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Unmasking Male Depression

Author : Archibald D. Hart
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A psychologist reveals the cultural cover-ups that hide the real facts about male depression and offers hope and healing to those who suffer from it. Dr. Hart also examines the lives of Christian leaders who struggled with depression--such as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, and John Calvin--to reveal the myths surrounding this illness.

Unmasking Male Depression

Author : Archibald Hart
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Depression is a secret pain at the core of many men's lives, and one that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated. The consequences of not treating male depression are extremely serious. Studies show that suicide is more common in men than women, and tha the male suicide rate is three times higher at midlife than at any other life stage. In Unmasking Male Depression, Dr. Archibald Hart explores the many forms of depression and gives tools for coping with and healing depression in men. Hart also examines the lives of Christian leaders who struggled with depression, such as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, and John Calvin, to reveal the myths surrounding this illness

The Irritable Male Syndrome

Author : Jed Diamond
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A guide to dealing with hormone related mood swings in men describes the triggers and warning signs of Irritable Male Syndrome, the ways it can affect those suffering from it and the best ways for men and their families to work through it. 30,000 first printing.

Help Someone I Love Is Depressed

Author : Greg L. Russ
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" ... author Greg L. Russ chose to write this book from a patient's point of view. Having suffered five clinical bouts, Russ offers a graphic look inside the dark abyss while chronicling the insights he learned when his depression intersected God's mercy. The book extends an invitation to families, friends, churches and their pastors to become part of the comforting process."--Page [4] cover.

Christian Counseling 3rd Edition

Author : Gary R. Collins
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This proven guide in pastoral counseling has been extensively expanded and revised by the author to include recent developments and research, new resources, and attention to newly urgent needs such as AIDS, eating disorders, homosexuality, and violence. Written with clarity and sensitivity, this volume builds on biblical foundations and the best resources of professional psychology. It reflects the insights the author has gained from many years of Christian counseling. New Sections include: The Legal, Ethical and Moral Issues in Counseling The Multicultural, Multiracial Issues in Counseling Conflict and Relationships Dealing with Death and Grief Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse Crises and Trauma Counseling and Terrorism

Does Your Man Have the Blues

Author : David Hawkins
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Depression in men—even Christian men—has reached epidemic proportions. Though clouded by secrecy and denial, depression can powerfully shape a man's personality. He may talk and act in ways that baffle the woman in his life and leave her feeling unable to connect with him and powerless to help. But help is available. Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. David Hawkins brings this problem out into the open with unusual compassion and clarity. He describes the telltale signs of male depression, pinpoints some of the causes, and offers suggestions to those who would help. Married women will readily connect with this frank discussion as they recognize familiar scenarios and learn how to determine if their man has the blues.

Hot Flashes from Heaven

Author : Ronna Snyder
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Millions of women enter what is called "mid-life" (over age 40) every year. Speaker, writer, and "Sister in the Journey" Ronna Snyder shares how these women can avoid a crisis and discover instead a joyful beginning of a richer and deeper way to live. Ronna found herself going from doctor to doctor trying to find someone who could tell her what was wrong with her. She heard words like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression before finally hearing a specialist on the radio listing all of her symptoms and realizing that she was experiencing the beginning of menopause. With all the changes this time of life brings-kids leaving home, parents needing care, new marriage roles, etc.-the turmoil and addition of the physical and emotional effects of menopause can seem overwhelming. Ronna writes with humor, faith, and transparency to help other women face down their fears and live with passion and fullness.

Counseling Issues

Author : George A.F. Seber
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Here is a comprehensive handbook of twenty-two chapters covering all the major issues a counsellor or psychotherapist might meet in the counseling room. The book is very practical and is based on sound psychological principles. It provides a wealth of ideas for counseling and for structuring a series of counseling sessions. It is particularly accessible to the inexperienced counsellor or psychotherapist who is often looking for some guidance on a particular topic without having to read a whole book on the subject or read something more technical. The book covers basic emotional issues such as anger, shame, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, anxiety disorders, and suicide risk, and behavioural issues like addiction, phobias, and compulsive behaviours such as self-harm and obsessive compulsive disorder. There are also chapters on relationship issues such as divorce, abuse of various kinds, dysfunctional relationships, adoption, blended families, and strategies for couple counseling. There are two chapters on personality disorders. A biblical viewpoint is added at the end of each chapter for the Christian counsellor and pastor. There is an extensive list of about 500 references along with internet references throughout, providing a rich source for further reading. The chapters are mainly independent with minimum cross-referencing.

The Anxiety Cure

Author : Archibald Hart
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Panic Anxiety is the number one mental health problem for women and second only to drug abuse among men. Synthetic tranquilizers can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety illnesses. However, in order to achieve lasting emotional tranquility, a significant lifestyle change must be made. The Anxiety Cure provides proven, natural strategies for overcoming panic disorder and finding an emotional balance in today's fast-paced world.

Stressed or Depressed

Author : Archibald Hart
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This book will inspire and equip parents to help their hurting teens. The well-known and widely respected author team of Dr. Catherine Hart Weber and Dr. Arch Hart helps parents discover and identify nervousness, irritability, negativity, and low self-esteem, and determine whether their teen's symptoms are caused by physical problems, raging hormones, stress, or depression. Offering practical suggestions, spiritual solutions, and encouragement, this resource helps parents and teens face their own feelings of fear, anger, and hurt.

Caring for People God s Way

Author : Tim Clinton
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Caring for People God's Way presents Christian counseling in a systematic, step-by-step manner that outlines the process as practically as possible. It then applies the process to the most common issues faced by Christian counselors: personal and emotional issues, trauma, grief, loss, and suicide.

Emerging Trends in Global Health

Author : Gurinder Shahi
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This book is an edited compilation of topical review essays addressing emerging issues, concerns and opportunities in global health.

The Christian Therapist s Notebook

Author : Philip J. Henry
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Christians are faced with the same range of problems as everyone else. However, Christian therapists understand deeply the unique issues involved with their therapy. The Christian Therapist's Notebook is a single source for innovative, user-friendly techniques for connecting the everyday world of the client with Christian principles and Scripture. This creative, timesaving guide assists therapists in helping clients achieve therapy goals through professionally sound and principled exercises while always maintaining a positive, supportive connection with Christian beliefs. Helpful features include Scripture references relevant to common problems, case studies, vignettes, professional resource lists, client resource lists, in-session exercises, homework exercises, and handouts.

The Church Leader s Counseling Resource Book

Author : Cynthia Franklin Ph.D.
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This all-in-one guide is designed to better equip clergy and the church leaders to meet their congregations' needs in a spiritually grounded and scientifically sound manner. Succinct, easy-to-read chapters summarize all a pastor needs to know about a given problem area, including its signs or symptoms, questions to ask, effective helping skills, and, most importantly, when to refer to a mental health professional. Synthesizing what research says about treatment approaches for mental health issues, this user-friendly reference is filled with guidelines, case scenarios, key points to remember, resources for further help, advice on integrating scripture and theology with the best available research, and tips on partnering with others to provide the best possible care for each church member. Each chapter is designed for quick lookup by problem area, empowering church leaders to understand and help meet the challenges facing the children, adults, families, and communities that they serve.

Men s Issues and Men s Mental Health

Author : Rob Whitley
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Men in Therapy New Approaches for Effective Treatment

Author : David B. Wexler
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How to do better, more effective therapy with men. Cultural norms and assumptions color the male experience of psychotherapy, and the traditional notions of masculinity to which many men still cling are, in many ways, antithetical to the tenets and goals of therapy. As a result, even the experienced therapist may find him- or herself struggling when working with male clients. In Men in Therapy, therapists are offered a number of methods for countering men’s general reluctance to open up emotionally or fully engage in therapy. Of course, men cannot be reduced to a single, monolithic group; rather, they start therapy due to a wide range of needs, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore, individual chapters are devoted to the treatment of men in relationships, men suffering from depression, fathers, men who abuse women, and men of color. In each case, Wexler provides an informative overview of the issues unique to each group, sound advice, and commonsense methods for treating each of these groups effectively, nonjudgmentally, and professionally.

Healing the Wounded Soul Vol IV

Author :
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Thrilled to Death

Author : Archibald Hart
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A fascinating exploration of the profound loss of pleasure in our daily lives and the seven steps for restoring it. Pleasure. We know what it feels like and many of us spend our days trying to experience it. But can too much pleasure actually be bad for us? Yes, says Dr. Archibald Hart, clinical psychologist and expert in behavorial psychology. Backed by recent brain-imaging research, Dr. Hart shares that to some extent, our pursuit of extreme and overstimulating thrills hijacks our pleasure system and robs us of our ability to experience pleasure in simple things. We are literally being thrilled to death. In this insightful book, Dr. Hart explores the stark rise in a phenomenon known as anhedonia, an inability to experience pleasure or happiness. Previously linked only to serious emotional disorders, anhedonia is now seen as a contributing factor in depression (specifically nonsadness depression) and in the growing number of people who complain of profound boredom. This emotional numbness and loss of joy are results of the overuse of our brain's pleasure circuits. In Thrilled to Death, Dr. Hart explains the processes of the brain's pleasure center, the damaging trends of overindulgence and overstimulation, the signs and problems of anhedonia, and the seven important steps we must take to recover our wonderful joy in living.

Mental Health The Gospel Community

Author : Ng Zhi-Wen
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Mental illness is often misunderstood; Christians with mental illness even more so. Various myths and erroneous mindsets often hinder the Gospel Community from being effective in supporting those with mental illness. This book speaks to and sheds light on mental illness in three ways. Following a theological overview from Leow Wen Pin, it first presents stories from Christians who have mental illness. Their honest accounts provide a glimpse into the realities of their suffering, the words that have helped them (and the ones that haven’t), and the glimmer of hope that they find in Christ. Second, it offers testimonies from those who are caregivers of loved ones with mental illness. Their words give insight into the realities of their journey, the real questions they have for God, and, mostly, the heart that they have for those they are caring for. Third, it provides perspectives from pastors who have either struggled with mental illness or who are actively providing life-giving communities in their churches for those who do. Their practical and loving advice offers stepping stones that can guide the Gospel community into becoming a safe place for those with mental illness. This nuanced book is a necessary read for anyone who wants to catch God’s heart for the mentally ill.

On the Frontline

Author : Tom Neven
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“If you’re looking for God’s answers to man’s dilemmas, this book is a great tool–particularly for the men and women on America’s frontlines.” –Colonel Jeff O’Leary, USAF (retired), Fox News Military Analyst The demands of military life can be staggering. Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines face pressures and temptations that civilians will never know. Fortunately, here is help from someone who has been there. Tom Neven uses examples from history, real-life anecdotes from men and women in uniform, and biblical wisdom to help you navigate the biggest challenges of military life. On the Frontline addresses issues such as: ·Loneliness (how to cope with deployment and separation from family and friends) ·Sex (how to resist temptation and remain faithful) ·Debt (how to manage money and avoid financial traps) ·Relationships (how to build and maintain a marriage, friendships, and other relationships from a distance) ·Fear (how to deal with the threat of injury or death) Written for both men and women, this powerful book confronts these and other issues head-on, offering hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for every day you serve On the Frontline.