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Unraveling Reading Comprehension

Author : Brett Miller
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"This volume celebrates the 13th symposium in the Extraordinary Brain Series"--Preliminary pages.

The Cognitive Development of Reading and Reading Comprehension

Author : Carol McDonald Connor
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Learning to read may be the most complex cognitive operation that children are expected to master, and the latest research in cognitive development has offered important insights into how children succeed or fail at this task. The Cognitive Development of Reading and Reading Comprehension is a multidisciplinary, evidence-based resource for teachers and researchers that examines reading comprehension from a cognitive development perspective, including the principal theories and methods used in the discipline. The book combines research into basic cognitive processes—genetics, perception, memory, executive functioning, and language—with an investigation of the effects that context and environment have on literacy outcomes, making clear how factors such as health, family life, community, policy, and ecology can influence children’s cognitive development.

Executive Function in Education Second Edition

Author : Lynn Meltzer
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This groundbreaking volume, now revised and updated, has given thousands of educators and clinicians a deeper understanding of executive function (EF) processes in typically developing children and those with learning difficulties and developmental disabilities. The book elucidates how PreK–12 students develop such key capacities as goal setting, organization, cognitive flexibility, working memory, and self-monitoring. Leading experts in education, neuroscience, and psychology explore the links between EF and academic performance and present practical applications for assessment and instruction. Exemplary practices for supporting students with EF difficulties in particular content areas--reading, writing, and math--are reviewed. New to This Edition *Updated throughout with a decade's worth of significant advances in research, theory, and educational best practices. *Chapter on early childhood. *Chapter on embedding EF strategies in the curriculum *Expanded coverage of reading--chapters on recent fMRI research findings; working memory and reading; and self-regulation and reading comprehension. See also Meltzer's authored book Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom, which provides easy-to-implement assessment tools, teaching techniques and activities, and planning aids.

Unraveling the Seven Myths of Reading

Author : Frank B. May
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Examines myths related to reading and how to minimize them through intervention models, theories, case studies and asessments.

Deep Comprehension

Author : Keith K. Millis
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This volume provides an overview of research from the learning sciences into understanding, enhancing, and measuring "deep comprehension" from a psychological, educational, and psychometric perspective. It describes the characteristics of deep comprehension, what techniques may be used to improve it, and how deep levels of comprehension may be distinguished from shallow ones. It includes research on personal-level variables; how intelligent tutors promote comprehension; and the latest developments in psychometrics. The volume will be of interest to senior undergraduate and graduate students of cognitive psychology, learning, cognition and instruction, and educational technology.

Handbook of Individual Differences in Reading

Author : Peter Afflerbach
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The central unifying theme of this state-of-the-art contribution to research on literacy is its rethinking and reconceptualization of individual differences in reading. Previous research, focused on cognitive components of reading, signaled the need for ongoing work to identify relevant individual differences in reading, to determine the relationship(s) of individual differences to reading development, and to account for interactions among individual differences. Addressing developments in each of these areas, this volume also describes affective individual differences, and the environments in which individual differences in reading may emerge, operate, interact, and change. The scant comprehensive accounting of individual differences in reading is reflected in the nature of reading instruction programs today, the outcomes that are expected from successful teaching and learning, and the manner in which reading development is assessed. An important contribution of this volume is to provide prima facie evidence of the benefits of broad conceptualization of the ways in which readers differ. The Handbook of Individual Differences in Reading moves the field forward by encompassing cognitive, non-cognitive, contextual, and methodological concerns. Its breadth of coverage serves as both a useful summary of the current state of knowledge and a guide for future work in this area.

GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail

Author : Aristotle Prep
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You need three things to do well on GMAT Reading Comprehension you need to know the secrets to reading passages efficiently, learn how to identify and tackle different RC Question Types, and practice enough number of passages from myriad subjects to build the requisite mental stamina so that you are able to comprehend dense and boring passages that the GMAT tests you on. The GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail has been written keeping the above three points in view. The book spans over 300 pages and is the most comprehensive book available today in the market to crack the GMAT Reading Comprehension. The book starts by unraveling the secrets to reading passages quickly yet effectively, then moves on to discuss various RC question types and then provides 60 GMAT like practice passages. By the time, you finish the book, we assure you that you will not fear reading comprehension on the GMAT anymore because you would have learnt what are the best strategies, which of the them work for you and which don t, you will know the types of mistakes you make and what you need to do about them and above all you will not be scared of seeing passages from areas that you had no interest in. In short, you will be much more confident about taking on RC passages. How is this book superior to any other book for Reading Comprehension? This book provides you 3 times the number of practice passages as compared to any other book Unlike other books, the RC Grail strictly follows a 3-4 questions per passage format, just as the GMAT does RC Grail is the only book that categorizes passages into three difficulty levels - low, medium & high. This categorization ensures that by the time you reach high difficulty level passages, you'll be ready to handle them with confidence. RC Grail is the only book that provides a passage map for every passage along with detailed explanations to questions. Unlike those in other books, the passages in the RC Grail are the closest you can get to the GMAT passages in length & structure.

Unraveling Juvenile Delinquency

Author : Sheldon Glueck, Eleanor Glueck
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Replication of Unraveling Juvenile Delinquency

Author : Sheldon Glueck
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Grasping the Donkey s Tail

Author : Peter Eckman
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A scholarly yet practical account for modern clinicians of some of the key difficult questions arising from obscure passages in the classics of Chinese medicine. This book offers an interpretation of crucial sections from the classical Chinese texts which have continued to puzzle Western clinicians, and serves as a basis for more effective acupuncture treatments. The author discusses Sasang medicine interpretations of specific phenomena, showing where Korean medicine diverged from Chinese, and how the two traditions can inform each other, and the modern acupuncturist. Elsewhere, he discusses the Daoist roots of Chinese medicine, the fundamental differences between Oriental and Western medical approaches, as well as various important issues in pulse diagnosis, all of which have practical application for modern clinicians and students.

The Effect of Instructional Reading Software on Developing English Reading Speed and Comprehension for It University Students

Author : Sumar Ghizan PHD
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Sumar Ghizan has been a faculty member in the English Language Institute (ELI) at New York Institute of Technology from 2005 until Sep 2010. Recently, she is a research Assistant at The University of Windsor where she is enrolled in the MEd program. She has been teaching English Language for Graduate and Undergraduate Students for more than twelve years. In 2010 Ghizan has obtained her degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Curricula and Methods of English Language from the College of Educational and Psychological Sciences, AAU. Her research interests are in language acquisition, educational policies and curricula studies. She had participated in one conference and looking forward to attend another in Brussels where she is going to present a paper on Educational Policies for the First Nation Child: impediments and future perceptions.

Building Comprehension in Every Classroom

Author : Rachel Brown
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This book presents a practical model and specific unit- and lesson-planning ideas for enhancing students' reading comprehension in any 2-8 classroom. The authors provide innovative suggestions that help teachers construct a comprehension curriculum organized around literature, informational texts, or a basal reading program. Vivid case examples and vignettes bring to life ways to build the knowledge, strategies, and motivation that children need to engage with different types of texts and become proficient, enthusiastic readers. Graphic elements throughout the volume link instructional and assessment practices directly to the Common Core standards.

Reading Comprehension for the CAT A Winning Approach by an IIM Alumnus

Author :
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Unraveling the Special Education Maze

Author : Barbara Coyne Cutler
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The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology

Author : Andrew J. Holliman
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The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology brings together expert practitioners, researchers, and teachers from five continents to produce a unique and global guide to the core topics in the field. Each chapter includes coverage of the key thinkers, topic areas, events, and ideas that have shaped the field, but also takes the reader beyond typical textbook material and into engagement with current issues, cutting-edge research and future directions in the field of educational psychology from an international perspective. With over 30 chapters, the volume is divided into four themed sections: ‘An introduction to educational psychology’, ‘How children learn and develop’, ‘Issues concerning the assessment of children’ and ‘Identifying and meeting the needs of children with learning difficulties’. Covering the key issues and fundamental strands of educational psychology The Routledge International Companion to Educational Psychology aims to provide the reader with knowledge of: educational psychology (history, child rights, and practice); factors which influence children’s learning and development; issues to do with assessment (a key aspect of educational psychology); special educational needs (identification and how to meet their needs); the key thinkers, events, and ideas that have shaped the field; the core topics across educational psychology in an accessible manner; cutting edge research including recent research evidence and theory; future directions in the field of educational psychology; educational psychology from an international perspective. The book is conceived for both student and researcher use, and considers the implications for educational psychology practice in all sections. It will be highly beneficial for both students and lecturers on Education Studies and Psychology undergraduate courses, as well as combined undergraduate degrees .

Interactive Approaches to Second Language Reading

Author : Patricia L. Carrell
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Emphasis is on English as a second language.

Handbook of Reading Research

Author : P. David Pearson
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The influential first volume of the Handbook of Reading Research, published in 1984, was out of print for a number of years. This classic work, newly reprinted and available once again, includes comprehensive, authoritative, and effectively written chapters from a variety of research perspectives. With the breadth to appeal to a wide audience, yet the depth to speak authoritatively to various subgroups within that audience, this volume is an essential resource for researchers, students, and professionals across the field of reading and literacy education.

Homework Helpers

Author : Joan Eklund Kuepper
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Offers possibilities to help parents of children from first grade through college help their children learn.

Reading Comprehension Strategies of Two Fifth Grade Bilingual Latino Readers

Author : Michele Fortes
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The Effects of Imagery and Text Structure on what is Learned from Reading a Passage

Author : Sandra Koser Steingart
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