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Vintage Cisneros

Author : Sandra Cisneros
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Vintage Readers are a perfect introduction to some of the great modern writers presented in attractive, accessible paperback editions. “Sandra Cisneros knows both that the heart can be broken and that it can rise and soar like a bird. Whatever story she chooses to tell, we should be listening for a long time to come.” —The Washington Post Book World A winner of the PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature and the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, Sandra Cisneros evokes working-class Latino experience with an irresistible mix of realism and lyrical exuberance. Vintage Cisneros features an excerpt from her bestselling novel The House on Mango Street, which has become a favorite in school classrooms across the country. Also included are a chapter from her novel, Caramelo; a generous selection of poems from My Wicked Wicked Ways and Loose Woman; and seven stories from her award-winning collection Woman Hollering Creek.

Sandra Cisneros

Author : Raychel Haugrud Reiff
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Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican-American novelist and poet whose works appeal to a broad spectrum of American readers. When her first book was published in 1984, she broke new ground; today, Cisneros is a popular and admired writer around the world. She is also a dedicated activist who works tirelessly for Mexican-American causes. Readers of Sandra Cisneros will learn how Cisneros went from being a poor, underprivileged kid in the barrio to the internationally renowned writer she is today, as well as get an in-depth look at some of her most well-known works.

Paratexts and Performance in the Novels of Junot D az and Sandra Cisneros

Author : Ellen McCracken
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Part of a new phase of post-1960s U.S. Latino literature, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz and Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros both engage in unique networks of paratexts that center on the performance of latinidad. Here, Ellen McCracken re-envisions Gérard Genette's paratexts for the present day, arguing that the Internet increases the range, authorship, and reach of the paratextual portals and that they constitute a key element of the creative process of Latino literary production in 21st century America. This smart and useful book examines how both novelists interact with the interplay of populist and hegemonic multiculturalism and allows new points of entry into these novels.

Sandra Cisneros

Author : Karen Clemens Warrick
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"Discusses the life of Latina author Sandra Cisneros, including her childhood in Chicago, her path to becoming an accomplished author, and her work in the Latino community"--Provided by publisher.

A Study Guide for Sandra Cisneros s Abuelito Who

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A Study Guide for Sandra Cisneros's "Abuelito Who", excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Poetry for Students.This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Poetry for Students for all of your research needs.

A to Z of American Women Writers

Author : Carol Kort
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Presents a biographical dictionary profiling important women authors, including birth and death dates, accomplishments and bibliography of each author's work.

Encyclopedia of Motherhood

Author : Andrea O'Reilly
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In the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a distinct and established field of scholarly inquiry. A cursory review of motherhood research reveals that hundreds of scholarly articles have been published on almost every motherhood theme imaginable. The Encyclopedia of Motherhood is a collection of approximately 700 articles in a three-volume, A-to-Z set exploring major topics related to motherhood, from geographical, historical and cultural entries to anthropological and psychological contributions. In human society, few institutions are as important as motherhood, and this unique encyclopedia captures the interdisciplinary foundation of the subject in one convenient reference. The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource designed to provide an understanding of the complexities of motherhood for academic and public libraries, and is written by academics and institutional experts in the social and behavioural sciences.

A Reader s Guide to Sandra Cisneros s The House on Mango Street

Author : Ann Angel
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"An introduction to Sandra Cisneros's novel The House on Mango Street for high school students, which includes biographical background on the author, explanations of various literary devices and techniques, and literary criticism for the novice reader"--Provided by publisher.

Textual Mothers Maternal Texts

Author : Elizabeth Podnieks
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Textual Mothers/Maternal Texts focuses on mothers as subjects and as writers who produce auto/biography, fiction, and poetry about maternity. International contributors examine the mother without child, with child, and in her multiple identities as grandmother, mother, and daughter. The collection examines how authors use textual spaces to accept, negotiate, resist, or challenge traditional conceptions of mothering and maternal roles, and how these texts offer alternative practices and visions for mothers. Further, it illuminates how textual representations both reflect and help to define or (re)shape the realities of women and families by examining how mothering and being a mother are political, personal, and creative narratives unfolding within both the pages of a book and the spaces of a life. The range of chapters maps a shift from the daughter-centric stories that have dominated the maternal tradition to the matrilineal and matrifocal perspectives that have emerged over the last few decades as the mother’s voice moved from silence to speech. Contributors make aesthetic, cultural, and political claims and critiques about mothering and motherhood, illuminating in new and diverse ways how authors and the protagonists of the texts “read” their own maternal identities as well as the maternal scripts of their families, cultures, and nations in their quest for self-knowledge, agency, and artistic expression.

Latino Writers and Journalists

Author : Jamie Martinez Wood
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Provides short biographies of Latino American writers and journalists and information on their works.

The American Midwest

Author : Andrew R. L. Cayton
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This first-ever encyclopedia of the Midwest seeks to embrace this large and diverse area, to give it voice, and help define its distinctive character. Organized by topic, it encourages readers to reflect upon the region as a whole. Each section moves from the general to the specific, covering broad themes in longer introductory essays, filling in the details in the shorter entries that follow. There are portraits of each of the region's twelve states, followed by entries on society and culture, community and social life, economy and technology, and public life. The book offers a wealth of information about the region's surprising ethnic diversity -- a vast array of foods, languages, styles, religions, and customs -- plus well-informed essays on the region's history, culture and values, and conflicts. A site of ideas and innovations, reforms and revivals, and social and physical extremes, the Midwest emerges as a place of great complexity, signal importance, and continual fascination.

Negotiating Feminisms

Author : Eilidh AB Hall
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Class Definitions

Author : Michelle M. Tokarczyk
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"This book examines how working-class status intersects with other identities such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and region in the lives and works of the three authors named. Its introduction discusses widely recognized definitions of the working class and common traits of working-class literature. These include representations of working-class lives, providing a voice for the voiceless, representation of suffering caused by class inequities, and the use of working-class dialect. Working-class women's literature, in particular, reclaims women's bodies from overwork, sexual abuse, or degradation brought on by poverty." "The text then devotes a chapter to each author's life and writing, examining the distinct critical features of each writer's work, as well as the specific ethnic, regional, and personal dynamics that inflect her working-class experiences. Class Definitions includes unpublished interviews with each of the authors." "During the past decade, working-class literature has been recognized in national conferences as well as in anthologies. Yet there are stubborn tendencies to identify the working class with white male laborers and to see ethnic and working-class writing as distinct camps. This book argues for recognition of the varieties of working-class experience through its examination of three diverse authors and their texts. It highlights the specific working-class experience of each author, and thus avoids essentializing working-class women's lives and writings. Maxine Hong Kingston's writing was informed by her years in the anti-Vietnam War movement, as well as by her working-class background. Her recent work has reflected writing workshops with veterans. Sandra Cisneros's work represents women struggling with the Chicano code of machismo and the legend of La Malinche. Dorothy Allison has talked about her need to write against the stereotypes of poor Southerners as well as to be out about her lesbianism. Working-class women's literature is not propaganda or a blueprint, but rather might be compared to a tapestry as rich and multifaceted as the American multicultural landscape itself." "Class Definitions is informed by feminist, working-class, and literary theory, but written in a highly accessible and engaging prose. It will appeal to both scholars and the wide reading public that Kingston, Cisneros, and Allison each enjoy. Ultimately, the book provides a deeper understanding of each author's work and argues for a more nuanced appreciation of working-class women's literature. In lives characterized by material deprivation and social marginality, literature provides a glimmer of hope. For each of these writers, imaginative writing is not only a vivid representation of inequalities, but also an inspiring glimpse into possibilities."--BOOK JACKET.

The World of Sandra Cisneros

Author :
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Politically Writing Women in Hispanic Literature

Author : Martha Rubi
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This groundbreaking study explores feminist theory and literary criticism embedded in seventeen works by Hispanic American authors and Latina writers in the United States. The books bring out women's philosophic and historic concepts of becoming a woman politically in the public sphere of society. Philosophers like Luce Irigaray and Deleuze and Guattari have realized that woman's representation in philosophic discursions are missing. The universal "mankind" or the omnipresent "self" can no longer ignore that women have different experiences than man in both the private and public realm. Each aesthetic work whether novel, poem or short story brings a woman-centered concern written by a woman author. The first fourteen lie in diversity; historic, national, cultural and ethnic experiences that Hispanic women undergo daily or during times of social upheaval, mainly dictatorships. How they write imparts experience and action in her trials of becoming multiple selves or subjectivities which theorists and female critics alike identify is missing from two thousand years of Western Philosophy. The stories are unique as the introduction underlines the basis of the concept of becoming which women may embrace in writing themselves politically in literature. The last four works by U.S. Latinas is further problematized through the process of immigration. Hispanic women on their way to becoming Americans have many factors to consider: race, gender, ethnicity, education and social class, which applies to all the main woman characters in each selective work. The criterion is set in the Introduction and applied to work which inspired it. Written from a multicultural standpoint draws from an interdisciplinary perspective whether, psychology, economics, feminist theories, philosophy and history. The study intends to look at ways of thinking the woman question and how she defines herself in the process.

Celebrations and Connections in Hispanic Literature

Author : Andrea Morris
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The volume Celebrations and Connections in Hispanic Literature is itself a celebration of a tradition of scholarly dialogue in a relaxed, festive atmosphere. The articles included here began as papers presented at the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Biennial Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures, held in Baton Rouge Louisiana, February 23-24, 2006. Each of the authors responds in innovative ways to the idea of connecting texts, contexts, and genres, as well as to the disconnect that is often present between what we perceive as “Hispanic” identity and the experience of those left on the margin. Topics include “Celebrating and Rewriting Difference: (De)colonized Identities,” “Word and Image in the Spanish Golden Age,” and “Latin American Literature and Politics,” among others. The collection is demonstrative of current trends in Hispanic literary and cultural criticism, which are increasingly less bound by traditional regional and temporal constructs. While each author’s research is rooted in a specific socio-historic context, their combined contributions to the present volume provide a far-reaching perspective that expands the notion of “text” to go beyond the literary and engage a multitude of disciplines. “…it emphasizes the often illuminating connections among literary and cultural texts which can be drawn when one conceives of Hispanism and its literary and cultural fields as shaped by trends and issues, rather than divided by periods and regions (...) What strikes me most is the newness of each piece. While each is very well informed, none rehearses old historical or theoretical ground more than is absolutely necessary, but rather presents either a new or overlooked text or offers a new approach.” Leslie Bary, University of Louisiana, Lafayette “An impressive array of well-established and younger scholars has produced a volume whose scope is the entire Hispanic world extending from the Golden Age to the contemporary era. (...) This volume will be of interest to all scholars and critics of Hispanic literature as well as to historians and political scientists. Many of the essays challenge traditional assumptions about the colonization of the Hispanic world as well as the motivations for the revolutions for independence whose influence is still strongly alive in contemporary treatments of fundamental questions of national identity, race, class, and gender.” C. Chris Soufas, Jr., Tulane University

The American Literature CLEP Exam

Author : Bob*Star Publishing
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The House on Mango Street

Author : Sandra Cisneros
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The bestselling coming-of-age classic, acclaimed by critics, beloved by readers of all ages, taught in schools and universities alike, and translated around the world—from the winner of the 2019 PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature. The House on Mango Street is the remarkable story of Esperanza Cordero, a young Latina girl growing up in Chicago, inventing for herself who and what she will become. Told in a series of vignettes-sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous-Sandra Cisneros' masterpiece is a classic story of childhood and self-discovery. Few other books in our time have touched so many readers.

Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers

Author : Bella Vivante
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Covers more than sixty women who published significant fiction after 1945, with a brief biography, exposition of major works and themes, survey of critical reception, and references to primary and secondary sources for each.

My Wicked Wicked Ways

Author : Sandra Cisneros
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In this beautiful collection of poems, remarkable for their plainspoken radiance, the bestselling author of The House on Mango Street and winner of the 2019 PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature embraces her first passion-verse. With lines both comic and sad, Sandra Cisneros deftly-and dazzlingly-explores the human experience. For those familiar with Cisneros only from her acclaimed fiction, My Wicked Wicked Ways presents her in an entirely new light. And for readers everywhere, here is a showcase of one of our most powerful writers at her lyrical best.