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On Liberty Utilitarianism and Other Essays

Author : John Stuart Mill
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Previous edition: published as On liberty and other essays. 1991.

Utilitarianism and Other Essays

Author : Jeremy Bentham
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One of the most important nineteenth-century schools of thought, Utilitarianism propounds the view that the value or rightness of an action rests in how well it promotes the welfare of those affected by it, aiming for 'the greatest happiness of the greatest number'. Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was the movement's founder, as much a social reformer as a philosopher. His greatest interpreter, John Stuart Mill (1806-73), set out to humanize Bentham's pragmatic Utilitarianism by balancing the claims of reason and the imagination, individuality and social well-being in essays such as 'Bentham', 'Coleridge' and, above all, Utilitarianism. The works by Bentham and Mill collected in this volume show the creation and development of a system of ethics that has had an enduring influence on moral philosophy and legislative policy.


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Includes the three title essays as well as Bentham's Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation and Austin's The province of Jurisprudence Determined.

On Liberty and Other Essays

Author : John Stuart Mill
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Collected here in a single volume for the first time, On Liberty, Utilitarianism, Considerations on Representative Government, and The Subjection of Women show Mill applying his liberal utilitarian philosophy to a range of issues that remain vital today - issues of the nature of ethics, the scope and limits of individual liberty, the merits of and costs of democratic government, and the place of women in society. In his Introduction John Gray describes these essays as applications of Mill's doctrine of the Art of Life, as set out in A System of Logic. Using the resources of recent revisionist scholarship, he shows Mill's work to be far richer and subtler than traditional interpretations allow. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Mill s Utilitarianism

Author : David Lyons
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John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism continues to serve as a rich source of moral and theoretical insight. This collection of articles by top scholars offers fresh interpretations of Mill's ideas about happiness, moral obligation, justice, and rights. Applying contemporary philosophical insights, the articles challenge the conventional readings of Mill, and, in the process, contribute to a deeper understanding of utilitarian theory as well as the complexity of moral life. Visit our website for sample chapters!

New Essays on John Stuart Mill and Utilitarianism

Author : Canadian Association for Publishing in Philosophy
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Author : John Stuart Mill
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This edition of Utilitarianism supplements the text of Mill's classic essay with 58 related remarks carefully selected from Mill's other writings, ranging from his treatise on logic to his personal correspondence. In these remarks, Mill comments on specific passages of Utilitarianism, elaborates on topics he handles briefly in Utilitarianism, and discusses additional aspects of his moral thought. Short introductory comments accompany the related remarks, and an editor's introduction provides an overview of Utilitarianism crafted specifically to enhance accessibility for first-time readers of the essay.

Utilitarianism and On Liberty

Author : John Stuart Mill
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Including three of his most famous and important essays, Utilitarianism, On Liberty, and Essay on Bentham, along with formative selections from Jeremy Bentham and John Austin, this volume provides a uniquely perspicuous view of Mill's ethical and political thought. Contains Mill's most famous and influential works, Utilitarianism and On Liberty as well as his important Essay on Bentham. Uses the 1871 edition of Utilitarianism, the last to be published in Mill's lifetime. Includes selections from Bentham and John Austin, the two thinkers who most influenced Mill. Introduction written by Mary Warnock, a highly respected figure in 20th-century ethics in her own right. Provides an extensive, up-to-date bibliography with the best scholarship on Mill, Bentham and Utilitarianism.


Author : John Stuart Mill
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It may be useful that there should be some record of an education which was unusual and remarkableJohn Stuart Mill (1806-73), philosopher, economist, and political thinker, was the most prominent figure of nineteenth century English intellectual life and his work has continuing significance for contemporary debates about ethics, politics and economics. His father, James Mill, a close associateof the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham, assumed responsibility for his eldest son's education, teaching him ancient Greek at the age of three and equipping him with a broad knowledge of the physical and moral sciences of the day. Mill's Autobiography was written to give an account of the extraordinary education he received at the hands of his father and to express his gratitude to those he saw as influencing his thought, but it is also an exercise in self-analysis and an attempt to vindicate himself against claims that hewas the product of hothousing. The Autobiography also acknowledges the substantial contribution made to Mill's thinking and writings by Harriet Taylor, whom he met when he was twenty-four, and married twenty-one years later, after the death of her husband. The Autobiography helps us understand morefully some of the principal commitments that Mill's political philosophy has become famous for, in particular his appreciation of the diversity, plurality, and complexity of ways of life and their possibilities. This edition of the Autobiography includes additional manuscript materials from earlier drafts which demonstrate the conflicting imperatives that influenced Mill'schoice of exactly what to say about some of the most significant episodes and relationships in his life. Mark Philps introductionexplores the forces that led Mill to write the "life' and points to the tensions in the text and in Mill's life.

Utilitarianism Hedonism and Desert

Author : Fred Feldman
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A collection of essays by Fred Feldman on utilitarian moral philosophy.

Darwinism in Morals and Other Essays

Author : Frances Power Cobbe
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Utilitarianism and Distributive Justice

Author : Paul Joseph Kelly
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Drawing extensively on Bentham's unpublished civil and distributive law writings, classical and recent Bentham scholarship, and contemporary work in moral and political philosophy, Kelly here presents the first full-length exposition and sympathetic defense of Bentham's unique utilitarian theory of justice. Kelly shows how Bentham developed a moderate welfare-state liberal theory of justice with egalitarian leanings, the aim of which was to secure the material and political conditions of each citizen's pursuit of the good life in cooperation with each other. A striking and original addition to the growing literature on Bentham's legal and political thought, this incisive study also makes a valuable contribution to contemporary political philosophy.

The Gain of Life and Other Essays

Author : William Chatterton Coupland
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On Liberty and the Subjection of Women

Author : John Stuart Mill
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A prodigiously brilliant thinker who sharply challenged the beliefs of his age, the political and social radical John Stuart Mill was the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century. Regarded as one of the sacred texts of liberalism, his great work On Liberty argues lucidly that any democracy risks becoming a 'tyranny of opinion' in which minority views are suppressed if they do not conform with those of the majority. Written in the same period as On Liberty, shortly after the death of Mill's beloved wife and fellow-thinker Harriet, The Subjection of Women stresses the importance of equality for the sexes. Together, the works provide a fascinating testimony to the hopes and anxieties of mid-Victorian England, and offer a compelling consideration of what it truly means to be free.

Darwinism and Other Essays

Author : John Fiske
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Why Be Good

Author : Duncan Richter
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"Why Be Good is an introduction to ethics whose guiding theme is the question posed by Thasymachus in Plato's iRepublic. Historically organized, the text presents a series of responses to the title question from Plato, Aristotle, thinkers in Christianity, Aquinas, Hobbes, Hume, Kant, Mill, Nietzsche, and several twentieth century philosophers. Duncan Richter explains each philosophers thoughts on ethics, virtue, and character and discusses ensuing objections to each philosophers arguments. Along the way, students are encouraged to think about their own lives, what it meant to be good, and why or, rather, if they shoudl be good. Key terms appear for the first time in boldface, questions end each chapter, and suggestions for further reading are provided throughout."--Publisher's description.

Science and Society in Ireland

Author : Peter J. Bowler
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Atheism in Philosophy and Other Essays

Author : Frederic Henry Hedge
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Life among the Anthros and Other Essays

Author : Clifford Geertz
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Clifford Geertz (1926-2006) was perhaps the most influential anthropologist of our time, but his influence extended far beyond his field to encompass all facets of contemporary life. Nowhere were his gifts for directness, humor, and steady revelation more evident than in the pages of the New York Review of Books, where for nearly four decades he shared his acute vision of the world in all its peculiarity. This book brings together the finest of Geertz's review essays from the New York Review along with a representative selection of later pieces written at the height of his powers, some that first appeared in periodicals such as Dissent, others never before published. This collection exemplifies Geertz's extraordinary range of concerns, beginning with his first essay for the Review in 1967, in which he reviews, with muffled hilarity, the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski. This book includes Geertz's unflinching meditations on Western academia's encounters with the non-Western world, and on the shifting and clashing places of societies in the world generally. Geertz writes eloquently and arrestingly about such major figures as Gandhi, Foucault, and Genet, and on topics as varied as Islam, globalization, feminism, and the failings of nationalism. Life among the Anthros and Other Essays demonstrates Geertz's uncommon wisdom and consistently keen and hopeful humor, confirming his status as one of our most important and enduring public intellectuals.


Author : Jacques P. Thiroux
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Jacques P. Thiroux first published ETHICS: THEORY AND PRACTICE in 1977 in order to educate readers about ethical theory and to have them apply what they learn to specific problems (e.g., taking human life; lying, cheating, stealing, and breaking promises; establishing ethical practices in business; honoring ethical obligations in medicine; and so on). Together with case studies written by the author, ETHICS: THEORY AND PRACTICE continues to provide students with a solid foundation in understanding classic and contemporary moral problems. New to Ethics: Theory and Practice, Eighth Edition! New sections on stem cell research, advanced health care, and the Enron scandal Revised sections on terrorism in the wake of September 11, 2001 Added material on care ethics and John Rawls's theory of justice Companion Website(TM) FREE, online resource for students for further enrichment in ethics studies ABC NEWS(TM) Videos: FREE videos for instructional use on contemporary ethical issues (forthcoming)