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Finding the Light in the Darkness

Author : Keela Vaughn
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Join me on a ten-year journey through some dark times in my life. Times that I felt helpless, stressed, bitter, and depressed as a result of my husband's illness. I have no magic spell to help others, but I feel God has given me these trials so that I can tell my story and help someone who might be going through the same thing. This life can be full of so many dark times. Please walk down this path with me and follow the light one step at a time, which will help us find our way! Let me share with you how through my trials God led me to finding the light in the darkness!

A Walk on the Light Side of Darkness

Author : Clarence Martin Green
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The Heir of Heaven Walking in Darkness and the Heir of Hell Walking in Light Being the Substance of a Sermon from Isaiah 1 10 11 Third Edition

Author : Joseph Charles PHILPOT
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Walking in the Light Step by Step Through 1 John

Author : Daniel P. Fuller
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Walking in the Light provides the serious Bible student with a detailed exegesis of the message of 1 John and with a deliberate examination of how interpretational decisions are made. Daniel Fuller, Professor of Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary, demonstrates not only the importance of clearly presenting one’s understanding of the author’s intended meaning, but also the necessity of producing persuasive arguments from the text to support one’s conclusions. So Walking in the Light enables a deeper comprehension of the joy of fellowship John sought when he wrote his letter, while it enhances the reader’s ability to engage with John’s writing.

Daily Triumph

Author : Jeff Pepper
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The devotional Daily Triumph features at least one message from each book of the Bible. Also included is Ruth; the book of redemption and Colossians; the book telling of Christ as the supreme and all-sufficient one. Besides this you will find eighteen devotional messages on the work of the Holy Spirit inter-mingled throughout. Finally, each devotional features "Today's Hymn." This is the title of a hymn so that you can reflect on the song. Read through it, give it some thought, and may the Lord use it to put a song in your heart.Jeff Pepper was born and raised in Sterling, Illinois. After graduating from high school, and going out on his own to earn a living, he started attending church. He did not attend regularly though, because the church he tried did not seem to line up with what he read in his Bible at home. While working at his place of employment a man was hired that talked to him about spiritual things. This man invited him to visit the church he went to; which was Faith Baptist Church in Sterling, Illinois. This church preached the truth of God's Word. Therefore, after attending for about a year he realized this was indeed what he had been seeking. So in July of 1978 he accepted Christ as his Savior, and went on to serve faithfully there. He later married and started raising a family. He, his wife Sheila, and daughters Janna and Michelle now reside in Shannon, Illinois, In April of 2001 the Lord laid on his heart a burden to put together a devotional book using messages from pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Christian educators, and others in full-time Christian service. Now, almost ten years later this devotional is here.

Learning to Walk in the Dark

Author : Barbara Brown Taylor
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In this long awaited follow-up to the best-selling An Altar in the World, Barbara Brown Taylor explores 'the treasures of darkness' that the Bible speaks about. What can we learn about the ways of God when we cannot see the way ahead, are lost, alone, frightened, not in control or when the world around us seems to have descended into darkness? Contemporary culture throws many brightly lit distractions at us to divert our attention away from the dark, but Barbara Brown Taylor combines her great grace, sensitivity and insight as a writer and priest with the deep wisdom of the biblical and Christian traditions to discover how God is more present to our vulnerable, open night-time selves than to our pre-occupied daylight selves.


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God s Revelation of Sound Light Darkness

Author : Doc Bic
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DoC BiC's history as a disciple of Christ is long and complex. His life as a physician, surgeon and career military officer (Colonel) was built upon a spiritual foundation dating as far back as he can remember, or as he puts it: "at least since a toddler on my mother's lap in devoted church life." Doubting that he ever did consciously not believe in God, and Christ as his Savior, he does note his public formal declaration as early as around the age of twelve, already well into a Christian life of worship. Growing up in the projects of Bradenton, Florida afforded the early honing of prayer skills and spiritual warfare. And, his subsequent migration through various Protestant denominations and Catholicism helped him develop a mature view of the commonality of true worship as well as an appreciation of the divisiveness of bias within the body of Christ. He credits non-biblical doctrine and tradition as a severe stumbling block until God finally rescued him from it. Now, as he makes his rounds through non-denominational fellowships, his grey-haired perspective advances into senior mentoring and blessing of his brothers and sisters, in his love for the Kingdom of God. Long ago recognizing his calling into the office of Teacher, he has pursued his studies and support intermixed with his secular careers, always devoted to staying attuned to God's next mission for him. He partners with a devoted wife of 36 years who wears a mutually beneficial gifted intercessory prayer calling, as well as being blessed by gifted callings upon his children, equally beneficial and mutually supportive. His only pursuit today is to "Be Still," hear his Father's voice, and then move out: "I was born into death, I died into birth, and now I live in immortality to serve my Father."

Light Prevailing and Expelling Darkness or a vindication of that most noble principle the Light of Christ in Men etc

Author : William Robinson (member of the Society of Friends.)
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The Expositor s Bible Commentary Abridged Edition New Testament

Author : Kenneth L. Barker
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All the verse-by-verse insights of the 12-volume Expositor's Bible Commentary - in 2 convenient volumes. When you want to dig more deeply into the meaning of God's Word, a good expository Bible commentary is ideal. You want more than a simple, one-volume commentary that just scratches the surface. But you don't want a time-consuming multi-volume set laden with fine points you can't use. The Expositor's Bible Commentary Abridged Edition is tailor-made for you. Based on the critically acclaimed Expositor's Bible Commentary used by pastors, students, and scholars across the world, this two-volume abridged edition offers you the full, penetrating, verse-by-verse commentary of the 12-volume series while leaving out needless technical details. Marshalling the knowledge of fifty-two top biblical scholars, it brings tremendous insight to your Bible studies. Covering the Old and New Testaments in separate volumes, this commentary features: Verse-by-verse exposition of the entire Bible 250 in-text charts, maps, tables, and pictures Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbers for cross-referencing the Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance and other G/K-numbered resources

Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls The

Author : Fitzmyer, Joseph A., SJ
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Written for interested readers as well as students of the Bible, this book emphasizes the importance of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From Darkness into the Light

Author : Patrick Jay Clay
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At one point or another all of us have been stuck in what seems to be an unending dark tunnel of fear and uncertainty. We experience problems that seem to have no end. It is as if we are walking in the Darkness. This book is a true story of two people, one who landed in prison, the other plotting how to end his young life. In the book From Darkness into the Light Patrick Jay Clay reveals how powerful the Word of God is, especially for those walking in darkness; you will see changes made in his son who landed in prison, changes that brought him and others out of the darkness of sin and desperation to a life in the light of Christ. The second part of this book is how one teenager unknowingly intervened and prevented the planned suicide of another, and how other lives were changed because of that one interaction. The final chapter is the concert that brings it all together. So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11) ESV See how this verse is proven in the changes made to David and Timothy, there is power in the Bible. See the proof for yourselves. Stop feeding your problems with fear and the lack of God in your life. Begin to read and understand his word, place it in your heart and believe that God through Jesus will prevail in your life. Many have not because they ask not; all you have to do is ask and believe in faith through Jesus. Do not limit God by what you do not know, read, study and get to know the Bible. Just as proven in this book, God is always on time, and the Bible is true. Prove it to yourself. Commit your life to Jesus and walk in the light!

Is Your Jesus the Bible Jesus

Author : Marie (Fowler) York
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Have you ever felt that something is just not as it ought to be in Christianity today? Yet you’re afraid to give voice to the feeling. You wonder, “Would saying so be speaking against God?” Don’t be afraid. In God’s Word, Old Testament and New, whenever things got off the track, God Himself was the first one to say so. That’s the only way God can keep the Church clean: by exposing the problem and then giving the remedy. A great example of this is found in the seven letters to the Asian congregations recorded in Revelation 2 and 3. This book is an exposé of modern Christendom’s getting off the track, a clear description of just what the track is, and how believers can get back on it. It also shows how failing to do so will result in eternal loss. Don’t be afraid to examine your faith. Jesus actually commands us to do so. Embark on the brave Bible adventure of making your calling and election sure. You’ll be glad you did.

A Life Between Light and Darkness

Author : Beth Shelnutt
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This poetry book contains a neat balance of light and dark poetry. Poems range from feelings of utter hate to those of pure love. Hopefully this book will contain enough poems to satisfy the curious buyer. Some would even say the author has a strange way displaying certain emotions through fictional monsters.

Light of Darkness

Author : Lonnie Davidson
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Kyle Ross has been having the same dream on repeat, for a month now. A dream of war, between the light and the underworld. A dream of blood. A dream of death. Last night, the dream came to an end. Finally, his mind can be at ease and he can focus on what’s important in his life; school, girls and his upcoming birthday. That is until more ominous and vivid dreams plague him, and he is casted into the hidden world of darkness. Now things are going crazy. A demonic messenger of war has appeared in the city, stirring up trouble. Kyle’s family secrets are being thrusted in his face, and he, like the world, may be more than what he seems. Will Kyle be torn apart by the rising darkness or will he be able to find himself and save those he loves from the impending storm.

A Glimpse of Light for Some who Think They Walk in Darkness and Have No Light Showing how the Light Shineth in Darkness Though the Darkness Comprehendeth it Not

Author :
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Daily Words of Encouragement to Live by

Author : Jim Bostic
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Life for many people does not offer much to be celebrated. Finances are tight, relationships have gone badly, health concerns have risen, children are becoming unmanageable, and it has caused many people to feel defeated. The Daily Words of Encouragement will lift the broken hearted, give hope to the hopeless, and bring healing for your soul.

Father of Darkness Vs the Father of Light

Author : Elder Antoinette Nelson
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Elder Antoinette Nelson was born to John and Thomasena Nelson in the Bronx, N.Y. She graduated from Adali E. Stevenson High School. Antoinette is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which is an international honor society for two-year colleges. She graduated from The Bible Church of Christ Theological Institute, which is located in the Bronx, N.Y. However, she received her Bachelor in Ministry from Anchor Theological Seminary, Texarkana, Arkansas. Currently, she is pursuing her master's degree at Manhattan Bible Institute, New York, N.Y. Antoinette received her ministerial license from Green Pasture Baptist Church in the Bronx, N.Y. She became an ordained Elder while she was a member at Victory Temple in Bridgeport, C.T. Currently, she is an Elder at St. Peter Deliverance Center in the Bronx, N.Y. In 1995, Antoinette appeared on "Spiritual Regeneration." This was a cable television program on "Bronxnet." Antoinette operates in several gifts of the Spirit. However, she loves teaching the Bible. She taught adult Sunday school and weekly Bible study. She was also involved in deliverance ministry, prison ministry, street ministry and hospital ministry. She has spoken at several women's and youth conferences.

From Darkness Into Light

Author : KC Love
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I am not the subject of the book. The book is an attempt to reveal the journey from being a sinner to becoming a saint, a true authentic child of God. God is the focus in all my endeavors. Although part of my life is reflected to express this laborious achievement, it is not my autobiography, but a testimony. Have you ever been trapped in a place you did not want to be, could not explain where you were or knew where to go? This was day to day for me in this life of darkness. I did not have answers nor did I know anything else existed... I just needed to be free. I was trapped in bondage with a void in my life then one day I heard of Jesus. Thank God He set me free. Giving Him my hand and allowing His light to show me the way, I received salvation and BORN new life. This was the end and the beginning of my life, the end to my life running around on earth doing as I wanted to do, not heeding to God's gentle Voice and unction for my life. And the beginning to the death process of the life that I knew, being strong, independent and my own person. The price has been paid and we are not saved by our works, but casually living through this Christian walk in this dark, dark world will not sustain you. In this book, identify the struggles and trials some will face, but know that you are not walking alone. Your heavenly Father not only walks along side you, but in times of great sorrow He carries you mind, body and soul. Walk in the light of the Lord and no darkness shall come near you.

Walking In Darkness Hath No Light

Author : Reverend Richards a I P C [M a C a ]
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This book starts with a chance for you to be part of a "Christian Entrepreneurship Group" is far from being normal for some! it is extremely unconventional for some readers, while for some more mature persons this will be refreshingly honest and to the point.A great Pastors, teachers, book, and will leave you with meditations lasting for years to come and guessing if and when the world is coming to an end? There are no predictions of doom and gloom, but plenty of reasons to rejoice if we are not walking in darkness! Is this a normal process for every Christian to go though a period of darkness? well read and find out and be delightfully refreshed in the power of the inspired word of God. This is part of a series of 20 books that is yet to be printed, and still in the making.This book purchase is raising funds for evangelism in Philippines, and help to meet the needs of victims of loss of house & lively-hood through earthquakes and bad storms they have endured.(we can all help this way)