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Vampire Zero

Author : David Wellington
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U.S. Marshal Jameson Arkeley taught police investigator and vampire fighter Laura Caxton everything she knows about monsters. When an army of vampires attacked Gettysburg, Arkeley gave up his own life to save others. Except he didn't exactly die . . . He accepted the curse and is now a vampire himself - one that knows all the tricks better than anyone else. Now Laura is faced with the task of destroying him before he succeeds in his quest to exterminate his own family, one member at a time. But Arkeley knows all her tactics too; after all, he taught her. Worse still, if Laura fails to stop him then Arkeley will become a beast exponentially more dangerous - a Vampire Zero.

Anime and Manga Recognized Articles

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Anime and Manga

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Vampire Cheerleaders in Space and Time

Author : Adam Arnold
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Monster hunter Stephanie Kane is missing, spirited away to parts unknown by the mysterious Mothmen to be their new queen. Her werewolf kid sister Katie Kane teams up with former vampire thrall and geek-supreme Leonard Duvall, not to mention bat-brained vampire cheerleader Suki Taft, as they hurtle through the very time stream itself on a quest to save Stephanie Kane. Witness as the past, present, future, and the entire space-time continuum become the Vampire Cheerleaders' cosmic playground in a finale of epic proportions!

Vampire Knight Mang

Author : Source: Wikia
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 82. Chapters: Chapters, Characters, Character summaries, Cross Academy, Group, Race, Relationships, Volumes, Chapter Summaries, Plot Summary for Kaname Kuran, Plot Summary for Zero Kiryu, Akatsuki Kain, Asato Ichijo, Hanabusa Aido, Hanadagi, Haruka Kuran, Ichiru Kiryu, Isaya Shoto, Jinmu, Juri Kuran, Kaien Cross, Kaito Takamiya, Kaname Kuran, Kaname Kuran, Kaname the Ancestor, Kaseumi Kageyama, Maria Kurenai, Momoyama, Nadashiko Shindo, Nagamichi Aido, Ori, Rido Kuran, Rima Toya, Ruka Souen, Sara Shirabuki, Sayori Wakaba, Seiren, Senri Shiki, Shizuka Hio, Takuma Ichijo, The Hooded Woman, Toga Yagari, Toma, Tsukiko Aido, Vampire Hunter Association President, Wakaba, Yuki Cross, Yuki Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Chapter Summaries, Hino Matsuri Illustration - Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Official Fanbook, Akatsuki & Hanabusa, Akatsuki & Ruka, Hanabusa & Akatsuki, Haruka & Juri, Haruka & Kaname, Juri & Haruka, Juri & Kaien, Juri & Rido, Kaname & Hanabusa, Kaname & Ruka, Kaname & Takuma, Kaname & the Hooded woman, Kaname & Yuki, Kaname & Zero, Rido & Juri, Rima & Senri, Senri & Rima, Shima, Takuma & Shiki, The love triangle, Yuki & Hanabusa, Yuki & Kaname, Yuki & Rido, Yuki & Zero, Yume, Zero & Ichiru, Zero & Kaito, Zero & Kaname, Zero & Yuki. Excerpt: Flashback roughly four years old. Yuki is shocked when Zero comes home with a tattoo. She makes Kaname jealous when she asks him about it. Yuki senses Rido's awakening. Classes are cancelled and Yori worried about Yuki being missing. The day class are attacked by an ex-human vampire who is destroyed by Kain and Ruka. Yori is attacked by another vampire and is saved by Aido and Yuki. Yuki reveals she is a vampire to Yori and Yori hugs her. Rido awakens. Kaname visits Zero and reveals his plans for Zero to defeat Rido. Kaien holds onto his dream of peace. Ichiru shoots Zero with the Bloody Rose. Flashback - Ichiru laments being born weak. Zero laments being the cause of Ichiru's...

Victor the Vampire

Author : Jarrod Meistle
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Victor the Vampire is the eldest child and only boy in The Vampire family. He lives with his parents, his younger sister Vivienne, his grandmother, and the family’s pet unicorn Oscar. Victor is an outgoing boy who loves to play soccer and is learning violin. In the first book of the series, Victor’s soccer team plays their first game of the season. Although he gives 100% to everything he does he isn’t always the best student in his class or the best athlete on his team. The Victor the Vampire books will chronicle the adventures of Victor, Vivienne, his best friend Albert and the lessons they learn.

Such a Dark Thing

Author : M. Jess Peacock
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Evil, death, demons, reanimation, and resurrection. While such topics are often reserved for the darker mindscapes of the vampire subgenre within popular culture, they are equally integral elements of religious history and belief. Despite the cultural shift of presenting vampires in a secular light, the traditional figure of the vampire within cinema and literature has a rich legacy of serving as a theological marker. Whether as a symbol of the allure of sin, as an apologetic for assorted religious icons, or as a gateway into a discussion of liberationist theology, the vampire has served as a spiritual touchstone from Bram Stoker's Dracula, to Stephen King's Salem's Lot, to the HBO television series True Blood. In Such a Dark Thing, Jess Peacock examines how the figure of the vampire is able to traverse and interconnect theology and academia within the larger popular culture in a compelling and engaging manner. The vampire straddles the ineffable chasm between life and death and speaks to the transcendent in all of us, tapping into our fundamental curiosity of what, if anything, exists beyond the mortal coil, giving us a glimpse into the interminable while maintaining a cultural currency that is never dead and buried.

The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire

Author : Molly Harper
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Gigi finds herself drawn to a sexy vampire who keeps fading in and out of her life, but when he denies ever meeting her, Gigi begins to wonder if something sinister may be involved in his lack of memory.

Vampire Knight Memories Vol 4

Author : Matsuri Hino
File Size : 64.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These are the stories of what happened during the 1,000 years of Kaname’s slumber and the start of his human life. Yuki and Zero attempt to capture the "Vampire King," who is responsible for the recent bombings. While trying to deactivate a bomb, Zero is taken hostage, and Yuki and Maria head to his rescue. -- VIZ Media

The New Dead

Author : Christopher Golden
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RESURRECTION! The hungry dead have risen. They shamble down the street. They hide in back yards, car lots, shopping malls. They devour neighbors, dogs and police officers. And they are here to stay. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? How will you survive? HOW WILL THE WORLD CHANGE WHEN THE DEAD BEGIN TO RISE? Stoker-award-winning author Christopher Golden has assembled an original anthology of never-before-published zombie stories from an eclectic array of today's hottest writers. Inside there are stories about military might in the wake of an outbreak, survival in a wasted wasteland, the ardor of falling in love with a zombie, and a family outing at the circus. Here is a collection of new views on death and resurrection. With stories from Joe Hill, John Connolly, Max Brooks, Kelley Armstrong, Tad Williams, David Wellington, David Liss, Aimee Bender, Jonathan Maberry, and many others, this is a wildly diverse and entertaining collection...the Last Word on the New Dead.

Not A Vampire

Author : Carl E. Reed
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The Donner clan is a tight-knit urban family with a growing problem: their oldest son, Alex, thinks he's a vampire. The crisis comes to a head one memorable evening around the dinner table. A story of dark whimsy and serio-comic horror.

Vampire Planet

Author : P. Scott Williams
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Can the vampires realize their desired destiny of an enslaved humankind by sending one of their own to a planet with a red sun? Can the crew of the colony ship survive with a bloodsucker in their midst? Can the reader endure all the gore, sex, and horrible cruelty therein unscathed? Can the author make enough money to buy something else than macaroni and cheese? Buy Vampire Planet? and find out!

Dead Drop

Author : Jon F. Merz
File Size : 66.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dead Drop: A Lawson Vampire Bonus Story (Includes a sneak peek of The Kensei!) Meet Lawson. A cynical, wise-cracking vampire charged with protecting the Balance between vampires and humans, he is part cop, part spy, and part commando—a James Bond with fangs. Lawson mixes shrewd cunning with unmatched lethality to get his job done. He tries his best to dismantle conspiracies, dispatch bad guys, and live long enough to get home. This time, Lawson has been given an easy assignment, a "dead drop." That is until an old enemy returns... AVAILABLE NOW... THE KENSEI! In Jon F. Merz's novel The Kensei, a battle-weary Lawson heads to Japan for a little rest and some advanced ninja training. But he no sooner steps off the plane than lands in the midst of a Yakuza turf war orchestrated by a shadowy figure known as the Kensei. With the help of Talya, a former KGB-assassin, Lawson must put a stop to the Kensei's organ trafficking networks, prevent the creation of an army of vampire-human hybrids, and save his own skin in the process.

The Vampire State in Africa

Author : J. H. Frimpong-Ansah
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Format : PDF
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Vampire Knight Memories

Author : Matsuri Hino
File Size : 87.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These are the stories of what happened during the 1,000 years of Kaname’s slumber and the start of his human life. Yuki and Zero have decided to become a couple. Though relations between the Hunter Society and vampires have improved, bombs have been set off in the city, and the “Vampire King” is claiming responsibility. Yuki, Zero, Aido and Kaien enter the battle to protect those they care about. -- VIZ Media

Mr Monster His Books of Forbidden Knowledge Volume Zero

Author : Michael T. Gilbert
File Size : 21.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Michael T. Gilbert's Mr. Monster is back in a new book collection featuring twelve twisted tales of Forbidden Knowledge, collecting all the hard-to-find Mr. Monster stories from A-1, Crack-A-Boom!, and Dark Horse Presents in mysterious black and white! Volume Zero also includes over 30 pages of all-new Mr. Monster art and stories. Can your sanity survive the Lee/Kirby monster spoof by Michael T. Gilbert and Mark Martin? Or how about the long-lost 1933 Mr. Monster newspaper strip? Then there's the extra-special 8-page full-color insert featuring a terrifying Trencher/Mr. Monster slug-fest, drawn by Keith Giffen and Michael T. Gilbert! Can you stand the horror as titans (and art-styles) clash? Talk about Forbidden Knowledge! All this and more will be revealed in Mr. Monster: His Book Of Forbidden Knowledge. Read it at your own risk!

Vampire Knight

Author : Matsuri Hino
File Size : 36.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A war among vampires has started at Cross Academy, and even Day Class students are being attacked. Kaname finally reveals his hidden plan to Zero, and Zero must choose on which side he will fight. But in order for Zero to defeat the enemy, he will have to take part in an atrocious act... -- VIZ Media

Vampire Knight Characters

Author : Source: Wikia
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 48. Chapters: Ancestor, Aristocrat, Day Class, Deceased, Family, Female character, Flashback character, Guardian, Vampires, Vampire Knight, Akatsuki Kain, Asato Ichijo, Hanabusa Aido, Hanadagi, Haruka Kuran, Ichiru Kiryu, Isaya Shoto, Jinmu, Juri Kuran, Kaien Cross, Kaito Takamiya, Kaname Kuran, Kaname Kuran, Kaname the Ancestor, Kaseumi Kageyama, Maria Kurenai, Momoyama, Nadashiko Shindo, Nagamichi Aido, Ori, Rido Kuran, Rima Toya, Ruka Souen, Sara Shirabuki, Sayori Wakaba, Seiren, Senri Shiki, Shizuka Hio, Takuma Ichijo, The Hooded Woman, Toga Yagari, Toma, Tsukiko Aido, Vampire Hunter Association President, Wakaba, Yuki Cross, Yuki Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Ichiru Kiryu, Kaseumi Kageyama, Nadashiko Shindo, Sayori Wakaba, Yuki Cross, Zero Kiryu, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight, Yuki Cross, Yuki Kuran, Zero Kiryu. Excerpt: Vampires are the supernatural creatures of the Vampire Knight universe. As in traditional folklore, they are sensitive to the sun and exist during the night, however sunlight will only cause burns and not actually harm them dangerously. When vampires are killed, they turn into dust (however, purebloods are special in the way that when they die, instead of dust, they shatter into shards of glass). The most effective way to kill a vampire is through the head or the heart. Vampires have developed blood tablets that take the place of needing to feed on real blood, however it does not taste very good. They also have a bloodlust that can only be quenched by the blood of the one they love. The Pyramid of Numbers for Vampires Vampires have existed for well over 10,000 years. The original vampires appeared when mankind's civilizations began to crumble. At one point there was a war with the humans, during which Purebloods began turning humans into vampires. When the number of vampires increased, the Kuran family became royals and a monarchy was established to rule ...

The Quest

Author : Mary Abshire
File Size : 84.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Project Eve, #2 Retribution. At any cost. Now that she knows her name and what she is, she wants justice for everything she's lost. Though her memories elude her, she takes a job for a half-demon Senator and, aided by werewolves from a local clan, intends to uncover evidence that will convict the Senator of more than thirty murders. Getting to the Senator and finding the necessary evidence is more difficult than she anticipates, especially when there is a bounty for her head. If that were not enough, the vampire who stole her memories returns and reveals unexpected truths. But she's not going to let anything stop her. Not a sadistic assassin or a servant of Lucifer. Not even her ex-lover, vampire God of the Underworld, who turned her. Nothing will stop her from claiming retribution. . .even if the price is her life. 74,000 Words

The Vampire Film

Author : Jeffrey Weinstock
File Size : 52.27 MB
Format : PDF
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This introductory volume offers an elegant analysis of the enduring appeal of the cinematic vampire. From Georges Méliès' early cinematic experiments to Twilight and Let the Right One In, the history of vampires in cinema can be organised by a handful of governing principles that help make sense of this movie monster's remarkable fecundity. Among these principles are that the cinematic vampire is invariably about sex and the vexed human relationship with technology, and that the vampire is always an overdetermined body condensing what a culture considers other. This volume includes in-depth studies of films including Powell's A Fool There Was, Franco's Vampyros Lesbos, Cronenberg's Rabid, Kümel's Daughters of Darkness, and Merhige's Shadow of the Vampire.