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Wave Propagation in a Random Medium

Author : Lev A. Chernov
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Ground-breaking contribution to the literature, widely used by scientists, engineers, and students. Topics include theory of wave propagation in randomly inhomogeneous media, ray and wave theories of scattering at random inhomogeneities, more. 1960 edition.

Wave Propagation and Scattering in Random Media

Author : Akira Ishimaru
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Electrical Engineering Wave Propagation and Scattering in Random Media A volume in the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Donald G. Dudley, Series Editor This IEEE Classic Reissue presents a unified introduction to the fundamental theories and applications of wave propagation and scattering in random media. Now for the first time, the two volumes of Wave Propagation and Scattering in Random Media previously published by Academic Press in 1978 are combined into one comprehensive volume. This book presents a clear picture of how waves interact with the atmosphere, terrain, ocean, turbulence, aerosols, rain, snow, biological tissues, composite material, and other media. The theories presented will enable you to solve a variety of problems relating to clutter, interference, imaging, object detection, and communication theory for various media. This book is expressly designed for engineers and scientists who have an interest in optical, microwave, or acoustic wave propagation and scattering. Topics covered include: Wave characteristics in aerosols and hydrometeors Optical and acoustic scattering in sea water Scattering from biological materials Pulse scattering and beam wave propagation in such media Optical diffusion in tissues and blood Transport and radiative transfer theory Kubelka—Munk flux theory and plane-parallel problem Multiple scattering theory Wave fluctuations in turbulence Strong fluctuation theory Rough surface scattering Remote sensing and inversion techniques Imaging through various media About the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Formerly the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves, this joint series between IEEE Press and Oxford University Press offers outstanding coverage of the field with new titles as well as reprintings and revisions of recognized classics that maintain long-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves and applications. Designed specifically for graduate students, practicing engineers, and researchers, this series provides affordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves and applications beyond the undergraduate level. See page il of the front matter for a listing of books in this series.

Wave Propagation in Random Media

Author : Joseph Bishop Keller
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Wave Propagation and Time Reversal in Randomly Layered Media

Author : Jean-Pierre Fouque
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The content of this book is multidisciplinary by nature. It uses mathematical tools from the theories of probability and stochastic processes, partial differential equations, and asymptotic analysis, combined with the physics of wave propagation and modeling of time reversal experiments. It is addressed to a wide audience of graduate students and researchers interested in the intriguing phenomena related to waves propagating in random media. At the end of each chapter there is a section of notes where the authors give references and additional comments on the various results presented in the chapter.

Wave Propagation in a Random Medium

Author : Stanford University. Stanford Electronics Laboratories. Systems Techniques Laboratory
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A simple technique has been used to derive statistical characterizations of the perturbations imposed upon a wave (plane, spherical or beamed) propagating through a random medium. The method is essentially physical rather than mathematical, and is probably equivalent to the Rytov method. The limitations of the method are discussed in some detail; in general they are restrictive only for optical paths longer than a few hundred meters, and for paths at the lower microwave frequencies. Situations treated include arbitrary path geometries, finite transmitting and receiving apertures, and anisotropic media. Results include, in addition to the usual statistical quantities, time-lagged functions, mixed functions involving amplitude and phase fluctuations, angle-of-arrival covariances, frequency covariances, and other higher-order quantities. (Author).

Mathematics of Random Media

Author : Werner E. Kohler
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In recent years, there has been remarkable growth in the mathematics of random media. The field has deep scientific and technological roots, as well as purely mathematical ones in the theory of stochastic processes. This collection of papers by leading researchers provides an overview of this rapidly developing field. The papers were presented at the 1989 AMS-SIAM Summer Seminar in Applied Mathematics, held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. In addition to new results on stochastic differential equations and Markov processes, fields whose elegant mathematical techniques are of continuing value in application areas, the conference was organized around four themes: Systems of interacting particles are normally viewed in connection with the fundamental problems of statistical mechanics, but have also been used to model diverse phenomena such as computer architectures and the spread of biological populations. Powerful mathematical techniques have been developed for their analysis, and a number of important systems are now well understood. Random perturbations of dynamical systems have also been used extensively as models in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. Among the recent unifying mathematical developments is the theory of large deviations, which enables the accurate calculation of the probabilities of rare events. For these problems, approaches based on effective but formal perturbation techniques parallel rigorous mathematical approaches from probability theory and partial differential equations. The book includes representative papers from forefront research of both types. Effective medium theory, otherwise known as the mathematical theory of homogenization, consists of techniques for predicting the macroscopic properties of materials from an understanding of their microstructures. For example, this theory is fundamental in the science of composites, where it is used for theoretical determination of electrical and mechanical properties. Furthermore, the inverse problem is potentially of great technological importance in the design of composite materials which have been optimized for some specific use. Mathematical theories of the propagation of waves in random media have been used to understand phenomena as diverse as the twinkling of stars, the corruption of data in geophysical exploration, and the quantum mechanics of disordered solids. Especially effective methods now exist for waves in randomly stratified, one-dimensional media. A unifying theme is the mathematical phenomenon of localization, which occurs when a wave propogating into a random medium is attenuated exponentially with propagation distance, with the attenuation caused solely by the mechanism of random multiple scattering. Because of the wide applicability of this field of research, this book would appeal to mathematicians, scientists, and engineers in a wide variety of areas, including probabilistic methods, the theory of disordered materials, systems of interacting particles, the design of materials, and dynamical systems driven by noise. In addition, graduate students and others will find this book useful as an overview of current research in random media.

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through Random Media

Author : Johanan L. Codona
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Laser Beam Scintillation with Applications

Author : Larry C. Andrews
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Renewed interest in laser communication systems has sparked development of useful new analytic models. This book discusses optical scintillation and its impact on system performance in free-space optical communication and laser radar applications, with a detailed look at propagation phenomena and the role of scintillation on system behavior. Intended for practicing engineers, scientists, and students.

Stochastic Wave Propagation

Author : Kazimierz Sobczyk
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Propagation of Spherical Waves in a Weak Random Medium

Author : K. C. Yeh
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Introduction to Wave Scattering Localization and Mesoscopic Phenomena

Author : Ping Sheng
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Waves represent an important topic of study in physics, mathematics, and engineering. This volume is a resource book for those interested in understanding the physics underlying nanotechnology and mesoscopic phenomena. It aims to bridge the gap between the textbooks and research frontiers in wave related topics.

Wave Propagation in Complex Media

Author : George Papanicolaou
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This is both promo text and back cover copy: This volume combines the discussions of two workshops: one devoted to wavelets, multigrid and other fast algorithms (multipole, FFT) and their use in wave propagation, and another devoted to waves in random and other complex media. The majority of the chapters deal with the effects of inhomogeneities of wave propagation both theoretically and computationally. They include topics such as waves in random media, coherent effects in scattering for random systems with discrete spectrum, interaction of microwaves with sea ice, scattering in magnetic field, surface waves, seismogram envelopes, backscattering, polarization mode dispersions, and spatio-temporal distribution of seismic power. Several chapters describes numerical methods, such as fast algorithms for solving electromagnetic scattering problems, and the panel clustering methods in 3-d BEM.

Stochastic Processes in Mathematical Physics and Engineering

Author : Richard Ernest Bellman
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Seismic Wave Propagation and Scattering in the Heterogeneous Earth Second Edition

Author : Haruo Sato
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Seismic waves - generated both by natural earthquakes and by man-made sources - have produced an enormous amount of information about the Earth's interior. In classical seismology, the Earth is modeled as a sequence of uniform horizontal layers (or spherical shells) having different elastic properties and one determines these properties from travel times and dispersion of seismic waves. The Earth, however, is not made of horizontally uniform layers, and classic seismic methods can take large-scale inhomogeneities into account. Smaller-scale irregularities, on the other hand, require other methods. Observations of continuous wave trains that follow classic direct S waves, known as coda waves, have shown that there are heterogeneities of random size scattered randomly throughout the layers of the classic seismic model. This book focuses on recent developments in the area of seismic wave propagation and scattering through the randomly heterogeneous structure of the Earth, with emphasis on the lithosphere. The presentation combines information from many sources to present a coherent introduction to the theory of scattering in acoustic and elastic materials and includes analyses of observations using the theoretical methods developed. The second edition especially includes new observational facts such as the spatial variation of medium inhomogeneities and the temporal change in scattering characteristics and recent theoretical developments in the envelope synthesis in random media for the last ten years. Mathematics is thoroughly rewritten for improving the readability. Written for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students of geophysics or planetary sciences, this book should also be of interest to civil engineers, seismologists, acoustical engineers, and others interested in wave propagation through inhomogeneous elastic media.

Wave Scattering in Complex Media From Theory to Applications

Author : Bart A. van Tiggelen
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A collection of lectures on a variety of modern subjects in wave scattering, including fundamental issues in mesoscopic physics and radiative transfer, recent hot topics such as random lasers, liquid crystals, lefthanded materials and time-reversal, as well as modern applications in imaging and communication. There is a strong emphasis on the interdisciplinary aspects of wave propagation, including light and microwaves, acoustic and elastic waves, propagating in a variety of "complex" materials (liquid crystals, media with gain, natural media, magneto-optical media, photonic and phononic materials, etc.). It addresses many different items in contemporary research: mesoscopic fluctuations, localization, radiative transfer, symmetry aspects, and time-reversal. It also discusses new (potential) applications in telecommunication, soft matter and imaging.

Acoustics in Moving Inhomogeneous Media

Author : Vladimir E. Ostashev
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This is the first book to offer a complete and rigorous study of sound propagation and scattering in moving media that have regular and random inhomogeneities in adiabatic sound speed, density and medium velocity. The book is an invaluable resource for engineers and scientists who work on outdoor noise control, on acoustical detection and ranging in the atmosphere, and on acoustal remote sensing of the atmosphere and ocean, whether they are based in the industry, or government and military laboritories and institutions. It will be required reading for researchers who use numerical methods in these fields and in its step by step approach makes it an important reference for teachers and graduate students.

Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boundary Layer

Author : Alexander Kukushkin
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Based on his many years of professional experience at leading companies in communications technology, the author describes an analytical solution for wave propagation over the sea surface in an atmospheric boundary layer. His approach allows the detailed analysis of combined effects of diffraction, refraction and scattering in random media. While specific applications covered are targeted at radio wave propagation over the sea surface, a similar approach is applicable to many problems in underwater acoustics, seismology, solid matter physics and astrophysics.

Stochastic Equations through the Eye of the Physicist

Author : Valery I. Klyatskin
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Fluctuating parameters appear in a variety of physical systems and phenomena. They typically come either as random forces/sources, or advecting velocities, or media (material) parameters, like refraction index, conductivity, diffusivity, etc. The well known example of Brownian particle suspended in fluid and subjected to random molecular bombardment laid the foundation for modern stochastic calculus and statistical physics. Other important examples include turbulent transport and diffusion of particle-tracers (pollutants), or continuous densities (''oil slicks''), wave propagation and scattering in randomly inhomogeneous media, for instance light or sound propagating in the turbulent atmosphere. Such models naturally render to statistical description, where the input parameters and solutions are expressed by random processes and fields. The fundamental problem of stochastic dynamics is to identify the essential characteristics of system (its state and evolution), and relate those to the input parameters of the system and initial data. This raises a host of challenging mathematical issues. One could rarely solve such systems exactly (or approximately) in a closed analytic form, and their solutions depend in a complicated implicit manner on the initial-boundary data, forcing and system's (media) parameters . In mathematical terms such solution becomes a complicated "nonlinear functional" of random fields and processes. Part I gives mathematical formulation for the basic physical models of transport, diffusion, propagation and develops some analytic tools. Part II and III sets up and applies the techniques of variational calculus and stochastic analysis, like Fokker-Plank equation to those models, to produce exact or approximate solutions, or in worst case numeric procedures. The exposition is motivated and demonstrated with numerous examples. Part IV takes up issues for the coherent phenomena in stochastic dynamical systems, described by ordinary and partial differential equations, like wave propagation in randomly layered media (localization), turbulent advection of passive tracers (clustering), wave propagation in disordered 2D and 3D media. For the sake of reader I provide several appendixes (Part V) that give many technical mathematical details needed in the book. For scientists dealing with stochastic dynamic systems in different areas, such as hydrodynamics, acoustics, radio wave physics, theoretical and mathematical physics, and applied mathematics The theory of stochastic in terms of the functional analysis Referencing those papers, which are used or discussed in this book and also recent review papers with extensive bibliography on the subject

Nonlinear Random Waves

Author : Vladimir V. Konotop
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This book is mainly devoted to the dynamics of the one-dimensional nonlinear stochastic waves. It contains a description of the basic mathematical tools as well as the latest results in the following fields: exactly integrable nonlinear stochastic equations, dynamics of the nonlinear waves in random media, evolution of the random waves in nonlinear media and the basic concepts of the numerical simulations in nonlinear random wave dynamics. A brief outline of the localization phenomenon in the nonlinear medium is also given. The approach is interdisciplinary describing the general methods with application to specific examples. The results presented may be useful for those who work in the areas of solid state physics, hydrodynamics, nonlinear optics, plasma physics, mathematical models of micromolecules and biological structures, ?etc. Since many results are based on the inverse scattering technique, perturbation theory for solitons and the methods of the statistical radiophysics, the terminology of the respective fields is used.

The Elements of Wave Propagation in Random Media

Author : B. J. Uscinski
File Size : 65.95 MB
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