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Values for a New Millennium

Author : Robert L. Humphrey
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Robert L. Humphrey was an Iwo Jima veteran, Harvard graduate, and cross cultural conflict resolution specialist during the Cold War. He proposed the "Dual Life Value Theory" of Human Nature. From the experiences of childhood in the Great Depression, trips as a teenager in the Panamanian Merchant Marines, national-class boxing, the awe-inspiring sights of selfless sacrifice on Iwo Jima, and finally, fifteen years in overseas ideological warfare, Humphrey observed that universal values exist and, ultimately control human behavior. Humphrey is a graduate of Wisconsin University, Harvard Law School, and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy. At the beginning of the Cold War, he left a teaching position at MIT to help lead the struggle against Communism. Finding that U.S. education was contributing to, rather than reducing, American overseas problems, he developed a new leadership approach that overcame Ugly American syndrome among hundreds of thousands in crucial Third World areas. More recently, his methodology won commendations for educating the alleged uneducable: Mexican-American street-gang youths in southern California, and Canadian Native teenage dropouts. Until Communism's fall, Humphrey kept his new methods confidential. Those methods are significant: (1) From his experiences with young infantrymen in heavy combat, and with the peasants in many villages of the world, he perceived humankind's basic goodness that philosophers have missed or under-rated. (2) In place of compartmentalized, primarily mental education, Humphrey has developed a human-nature-guided (moral, physical, artistic, mental) approach.

Culture and Humanity in the New Millennium

Author : Chan Sin-Wai
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In 2006, a cartoon in a Danish newspaper depicted the Prophet Mohammed wearing a bomb in his turban. The cartoon created an international incident, with offended Muslims attacking Danish embassies and threatening the life of the cartoonist. Editorial cartoons have been called the most extreme form of criticism society will allow, but not all cartoons are tolerated. Unrestricted by journalistic standards of objectivity, editorial cartoonists wield ire and irony to reveal the naked truths about presidents, celebrities, business leaders, and other public figures. Indeed, since the founding of the republic, cartoonists have made important contributions to and offered critical commentary on our society. Today, however, many syndicated cartoons are relatively generic and gag-related, reflecting a weakening of the newspaper industry's traditional watchdog function. Chris Lamb offers a richly illustrated and engaging history of a still vibrant medium that "forces us to take a look at ourselves for what we are and not what we want to be." The 150 drawings in Drawn to Extremes have left readers howling-sometimes in laughter, but often in protest.

Values and visions the role of education in the new millennium report of the Theme Conference 2000 held by the Ministers for Education and Research

Author : Ebbe Sønderriis
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Revolutionary Values for a New Millennium

Author : John E. Hill
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In his study, Hill challenges common interpretations of the political thought of Adams and Smith, providing scholars and students with an engaging and novel portrait of social and political theory in America, at its founding and at the inception of the twenty-first century.

European Values At The Turn Of The Millennium

Author : Wilhelmus Antonius Arts
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This book provides insights in and explanations of the varieties and similarities in values in Europe in a number of life spheres at the turn of the millennium.

Human Rights and Development in the new Millennium

Author : Paul Gready
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In recent years human rights have assumed a central position in the discourse surrounding international development, while human rights agencies have begun to more systematically address economic and social rights. This edited volume brings together distinguished scholars to explore the merging of human rights and development agendas at local, national and international levels. They examine how this merging affects organisational change, operational change and the role of relevant actors in bringing about change. With a focus on practice and policy rather than pure theory, the volume also addresses broader questions such as what human rights and development can learn from one another, and whether the connections between the two fields are increasing or declining. The book is structured in three sections: Part I looks at approaches that combine human rights and development, including chapters on drivers of change; indicators; donor; and legal empowerment of the poor. Part II focuses on organisational contexts and includes chapters on the UN at the country level; EU development cooperation; PLAN’s children’s rights-based approach; and ActionAid’s human rights-based approach. Part III examines country contexts, including chapters on the ILO in various settings; the Congo; Ethiopia; and South Africa. Human Rights and Development in the new Millennium: Towards a Theory of Change will be of strong interest to students and scholars of human rights, development studies, political science and economics.

Philosophy at the New Millennium

Author : Professor of Philosophy Anthony O'Hear
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Leading philosophers give their views on their branch of the subject in the year 2000.

Latinos in the New Millennium

Author : Luis R. Fraga
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Latinos in the New Millennium is a comprehensive profile of Latinos in the United States: looking at their social characteristics, group relations, policy positions and political orientations. The authors draw on information from the 2006 Latino National Survey (LNS), the largest and most detailed source of data on Hispanics in America. This book provides essential knowledge about Latinos, contextualizing research data by structuring discussion around many dimensions of Latino political life in the US. The encyclopedic range and depth of the LNS allows the authors to appraise Latinos' group characteristics, attitudes, behaviors and their views on numerous topics. This study displays the complexity of Latinos, from recent immigrants to those whose grandparents were born in the United States.

New Thinking for a New Millennium

Author : Richard A. Slaughter
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In this book, Richard Slaughter draws on the relatively new but rapidly developing field of futures studies to illustrate how our thinking must change in order to deal with the challenges presented by the new millennium. In doing so he brings together the latest work from some of the leading international names in futures thinking. Part One considers the foundations of futures thinking in history, literature and ideas. Part Two explores some of the ways that futures studies have been and are being applied in different educational contexts around the world, from pre-school to postgraduate levels. Part Three takes the crucial step from institutional learning to social learning, and explores how futures provides us with insights which can help guide our society into the new millennium, together with suggestions for the development of the field itself. This book is essential reading for teachers, students and anyone interested in the perils and promise of the twenty-first century.

Management Philosophy for the New Millennium

Author : Kris K. Murthy
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Anesthesia for the New Millennium

Author : T.H. Stanley
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Anesthesia for the New Millenium: Modern Anesthetic Clinical Pharmacology contains the refresher course lectures of the 1999 meeting and is a review of the current state of the art in anesthesia clinical pharmacology. The authors of the individual chapters are among the world's most widely recognized experts in the pharmacology of perioperative medicine. The book features sections on new pharmacology concepts, new drug delivery techniques, recently released drugs and novel thinking about older drugs. It also addresses several areas that have recently emerged as very hot clinical and research topics, including depth of anesthesia monitoring technology and anesthesia drug interactions. The textbook is the seventeenth in a continuing series documenting the proceedings of the postgraduate course.

Computational Mechanics New Frontiers for the New Millennium

Author : Prof. Valliappan
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These Proceedings contain the papers presented at the 1stAsian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics held in Sydney, on 20-23 November 2001. The theme of the first Congress of the Asian-Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics in the new millennium is New Frontiers for the New Millennium. The papers cover such new frontiers as micromechanics, contact mechanics, environmental geomechanics, chemo-thermo-mechanics, inverse techniques, homogenization, meshless methods, smart materials/smart structures and graphic visualization, besides the general topics related to the application of finite element and boundary element methods in structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, geomechanics and biomechanics.

Bifurcation and Degradation of Geomaterials in the New Millennium

Author : Kam-Tim Chau
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This book contains contributions to the 10th International Workshop on Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials held in Hong Kong, May 28-30, 2014. This event marks the silver Jubilee anniversary of an international conference series dedicated to the research on localization, instability, degradation and failure of geomaterials since 1988 when its first workshop was organized in Germany. This volume of book collects the latest progresses and state-of-the-art research from top researchers around the world, and covers topics including multiscale modeling, experimental characterization and theoretical analysis of various instability and degradation phenomena in geomaterials as well as their relevance to contemporary issues in engineering practice. This book can be used as a useful reference for research students, academics and practicing engineers who are interested in the instability and degradation problems in geomechanics and geotechnical engineering.

Canadian Studies in the New Millennium

Author : Patrick James
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The field of Canadian Studies is a growing discipline, particularly in the United States. This introductory text offers a thorough and accessible approach to Canadian Studies through comparative analyses of Canada and the United States, their histories, geographies, political systems, economies, and cultures. Among the topics addressed are ways in which Canadian national development has been influenced by the U.S., the role of geography in shaping the country's evolution, and the persistent question of Canada's French-speaking minority, which has been an important and divisive issue since the 1500s. Canadian Studies in the New Millennium is an excellent introduction to Canadian Studies, with chapters written by leading scholars and educators in the field. At a time in which there is a growing mutual dependence between the U.S. and Canada for security, trade, and investment, this text is an ideal tool for understanding the close relationship between the two countries, their shared experiences, and their differing views. Canadian Studies in the New Millennium will be of significant value to students, educators, and practitioners.

Particle Physics in the New Millennium

Author : Josip Trampetic
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The traditional purpose of the Adriatic Meeting is to present most advanced scienti?c research conducted by the lecturers who take part in the development of their ?elds and, in addition, to provide a school-like atmosphere for young scientists. Dubrovnik, as a geographical centre of this region of Europe, provided a most adequate location for this conference. Having very agreeable surroundings, the conference site nevertheless gave a focus for very strong scienti?c interaction. The subjects chosen for the 8th meeting, in September 2001, were gauge theories, particle phenomenology, string theories and cosmology. We were able to bring together a very good cross section of outstanding scientists who gave extraorinarily good presentations. Certainely one reason for this success is that most of us feel obliged to help the scienti?c life in South East Europe return to its former level. However, there are very exciting new scienti?c developments as well. Part of the meeting was dominated by neutrino physics which has just seen exciting progress by establishing neutrino masses experimentally. This was d- cussed within neutrino masses and grand uni?ed theories (GUTs). General - pects of neutrino physics and CP violation, neutrino mixing and the bayron asymmetry were presented along the same lines. On the theoretical side the idea of the construction of gauge theories on non-commutative spaces and their phenomenological implications is accepted worldwide within the particle physics community.

Singapore in the New Millennium

Author : Derek Da Cunha
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"Grew out of a one-day conference ... organized by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in August 1999. Eight papers were presented at that conference, of which seven were selected, revised in 2001 and now appear as chapters in this book [together with] three more ... and also reflecting on the significance of the 2001 general election."--Pref.

New Vision For The New Millennium

Author : Dr. Vasant Joshi
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Rhetorics in the New Millennium

Author : James D. Hester
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Some of the most renowned modern practitioners of New Testament rhetorical criticism, including Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Wilhelm Wuellner and the editors themselves provide new rhetorical readings of New Testament texts. Organized into three distinct sections, Rhetorics in the New Millennium provides a cutting-edge approach to this thorny issue in biblical studies. The first section is a collection of three essays that are primarily theoretical in nature and concerned with examining general theories of rhetoric. The second section is a series of specific studies each using a different accepted theoretical model to analyze a given text. The final section presents valuable appendices which summarize information about the content of certain theoretical models of criticism. Finally, a bibliography listing a wide variety of rhetorical critical studies and reference works is included.

The Family in the New Millennium Strengthening the family

Author : A. Scott Loveless
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Mahatma Gandhi and the New Millennium

Author : M. Maharajan
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Contents: Gandhi and The New World Order, Gandhian Approach to World Peace, The Concept of Freedom, Equality and Peace A Gandhian Perspective, Modern Social Legislation, Gandhian Approach to Communal Harmony, The Concept of Child Welfare in Gandhi s View, The Concept of Women s Welfare in Gandhi s View, Relevance of Gandhian Thought, Conclusion.