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Critical Response to V S Naipaul and Mulk Raj Anand

Author : Amar Nath Prasad
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V S Naipaul

Author : Mohit Kumar Ray
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V.S. Naipaul Has Claimed That All His Work Is Really One And He Has Been Writing One Big Book All These Years; Also, Considering The World He Has Stepped Into And The World He Has To Look At, He Cannot Be A Professional Novelist In The Old Sense. In His Early Youth Naipaul Took Up The Vocation Of A Writer As His Religion And, Since The Beginning Five Decades Ago, Has Drawn On His Intensely Personal Experience Of An Uprooted Person Adrift In The World, His Experience Of The Two Worlds To None Of Which He Could Really Belong An Experience That Imparts The Authentic Voice To His Works Both Non-Fiction And Fiction Enriched By A Distinct Autobiographical Flavour. Naipaul Himself Is Split Into His Characters In Whom Are Manifested Subtle Shades Of His Emotions And Traits. He Is Accidental Man, Dangling Man, History Man And The Mimic Man All Rolled Into One. Naipaul Is Also One Of Literature S Great Travellers, And His Absorption Into The Experience Of Rootlessness, The Alienating Effects Of Colonial Past On Today S Postcolonial People Has Taken Him To Africa, South America, India And All Over The World Not In Search Of Roots But In Search Of Rootlessness, And Has Yielded A Rich Harvest Of Travelogues Which Are About Much More Than Travel.An Author Of A Large Number Of Fictional And Non-Fictional Works, Naipaul Continues To Surprise, Excite, Provoke And Move Readers At Every Turn Of His Literary Voyage. Naipaul Has Unseverable Emotional Bond With India Which Remains For Him An Area Of Pain, An Ache For Which One Has A Great Tenderness Yet From Which He Wishes To Separate Himself. The World Of V.S. Naipaul Is The World Of Two Worlds. The Present Volumes Of Papers On Naipaul, Led By Naipaul S Nobel Lecture, Offer Illuminating Perspectives And Interesting Explorations Into This Rich, Enigmatic, Sad, Hilarious, And Fascinating World Of Naipaul.

Postcolonial Situation in the Novels of V S Naipaul

Author : Champa Rao Mohan
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V.S. Naipaul Is One Of The Most Celebrated Names In English Fiction Today. In His Fiction, Naipaul Presents A Subtle And Sensitive Account Of The Poignant Experiences Of The Colonized People. On The Other Hand, His Commitment To Truth Makes Him Conscious And Critical Of The Shortcomings Of Traditional Cultures As Well. This, Added To His Pessimist Vision Of The World, Makes Him A Highly Controversial Writer. The Present Study Gives A Comprehensive Account Of The Major Works Of Naipaul By Enquiring Into The Postcolonial Themes Of Alienation, Mimicry, Search For An Authentic Selfhood, Power And Freedom That Emerge From Their Reading. The Study Provides Fresh Insights By Raising Questions About Naipaul S Treatment Of Women And African Characters In His Fiction.

Conversations with V S Naipaul

Author : Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul
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This collection brings together interviews from a thirty-six-year span and reveals a witty, sometimes scathing talker with a free-ranging curiosity. In early interviews, mostly given to such fellow writers and colleagues as Derek Walcott and Eric Roach, Naipul is clipped, brusque, and clearly impatient with interviewers. More recent interviews, given primarily to journalists rather than literary figures, reveal a more mellow Naipaul, often warm, passionate, and forthcoming about his private life.

V S Naipaul Man and Writer

Author : Gillian Dooley
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A survey of the life and work of the 2001 Nobel Laureate for Literature, V. S. Naipaul, Man and Writer introduces readers to the writer widely viewed as a curmudgeonly novelist who finds special satisfaction in overturning the vogue presuppositions of his peers. Gillian Dooley takes an expansive look at Naipaul's literary career, from Miguel Street to Magic Seeds. From readings of his fiction, nonfiction, travel books, and volumes of letters, she elucidates the connections between Naipaul's personal experiences as a Hindu Indian from Trinidad living an expatriate life and the precise, euphonious prose with which he is synonymous. Dooley assesses each of Naipaul's major publications in light of his stated intentions and beliefs, and she traces the development of his writing style over a forty-year career. Devoting separate chapters to three of his chief works, A House for Mr. Biswas, In a Free State, and The Enigma of Arrival, she analyzes their critical reception and the primacy of Naipaul's specific narrative style and voice. Dooley emphasizes that it is, above all, Naipaul's refusal to compromise his vision in order to flatter or appease that has made him a controversial writer. At the same time she sees the integrity with which he reports his subjective response to the world as essential to the lasting success of his work.

V S Naipaul

Author : Rajeshwar Mittapalli
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A Constant Concern Of Naipaul S Novels And Travel Writing Is The Negotiation Of Where The Individual Is Situated. Many Of His Fictional Figures Remain Unhoused, Displaced, Uprooted With No Distinct Place Called Home To Be Proud Of And Are, Therefore, Located On The Margins Of Fixed And Shifting Identities.In Formal Terms, Naipaul Experiments Along The Boundaries Of Fiction And Non-Fiction, In Particular Travel Writing, And Often Fuses Genres To Give Birth To New Ones.On The Occasion Of Naipaul S Winning The Nobel Prize For Literature This Anthology Presents A Perceptive Assessment Of Some Of His Important Works Of Fiction And Travel Writing And Puts Into Perspective His Contribution To Literature As A Whole.

V S Naipaul

Author : Suman Gupta
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An up-to-date critical survey of all Naipaul's major work giving a cohesive view of his artistic development.

V S Naipaul

Author : Bruce King
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V. S. Naipaul is a reader-friendly introduction to the writing of one of the most influential contemporary authors and the 2001 Nobel laureate in Literature. Bruce King provides a novel by novel analysis of the fiction with attention to structure, significance, and Naipaul's development as a writer, while setting the texts in their autobiographical. philosophical, social, political, colonial and postcolonial contexts. King shows how Naipaul modified Western and Indian literary traditions for the West Indies and then the wider world to become an international writer whose subject matter includes the Caribbean, England, India, Africa, the United States, Argentina, and contemporary Islam. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of V. S. Naipaul now includes an expanded Introduction, and discussion of his most recent novels A Way in the World and Half a Life, his Nobel Lecture, Naipaul's writings on Islam, and a survey of the main criticism by other writers and postcolonial theorists.

V S Naipaul s Journeys

Author : Sanjay Krishnan
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The author of more than thirty books of fiction and nonfiction and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, V. S. Naipaul (1932–2018) is one of the most acclaimed authors of the twentieth century. He is also one of the most controversial. Before settling in England, Naipaul grew up in Trinidad in an Indian immigrant community, and his depiction of colonized peoples has often been harshly judged by critics as unsympathetic, misguided, racist, and sexist. Yet other readers praise his work as containing uncommonly perceptive historical and psychological insight. In V. S. Naipaul’s Journeys, Sanjay Krishnan offers new perspectives on the distinctiveness and power of Naipaul’s writing, as well as his shortcomings, trajectory, and complicated legacy. While recognizing the flaws and prejudices that shaped and limited Naipaul’s life and art, this book challenges the binaries that have dominated discussions of his writing. Krishnan reads Naipaul as self-subverting and self-critical, engaged in describing his own implication in what he saw as the malaise of the postcolonial world. Krishnan brings together close readings of major novels with considerations of Naipaul’s work as a united project, as well as nuanced assessments of Naipaul’s political commentary on ethnic nationalism and religious fundamentalism. Krishnan provides a Naipaul for contemporary times, illuminating how his life and work shed light on debates regarding migration, diversity, sectarianism, displacement, and other global challenges.

V S Naipaul Displacement and Autobiography

Author : Judith Levy
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Originally published in 1995. V. S. Naipaul, a Trinidadian of Indian descent living in the West, has written in many forms. Through an analysis of five works by Naipaul written in different modes and periods of his life, this study posits a relationship between a cultural condition and a choice of genre and narrative, or more specifically between cultural displacement and the writing of autobiography. Examining an aspect of Naipaul’s development as a post-colonial writer, this book is of interest in exploring the way that concepts of self determine the writing of texts. It considers ‘deflected autobiographies’, genre boundaries, quests for origin and expression, and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory.