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Vanities of the Eye

Author : Stuart Clark
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In this original and fascinating book, Stuart Clark investigates the cultural history of the senses in early modern Europe. At a time in which the nature and reliability of human vision was a focus for debate in medicine, art theory, science, and philosophy, there was an explosion of interest in the truth (or otherwise) of miracles, dreams, magic, and witchcraft. Was seeing really believing? Vanities of the Eye wonderfully illustrates how this was woven into contemporary works such as Macbeth - deeply concerned with the dangers of visual illusion - and exposes early modern theories on the relationship between the real and the virtual.

Vanities of the Eye

Author : Stuart Clark
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Vanities of the Eye investigates the cultural history of the senses in early modern Europe, a time in which the nature and reliability of human vision was the focus of much debate. In medicine, art theory, science, religion, and philosophy, sight came to be characterised as uncertain or paradoxical - mental images no longer resembled the external world. Was seeing really believing? Stuart Clark explores the controversial debates of the time - from the fantasies and hallucinations of melancholia, to the illusions of magic, art, demonic deceptions, and witchcraft. The truth and function of religious images and the authenticity of miracles and visions were also questioned with new vigour, affecting such contemporary works as Macbeth - a play deeply concerned with the dangers of visual illusion. Clark also contends that there was a close connection between these debates and the ways in which philosophers such as Descartes and Hobbes developed new theories on the relationship between the real and virtual. Original, highly accessible, and a major contribution to our understanding of European culture, Vanities of the Eye will be of great interest to a wide range of historians and anyone interested in the true nature of seeing.

The Collected Sermons of Thomas Fuller D D 1631 1659

Author : Thomas Fuller
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The Treasury of David

Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Vanity Fair

Author :
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Strange tales by Silly Billy From Vanity fair

Author : Eustace Clare Grenville Murray
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Author : Elizabeth Marx
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A powerful vate and the last in her line, Keleigh denies the potent magic singing through her blood because she wants to be Ordinary. Keleigh has the ability, but not the training, to save her parents from slaughter by beasts most only see in horror movies. But after they perish, her mother reaches out from the OtherWorld, freeing Keleigh from her oath never to practice magic and imploring her to find an ancient relic powerful enough to destroy this realm. Keleigh, no longer able to deny her true calling, begrudgingly turns to her sworn enemy for help. Locke is a damaged druid whose family is entrusted with keeping witches cloaked in the Ordinary world in Salem. But Locke has a mission of his own, one that might not align with Keleigh’s. Can the two come together to find the ancient artifact in time to save each other and the world from plunging into complete chaos? This fairy tale is about to become deadly because all’s fair in vanity’s war.

Three Treatises of the Vanity of the Creature The Sinfulnesse of Sinne The Life of Christ Being the substance of severall sermons preached at Lincolns Inne The second edition revised and corrected by the author

Author : Edward REYNOLDS (Bishop of Norwich.)
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Vanity Will Get You Somewhere

Author : Joseph Cotten
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Joseph Cotten’s story begins in Tidewater, Virginia, moves on to an episode as a Miami ‘potato salad’ tycoon and then brings us to his first big break as an actor, in the New York theatre. Cotten describes how he met the flamboyant Orson Welles- at a radio audition at which Welles set a wastepaper basket on fire- and their involvement with the Mercury theatre. This led to Cotten’s first film role, as Orson’s co-star in Citizen Kane, quickly followed by parts in The Magnificent Ambersons and The Third Man. Orson- perhaps the only man to use Churchill as a stooge while trying to set up a film deal- was a lifelong friend of Cotten’s, and this autobiography was one of the last works he read before his untimely death in 1985. Cotten takes us behind the scenes of his stage plays and films, recalling amusing and intimate stories of his adventures with Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, David Niven, David O. Selznick, Alfred Hitchcock and many others. Sensitive to his own motivations, frank about his marriages and warmly revealing about himself and his friends, Cotten has written much more than the usual film star biography. His skills as an actor have made him a master of character and dramatic momentum, and he brings the same talents to his writing. Vanity Will get You Somewhere is a generous, loving and humorous portrait of a man without a shred of vanity in his nature- and of his friends and colleagues in the larger-than-life world of show business.

A Farewell to the World and Its Vanities

Author : John Whitson
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