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VW Kubelwagen Schwimmwagen VW Type 82 Kubelwagen 1940 45 VW Type 128 166 Schwimmwagen 1941 44

Author : Chric McNab
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Few war films made about the 1939-45 period are complete without sight of a boxy little Kübelwagen light utility vehicle being smartly driven by a German officer. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen, the ‘Kübel' was to the Germans what the Jeep was to the Allies and was used widely by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS. When production ceased at the end of the war, 50,435 Kübelwagen had been built. Of simple but sturdy construction, the VW Type 82 Kübelwagen (which translates as 'bucket car' because of its similarity to a metal bathtub on wheels) was based closely on the legendary VW Beetle. Its winning design features included air cooled engine (the absence of a radiator meant the engine was less vulnerable to bullet damage), a light-weight, flat and smooth under-body that allowed the car to slide over the surface when its wheels were sinking into sand, mud or snow, independent suspension, portal gear hub reduction and self-locking differential. Because the body was not a load-bearing part of the structure of the vehicle it could easily be modified to special purposes. Several dozen variants of the 'Kübel' were developed and built during the war including its cousin the Schwimmwagen. The VW Type 128 and 166 Schwimmwagen (which means floating or swimming car) were amphibious four-wheel drive off-roaders. Like the Kübel, they were used widely by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS during the Second World War. The Type 166 Schwimm is the most numerous mass-produced amphibious car in history (14,265 between 1942 and 1944). Erwin Komenda, Ferdinand Porsche's first car body designer, developed an all-new unitized body-tub structure for the Schwimmwagen swimming car. When crossing water a screw propeller could be lowered from the rear deck engine cover and coupled to the engine's crankshaft to provide drive. The ‘Schwimm' also shared many of the Kübel's mechanicals. The appeal of the Kübel lived on long after the war's end when a derivative version, the Volkswagen Type 181, was manufactured by VW from 1968 to 1983. This was a two-wheel drive, four-door, convertible, off-road military vehicle, which had been developed for the German Army but was also sold to the civilian market as the Kurierwagen in Germany, the Trekker in the UK, the Thing in the US, and the Safari in Mexico. In recent years both the Kübel and Schwimm have acquired something of a cult status among military vehicle collectors worldwide, particularly in Europe (eg, Germany, Poland Czech Republic, Switzerland), the UK and US. There are literally dozens of Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen enthusiast/owner/interest groups! About 150 original Type 166 Schwimmwagens remain today.

German Military Vehicles of World War II

Author : Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage
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This volume presents a cross-section of the most common transport vehicles produced and used by the German army. Tanks plus auxiliary vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, ambulances, trucks and tractors made it possible for the troops to keep moving. These lightly armored or unarmored vehicles—aka “soft skins”—operated behind the front lines, maintaining supply lines, connecting armies with their home bases, and ultimately determining the outcome of battle. Beginning with the development of military vehicles in the early 1930s, this volume discusses the ways in which this new technology influenced and, to some extent, facilitated Hitler’s program of rearmament. Nomenclature, standard equipment, camouflage and the combat roles of the various vehicles are thoroughly examined. Individual vehicle types are arranged and discussed by the following classifications: cars and motorcycles; trucks and tractors; half-tracks and wheeled combat vehicles. Accompanied by well-researched, detailed line drawings, each section deals with a number of individual vehicles, describing their design, manufacture and specific use.

German Tanks of World War II

Author : Michael Green Thomas Anderson Frank Schulz
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The most fearsome tanks of WWII roll across the front lines in this fabulous color collection! The story of German tank evolution is depicted in rare color photos, including first-hand accounts of tank battles, plus detailed specifications. Light Panzer I and II tanks; medium Panzer III, IV and V tanks; and heavy Panzer VI, Tiger I and II tanks are featured, as well as a variety of tank support vehicles.

German Military Transport of World War Two

Author : John Milsom
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Lorries and cars of the German Army, 1933-1945.

World War II Trucks and Tanks

Author : John Norris
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Many thousands of different types of vehicles were used by the armies during the Second World War for various roles, including the fighting vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks. Today these are very popular with enthusiasts who restore these historic vehicles to their pristine state and attend specialist gatherings around the country and across Europe. This interest extends to America where there are many owners of historic vehicles. This book sets out to introduce some of the better known examples of these preserved vehicles and also some of those which are not so well known. This range includes trucks to keep the armies supplied, ambulances, motorcycles, armoured cars and of course the impressive range of tanks from the smallest to some of the largest. Some vehicles are so rare that examples have been recreated using original designs and together with the original vehicles their history is told in this book. From jeeps to tanks, landrovers to ambulances, this is the perfect book for recreating, restoring and exploring the history of these vehicles that were vital to the war effort.

World War II Wehrmacht Vehicles

Author : Jan Suermondt
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The interest in historic military vehicles has grown worldwide over recent years, and shows devoted to these vehicles now attract thousands of visitors. Ironically, owing to the work of restorers, collectors and enthusiasts, there are more vintage types on display and accessible to the public now than ever before. Here, Jan Suermondt offers a gallery of more than 200 photographs detailing over twenty-five period motorcycles, cars, trucks, guns, half-tracks and tanks. This stunning collection includes a full study of the legendary Tiger tank, as well as a wide range of armoured half-tracks, and will be essential reading for all those interested in German military vehicles. AUTHOR: Jan Suermondt is a photographer with a keen interest in military vehicles, and he has enjoyed unrivalled access to the Wheatcroft collection for the photographs in this book. 200 colour photos

Volkswagen Beetle

Author : William Burt
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This all-color book details the ubiquitous Beetle, from its beginnings in Germany, through its introduction in the United States in 1949, to the demise of the coupe in 1976 and the convertible in 1979, through the introduction of an all-new Bug. Burt lays out the complete evolution of this unique automotive milestone from "People's Car" to counterculture icon.

Volkswagen Beetle

Author : Simon Parkinson
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The World of Automobiles

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German Armoured Warfare of World War II

Author : Ian Baxter
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Starting from the Blitzkrieg period, when Nazi Germany unleashed its mobile armored divisions into Poland, France and the Low Countries, German Armored Warfare of World War II captures the full might of the Panzerwaffe, Hitler's Panzer arm, from its early triumphs to its final demise. Featuring previously unpublished photographs, many of which have come from the albums of individuals who experienced the war firsthand, the book presents a unique and vivid record of German armor in action from 1939 - 1945. The photographs detail in turn the different elements that went into making up a fully fledged Panzer division: light tanks, main battle tanks, artillery, assault guns and anti tank destroyers, reconnaissance units, support vehicles, and of course the Panzergrenadiers. in depth descriptive captions accompanying the photographs also provide much historical information and facts about the events portrayed. Depicting action from the fields of France to the Russian steppes and rugged Italian terrain, German Armored Warfare of World War II is a captivating glimpse of one of the most effective weapons of war ever to have appeared on the battlefield.

American Fighter bombers in World War II

Author : William Wolf
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Lost in the air combat and air ace fanfare of World War II was the dangerous, unheralded and vital role played by USAAF fighter-bomber pilots over the Mediterranean and northwest Europe. Four times as many pilots were lost during strafing and ground attack sorties than were lost against the Luftwaffe in aerial combat. This extensive book is the first in-depth examination of American air-to-ground attack and explores numerous aspects of the subject. The three priorities of the fighter-bomber - air superiority, interdiction and close air support along with combat reports and pilot narratives - are put into the context of the various ground operations. The fighter-bomber pilot risked his life every day against the thickest flak in the war to deprive the enemy of vital reinforcements and supplies, altering his strategy and movement. AUTHOR:

Cars Parts

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Author : Mike McCarthy
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History of the Automobile

Author : Peter Roberts
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The Action Era Vehicle

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Military Vehicles of World War 2

Author : John Church
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Describes the history and development of the trucks, jeeps, tank transporters, ambulances, amphibians, and other vehicles used to provide support for the various armies in World War II

Military Vehicles of WW II

Author : Outlet
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Examines the extensive class of transport vehicle not covered by the term 'Armored Fighting Vehicle'.

The World of model cars

Author : Vic Smeed
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Paperbound Books in Print 1993 6 Vol

Author : Bowker Editorial Staff
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