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Video Game Influences on Aggression Cognition and Attention

Author : Christopher J. Ferguson
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This book addresses the ongoing scientific debates regarding video games and their effects on players. The book features opposing perspectives and offers point and counterpoint exchanges in which researchers on both sides of a specific topic make their best case for their findings and analysis. Chapters cover both positive and negative effects of video games on players’ behavior and cognition, from contributing to violence and alienation to promoting therapeutic outcomes for types of cognitive dysfunction. The contrasting viewpoints model presents respectful scientific debate, encourages open dialogue, and allows readers to come to informed conclusions. Key questions addressed include: · Do violent video games promote violence? · Does video game addiction exist? · Should parents limit children’s use of interactive media? · Do action video games promote visual attention? · Does sexist content in video games promote misogyny in real life? · Can video games slow the progress of dementia? · Are video games socially isolating? Video Game Influences on Aggression, Cognition, and Attention is a must-have resource for researchers, clinicians and professionals as well as graduate students in developmental psychology, social work, educational policy and politics, criminology/criminal justice, child and school psychology, sociology, media law, and other related disciplines.

Video Games and Well being

Author : Rachel Kowert
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This book examines how video game mechanics and narratives can teach players skills associated with increased psychological well-being. It integrates research from psychology, education, ludology, media studies, and communication science to demonstrate how game play can teach skills that have long been associated with increased happiness and prolonged life satisfaction, including flexible thinking, openness to experience, self-care, a growth mindset, solution-focused thinking, mindfulness, persistence, self-discovery and resilience. The chapters in this volume are written by leading voices in the field of game studies, including researchers from academia, the video gaming industry, and mental health practitioners paving the way in the field of “geek therapy.” This book will advance our understanding of the potential of video games to increase our psychological well-being by helping to mitigate depression, anxiety, and stress and foster persistence, self-care, and resilience.

Violence in American Society An Encyclopedia of Trends Problems and Perspectives 2 volumes

Author : Chris Richardson
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While many books explore specific issues such as gun violence, arson, murder, and crime prevention, this encyclopedia serves as a one-stop resource for exploring the history, societal factors, and current dimensions of violence in America in all its forms. This encyclopedia explores violence in the United States, from the nation's founding to modern-day trends, laws, viewpoints, and media depictions. Providing a nuanced lens through which to think about violence in America, including its underlying causes, its iterations, and possible solutions, this work offers broad and authoritative coverage that will be immensely helpful to users ranging from high school and undergraduate students to professionals in law enforcement and school administration. In addition to detailed and evenhanded summaries of the key events and issues relating to violence in America, contributors highlight important events, political debates, legal perspectives, modern dimensions, and critical approaches. This encyclopedia also features excerpts from such important primary source documents as legal rulings, presidential speeches, and congressional testimony from scholars and activists on aspects of violence in America. Together, these documents provide important insights into past and present patterns of violent crime in the United States, as well as proposed solutions to those problems. Addresses all aspects of violence in American society, past and present, including societal factors and legal, political, and law enforcement responses Includes lists of research resources for additional study Highlights insightful primary documents of key events and patterns of violence in America Features contributions from prominent scholars in a wide range of fields related to crime, violence, and law

Video Games Crime and Next Gen Deviance

Author : Craig Kelly
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The ebook edition of this title is Open Access, thanks to Knowledge Unlatched funding, freely available to read online. Drawing on the emerging deviant literature perspective, this book explores a range of culturally embedded harms and other activities to offer new insight on the idea that video games are intertwined with forms of deviancy.

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology

Author : Shannon Vallor
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The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology gives readers a view into this increasingly vital and urgently needed domain of philosophical understanding, offering an in-depth collection of leading and emerging voices in the philosophy of technology. The thirty-two contributions in this volume cut across and connect diverse philosophical traditions and methodologies. They reveal the often-neglected importance of technology for virtually every subfield of philosophy, including ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, and political theory. The Handbook also gives readers a new sense of what philosophy looks like when fully engaged with the disciplines and domains of knowledge that continue to transform the material and practical features and affordances of our world, including engineering, arts and design, computing, and the physical and social sciences. The chapters reveal enduring conceptual themes concerning technology's role in the shaping of human knowledge, identity, power, values, and freedom, while bringing a philosophical lens to the profound transformations of our existence brought by innovations ranging from biotechnology and nuclear engineering to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and robotics. This new collection challenges the reader with provocative and original insights on the history, concepts, problems, and questions to be brought to bear upon humanity's complex and evolving relationship to technology.

The human factor in esport

Author : Morten Saxtorff Andreasen
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If you want to master your game, you must first learn to master yourself. The world of esport is developing at a constant velocity, paving the way for technological competitions across the globe. The athletes participating at all levels are facing immense opportunity and serious difficulties. How can we meet these opportunities and problems in a way that lets us grow as individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations? This book examines how psychology can help esports athletes, coaches, managers, and organizations build durable and long-lived careers. By using essential psychological theory and method, it explores how you can make the most of your gaming, and reach the top of your capabilities, both in-game and IRL. The book features two parts: First, a theoretical walkthrough of how psychology can help the esports world, with considerations about the typical esports careers, team development, and personal development. Secondly, a dive into methods and models to use psychological theory from sports psychology and business psychology to develop yourself and your team (all models and methods from the exist in a printable version in the appendix of the book). When you have read this book, you can expect to have a greater understanding of the psychological factors of esport. You will have gained tools to develop yourself and your team in tune with sports - and business psychological research from the last five decades. If you take the time and effort to practice these new insights and tools, you will be on your towards mastering yourself - to master your game!

HCI in Games Experience Design and Game Mechanics

Author : Xiaowen Fang
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This two-volume set LNCS 12789 and 12790 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on HCI in Games, HCI-Games 2021, held as part of the 23rd International Conference, HCI International 2021, which took place in July 2021. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. The total of 1276 papers and 241 posters included in the 39 HCII 2021 proceedings volumes was carefully reviewed and selected from 5222 submissions. The papers of HCI-Games 2021, Part I, are organized in topical sections named: Experience Design in Games; User Engagement and Game Impact; Game Mechanics.

Taming Gaming

Author : Andy Robertson
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Video games can instil amazing qualities in children – curiosity, resilience, patience and problem-solving to name a few – but with the World Health Organisation naming gaming disorder as a clinically diagnosable condition, parents and carers can worry about what video games are doing to their children. Andy Robertson has dealt with all of the above, not just over years of covering this topic fo newspapers, radio and television but as a father of three. In this guide, he offers parents and carers practical advice and insights – combining his own experiences with the latest research and guidance from psychologists, industry experts, schools and children's charities – alongside a treasure trove of 'gaming recipes' to test out in your family. Worrying about video game screen time, violence, expense and addiction is an understandable response to scary newspaper headlines. But with first-hand understanding of the video games your children love to play, you can anchor them as a healthy part of family life. Supported by the Family Video Game Database, Taming Gaming leads you into doing this so that video games can stop being a point of argument, worry and stress and start providing fulfilling, connecting and ambitious experiences together as a family.

Digital Games and Mental Health

Author : Rachel Kowert
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Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population Technology Design and Acceptance

Author : Qin Gao
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This two-volume set constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population, ITAP 2021, held as part of the 23rd International Conference, HCI International 2021, held as a virtual event, in July 2021. The total of 1276 papers and 241 posters included in the 39 HCII 2021 proceedings volumes was carefully reviewed and selected from 5222 submissions. ITAP 2021 includes a total of 67 papers; they focus on topics related to designing for and with older users, technology acceptance and user experience of older users, use of social media and games by the aging population, as well as applications supporting health, wellbeing, communication, social participation and everyday activities.