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The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery The voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772 1775

Author : James Cook
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The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery The voyage of the Endeavor 1768 1771

Author : James Cook
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The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery

Author : J.C. Beaglehole
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Captain James Cook?s first two voyages of exploration, in 1768-71 and 1772-75, had drawn the modern map of the South Pacific Ocean and had opened the door on the discovery of Antarctica. These expeditions were the subject of Volumes I and II of Dr J.C. Beaglehole?s edition of Cook?s Journals. The third voyage, on which Cook sailed in 1776, was directed to the Northern Hemisphere. Its objective was the discovery of ?a Northern Passage by sea from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean? - the North-west Passage, sought since the 16th century, which would have transformed the pattern of world trade. The search was to take Cook into high latitudes where, as in the Antarctic, his skill in ice navigation was tested. Sailing north from Tahiti in 1778, Cook made the first recorded discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. On March 7 he sighted the Oregon coast in 44° N. The remarkable voyage which he made northward along the Canadian and Alaskan coasts and through Bering Strait to his farthest north in 70° nearly disproved the existence of a navigable passage towards the Atlantic and produced charts of impressive accuracy. Returning to Hawaii to refit, Cook met his death in a clash with the natives as tragic as it seems unnecessary. Dr Beaglehole discusses, with sympathy and insight, the tensions which led Cook, by then a tired man, into miscalculations alien to his own nature and habits. The volume and vitality of the records, both textual and graphic, for this voyage surpass those even for Cook?s second voyage. The surgeons William Anderson and David Samwell, both admirable observers, left journals which are also here printed in full for the first time. The documentation is completed, as in the previous volumes, by appendixes of documents and correspondence and by reproductions of original drawings and paintings mainly by John Webber, the artist of the expedition. In Dr Beaglehole?s words, ?no one can study attentively the records of Cook?s third, and last, v

Voyages of Discovery and Research Within the Arctic Regions from the Year 1818 to the Present Time

Author : Sir John Barrow
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Voyages of Discovery

Author : Lynne Withey
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Examines the three voyages of Captain Cook into the Pacific, discusses the impact of European and Polynesian cultures on each other, and reviews the scientific discoveries of the voyages

William Robert Broughton s Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific 1795 1798

Author : Andrew David
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Edited and richly annotated by Lt Cdr Andrew David, this volume offers for the first time a complete transcript of the handwritten journal kept by William Broughton on his voyage to the North Pacific (1795-1798), together with supplementary letters and the journal of Broughton's journey across Mexico (1793). An extensive introduction by Professor Barry Gough places the voyage in its historical context. Broughton had first visited the North Pacific in 1792 in command of the brig Chatham during Vancouver's voyage. When negotiations between Vancouver and Juan Francisco Bodega y Quadra reached an impasse, Broughton was sent back to London to seek fresh instructions, travelling across Mexico and returning to Europe in Spanish ships. Back in London in July 1793 he was appointed in command of the sloop Providence with orders to rejoin Vancouver in the Pacific, taking with him the astronomer John Crosley.

A Voyage of Discovery Into the South Sea and Beering s Straits for the Purpose of Exploring a North east Passage

Author : Otto von Kotzebue
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A Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere

Author : François Péron
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A Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions

Author : Alexander Fisher
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Journal of William Parry's first voyage.

Remarks on the Account of the Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffin s Bay

Author : Sir Edward Sabine
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Second part of the book is titled 'An Explanation of Captain Sabine's Remarks on the Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffin's Bay'.