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Warships of the Soviet Fleets 1939 1945

Author : Przemyslaw Budzbon
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Seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War the details of Soviet ships, their activities and fates remain an enigma to the West. In wartime such information was classified and after a brief period of glasnost (‘openness’) the Russian state has again restricted access to historical archives. Therefore, the value – and originality – of this work is difficult to exaggerate. It sees the first publication of reliable data on both the seagoing fleets and riverine flotillas of the Soviet Navy, listing over 6200 vessels from battleships to river gunboats, and mercantile conversions as well as purpose-built warships. Divided into three volumes, this first covers major surface warships down to MTBs and armored gunboats, as well as submarines. For every class there is a design history analyzing strategic, tactical and technical considerations, and individual ship detail includes construction yard, key building dates, commissioning, fleet designations, relocations and ultimate fate. Once a closely guarded secret, the wartime loss of every ship and boat (over 1000) is described. Furthermore, the confusion caused by frequent name changes is clarified by indexes that run to 16,000 items. By following the ships through both their wartime and earlier history, the book reveals many aspects of Russian history that remain highly sensitive: clandestine co-operation with Weimar Germany and fascist Italy, the NKVD-enforced closure of Soviet borders, the ‘Gulag Fleet’, the faked Metallist sinking that excused the military occupation of Estonia, and the ill-conceived pact with Nazi Germany. Restrictions recently imposed on historical publications in Russia mean this book could certainly not have been published there – as proven by the fact that most of the authors' Russian collaborators preferred not to disclose their identities. This is undoubtedly one of the most important naval reference works of recent years and will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in warships, the Soviet Navy or wider maritime aspects of the Second World War.

The Laird Rams

Author : Andrew R. English
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Built in Birkenhead, England, in 1862 to 1865, the "Laird rams" were two innovative armored warships intended for service with the Confederate Navy during the Civil War. The vessels represented a substantial threat to Union naval power, and offered the Confederacy a potential means to break the Union blockade of the Southern coastline. During 1863, the critical year of the Confederacy's last hope of recognition by the British and French, President Lincoln threatened war with Britain if the ships ever sailed under Confederate colors. Built in some secrecy, then launched on the River Mersey under intense international scrutiny, the ships were first seized, and then purchased by Britain to avoid a war with the United States. These armored warships were largely forgotten after the Admiralty acquired them. Historians rarely mention these sister warships--if referred at all, they are given short shrift. This book provides the first complete history of these once famous ironclads that never fired a shot in anger yet served at distant stations as defenders of the British Empire.

The British Battleship 1906 1946

Author : Norman Friedman
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The British battleship is one of the most intensely studied of all naval topics, but it is also among the most popular. Norman Friedman is one of the most highly regarded of all naval writers, with an avid following for his work. Therefore, a new book on British battleships by Friedman is a major event, and has been eagerly awaited ever since knowledge of the project began to circulate among enthusiasts.Friedman has the ability to bring new ideas to even the most over-worked subjects, based on extensive original research and a talent for explaining technology in the wider context of politics, economics and strategy. His latest book covers the development of Royal Navy capital ships, including battlecruisers, from the pre-history of the revolutionary Dreadnought of 1906 to the last of the line, HMS Vanguard in 1946. Repleat with original insights, the story that emerges will enlighten and surprise even the most knowledgeable.The attraction of the book is enhanced by sets of specially commissioned plans of the important classes by John Roberts and A D Baker III, both renowned experts in their own right, plus a colour section featuring the original Admiralty draughts, including a spectacular double gatefold.For many with an interest in warships, this will be the book of the year.

Ships Monthly

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British Battleships 1889 1904

Author : R A Burt
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This volume brings to completion the reissue of R A Burt's magnificent bestselling three-volume history of British battleships, and it covers the pre-dreadnought era which has, in recent years, acquired a new and fervent following.??The Russian war scare of 1884 and the public's anxiety about the Royal Navy's ability to fight a modern war at sea resulted in the Naval Defence Act of 1889 and a vast programme of warship construction. Over the next twenty years a fleet of 52 battleships was built, construction finally interrupted by the revolutionary Dreadnought design. In this new volume, the author presents full details of design and construction, armament, protection, machinery and performance, all backed up with accurate data tables listing design figures, trials results, and full particulars at different stages in the ships' careers. The history of each battleship is chronicled and the reader is reminded of their major contribution in the First World War. They bore the brunt of the action at the Dardenelles, bombarded the Belgium coast, patrolled the North Sea and the Channel, reinforced the Italian Fleet, and served in East Africa, the East Indies and the White Sea. Most were extensively modified during the War and this variety has made them of special interest to the historian, enthusiast and ship modeller.??With the addition of many new photographs from the author's massive collection, this new edition is simply a 'must-have' addition to every naval library.

Warship 2020

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For over 40 years, Warship has been the leading annual resource on the design, development, and deployment of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors, this latest volume combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery, and much more, maintaining the impressive standards of scholarship and research with which Warship has become synonymous. Detailed and accurate information is the keynote of all the articles, which are fully supported by plans, data tables, and stunning photographs.

Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1696 1860

Author : Eduard Sozaev
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Peter the Great created a navy from nothing, but it challenged and soon surpassed Sweden as the Baltic naval power, while in the Black Sea it became an essential tool in driving back the Ottoman Turks from the heartland of Europe. In battle it was surprisingly successful, and at times in the eighteenth century was the third largest navy in the world - yet its history, and especially its ships, are virtually unrecorded in the West.??This major new reference work handsomely fills this gap, with a complete and comprehensive list of the fleet, with technical detail and career highlights for every ship, down to small craft. However, because the subject is so little recorded in English, the book also provides substantial background material on the organisation and administration of the navy, its weapons, personnel and shipbuilding facilities, as well as an outline of Russia‰Ûªs naval campaigns down to the clash with Britain and France known as the Crimean War.??Illustrated with plans, paintings and prints rarely seen outside Russia, it is authoritative, reliable and comprehensive, the culmination of a long collaboration between a Russian naval historian and an American ship enthusiast.??EDUARD SOZAEV is an established Russian naval historian with a number of books to his credit. JOHN TREDREA, his translator, editor and long-term collaborator, is an American ship enthusiast with a life-long interest in the Russian navy.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Part 1 A Group 1 Books New Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The Fold Series Books 1 3

Author : Nick Adams
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The Fold Series: it’s like the love child of The Martian and Red Dwarf – with a pinch of Star Trek thrown in for extra flavour! The Initial Fold (Book 1) What would you do if you materialised inside an alien starship? It’s 2049, and NASA-sponsored physicist Edward Virr is on the cusp of man’s greatest breakthrough – the ability to fold space and travel faster than light. He personally tests NASA’s futuristic prototype fold ship with a hand-picked crew. But as disaster strikes the first mission, Ed begins to suspect that he isn’t the only one developing the new technology. Discovering there’s a lot more at stake than first contact, Ed soon realises that Earth’s very survival depends on his ability to solve a crime of galactic proportions. Join Edward Virr and his rag-tag crew as they undertake their first space adventure into the depths of the Milky Way. The Andromedan Fold (Book 2) The crew of your starship are being systematically slaughtered. What do you do? The galaxies ruling council have lost two ships, thousands of light years distant on the outer fringe of the Milky Way. A civilian exploration vessel and the military ship sent to find it have disappeared without a trace. Edward Virr and the crew of the sentient starship Gabriel are tasked with a mission to discover what happened. They find, not only the two misplaced ships but a secret to intergalactic travel, the biggest invasion fleet ever assembled and a ruling alien race so cruel, it could end all of humankind. Join, Ed and company, for their second crusade into the depths of uncharted space. Only this time the team are alone, two and a half million light years from home, they’re being hunted, and nothing it seems goes to plan. The Messier Fold (Book 3) To protect your family’s secrets, how many people would you murder? Planet Earth’s first maximum security jail break involving a cloaked spacecraft necessitates Edward Virr and the crew of the sentient starship Gabriel to give chase. Emboldened by the addition of Andrew’s father, a retired FBI investigator, they pursue their quarry over 250 million light years through a recently discovered galactic gateway – and find themselves immediately fighting for survival. Two races, at war for millennia over lust for power and greed, don’t take kindly to strangers appearing in their midst and push our heroes’ abilities so far, it culminates in an unspeakable tragedy. Meanwhile, their quarry have problems of their own…

The Great Ship

Author : Ernle Bradford
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The evolution of the battleship through centuries of war, told by a nautical expert and author of The Mighty Hood. During its reign from the sixteenth century to the mid-twentieth, the battleship was the most powerful weapon of war known to man. Strategically, it determined a war’s outcome. Tactically, it dominated every sea battle. But at the Battle of Taranto in 1940 and the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, carrier-borne aircraft made a decisive display of superiority over the once-mighty battleship. Thus World War II heralded the end of the era of The Great Ship. In The Great Ship, noted naval historian Ernle Bradford traces the evolution of battleships through centuries of conflict and innovation. Selecting one or two ships from each period, Bradford illustrates their use in action and the significant roles they played in the course of history.