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Visual Texture on Fabric

Author : Lisa Kerpoe
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Design one-of-a-kind art cloth for your favorite quilting, sewing, home décor, and garment projects! This comprehensive guide to water-based resist dyeing techniques makes the process easy to learn (and even more fun to play with) using textile artist Lisa Kerpoe’s test-driven instructions for creating depth on a flat surface. Create dimensional effects with ingredients like oatmeal, sugar, and soy wax—mix and match 8 resists with 7 application techniques for endless possibilities. Paint, stamp, stencil, splatter, layer…and come away with soft, touchable fabric. Materials for non-toxic resists are easy to find, starting with your kitchen cupboards!

Color Magic for Quilters

Author : Ann Seely
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Helps quilters to choose colors that work well together.

Visual Texture

Author : Michal Haindl
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This book surveys the state of the art in multidimensional, physically-correct visual texture modeling. Features: reviews the entire process of texture synthesis, including material appearance representation, measurement, analysis, compression, modeling, editing, visualization, and perceptual evaluation; explains the derivation of the most common representations of visual texture, discussing their properties, advantages, and limitations; describes a range of techniques for the measurement of visual texture, including BRDF, SVBRDF, BTF and BSSRDF; investigates the visualization of textural information, from texture mapping and mip-mapping to illumination- and view-dependent data interpolation; examines techniques for perceptual validation and analysis, covering both standard pixel-wise similarity measures and also methods of visual psychophysics; reviews the applications of visual textures, from visual scene analysis in medical applications, to high-quality visualizations in the automotive industry.

Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design

Author : Yong Gu Ji
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This volume discusses pleasurable design — a part of the traditional usability design and evaluation methodologies. The book emphasizes the importance of designing products and services to maximize user satisfaction. By combining this with traditional usability methods it increases the appeal of products and use of services.


Author : Judy Martin
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The Magic Garment

Author : Rebecca Cunningham
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This text provides a systematic overview of the process of costume design for the stage, & it takes the mystery out of a complex field.

The Power of Touch

Author : Elizabeth Pye
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Despite the fact that we have a range of senses with which to perceive the world around us, museums and other cultural institutions have traditionally used sight as the main way to convey information. In everyday life, though, we use touch constantly in conjunction with sight. Why, then, does it play so small a role in the study and enjoyment of museum objects? Contributors to this volume explore how the sense of touch can be utilized in cultural institutions to facilitate understanding and learning.

Industrial Fabric Products Review

Author :
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Color Moves

Author : Linda Kemshall
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With easy-to-use transfer paints and an iron, sewers and crafters alike can play with fabric painting in a fun and inexpensive way. Because designs are painted or stamped onto paper before they are transferred to synthetic fabrics, readers can experiment until they achieve the look they want. This easy-to-learn technique offers a wealth of new possibilities for quilts and other fabric-based projects.

Inside Design

Author : Julie Sulahria
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Interior Design Reference Manual

Author : David Kent Ballast
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The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certifies interior designers in the United States and Canada with a 13 1/2-hour, closed-book exam, offered every April and October. The exam is divided into three sections, each of which may be taken individually.The Interior Design Reference Manual is the designer's primary source for exam preparation. This manual provides an overview of the exam topics and practice problems, with solutions.Updated for the new NCIDQ exam format, the second edition of the Interior Design Reference Manual is the most efficient and thorough review for the interior design exam. Along with an explanatory review of exam topics, the Manual provides 233 exam-like practice problems (with solutions) and test-taking strategy. The book is enhanced by illustrations, tables and charts of data, and a detailed index.

Banners and Flags

Author : Margot Carter Blair
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A Banner Year

Author : Nancy J. Martin
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Author :
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Dress in a Postmodern Era

Author : Bette Elaine Henderson
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Design on Fabrics

Author : Meda Parker Johnston
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Author : Mary Wolfe
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- Covers cutting-edge technology that is moving the apparel industries forward at a fast pace, such as computer automation and the Internet. - Helps students learn the skills needed to become more personally fashionable and consumer-wise. - Discusses changing consumer market needs, such as entertainment combined with shopping, casual workplace dressing, and customization of garments. - Tells about industry consolidation, globalization, and environmental issues.

Ideas for Great Window Treatments

Author : Lynne Gilberg
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Offers advice on planning a window treatment, suggests solutions to decorating problems, and covers drapes, shutters, curtains, French doors, blinds, and swags

Interior Design Illustrated

Author : Frank Ching
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Francis D. K. Ching's illustrated introduction to interior design is now completely revised and even more clear and accessible than in the previous bestselling edition. His unique approach is more useful than ever, with a reformatted, larger trim size for easy reading and an all-new full color section! The book includes new and updated material on finishes, furnishings and textiles, lighting, sustainability, acoustics, workstations, and much more. Order your copy today!

Curtains draperies shades

Author : Christine Barnes
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For over three decades, readers have turned to Southern Living for the South's most reliable home and garden information. These great titles highlight the newest trends in home decorating, home repair, home improvement and outdoor building.