFAs even influence how long you live. Yet they are the number one nutritional deficiency in the United States! The good news is that with nutritional supplements or through your regular diet you can begin to reap the profound health benefits of EFAs today! This complete resource shows you how. "A well-written, highly practical guide for understanding the importance of essential fatty acids in health and disease."--Michael T. Murray, N.D., co-author, "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine "Timely, well-researched, and easy to read--a must for everyone interested in optimizing their health and reducing disease."--Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., co-author, "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, member, White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine "From cancer and heart disease to women's health issues, essential fatty acids play a major role in health promotion and the amelioration of disease. This book imparts the knowledge of necessary to properly utilize EFAs to enhance our own health and healing."--Joel M. Evans, M.D., director, "The Center for Women's Health

Healing Presence

Author : JoEllen Goertz Koerner, RN, PhD, FAAN
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Praise for the Previous Edition: "...represents an act of passion for the profession....The work's value comes from its integration of scientific, creative, and spiritual philosophies as a core context for the complex nurse-patient interaction involved in the promotion of a healing environment....Recommended." —Choice At the center of professional nursing lies the "authentic presence" of the nurse -- the intention and commitment that brings us to the profession, and unfolds as we develop as nurses. In this new edition, JoEllen Koerner explores the intersection of scientific, creative, and spiritual ways of knowing that inform and inspire this "healing presence" in caregiver and patient. Revised, updated, and refocused, the book integrates traditional nursing practice with cutting-edge alternative and integrative medicine. The author expands our' awareness of Allopathic and alternative ways of healing as rooted in Native Healing practices. The book also explores new models for transpersonal caring through the lens of philosophy, spirituality, and complexity science. It is a profoundly important resource for nurse educators, students, and practitioners. Key features: Presents the Nursing Triad model: nurse as scientist, artist, and healing presence Examines the bioenergetic body-the "five bodies" that comprise our being and infuse our becoming Discusses the physiology and philosophy behind healing presence Analyzes the healing process between nurse and patient, from embracing suffering to transcending polarities and enhancing capacity