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Vintage Hairstyles

Author : Emma Sundh
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From the finger waves of the romantic 1910s to the beehive of the rebellious 1960s, retro hair has made a comeback. Vintage Hairstyles presents all the tools, techniques, and step-by-step instructions needed to achieve eye-catching looks for every occasion. Trendsetters, hairstylists, and fashionistas will love creating elegant updos for special events or playful curls for everyday excursions. Featuring a history of beauty trends by the decades, a list of must-have hair products, and projects for making chic hair accessories, Vintage Hairstyles showcases classic beauty with a fresh twist.

Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s

Author : Bethany Jane Davies
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The 1940s were exciting times for women, heralding new looks and, crucially, new hair styles. Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s provides a complete guide to those hair styles. It takes a step-by-step approach to demonstrate how to achieve the styles for yourself or for your clients at home, in a salon or in the studio. More than thirty of the most common styles of the decade are illustrated with over 1,000 colour photographs and diagrams. It also charts the history of 1940s hair fashion and provides guidance on how best to achieve vintage looks for those wishing to re-enact, model or wear the classic styles of the era. Includes thirty step-by-step hair tutorials, and covers heat setting and wet setting with twenty pin-curl patterns. With further information on modern and traditional methods, troubleshooting, tips and tricks and a hair accessories guide this is the complete guide to recreating authentic hair styles of the 1940s. For vintage enthusiasts, students of hair and fashion, theatre designers and those looking to re-create the styles of the era. Superbly illustrated with over 1000 colour phtoographs and diagrams.

Vintage Hairstyling

Author : Lauren Rennells
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There was something very special and beautiful about women in the early- to mid-20th century. The way they dressed was elegant and the way they wore their hair was feminine. This book shows how to create so many of those hairstyles by taking hairstyles from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s and breaking them down into simple, easy-to-follow instructions. It uses brand new photographs and detailed directions. Not only a manual, it is also fun to read. The Finished Styles chapter of the book contains coffee table book quality images of models with their finished hairstyles. Sprinkled in introductions and throughout the book are interesting facts about the history of hairstyling, origins of styles, and information about starlets and performers who made the styles popular.

Vintage Wedding 101

Author : HowExpert
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Spanning the eras from the Titanic (1910s) to mid-century glamour (1950s), Vintage Weddings 101 shares a look at wedding trends and traditions from times gone by, offering lots of information to help you decide on your era and implement elements from that time period into your event. Full of helpful tips about how to choose an era, how to do your research, finding venues, picking vintage rings, authenticity, hair, makeup, music playlists- even how to build relationships and work professionally with your vendors, this is an invaluable resource for putting on a big or small classy, sophisticated affair. Combining old-fashioned advice with practical knowledge and guidelines for navigating the wedding planning process in a modern world, Vintage Weddings will help you focus on what’s important and what’s not so you can be well-rested, prepared, and relaxed on your wedding day. Dotted with real-life situations the author and her staff have encountered in her 10 years of attending and planning other peoples’ weddings and experiencing the horror of her own big day being ruined, this book is intended to not only help you put on the glamourous wedding of your dreams but to avoid pitfalls and possible problems along the way and afterwards. Plan your wedding timeline from 18 months down to the day of the event with confidence, manage expectations, and navigate the rocky situations with your vendors, the bridal party, family, friends, and even children like a pro. We wish you the very best as you plan your wedding! About the Expert Celia Morrissey is a historian, vintage enthusiast and designer. She has worked for over 10 years as a professional photographer and event designer. When it comes to weddings, she has been in the trenches on the wedding day with her clients through both extraordinary, heartwarming and also the unthinkable events. Celia has written this book because she wishes somebody had given her this kind of advice many years ago when her own wedding day was ruined. She has seen her clients struggle through navigating the planning and implementation process as well. Since her wedding day, one of Celia’s missions in life is to help other couples emerge from the wedding planning process to enjoy a successful, beautiful wedding day and enjoy beautiful photographs to remember it by for years to come. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

And Then We Danced

Author : Henry Alford
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“Captivating…equal parts memoir and cultural history, Henry Alford seamlessly interweaves heartwarming and hilarious anecdotes about his deep dive into all things dance” (Misty Copeland, The New York Times Book Review). When Henry Alford wrote about his experience with a Zumba class for The New York Times, little did he realize that it was the start of something much bigger. Dance would grow and take on many roles for Henry: exercise, stress reliever, confidence builder, an excuse to travel, a source of ongoing wonder, and—when he dances with Alzheimer’s patients—even a kind of community service. Tackling a wide range of forms (including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, tap, contact improvisation, Zumba, swing), Alford’s grand tour takes us through the works and careers of luminaries ranging from Bob Fosse to George Balanchine, Twyla Tharp to Arthur Murray. Rich in insight and humor, Alford mines both personal experience and fascinating cultural history to offer a witty and ultimately moving portrait of how dance can express all things human. And Then We Danced “is in one sense a celebration of hoofer in all its wonder and variety, from abandon to refinement. But it is also history, investigation, memoir, and even, in its smart, sly way, self-help…very funny, but more, it is joyful—a dance all its own” (Vanity Fair).


Author : Bhavna Champaneri
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On Trend Vintage is Bhavna's second book on hairstyles. Her fabulous, imaginative creations continue to wow people in the industry and is a fantastic inspiration for students. Focusing on the '40s, '50s and '60s, Bav puts a funky twist to the Vintage styles of each period. Be creative, be daring and never be afraid of hard work!

Style Me Vintage Hair

Author : Belinda Hay
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Vintage styles have never been more popular, with everyone from Madonna and Scarlett Johansson to Dita Von Teese indulging in retro glamour. Whether you want to style your hair for a special party or event, a night out, or just for fun, this must-have book has all you’ll need to recreate the decadence and fun of vintage styles. Filled with step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques, and detailed photographs for hairstyles from the 1930s to the 1960s, Style Me Vintage provides everything you’ll need to create authentic ‘do’s – whether you want to look like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake or Brigitte Bardot.

1940s Hairstyles

Author : Daniela Turudich
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Expanded and back in print, this popular resource to recreating authentic period hairstyles covers everything from short hairdos popular in the early 1940s to the cut-to-fit look made popular by Christian Dior in the late 1940s. Hundreds of vintage illustrations, photographs, and diagrams accompany detailed instructions and techniques for replicating the styles of the decade. Fun facts and trivia related to the hairstyles of the time are included, as is a look at wartime hair and regulations brought about by the government. Comprehensive lists of the beauty tools needed to create these hairdos, where to purchase the various hard-to-find items discussed, and hairstyles based on hair length and type are all included for those interested in revisiting the period beauty of the 1940s.

The Ice Pilots

Author : Michael Vlessides
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As seen on TV! The Ice Pilots follows renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways, and pilots who defy the cold and the competition by using WWII era propeller planes likes the DC-3 to haul vital fuel, supplies, and passengers to remote outposts across the world’s last great wilderness. From rookie pilots trying to earn their wings in sometimes hellish conditions to vintage planes that flew over Normandy on D-Day, The Ice Pilots brings its readers on an engaging romp through Arctic skies. Michael Vlessides braves bone-chilling temperatures, treacherous landings, and iconic owner "Buffalo” Joe McBryan’s famous temper to capture behind-the-scenes stories about the ice pilots, the crew, and the communities they serve. Weaving in history about bush pilots, plane crashes, and the north, he has crafted an entertaining, informative narrative about aviation, the lifeline of this remote world. Based on the top-rated Ice Pilots NWT television series now airing on The Weather Channel and in 12 countries around the world.

More Than a Rancher

Author : Claire McEwen
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Does he dare to follow her lead? Ballroom dancer Jenna Stevens is done with all things romance. It's so much more satisfying to focus on her career. That is, until she meets Sandro Salazar—a handsome, brooding small-town chef and sometimes rancher. Jenna is drawn to him immediately, but there's no way Sandro could fit into her fast-paced, urban life. Still, as she gets to know this reformed bad boy, she begins to wonder if maybe their two worlds can merge. One thing's for certain—Jenna will have to take the lead if she has any hope of Sandro seeing what's possible for the two of them…together.

The Little Bed Breakfast by the Sea

Author : Jennifer Joyce
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‘A charming and delightful read!’ Pretty Little Book Reviews One summer can change everything...

Style Me Vintage 1940s

Author : Liz Tregenza
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The next book in the successful 'Style Me Vintage' series is designed to inspire re-enactors and all those vintage aficionados who admire the classic looks of the 1940s. This beautiful and accessible book looks at how to source and put together 1940s outfits - from how to create the elaborate hairstyles and how to apply the correct make-up to sourcing the right accessories and authentic clothing, even undergarments. Featuring beautiful original photography, as well as inspirational vintage images, this beautiful book offers plenty of tips on getting the details right. Whether you are a fan of the make-do-and-mend looks of the wartime years, or a latter-day glamourpuss wishing to emulate the New Look styles of the post-war era, this book will inspire.

The Young Person s Guide to the Internet

Author : Kate Hawthorne
File Size : 54.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Young Person's Guide to the Internet is an easy-to-use internet reference book that brings the very best of the internet to young people, students, parents, schools and teachers. It contains over 1600 websites, meticulously researches and selected with educational and leisure-time needs in mind. Informative and entertaining, this handy guide will help you to unlock the vast potential of the World Wide Web, and shows how it can be used safely and effectively with young people of all ages. The websites are listed and summarised, and sorted into 30 categories, including all British National Curriculum subjects. The essential guide provides: - a wealth of resources to assist parents, schools and teachers with general studies, educational enquiries and as back-up for both study and recreation; - the best sites covering media, art and music, online games, theatre, attractions, sport, travel and much more; - special sections for parents and teachers; - comprehensive websitesummaries plus index Using this invaluable 'one-stop' guide will help you save time, effort and money, and do away with hours of wasteful internet surfing.

A Vintage Murder

Author : Janet L. Smith
File Size : 64.73 MB
Format : PDF
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In her third case, Seattle attorney Annie MacPherson travels to the winery of a long-lost friend, whose violent ex-husband may be responsible for a string of disasters at her vineyards, including a murder. Reprint.

Art Deco Hair

Author : Daniela Turudich
File Size : 25.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shares photographs of art deco hairstyles, with instructions on how to recreate the looks, including the bob, finger waves, and the shingle cut.

Impressive First Impressions

Author : Vu H. Pham
File Size : 54.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides systematic frameworks, insightful information, and practical tips that will help professionals and job seekers boost their first impression on others and increase their value to employers--both in the physical and virtual world. Geared toward any professional or job seeker, Impressive First Impressions: A Guide to the Most Important 30 Seconds (And 30 Years) of Your Career shows how to make your first impressions take hold in all contexts of daily professional life--from job interviews and client meetings to working in teams and persuading others of your ideas. Based on an extraordinary wealth of research and proven, effective techniques, Impressive First Impressions distills a vast amount of information into straightforward, practical steps. Part I covers the big picture--strategies and philosophies--while Part 2 gets down to specific "tactical and practical" advice for initial encounters of all kinds in the professional world. The concluding section for the advanced reader shows how to master the art of the first impression by embracing one's ACE (audience, culture, and environment), as well as how to approach the "virtual first impression" when initial introductions are made via telephone, teleconference, or the Web. * Illustrations and photographs * A rich bibliography of nearly 150 resources cited by the authors * A comprehensive index * Numerous checklists

Step by Step Wedding Hairstyles

Author : Bella Darby
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Are you tired of checking out wedding hairstyles and wonder how are you going to actually achieve it with your hair type on your wedding day? Don’t worry! This book has all the answers for your questions. Have this book and relax! This book gives you the option to choose a complete step by step guide to the 35 wedding hairstyles according to your hair type for your big wedding day. Every bride wants to be perfectly groomed on their big day and the hair style is a very important part of the grooming process. Finding the right style for you can be quite a big task as there are so many to choose from and many of them depend on the style, type and length of your hair. So, search for best and easy wedding hairstyles has come to an end. Finding the best and easy wedding hairstyles is hard! And it’s not your fault I know I have seen many women get stuck and wondering clueless when they reach to the point where they need the best and easy wedding hairstyle for their big wedding day. This is very crucial period where every bride has to look after every single thing of preparation for wedding right from arrangements to shopping. Searching the best and easy wedding hairstyle online and offline is very time consuming. Yes you are right that there are various and great wedding hairstyles online and here’s why You can easily find the wedding hairstyles photos from online websites and magazines. The best part is that there are very good and awesome wedding hairstyles photos. But, Famous hairstylist’s says you are wrong! Look, there are many famous hair stylists which found this method of searching unexplained finished work such as wedding hairstyle photo with final look is wrong. Even I found many women does the same thing and found themselves in a position where they regret later of what they have chosen or don’t even bother sometimes what their hair stylist has done for them. Hence, as a hair stylist I think it’s a sad thing to happen after a lot of time and energy being wasted behind it. I am surprised by this new idea about to writing a book about this After working as a hair stylist for so many years, I ponder about the whole process and come to conclusion that I can provide the solution where women needs a help to find the best and easy wedding hairstyles. With the help of some famous hair stylists and my decade of experience I have decided to write a book with step by step wedding hairstyles. Use this one book and you will find your best and easy wedding hairstyle In this book you will find 35 wedding hairstyles with step by step process which I have selected from various wedding hairstyles. I have chosen seven prime hair types and wrote five methods for each one so that you get complete variations to choose from. With this, I hope this book will help you to get your best and easy wedding hairstyle. Plus, get your free download No need to worry about your hair health, I wrote a short and very well enlightened book called “Ultimate Hair Care” which you can now download for a FREE! Yes find the link for it in this book itself. Get your copy now Download and get ready to find your best and easy wedding hairstyle for your big day. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. Tags: wedding hairstyles, wedding hair, bridal hairstyles, wedding hairstyles for long hair, wedding hair accessories, wedding hair styles, wedding hairstyles for short hair, wedding guest hairstyles, wedding hair pieces, wedding hair style, Indian wedding hairstyles, wedding hair updos, short wedding hairstyles, hairstyles for wedding, wedding hair and makeup, wedding hairstyles for medium hair, short hair wedding styles, wedding hairstyles for medium length hair, vintage wedding hairstyles, black wedding hairstyles, wedding hair down, wedding hairstyles for black women, wedding hair ideas, bridal hairstyles for long hair, hairstyles for wedding guests, wedding hairstyles updos, long wedding hairstyles, simple wedding hairstyles, curly wedding hairstyles, wedding hairstyles down, easy wedding hairstyles, hair for wedding, hairstyles for a wedding, long hair wedding styles, bridal hairstyles for short hair, wedding updo hairstyles, vintage wedding hair, wedding hair combs, beach wedding hairstyles, hair wedding


Author : Anita Clay Kornfeld
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Author : V. Vale
File Size : 43.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Swing!" is the first book to tell the history of the new swing movement sweeping the country. "Remarkably exhaustive, " ("New York Times"). Details bands, clothes, hairstyles, dancing, vintage cars, top 100 records, A-Z of swing bands--it's a "bible" for swing enthusiasts. "Definitive."--"Washington Post." 365 photos.

Virtual Vintage

Author : Linda Lindroth
File Size : 53.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Vintage clothing has never been more chic, with everyone from celebrity trendsetters to style-conscious professionals searching for wearable treasures from the past. Virtual Vintage is the first and only guide that helps both the novice and the fashion connoisseur evaluate and confidently participate in the thriving vintage marketplace that exists online. No other book explains how to get it, sell it, fix it, or wear it with flair. Authors Linda Lindroth and Deborah Newell Tornello equip readers from head to toe with • more than 100 chic sites—rated and evaluated • instructions on contacting sellers • smart strategies for bidding in online auctions • advice about evaluating the size, quality, and colors of a garment • tips for cleaning and repairing vintage items Whether you’re looking for a 1960s Rudi Gernreich knit, Gucci hipster trousers, a Claire McCardell for Townley shirtwaist, or a Chanel suit in pink wool with black patent-leather trim, Virtual Vintage will help you build a unique and sensational wardrobe.