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Warning Shots Just a Cop and Vanishing Tracks

Author : Dave Donaldson
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A Warning Shot

Author : Tim Brookes
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For everyone who dreads going to work on Monday mornings, inspiring advice on how to find fulfilling work in an uncertain age. Do you hate Mondays? If so, what's keeping you at your current job? If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you're in for a big disappointment. In today's volatile economy, there is nothing safe about punching the clock for a job you hate. As beloved talk-show host and bestselling author Dan Miller reveals, the only way to find true security is by following your calling and then finding or creating work that matches that calling and passion. No More Mondays’s practical, inspirational advice speaks to people looking for guidance on how to launch a new career or business, those who want to stay in their current jobs and give the old 9-to-5 model a twenty-first-century makeover, and managers desperate to understand the way people want to work today. For all of them, Dan Miller's message is loud and clear: If you're one of those people who dread going to work on Mondays, do something about it!

Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 2005

Author : Yoram Dinstein
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The "Israel Yearbook on Human Rights"- an annual published under the auspices of the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University since 1971- is devoted to publishing studies by distinguished scholars in Israel and other countries on human rights in peace and war, with particular emphasis on problems relevant to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The "Yearbook" also incorporates documentary materials relating to Israel and the Administered Areas which are not otherwise available in English (including summaries of judicial decisions, compilations of legislative enactments and military proclamations). Volume 35 contains articles on the topic of Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism.

Warning Shot

Author : Jenna Kernan
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When an agent teams up with a local sheriff, she doesn’t realize his secret could endanger their lives… With Homeland Security on high alert, Rylee Hockings heads into the field to thwart a foreign threat. But local county sheriff Axel Trace doesn’t want the newbie federal agent treading on his turf. As he learns to accept her help, the stakes rise as he realizes he’ll have to reveal a secret that could jeopardize her case—and cost them their lives.

Border Violence

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on International Law, Immigration, and Refugees
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The Army Lawyer

Author :
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Evaluating Police Uses of Force

Author : Seth W. Stoughton
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Provides a critical understanding and evaluation of police tactics and the use of force Police violence has historically played an important role in shaping public attitudes toward the government. Community trust and confidence in policing have been undermined by the perception that officers are using force unnecessarily, too frequently, or in problematic ways. The use of force, or harm suffered by a community as a result of such force, can also serve as a flashpoint, a spark that ignites long-simmering community hostility. In Evaluating Police Uses of Force, legal scholar Seth W. Stoughton, former deputy chief of police Jeffrey J. Noble, and distinguished criminologist Geoffrey P. Alpert explore a critical but largely overlooked facet of the difficult and controversial issues of police violence and accountability: how does society evaluate use-of-force incidents? By leading readers through answers to this question from four different perspectives—constitutional law, state law, administrative regulation, and community expectations—and by providing critical information about police tactics and force options that are implicated within those frameworks, Evaluating Police Uses of Force helps situate readers within broader conversations about governmental accountability, the role that police play in modern society, and how officers should go about fulfilling their duties.

Operation Desert Storm

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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A Balance of Forces

Author : Kenneth J. Matulia
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This study examines the issue of police use of deadly force. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) obtained 10 years of FBI data for 57 cities on police 'justifiable homicide' (as defined by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports), conducted a 54-city survey of police departments, and analyzed written policies to identify factors involved in deadly force incidents. The study found that departments with sufficient numbers of street supervisors providing tactical guidance and manpower support have a lower incidence of use of deadly force, as do departments having management policy directives regarding stakeout units. Other contributing factors to lower deadly force rates appear to be use of smaller caliber weapons and review of deadly force incidents by police chiefs. Model policy guidelines to assist police executives in exerting maximum control over use of deadly force in their units were developed after review of model standards on deadly force issued by the FBI, American Law Institute, President's Commission, IACP, Institute of Government Affairs, and American Bar Association.

Shooting to Kill

Author : Simon Bronitt
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The present book brings together perspectives from different disciplinary fields to examine the significant legal, moral and political issues which arise in relation to the use of lethal force in both domestic and international law. These issues have particular salience in the counter terrorism context following 9/11 (which brought with it the spectre of shooting down hijacked airplanes) and the use of force in Operation Kratos that led to the tragic shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. Concerns about the use of excessive force, however, are not confined to the terrorist situation. The essays in this collection examine how the state sanctions the use of lethal force in varied ways: through the doctrines of public and private self-defence and the development of legislation and case law that excuses or justifies the use of lethal force in the course of executing an arrest, preventing crime or disorder or protecting private property. An important theme is how the domestic and international legal orders intersect and continually influence one another. While legal approaches to the use of lethal force share common features, the context within which force is deployed varies greatly. Key issues explored in this volume are the extent to which domestic and international law authorise pre-emptive use of force, and how necessity and reasonableness are legally constructed in this context.