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Voices in the Evening

Author : Natalia Ginzburg
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Elsa, a young Italian woman, recounts her doomed affair with the son of a local factory owner

Voices in the Evening Translated by D M Low

Author : Natalia Ginzburg
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Voices in the Evening

Author : Natalia Ginzburg
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From one of Italy’s greatest writers, a stunning novel “filled with shimmering, risky, darting observation” (Colm Tóibín) After WWII, a small Italian town struggles to emerge from under the thumb of Fascism. With wit, tenderness, and irony, Elsa, the novel’s narrator, weaves a rich tapestry of provincial Italian life: two generations of neighbors and relatives, their gossip and shattered dreams, their heartbreaks and struggles to find happiness. Elsa wants to imagine a future for herself, free from the expectations and burdens of her town’s history, but the weight of the past will always prove unbearable, insistently posing the question: “Why has everything been ruined?”

Voices of the evening

Author :
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Evening Voices To which is Added Sunday Register for a Year

Author : Evening Voices
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Voices of Prayer

Author : Twenty-Third Publications
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Words do not always come easily when we want to talk with God. Inside this small book are dozens of prayers to help you find your voice. Though woven around the liturgical year, they can be used at any time and opened to any page, whenever your heart yearns for an encounter with God. Also included are the traditional prayers of the Church, as well as memorable prayer words for special occasions and feast days.

A Song at Evening

Author : Richard Rodney Bennett
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Voices of the Evening

Author : Travis E. Breeding
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This is a journal entry written by Travis about what the voices and hallucinations are saying to him tonight. This journal entry is from May 1st, 2016. Travis talks about hearing voices telling him to punish himself because he has not had a date. Locked inside his room to be safe from all of the people waiting outside to hurt him Travis journals about what life with schizophrenia is like for him. The voices tell Travis to self-harm by cutting his wrists. Travis is smart enough to know that these are voices and he tries very hard not to listen to them. He does a good job when he is on his medication but if he runs out of medicine then the voices get meaner and tell him bad things to do to himself. For some reason the voices and hallucinations tell Travis he must punish himself for having autism. Travis is not sure where these hallucinations come from but they seem very real to him. Travis shares very honestly and openly what it is like to live with Schizophrenia and hear these voices. The voices are rarely nice but sometimes they can be when he is on medication. The voices told Travis tonight that he is not good enough to get a girlfriend and he should be punished for not having a girlfriend. Travis is ignoring these silly voices tonight and will continue to fight hard. This book is just a journal entry of what the day might be like for someone with Schizophrenia. Here is an excerpt from this book. "Dating is hard enough for me because I have autism. I do not need these voices saying negative things to me trying to make dating even harder for me. Can you imagine being on a date or at a job interview and having these insanely annoying voices there with you that only you can hear and others cannot hear? You are the only one that can hear them. Your date is unable to hear them and the manager doing the job interview is unable to hear them but you can hear them. It is like there is a third party with me wherever I go and sometimes I just want them to leave me alone. Autism is easy to live with compared to Schizophrenia but these are the voices I have been hearing today. I will argue with them and tell them that I am good enough and I do not need to date because I am a whole person and I love myself. I will not let the voices win. I will defeat them and celebrate my victory."

Evening Voices To which is Added Sunday Register for a Year Selected and Arranged by the Author of Sunset Thoughts

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The Evening Hymn newly arranged for three voices and an accompaniment for the organ or piano forte by J Paddon

Author : Thomas Tallis
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