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Warriors The Broken Code 3 Veil of Shadows

Author : Erin Hunter
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The #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the third book in the action-packed Broken Code story arc. After losing one of his nine lives, ThunderClan’s leader, Bramblestar, became intent on rooting out and exiling cats he claims are traitors to the warrior code. But some cats know the truth: this isn’t the real Bramblestar, and their leader’s true spirit is desperate to return to its rightful place before the rising tension among the five Clans erupts into outright war. Packed with action and intrigue, this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows.

The Keep Of Shadows

Author : David J. Boseke
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The Nations of the Young Kingdoms had not felt the anguish of war for nearly twenty years. Now, with a massive barbarian army poised to invade Aljamin, just one walled city, Akaar, guards the large Kingdom’s borders. The city lies exposed and vulnerable to invasion. Defenseless. With their land in chaos, Sinjin Storm and his trusted companions set out to rally allies to help defend their country. Taken under the wing of Sorrell Tovaal, a powerful wizard, Storm begins to have visions and is beset with questions. Mysterious occurrences confound his questions as long-held secrets begin to be revealed. With unwavering courage, Storm encounters assassins, beasts, and dark figures from the Dead Wood forest that seem bent on his destruction. As the invasion intensifies, Storm and his allies realize the barbarian hordes are merely pawns in a war between two powerful, yet parallel worlds. The Young Kingdoms quickly realize that dark forces are working furiously in this other world, poised and waiting for the chance to bring an age of darkness and chaos to the human world. Storm must quickly discover and develop his powers as a wizard and his courage as a man. Only then can he master the only force capable of sealing the breech between the two worlds.

Veil of Shadows

Author : Shiloh Walker
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A rebel army has been established to win back the land from demons-and a ne soldier named Xan has appeared out of nowhere to join them. Beautiful army captain Laisyn Caar is shocked by the powerful, all- consuming desire she feels in his presence, but when she discovers the dark secrets of Xan's agenda, she'll have to determine whether the man she's starting to love is a friend of her people-or a dreaded enemy.

Veil of Shadows

Author : Brighid St. Bride
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Veil of Shadows

Author : Erin Hunter
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"With an impostor leading ThunderClan, threatening to exile any cats who challenge him, a small but growing group of cats must find a way to expose the truth and return ThunderClan's rightful leader-before the tensions among the Clans erupt into war"--

The Political Psychology of the Veil

Author : Sahar Ghumkhor
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Veiled women in the West appear menacing. Their visible invisibility is a cause of obsession. What is beneath the veil more than a woman? This book investigates the preoccupation with the veiled body through the imaging and imagining of Muslim women. It examines the relationship between the body and knowledge through the politics of freedom as grounded in a ‘natural’ body, in the index of flesh. The impulse to unveil is more than a desire to free the Muslim woman. What lies at the heart of the fantasy of saving the Muslim woman is the West’s desire to save itself. The preoccupation with the veiled woman is a defense that preserves neither the object of orientalism nor the difference embodied in women’s bodies, but inversely, insists on the corporeal boundaries of the West’s mode of knowing and truth-making. The book contends that the imagination of unveiling restores the West’s sense of its own power and enables it to intrude where it is ‘other’ – thus making it the centre and the agent by promising universal freedom, all the while stifling the question of what freedom is.

The Church of England Magazine

Author :
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The Red Veil

Author : Donald Gorman
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A beautiful, young bride is murdered at her wedding reception. The next day, one of the wedding guests makes a terrified call to her boyfriend, Neil. She claims to have seen a shadow wearing the blood-covered bridal veil found at the murder scene. Then, the girl disappears. There are many suspects in these two tragedies. Maybe it was Peter, the groom with the wandering eye. Perhaps it was Michelle, the Maid of Honor who seems a bit too fond of Peter. Maybe Neil found out his girlfriend’s secret. Perhaps it was the angry psychiatrist, his wife or her new lover. Most people think it might be Dylan. He’s the creepy office worker with a few unnatural, disturbing tastes of his own! The police must work their way through a growing number of shady suspects as rumors fly and tempers flare. But when more veil sightings and deaths occur, everyone must consider the possibility that nobody wants to face. Perhaps the bride has come back from the dead to take revenge on those who have wronged her!


Author : Aaron Overfield
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Dr. Jin Tsay’s revelation entices the military with a potential to uncover and disarm any covert threats. The government that funded the engineer’s classified project orders Tsay’s death, so they can solely and secretly possess his alluring technological consummation: VEIL Veil proves to be the purest, deepest form of espionage and anti-terrorism by endowing humankind with the ability to experience life through another person. Dr. Tsay's technology offers submersion into another’s mind; Veil provides a direct perception of their immediate thoughts, emotions, memories, and the rush of their most intimate senses. If it ever escapes the military’s relentlessly selfish grip, Veil swears to permanently alter the psychosocial, sexual, political, economic, and religious landscapes of our lives. Veil promises to usher in our ultimately unifying evolution: the New Veil World. Retribution for Dr. Jin Tsay’s assassination comes in the form of his widow, who races to deliver Veil unto the world and share it freely, before those who ordered her husband’s murder can exploit it. Wielding the inescapable force of Veil, Suren Tsay seeks to inflict justice upon all those responsible for her husband’s demise, culminating in an unforgiving, brutal, obsessive hunt for the elusive killer of the father of the New Veil World: the Great Jin Tsay. Taking Veil beyond limits Jin himself could’ve imagined, the revered Widow Tsay vows to get her revenge at any cost. Suren Tsay soon realizes she too must inhabit the world created by her husband’s invention and her own bloodlust. Suren must learn to live in the New Veil World. She must also fight to liberate it.

W E B Du Bois and The Souls of Black Folk

Author : Stephanie J. Shaw
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In this book, Stephanie J. Shaw brings a new understanding to one of the great documents of American and black history. While most scholarly discussions of The Souls of Black Folk focus on the veils, the color line, double consciousness, or Booker T. Washington, Shaw reads Du Bois' book as a profoundly nuanced interpretation of the souls of black Americans at the turn of the twentieth century. Demonstrating the importance of the work as a sociohistorical study of black life in America through the turn of the twentieth century and offering new ways of thinking about many of the topics introduced in Souls, Shaw charts Du Bois' successful appropriation of Hegelian idealism in order to add America, the nineteenth century, and black people to the historical narrative in Hegel's philosophy of history. Shaw adopts Du Bois' point of view to delve into the social, cultural, political, and intellectual milieus that helped to create The Souls of Black Folk.