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Vegetation dynamics Outline studies in ecology

Author : John Miles
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Vegetation Dynamics in Temperate Lowland Primeval Forests

Author : J.B. Falinski
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Vegetation Dynamics

Author : J. Miles
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Vegetation dynamics is an important subject. A knowledge and under standing of it is central to the science of vegetation management-in grassland, range and nature reserve management, and in aspects of wildlife management, forestry and agricultural crop production. It is also a large and diffuse subject. In a small book such as this I had to be highly selective, and could not do equal justice to all aspects. I have had therefore to condense many examples, and more regrettably, many arguments. While I have tried to present a broad selection of topics and examples, the content inevitably reflects my own special interests and experience. The study of vegetation and its dynamics does not lend itselfto neat and tidy divisions, and the way of allotting material into different chapters here is arbitrary. I have used Chapter I to introduce a number of ideas, beginning with the nature of vegetation in space, then passing to an introduction to the nature of changes in vegetation with time, in particular those generally known as successions. The book also contains a number of asides to the text's central arguments; I hope the reader finds these interesting rather than disconcerting.

Vegetation Dynamics

Author : John Miles
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Vegetation dynamics in grasslans heathlands and mediterranean ligneous formations

Author : P. Poissonet
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Symposium of the Working Group for Succession Research on Permanent Plots, and Data-Processing of the International Society for Vegetation Sciences, Held at Montpellier, France, September 1980

Processes of Vegetation Change

Author : C.J. Burrows
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This book is about ideas on the nature and causes of temporal change in the species composition of vegetation. In particular it examines the diverse processes of inter action of plants with their environment, and with one another, through which the species composition of vegetation becomes established. The first chapter considers the general nature of vegetation and the ways in which vegetation change is perceived by ecologists. Chapters 2 and 3 provide essential background about the relationships between plants and their abiotic and biotic environment. Anyone who is familiar with the fundamentals of plant ecology may prefer to pass over Chapters 2 and 3 which, of necessity, cover their subject matter very briefly. Sequences of development of vegetation on new volcanic rocks, sand dunes and glacial deposits, respectively, are outlined in Chapters 4, 5 and 6. Chapter 7 is about the patterns of vegetation change which occur in severe habitats around the world, and Chapter 8 discusses wetlands. Chapter 9 discusses the diverse responses of temperate forests to a variety of disturbing influences, and Chapter 10 deals with change in the species-rich forests of the Tropics. Chapter 11 treats, in detail, the empirical and inferential data on the biological processes occurring during vegetation change sequences. Chapter 12 considers the plant community phenomena which are implicated in the development of theory about vegetation change. The final chapter, Chapter 13, draws the diverse themes together into a unified theoretical structure by which the vegetation change phenomena may be understood.

Biodiversity Temperate Ecosystems and Global Change

Author : Timothy J.B. Boyle
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Reviewed here is the current state of knowledge concerning the relationship between global change and biodiversity of temperate ecosystems. The aim is to improve the ability to conserve biodiversity under conditions of global change. The book focuses on: - The threats posed by global change to biodiversity in temperate ecosystems; - Levels and spatial patterns of diversity in temperate ecosystems; - The impact of global change on genetic diversity; - The effects of disturbance (natural and anthropogenic) on temperate ecosystems; - Existing research priorities and programmes.

Mediterranean Desertification

Author : N. A. Geeson
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Desertification includes land degradation due to both climatic and anthropogenic causes, where land includes water, soil, and the biosphere. This book presents the most recent findings from the European Community's MEDALUS project, which was formed to understand and manage semi-arid environments that are undergoing great change. * Covers climate and land use processes and responses in the Mediterranean * First book to provide guidelines for the management of land degradation in Mediterranean environments * Based on first-hand experience of the problems by those responsible for solving them

Vegetation mapping

Author : A.W. Küchler
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A. W. KOCHLER The intimate intercourse between two or more 2. vegetation maps are scientific tools for ana fields of knowledge often bears interesting and lyzing the environment and the relation valuable fruit. Vegetation maps are such fruit, ships between vegetation and the site on resulting from the union of botany and geogra which it occurs. This helps to explain the phy. The work of botanists can be comprehen distribution of plant communities on the sive only if it includes a consideration of plants basis of the physical and chemical features in space, i. e. in different types of landscapes. At of the landscape. On the other hand, plant this point, the work of geographers becomes communities allow conclusions on the natu important through their development of maps re of the environment; as tools to determine and to analyze distribu 3. vegetation maps are valuable standards of tions in space. Our highly developed knowledge reference for observing and measuring of vegetation is matched by the refinement of changes in the vegetation, their direction cartographic techniques, and maps can now be and their speed, i. e. the rate of change. This is important because the character ofvegeta made that will show the extent and geographical distribution of vegetation anywhere on the sur tion is dynamic and is increasingly affected face of our planet with a remarkable degree of by man; accuracy. 4.

Climate and Plant Distribution

Author : F. I. Woodward
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Correlation between plant distribution and climate is examined over different time and space scales to determine the mechanisms of control in physiological and biochemical terms.