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Wax Carving Made Easy for Beginners

Author : Elizabeth Sturridge
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LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHICKENS LAY MORE EGGS Carving wax jewelry - this old craft of making strong valuable or base metal jewelry is an ideal kitchen table industry. Appropriate for telecommuting with hand devices and non-harmful materials. No fastening abilities important. You can accept this to the extent you need to - from the natural and extraordinary crafter to the expert - planning and making jewelry with the most recent innovation. You will find out about the most famous waxes, the various structures they come in and be acquainted with a portion of the numerous methods of utilizing, carving and making with wax. You will be urged to utilize an assortment of techniques to make various things for projecting - seeing your work returned and changed into strong metal is practically supernatural, the shape, size and detail all repeated into silver, gold, copper or bronze!

Metal Jewelry Made Easy

Author : Jan Loney
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Metalsmithing can be a daunting task, especially to the beginner. This beautifully photographed, comprehensive guide provides crafters of all levels with a gentle, user-friendly approach to substantial metal jewelry-making skills. After reviewing the fundamentals of jewelry design, raw materials, and safety in the studio, readers are introduced to tools for cutting, drilling, forming, soldering, polishing, and more. Next, they will learn a variety of techniques including piercing, stamping, forging, annealing, oxidizing, casting, and even setting stones, enabling them to create 25 stunning and professional-looking projects.

A Guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax

Author : Morton Edwards
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This vintage book is a complete and beginner-friendly guide to modelling with clay and wax, including directions for bronze and silver chasing and embossing, carving in marble and alabaster, and moulding and casting in plaster of Paris. Written in simple, plain language and profusely illustrated, this volume is ideal for the beginner, and would make for a worthy addition to collections of related literature. Contents include: “Antiquity of Sculpture”, “Egyptian Art”, “Ancient Pottery”, “Rock Statues”, “Tinted Statuary”, “Sculpture Previous to the Great Exhibition of 1851”, “Photographs of Sculptures”, “Modelling by Ladies”, “Studio Appliances”, “Most Suitable Light”, “Necessary Tools &c.”, “The First Work”, “Mask on Face”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction. This book was first published in 1879.

A guide to modelling in clay and wax c or Sculptural art made easy for beginners

Author : Morton Edwards
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A Guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax for Terra Cotta Bronze and Silver Chasing and Embossing Carving in Marble and Alabaster Moulding and Casting in Plaster of Paris Or Sculptural Art Made Easy for Beginners

Author : Morton Edwards
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Wax Carving for Jewellers

Author : Russell Lownsbrough
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Wax carving is like sculpture for jewellery and allows enormous creativity, as so many different forms can be made. This practical guide introduces the techniques to this age-old method through a series of guided exercises and projects, and demonstrates how exciting it can be. Drawing on the experience of two master wax-carvers, it also gives invaluable advice on the finish of your cast pieces and how to reproduce them. With over 400 colour photos, it give advice on setting up for wax carving, tools, tool-making and materials. There are exercises that introduce the beginner to using wax and then build ideas and confidence to try more complex designs. Included are advanced techniques that show how to use stones in a carving and how to add texture and surface detail. Finally, finished examples demonstrate the potential, excitement and versality of the method.

Wicca Made Easy

Author : Phyllis Curott
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America's most renowned Wiccan shares the beliefs and practices of this sacred feminine spirituality in an introductory book. Welcome to the oldest spiritual tradition in the world. One of the first Wiccan Priestesses to 'come out of the broom closet,' Phyllis Curott has forever changed the perception of Wicca in the Western world. In this book, Phyllis re-introduces the life-sustaining wisdom and techniques that will connect you to the Divine and to the love, abundance and spiritual wisdom of Mother Earth. You'll learn how to: • attune your body, mind and spirit to Nature's rhythms to create a life of harmony, peace and fulfillment • enter spirit realms and work with spirit guides, power animals and spirits of place for guidance and healing • cast gorgeous spells and create sacred spaces and altars to nourish your soul • practice empowering lunar and Sabbat rites to experience divine communion • embody your spirit, empower your purpose and manifest your gifts This engaging and inspiring book will open your heart, your mind and your spirit to the Sacred around and within you. It's time to awaken your life to its divine magic!

Cookery Made Easy

Author : Michael Willis
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A Guide to Modelling in Clay and Wax Or Sculptural Art Made Easy for Beginners

Author : Morton Edwards
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Catalogue of the Library of the Geological Society of London

Author : Geological Society of London. Library
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