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Vehicle Dynamics Stability and Control

Author : Dean Karnopp
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Anyone who has experience with a car, bicycle, motorcycle, or train knows that the dynamic behavior of different types of vehicles and even different vehicles of the same class varies significantly. For example, stability (or instability) is one of the most intriguing and mysterious aspects of vehicle dynamics. Why do some motorcycles sometimes exh

Comprehensive Analysis of Gross Vehicle Dynamics Stability and Control Under Different Road and Operating Conditions

Author : Hsi-Fu Lin
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Vehicle Dynamics Stability and Control 2011

Author : David R. Mikesell
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Dynamic Stability and Control of Tripped and Untripped Vehicle Rollover

Author : Zhilin Jin
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Vehicle rollover accidents have been a serious safety problem for the last three decades. Although rollovers are a small percentage of all traffic accidents, they do account for a large proportion of severe and fatal injuries. Specifically, some large passenger vehicles, such as large vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles, are more prone to rollover accidents with a high center of gravity (CG) and narrow track width. Vehicle rollover accidents may be grouped into two categories: tripped and untripped rollovers. A tripped rollover commonly occurs when a vehicle skids and digs its tires into soft soil or hits a tripping mechanism such as a curb with a sufficiently large lateral velocity. On the other hand, the untripped rollover is induced by extreme maneuvers during critical driving situations, such as excessive speed during cornering, obstacle avoidance, and severe lane change maneuver. In these situations, the forces at the tire-road contact point are large enough to cause the vehicle to roll over. Furthermore, vehicle rollover may occur due to external disturbances such as side-wind and steering excitation. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the dynamic stability and control of tripped and untripped vehicle rollover so as to avoid vehicle rollover accidents. In this book, different dynamic models are used to describe the vehicle rollover under both untripped and special tripped situations. From the vehicle dynamics theory, rollover indices are deduced, and the dynamic stabilities of vehicle rollover are analyzed. In addition, some active control strategies are discussed to improve the anti-rollover performance of the vehicle.

Vehicle Dynamics Stability and Control

Author : Isabel Ramirez Ruiz
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Vehicle Dynamics

Author : Rao V. Dukkipati
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Growing worldwide populations increasingly require faster, safer, and more efficient transportation systems. These needs have led to a renewed interest in high-speed guided ground transportation technology, inspired considerable research, and instigated the development of better analytical and experimental tools. A very significant body of knowledge currently exists, but has primarily remained scattered throughout the literature. Vehicle Dynamics consolidates information from a wide spectrum of sources in the area of guided ground transportation. Each chapter provides a concise, thorough statement of the fundamental theory, followed by illustrative worked examples and exercises. The author also includes a variety of unsolved problems designed to amplify and extend the theory and provide problem-solving experience. The subject of guided ground transportation is vast, but this book brings together the core topics, providing in-depth treatments of topics ranging from system classification, analysis, and response to lading dynamics and rail, air cushion, and maglev systems. In doing so, Vehicle Dynamics offers a singular opportunity for readers to build the solid background needed for solving practical vehicle dynamics problems or pursuing more advanced or specialized studies.

Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Author : Rajesh Rajamani
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Vehicle Dynamics and Control provides a comprehensive coverage of vehicle control systems and the dynamic models used in the development of these control systems. The control system applications covered in the book include cruise control, adaptive cruise control, ABS, automated lane keeping, automated highway systems, yaw stability control, engine control, passive, active and semi-active suspensions, tire-road friction coefficient estimation, rollover prevention, and hybrid electric vehicles. In developing the dynamic model for each application, an effort is made to both keep the model simple enough for control system design but at the same time rich enough to capture the essential features of the dynamics. A special effort has been made to explain the several different tire models commonly used in literature and to interpret them physically. In the second edition of the book, chapters on roll dynamics, rollover prevention and hybrid electric vehicles have been added, and the chapter on electronic stability control has been enhanced. The use of feedback control systems on automobiles is growing rapidly. This book is intended to serve as a useful resource to researchers who work on the development of such control systems, both in the automotive industry and at universities. The book can also serve as a textbook for a graduate level course on Vehicle Dynamics and Control.

Integrated Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Author : Wuwei Chen
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A comprehensive overview of integrated vehicle system dynamics exploring the fundamentals and new and emerging developments This book provides a comprehensive coverage of vehicle system dynamics and control, particularly in the area of integrated vehicle dynamics control. The book consists of two parts, (1) development of individual vehicle system dynamic model and control methodology; and (2) development of integrated vehicle dynamic model and control methodology. The first part focuses on investigating vehicle system dynamics and control according to the three directions of vehicle motions, including longitudinal, vertical, and lateral. Corresponding individual control systems, e.g. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Active Suspension, Electric Power Steering System (EPS), are introduced and developed respectively. Particular attention is paid in the second part of the book to develop integrated vehicle dynamic control system. Integrated vehicle dynamics control system is an advanced system that coordinates all the chassis control systems and components to improve the overall vehicle performance including safety, comfort, and economy. Integrated vehicle dynamics control has been an important research topic in the area of vehicle dynamics and control over the past two decades. The research topic on integrated vehicle dynamics control is investigated comprehensively and intensively in the book through both theoretical analysis and experimental study. In this part, two types of control architectures, i.e. centralized and multi-layer, have been developed and compared to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. Integrated vehicle dynamics control is a hot topic in automotive research; this is one of the few books to address both theory and practice of integrated systems Comprehensively explores the research area of integrated vehicle dynamics and control through both theoretical analysis and experimental study Addresses a full range of vehicle system topics including tyre dynamics, chassis systems, control architecture, 4 wheel steering system and design of control systems using Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) Method

Control Applications of Vehicle Dynamics

Author : Jingsheng Yu
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This book presents essential knowledge of car vehicle dynamics and control theory with NI LabVIEW software product application, resulting in a practical yet highly technical guide for designing advanced vehicle dynamics and vehicle system controllers. Presenting a clear overview of fundamental vehicle dynamics and vehicle system mathematical models, the book covers linear and non-linear design of model based controls such as wheel slip control, vehicle speed control, path following control, vehicle stability and rollover control, stabilization of vehicle-trailer system. Specific applications to autonomous vehicles are described among the methods. It details the practical applications of Kalman-Bucy filtering and the observer design for sensor signal estimation, alongside lateral vehicle dynamics and vehicle rollover dynamics. The book also discusses high level controllers, alongside a clear explanation of basic control principles for regenerative braking in both electric and hybrid vehicles, and wheel torque vectoring systems. Concrete LabVIEW simulation examples of how the models and controls are used in representative applications, along with software algorithms and LabVIEW block diagrams are illustrated. It will be of interest to engineering students, automotive engineering students and automotive engineers and researchers.

Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Stability Control Systems for Six and Eight Wheeled Vehicles

Author : Maher Kass Kawo
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