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Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources

Author : Neil McKenzie
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Provides guidelines to promote the development and implementation of consistent methods and standards for conducting soil and land resource surveys in Australia.

Vegetation Classification and Survey

Author : Gillison Andrew
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This books targets a wide audience of practitioners and researchers alike. First, it introduces newly developed, dynamic classification concepts based on the ability of plants to adapt to change along environmental gradients; second, to illustrate how such concepts can be operationalized along environmental gradients to tailor vegetation classification to a specific management purpose and scale while maintaining access to original data. It provides practitioners and students alike with the necessary tools to analyze data and apply the results to real–world research and management problems.

Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources

Author : NJ McKenzie
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Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources promotes the development and implementation of consistent methods and standards for conducting soil and land resource surveys in Australia. These surveys are primarily field operations that aim to identify, describe, map and evaluate the various kinds of soil or land resources in specific areas. The advent of geographic information systems, global positioning systems, airborne gamma radiometric remote sensing, digital terrain analysis, simulation modelling, efficient statistical analysis and internet-based delivery of information has dramatically changed the scene in the past two decades. As successor to the Australian Soil and Land Survey Handbook: Guidelines for Conducting Surveys, this authoritative guide incorporates these new methods and techniques for supporting natural resource management. Soil and land resource surveyors, engineering and environmental consultants, commissioners of surveys and funding agencies will benefit from the practical information provided on how best to use the new technologies that have been developed, as will professionals in the spatial sciences such as geomorphology, ecology and hydrology.

Slash and Burn Agriculture

Author : Cheryl Palm
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Caused in part by the slash-and-burn practices of both large- and small-scale farmers, the environmental implications of tropical deforestation remain a worldwide concern. Yet the small-scale farmers who use slash-and-burn agriculture depend on it to produce food and make a living for their families. With contributions from scientists, economists, ecologists, and anthropologists, this book provides an overall analysis of the environmental, economic, and social reasons for why slash and burn is so common and presents alternatives to this destructive practice.

Woodland Survey Handbook

Author : Keith Kirby
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How do you record the wildlife in a wood? This book explains ways to record the flora and fauna found in woodland and outlines the sources you can use to find out more about the history and management of an area. Whether you have just a few hours, or a few years, there are examples that you can follow to find out more about this important habitat. Woods include some of the richest terrestrial wildlife sites in Britain, but some are under threat and many are neglected, such that they are not as rich as they might be. If we are to protect them or increase their diversity we need first to know what species they contain, how they have come to be as they are, to understand how they fit into the wider landscape. Conservation surveys are the bedrock on which subsequent protection and management action is based. There is not one method that will be right for all situations and needs, so the methods discussed range from what one can find out online, to what can be seen on a general walk round a wood, to the insights that can come from more detailed survey and monitoring approaches. Fast-evolving techniques such as eDNA surveys and the use of LiDAR are touched on.

Handbook of Biodiversity Methods

Author : David Hill
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Biodiversity is recognised to be of global importance, yet species and habitats continue to be under increasing pressure from human-induced influences. Environmental concerns are high on the political agenda, driving increased legislation to protect the natural environment. The starting point for much of this legislation is the requirement for a comprehensive biodiversity audit. For those needing to undertake such audits, this Handbook, first published in 2005, provides standard procedures which will enable practitioners to better monitor the condition of the biodiversity resource, resulting in improved data upon which to base future policy decisions and actions. Organised in three parts, the Handbook first addresses planning, covering method selection, experimental design, sampling strategy, and data analysis and evaluation. The second part describes survey, evaluation and monitoring methods for a broad range of habitats. Part three considers species and provides information on general methods before addressing specific methods of survey and monitoring for the major taxonomic groups.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

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Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook

Author : National Committee for Soil and Terr
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Contains significant changes to the Vegetation chapter and revisions to the Location chapter bringing it up-to-date with the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and changes to the Substrate chapter relating to the regolith.

U S Geological Survey Professional Paper

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Monthly Catalogue United States Public Documents

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