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Transfer Characteristics of Radio Waves Propagated Between the Ionosphere and the Earth at Very Low Frequencies

Author : J. Ralph Johler
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A Survey of the Principles and Practice of Wave Guides

Author : L. G. H. Huxley
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Originally published in 1947, this book was written to provide an introductory survey of the developments in electromagnetic waves. Although the propagation of electromagnetic waves in metal tubes - wave-guides - had been studied for over fifty years prior to the publication of this book, the subject was primarily of theoretical interest. The treatment in this book reflects the movement away from the theoretical to a more practical interest in waves during the war, with the development of the first micro-wave radar equipment in 1940-1. The first six chapters are based on courses on microwave techniques, which were given during the war at the Radar School of the Telecommunications Research Establishment, whilst chapter seven is a mathematical treatment of the subject. This book will be of great value to scholars of the history of physics and electromagnetics.

An Experimental Study of Breaking wave Pressures

Author : William J. Garcia
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Scattering and Attenuations of Seismic Waves Part I

Author : AKI
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Reprint from Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), Volume 128 (1988), No. 1/2

Shock Waves

Author : Tai-Ping Liu
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This book presents the fundamentals of the shock wave theory. The first part of the book, Chapters 1 through 5, covers the basic elements of the shock wave theory by analyzing the scalar conservation laws. The main focus of the analysis is on the explicit solution behavior. This first part of the book requires only a course in multi-variable calculus, and can be used as a text for an undergraduate topics course. In the second part of the book, Chapters 6 through 9, this general theory is used to study systems of hyperbolic conservation laws. This is a most significant well-posedness theory for weak solutions of quasilinear evolutionary partial differential equations. The final part of the book, Chapters 10 through 14, returns to the original subject of the shock wave theory by focusing on specific physical models. Potentially interesting questions and research directions are also raised in these chapters. The book can serve as an introductory text for advanced undergraduate students and for graduate students in mathematics, engineering, and physical sciences. Each chapter ends with suggestions for further reading and exercises for students.

Fringe Localization Requirements for Three dimensional Flow Visualization of Shock Waves in Diffuse illumination Double Pulse Holographic Interferometry

Author : Arthur J. Decker
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Waves and Oscillations

Author : Walter Fox Smith
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Waves and oscillations permeate virtually every field of current physics research, are central to chemistry, and are essential to much of engineering. Furthermore, the concepts and mathematical techniques used for serious study of waves and oscillations form the foundation for quantum mechanics. Once they have mastered these ideas in a classical context, students will be ready to focus on the challenging concepts of quantum mechanics when they encounter them, rather than struggling with techniques. This lively textbook gives a thorough grounding in complex exponentials and the key aspects of differential equations and matrix math; no prior experience is assumed. The parallels between normal mode analysis, orthogonal function analysis (especially Fourier analysis), and superpositions of quantum states are clearly drawn, without actually getting into the quantum mechanics. An in-depth, accessible introduction to Hilbert space and bra-ket notation begins in Chapter 5 (on symmetrical coupled oscillators), emphasizing the analogy with conventional dot products, and continues in subsequent chapters. Connections to current physics research (atomic force microscopy, chaos, supersolids, micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), magnetic resonance imaging, carbon nanotubes, and more) are highlighted in the text and in end-of-chapter problems, and are frequently updated in the associated website. The book actively engages readers with a refreshing writing style and a set of carefully applied learning tools, such as in-text concept tests, "your turn" boxes (in which the student fills in one or two steps of a derivation), concept and skill inventories for each chapter, and "wrong way" problems in which the student explains the flaw in a line of reasoning. These tools promote self-awareness of the learning process. The associated website features custom-developed applets, video and audio recordings, additional problems, and links to related current research. The instructor-only part includes difficulty ratings for problems, optional hints, full solutions, and additional support materials.

Fundamentals of Optical Waves and Lasers

Author : Sanichiro Yoshida
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This book discusses light, its properties as an electromagnetic wave, interaction with matter, and laser as an optical device. The first part discussions include qualitative arguments such as pictorial representations of the wave dynamics and analogy to other oscillatory systems to facilitate an intuitive understanding of the topics. The second part reviews light-matter interaction. It introduces the light-matter interaction while introducing the particular behavior of light, known as the photon, reviewing various properties of light waves resulting from the interaction with matters including the propagation of light in media. The last two sections focus on the fundamentals of lasers and the practical uses of lasers, including several techniques to control the spatial and temporal characteristics of laser beams. This book discusses acoustic waves' characteristics so that we can deepen our understanding of acoustic waves.

Breaking and Dissipation of Ocean Surface Waves

Author : Alexander Babanin
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Wave breaking represents one of the most interesting and challenging problems for fluid mechanics and physical oceanography. Over the last 15 years our understanding has undergone a dramatic leap forward, and wave breaking has emerged as a process whose physics is clarified and quantified. Ocean wave breaking plays the primary role in the air-sea exchange of momentum, mass and heat, and it is of significant importance for ocean remote sensing, coastal and ocean engineering, navigation and other practical applications. This book outlines the state of the art in our understanding of wave breaking and presents the main outstanding problems. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in this topic: researchers, modellers, forecasters, engineers and graduate students in physical oceanography, meteorology and ocean engineering.

Shock Waves Proceedings Of The 20th International Symposium In 2 Volumes

Author : Hornung Hans G
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