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Visual Texture

Author : Michal Haindl
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This book surveys the state of the art in multidimensional, physically-correct visual texture modeling. Features: reviews the entire process of texture synthesis, including material appearance representation, measurement, analysis, compression, modeling, editing, visualization, and perceptual evaluation; explains the derivation of the most common representations of visual texture, discussing their properties, advantages, and limitations; describes a range of techniques for the measurement of visual texture, including BRDF, SVBRDF, BTF and BSSRDF; investigates the visualization of textural information, from texture mapping and mip-mapping to illumination- and view-dependent data interpolation; examines techniques for perceptual validation and analysis, covering both standard pixel-wise similarity measures and also methods of visual psychophysics; reviews the applications of visual textures, from visual scene analysis in medical applications, to high-quality visualizations in the automotive industry.

Visual Texture on Fabric

Author : Lisa Kerpoe
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Design one-of-a-kind art cloth for your favorite quilting, sewing, home décor, and garment projects! This comprehensive guide to water-based resist dyeing techniques makes the process easy to learn (and even more fun to play with) using textile artist Lisa Kerpoe’s test-driven instructions for creating depth on a flat surface. Create dimensional effects with ingredients like oatmeal, sugar, and soy wax—mix and match 8 resists with 7 application techniques for endless possibilities. Paint, stamp, stencil, splatter, layer…and come away with soft, touchable fabric. Materials for non-toxic resists are easy to find, starting with your kitchen cupboards!

Adaptation to Visual Texture Gradients

Author : Lynn S. Robertson
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Effects of Visual Texture Grids and Platform Motion on Unpowered Helicopter Landings

Author : M. Dearing
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The Language of Graphic Design Revised and Updated

Author : Richard Poulin
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The Language of Graphic Design provides design students and practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental elements and principles of their language, graphic design: what they are, why they are important, and how to use them effectively. To communicate in a new language, you first have to gain a complete understanding of its fundamentals; the ABC’s of that language—definitions, functions, and usage. This book provides provides just these fundamentals for the language of graphic design, including chapters on symmetry, asymmetry, tone, contrast, proportion, and typography. Organized by the building blocks of the graphic design language, this reference includes work by some of the most successful and renowned practitioners from around the world and explains how they have applied these fundamental principles to their work. By examining both student and professional work, this comprehensive handbook is a more meaningful, memorable, and inspiring reference tool for novice design students, as well as young designers starting their careers.

Visual Texture Recognition Using Information Trees

Author : Darrell Roy Hougen
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Are Visual Texture selective Areas Recruited During Haptic Texture Discrimination

Author : Samantha K. Podrebarac
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Shape and texture provide cues to object identity, both when objects are explored using vision and via touch (haptics). Visual shape information is processed within the lateral occipital complex (LOC), while texture is processed in medial regions of the collateral sulcus (CoS). Evidence indicates that the LOC is consistently recruited during both visual and haptic shape processing. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine whether 'visual' texture-selective areas are similarly recruited when observers discriminate texture via touch. We used a blocked design in which participants attended to either the texture or shape of a number of 3-dimensional (3D) objects, via vision or touch. We observed significant haptic texture-selective fMRI responses in medial occipitotemporal cortex within areas adjacent to, but not overlapping, those recruited during visual texture discrimination. Our data demonstrate that occipitotemporal areas typically associated with visual processing are recruited during the perception of surface texture via touch.

Visual Information Processing VI

Author : Richard D. Juday
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Visual Forces

Author : Benjamin Martinez
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Channels in the Visual Nervous System

Author : Baruch Blum
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Approximate Spatial Layout Processing in the Visual System

Author : Michael Hucka
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Framework for Visualising Music Mood Using Visual Texture

Author : Adzira Husain
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Visual Arts as a Way of Knowing

Author : Karolynne Gee
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Offers guidelines to introducing children to the world of art and integrating art into their everyday lives, addressing approaches to line color in different art mediums while emphasizing the need for creativity and individuality.

Investigative Ophthalmology Visual Science

Author :
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Digital Image Processing and Visual Communications Technologies in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Author : Paul Janota
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Visual Arts Research

Author :
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Studies of the Visual Perception of Substance

Author : Ronald M. Pickett
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The aim of the research was to study man's ability to sense substantive properties of objects and materials just by looking at them. The results from three areas of study give no evidence that the perceptual process involved in substantive analyses of optical designs is any different from the process involved in abstract analyses. Apparently only a crude analysis is performed sufficient to name the object or material. Visual abstraction of fine substantive information may require textured displays. (Author).

Perceptual grouping and texture segmentation

Author : Mary Jauch Bravo
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Study Guide for A World of Art

Author : Henry M. Sayre
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