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Velvet Goodbyes

Author : Emily Curtis
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Velvet Goodbyes is an ode to days long gone-the laughter, and tears that filled them- as well as all the days to come. This poetry collection explores ideas of sadness, loss, progression, empowerment, and aspiration. It serves as a dedication to cherished memories, and new ones to be made as life continues to change.

The Five Goodbyes

Author : Pat Ferguson Hanson
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When Molly was born, the Hansons didn't feel capable of raising their child with special needs. They had Molly baptized in the hospital and left empty handed, expecting to nurse broken hearts for a lifetime. But two days later, the Hansons went back to get Molly and bring her home. This is the story of the many goodbyes they have said to Molly throughout her young life. It is also the story of the challenges they've faced obtaining social services. It is a triumphant story of how the family -- including Molly -- has survived and thrived.

The Velvet Machine

Author : D. J. Blue; S. K. Black
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The Velvet Machine is a unique blend of thought-provoking essays, humorous anecdotes and real-life adventures as told by two of today's most bold and candid authors. In Part One, D.J. Blue (The Good Life Chronicles) features sociological food for thought in his Velvet Communique series. He tackles a variety of issues, including the root of all sociological evil, a hypothetical explanation of the sleep mechanism from a mathematical perspective, the meaning of dreams, as well as opinions on education, marriage, baseball, and glazed doughnut selection. In Part Two, newcomer S.K. Black paints a colorful, honest and sometimes amusing portrait of Midwestern culture. He also pushes the boundaries of decency with some eyebrow-raising poetry. But the cornerstone of Black's piece is his droll yet insightful narrative of a trip through America's heartland, where everything from Kansas cowgirls to Texas State Troopers is experienced and discussed. The Velvet Machine is a cerebral, boldly provocative, and sometimes amusing book which will make an impression on the reader and will not soon be forgotten.

The Goodbye Baby

Author : Elaine Pinkerton
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Adopted at age five, author Elaine Pinkerton hid the fact that her original parents didn’t want her. At age ten, she found comfort in keeping a diary and escaped into the world of books. Now, years later, Pinkerton revisits four decades of diaries and offers a look at her life and what it meant to her to be adopted. Based on those forty diaries, she shares her story in The Goodbye Baby. With diary excerpts included, as well as narrative, Pinkerton tells about her journey through the thorny issues of adoption, a search for healing, and an inspiring finale. Praise for The Goodbye Baby “The Goodbye Baby is a touching story that will inspire readers, whether or not adoption played a part in their lives. Elaine Pinkerton demonstrates how we can come to understand our inherent worth, regardless of early circumstances.” —Jann Arrington Wolcott, Author, Brujo “So many of us appear fine on the outside. Yet internally we are struggling with a negative belief we developed in childhood, a self-invalidating perception that colored the experiences that followed. The Goodbye Baby reveals a wonderful accomplishment: the full-grown woman who has come to see that she is gem!” —Martha Davis, Licensed Psychotherapist, Santa Fe, New Mexico “In The Goodbye Baby, Elaine Pinkerton reveals the ‘bruises of adoption’ that impacted her from the tender age of five. Through excerpts from personal journals she kept for forty years, we experience her frustrations and successes as she strives to be ‘good enough’ for her beloved adoptive parents and in all areas of her later life.” —Rosemary Zibart, Journalist and Author, Far and Away

A Song to Say Goodbye

Author : Bee Rowse
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To surrender your baby boy under duress to the care of strangers, and to lose another child to illness only days after giving birth, are two of the greatest tragedies any woman can be faced with. In this heart-stopping family saga, emotional upheavals and dramatic disclosures are the key points in a vivid, pacy narrative stretching from 1940s Yorkshire to 1960s Ireland, a cattle station in the wilds of Northern Australia, and the booming British music scene of the 1970s and '80s. Sophia Bertucelli, our fiery heroine, has a strange way of falling for the wrong man - including a murderous bully called Stephen Howard. But when comforting words from a handsome teenage boy call to mind a long-lost love from Yorkshire, Sophia wonders. could this be the first link in mending the broken chain of her life?

Amelia Island S Velvet Undertow

Author : Jane Marie Malcolm
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Amelia Island's VELVET UNDERTOW,The Goodbye Lie Series - Carolena Dunnigan witnesses the unthinkable and her safe, secure life on Amelia Island, Florida turns to ashes. Vowing to save her siblings, she seeks work and is lured to Charleston, South Carolina. Lust, love, and decades of lies do fierce battle, driving her into Pennsylvania's deadly Johnstown Flood of 1889. It scours away secrets of the past, but will anyone survive the churning undertow of it all? "Engaging historical romance Known to her admirers as GRACIOUS JANE MARIE [of], the author has written a delightful story with THE GOODBYE LIE. Set in the late 1800's , the story takes off to far away shores-and far away desires, lies, and deceit. I look forward to the next [novel in the series], VELVET UNDERTOW." - Jennifer Wardrip for

Between Goodbyes

Author : Anita Bunkley
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In Between Goodbyes, Anita Bunkley tells the unforgettable story of a beautiful survivor with everything to offer--and to lose. . . Long, lean, and exotically beautiful, Afro-Cuban Niya Londres has achieved a great deal since coming to America ten years ago. Through talent and hard work, she's climbed her way to the top of her glittering career as the star of a hit Broadway musical. Now she's planning her lavish Acapulco wedding. There's just one hitch--she hasn't said "yes" to any of the three men who have popped the question! Tremont Henderson, a gifted jazz musician with a checkered past, was the first to capture Niya's heart. Broadway producer and her long-time manager Granger Cooper holds a claim on her affections as the man who made her a star. And then there's Astin Spencer, a tanned and devilishly sexy entrepreneur who unexpectedly came into Niya's life. . . Three men anxiously await her answer. Which will Niya choose? As Niya carefully weighs her decision, she discovers that all she's ever dreamed of might not be what she really wants. . . Praise for Anita Bunkley and Mirrored Life. . . "A touching story of betrayal and redemption. . .entertaining, fulfilling. . .a joy to read." --Connie Briscoe, New York Times bestselling author "A breakout. . .[an] absorbing story. . .you won't be able to put down." --Tananarive Due Anita Bunkley has spent more than a decade writing fiction and nonfiction, while lecturing on topics related to career advancement, personal promotion, attitude adjustment, and making dreams come true. She is the author of nine published novels, two novellas, two nonfiction books, and a short story written exclusively for the Internet. She was also an NAACP Image Award nominee in 2000 for her contribution to the anthology, Girlfriends. She lives in Houston, Texas with her family.

The Velvet Coup

Author : Daniel Lazare
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Argues that the Constitution is responsible for subverting democracy in America, discussing the problems caused by the separation of powers and advocating for the end of constitutional constraints.

A Velvet Scream

Author : Priscilla Masters
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Staffordshire DI Joanna Piercy is on the hunt for a nightclub-going sexual predator in this gritty British mystery that “doesn’t settle for easy answers” (Publishers Weekly). With her wedding day approaching, Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy doesn’t need the stress of a disciplinary hearing—or the disapproval of her soon-to-be in-laws. She’d welcome nearly any distraction from her complicated life. But she takes no joy in the grim realities of her current case. On a snowy December morning, fourteen-year-old Kayleigh Harrison is found outside Patches nightclub in Leek. Nearly naked and half dead from the cold, she says she has been raped. As Joanna investigates, she uncovers Kayleigh’s history of unsubstantiated allegations against her stepfather. But there are possible links to a similar rape case six months previously. And when another underage girl disappears from the same nightclub, the disturbing pattern of a predator begins to emerge.

Red Velvet Kisses

Author : Sherelle Green
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Love is the one event that can never be planned… Meeting gorgeous Micah Madden while lingerie shopping leaves event planner Lexus Turner embarrassed yet intrigued. The charismatic security expert awakens a sensual side that Lex had put on hold ever since her first marriage imploded. Only a man like Micah could make her feel this good, which is why she is determined to keep her distance. Sweet, shy and sexier than she knows…Lex is driving Micah crazy. Hiring her firm to plan a family party, he sets out to uncover all the tantalizing passion behind her buttoned-up facade. But getting through to Lex is harder than he thought. And Micah will have to open up in ways the reformed rebel never dared before to show Lex how deliciously satisfying a real love between them could be….


Author : Holly Charles
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Ludie, a young unwed mother escapes the harsh realities of being not only a woman in the early 1920s, but also having to endure the imprisonment of being born in the wrong skin. While Ludie seems indifferent to the oppression surrounding her, she finds comfort and a new life by disappearing down a dusty Southern road. As mothers do, Ludie passes down a slew of insecurities and skewed ideals to three generations of women. Finding forgiveness instead of fault, each generation is forced to deal with her mother's pas in order to build upon her own future. Velvet is a series of vignettes chronicling poignant conversations and pivotal moments in the lives of women, all connected by blood, circumstance and the common tug-of-war that is mother/daughter.

Black Velvet

Author : Sarah King
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Velvet is a young Arabian mare. She lives on a humble farm with her two friends: Graham the Friesian stud and Pete the Clydesdale. Despite being happy in her surroundings, Velvet feels left out. She can see that her breed is different in size and strength compared to the breeds of the other horses. Velvet tries very hard to be like the other horses, but is unsuccessful at her attempts. This makes her feel sad and disheartened. One day however, Velvet is offered an opportunity to become a race horse. She is nervous at first and resists the idea of leaving her home to embark on this new adventure. After much encouragement from her friends however, Velvet bucks up the courage to take the opportunity presented to her. With a leap of faith Velvet soon discovers a world where she not only fits in, but becomes a first class sensation.

Velvet 1

Author : Ed Brubaker
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ED BRUBAKER and STEVE EPTING redefined Captain America with the 'Winter Soldier' saga... and everything they've done so far has been leading to VELVET! When the world's best secret agent is killed, Velvet Templeton, the Personal Assistant to the Director of the Agency, is drawn off her desk and back into the field for the first time in nearly 20 years... and is immediately caught in a web of mystery, murder and high-octane action. Sexy and provocative, with a dark twist on the spy genre, this EXTRA-LENGTH first issue by two of the industry's best-selling creators will knock you out!

Black Velvet

Author : Carrie Alexander
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BLAZE Red-hot reads from Temptation! She has a secret life that must remain secret Amalie Dove: A shy librarian causes a sensation writing very sexy stories under the name Madame X. When the media turns on the spotlight, it's her glamorous friend Lacey who plays the role of famous author of the Black Velvet books. Thomas Jericho: A cynical journalist uncovers the true identity of Madame X. But he isn't ready to expose her. Not until he first exposes those passions that obviously burn beneath little Amalie Dove's demure exterior…. But it's Jericho's walls that come tumbling down.

Velvet Crossovers

Author : Nicholas Timko, Jr.
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A story of what happened to the author's family and the Czechoslovak nation during a pivotal moment in history, as the Iron Curtain began to fracture, as the sun began to set on the Soviet empire, and as Communist Czechoslovakia changed forever. It is said that history repeats itself. One can recall Russian tanks rolling through Czechoslovakia in 1968 and again in this 1989 story; only to see those same, frightful images replayed in Georgia in 2008 and the Ukraine in 2014.

Velvet Angel

Author : Jude Deveraux
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She came to him as a precious gift, a naked angel rolled in a rug. Once he gazed into her green eyes, saw her tangle of honey blonde hair, he was undone with passion. Elizabeth would never surrender. He was a hated Montgomery -- she was a Chatworth -- and the blood war between their families raged on, a wildfire of rape, murder, and betrayal. Elizabeth vowed to fight the handsome lord, to resist the burning desire in his eyes -- no matter how great the temptation.

velvet heights

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Uptight The Velvet Underground Story

Author : Gerard Malanga
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The best-selling definitive history of The Velvet Underground. Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest rock books ever published, it first appeared in 1983 and has remained in print in several languages ever since. Written and compiled by Victor Bockris and Gerard Malanga, Up-Tight is based on interviews with all four members of the Velvets, as well as others who became part of Andy Warhol’s circle of artistic collaborators.

Velvet Corner Blue

Author : Meryl McQueen
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The Velvet Sofa

Author : Judy Pappalardo
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