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We Are Not Such Things

Author : Justine van der Leun
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Justine van der Leun reopens the murder of a young American woman in South Africa, an iconic case that calls into question our understanding of truth and reconciliation, loyalty, justice, race, and class—a gripping investigation in the vein of the podcast Serial “Timely . . . gripping, explosive . . . the kind of obsessive forensic investigation—of the clues, and into the soul of society—that is the legacy of highbrow sleuths from Truman Capote to Janet Malcolm.”—The New York Times Book Review The story of Amy Biehl is well known in South Africa: The twenty-six-year-old white American Fulbright scholar was brutally murdered on August 25, 1993, during the final, fiery days of apartheid by a mob of young black men in a township outside Cape Town. Her parents’ forgiveness of two of her killers became a symbol of the Truth and Reconciliation process in South Africa. Justine van der Leun decided to introduce the story to an American audience. But as she delved into the case, the prevailing narrative started to unravel. Why didn’t the eyewitness reports agree on who killed Amy Biehl? Were the men convicted of the murder actually responsible for her death? And then van der Leun stumbled upon another brutal crime committed on the same day, in the very same area. The true story of Amy Biehl’s death, it turned out, was not only a story of forgiveness but a reflection of the complicated history of a troubled country. We Are Not Such Things is the result of van der Leun’s four-year investigation into this strange, knotted tale of injustice, violence, and compassion. The bizarre twists and turns of this case and its aftermath—and the story that emerges of what happened on that fateful day in 1993 and in the decades that followed—come together in an unsparing account of life in South Africa today. Van der Leun immerses herself in the lives of her subjects and paints a stark, moving portrait of a township and its residents. We come to understand that the issues at the heart of her investigation are universal in scope and powerful in resonance. We Are Not Such Things reveals how reconciliation is impossible without an acknowledgment of the past, a lesson as relevant to America today as to a South Africa still struggling with the long shadow of its history. “A masterpiece of reported nonfiction . . . Justine van der Leun’s account of a South African murder is destined to be a classic.”—Newsday

We Are Not Such Things A Murder in a South African Township and the Search for Truth and Reconciliation

Author : Justine van der Leun
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A ‘MAKING A MURDERER’ set in South Africa - a gripping true-crime story of murder and the justice system in the shadow of apartheid

Invincible Thinking

Author : Ryūhō Ōkawa
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Life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; we are often obstructed by solid rocks. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through these rocks. When we practice this thinking, we will never feel defeat in our life. Invincible thinking is based on the practical theories that bridge self-reflection and development, and it exerts a great power. By reading, savoring and practicing the thoughts in this book, and by using the thoughts as your own power, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat--only victory.

No Such Thing

Author : Mona Ingram
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Sold to a brothel owner, Lily vows to fight back Lily's happy life in Shanghai becomes a distant memory when her father dies and her devious aunt sells her to a brothel owner in San Francisco. But Lily wasn't born in the Year of the Tiger for nothing. Determined to escape, she watches for her chance in the midst of chaotic Gold Rush San Francisco. With her father gone and her faith in people shattered, Lily refuses to believe that love exists... even after she meets Devon, the young Bostonian who vows to protect her from further harm.

There is No Such Thing as a Free Press

Author : Mick Hume
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The aim of this book is to a launch a polemic for the freedom of the press against all of the attempts to police, defile and sanitise journalism today. Once the media reported the news. Now it makes it. From the phone-hacking scandal to rows about press regulation, super-injunctions, leaks, libel and privacy laws, the power of the Murdoch empire, and the future of the BBC, the media has become the story. The British press is in crisis and under scrutiny as never before. In the fall-out from the phone-hacking scandal one national newspaper has already been closed down and some would like to see others go the same way. However, this book argues that there is not too much media freedom in Britain today, but too little. There are not too few controls and restrictions on what can legitimately be published and broadcast, but too many - both formal and informal. Some newspapers in Britain and elsewhere might be going 'free' in financial terms, under pressure from declining sales and the new online media. But in almost every way that matters, the press is less free - thanks both to external constraints and the internal corrosion of the foundations of good journalism. This book aims to shake up the one-way 'debate' about the freedom of the media. It will argue that the media's standing has been undermined both from without and within, and put the case for standing up both to the censors and to the conformists in all their guises.

No Such Thing As Immortality

Author : Sarah Tranter
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Vampires are not vulnerable to emotion—so when a master of the night finds himself overwhelmed by a woman, he must understand why . . . Nathaniel Gray is a wild child of the undead. So when he drag races his friend through the English countryside, he goes all out—until one instant changes him forever. An instant of raw emotion that is unlike anything he’s ever felt before—and that sends him into a car wreck no mortal could walk away from. When he tears himself out of the metal carnage, he is stunned to discover the source of the emotional storm is the beautiful young Rowan Locke, whose fury and fear had slammed through Nate’s ironclad psyche without a struggle. Consumed with a desire to know Rowan—and learn how she has such an effect on him—Nate finds himself protecting her from the dangers of her world and his own. Because as much as he may try to resist his feelings, he simply cannot resist her . . .

There s No Such Thing As Free Speech

Author : Stanley Fish
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In an era when much of what passes for debate is merely moral posturing--traditional family values versus the cultural elite, free speech versus censorship--or reflexive name-calling--the terms "liberal" and "politically correct," are used with as much dismissive scorn by the right as "reactionary" and "fascist" are by the left--Stanley Fish would seem an unlikely lightning rod for controversy. A renowned scholar of Milton, head of the English Department of Duke University, Fish has emerged as a brilliantly original critic of the culture at large, praised and pilloried as a vigorous debunker of the pieties of both the left and right. His mission is not to win the cultural wars that preoccupy the nation's attention, but rather to redefine the terms of battle. In There's No Such Thing as Free Speech, Fish takes aim at the ideological gridlock paralyzing academic and political exchange in the nineties. In his witty, accessible dissections of the swirling controversies over multiculturalism, affirmative action, canon revision, hate speech, and legal reform, he neatly eviscerates both the conservatives' claim to possession of timeless, transcendent values (the timeless transcendence of which they themselves have conveniently identified), and the intellectual left's icons of equality, tolerance, and non-discrimination. He argues that while conservative ideologues and liberal stalwarts might disagree vehemently on what is essential to a culture, or to a curriculum, both mistakenly believe that what is essential can be identified apart from the accidental circumstances (of time and history) to which the essential is ritually opposed. In the book's first section, which includes the five essays written for Fish's celebrated debates with Dinesh D'Souza (the author and former Reagan White House policy analyst), Fish turns his attention to the neoconservative backlash. In his introduction, Fish writes, "Terms that come to us wearing the label 'apolitical'--'common values', 'fairness', 'merit', 'color blind', 'free speech', 'reason'--are in fact the ideologically charged constructions of a decidedly political agenda. I make the point not in order to level an accusation, but to remove the sting of accusation from the world 'politics' and redefine it as a synonym for what everyone inevitably does." Fish maintains that the debate over political correctness is an artificial one, because it is simply not possible for any party or individual to occupy a position above or beyond politics. Regarding the controversy over the revision of the college curriculum, Fish argues that the point is not to try to insist that inclusion of ethnic and gender studies is not a political decision, but "to point out that any alternative curriculum--say a diet of exclusively Western or European texts--would be no less politically invested." In Part Two, Fish follows the implications of his arguments to a surprising rejection of the optimistic claims of the intellectual left that awareness of the historical roots of our beliefs and biases can allow us, as individuals or as a society, to escape or transcend them. Specifically, he turns to the movement for reform of legal studies, and insists that a dream of a legal culture in which no one's values are slighted or declared peripheral can no more be realized than the dream of a concept of fairness that answers to everyone's notions of equality and jsutice, or a yardstick of merit that is true to everyone's notions of worth and substance. Similarly, he argues that attempts to politicize the study of literature are ultimately misguided, because recharacterizations of literary works have absolutely no impact on the mainstream of political life. He concludes his critique of the academy with "The Unbearable Ugliness of Volvos," an extraordinary look at some of the more puzzing, if not out-and-out masochistic, characteristics of a life in academia. Penetrating, fearless, and brilliantly argued, There's No Such Thing as Free Speech captures the essential Fish. It is must reading for anyone who cares about the outcome of America's cultural wars.

No Such Thing as Can t

Author : Lisa Sexton
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There are many books about overcoming obstacles, but this quintessential story of victory over limitations is unique. How many doctors have cerebral palsy? Not many. Yet this disability was part of the Great Physician’s plan for Tyler Sexton. Because of it, Tyler has become a role model for others facing adversity, including his patients. He has also become a humble healer who uses his heart and faith along with his intellect and training to help kids and give them hope. Tyler’s story has been featured on ABC’s 20/20 and was the basis for many episodes of ABC’s new show The Good Doctor. This is a story of a man who says, “I’d rather walk with a limp in Christ than with a strut in the world”; who wears superhero T-shirts and tells his little patients they’re “super” too, despite their physical problems; and whose stint at a medical school in the Caribbean completely erased the islanders’ negative view of disability. Through this inspiring true story, people will be encouraged to face adversity with hope, determination, and the strength of Christ.

There Is No Such Thing as a Blended Family

Author : Tanya L. Rhiner
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The picture on the front cover has a story behind it. In 1991, I ordered them through a catalog. Without even skipping a beat I separated the kids by family. Why I did this, I dont have a clue. Perhaps, its natural to cling to who belongs to whom.

What Are We

Author : Eric T. Olson
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From the time of Locke, discussions of personal identity have often ignored the question of our basic metaphysical nature: whether we human people are biological organisms, spatial or temporal parts of organisms, bundles of perceptions, or what have you. The result of this neglect has been centuries of wild proposals and clashing intuitions. What Are We? is the first general study of this important question. It beings by explaining what the question means and how it differs from others, such as questions of personal identity and the mind-body problem. It then examines in some depth the main possible accounts of our metaphysical nature, detailing both their theoretical virtues and the often grave difficulties they face. The book does not endorse any particular account of what we are, but argues that the matter turns on more general issues in the ontology of material things. If composition is universal--if any material things whatever make up something bigger--then we are temporal parts of organisms. If things never compose anything bigger, so that there are only mereological simples, then we too are simples--perhaps the immaterial substances of Descartes--or else we do not exist at all (a view Olson takes very seriously). The intermediate view that some things compose bigger things and others do not leads almost inevitably to the conclusion that we are organisms. So we can discover what we are by working out when composition occurs.

Hegel s Phenomenology

Author : Terry Pinkard
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This book is the most detailed commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit available and develops an independent philosophical account of the general theory of knowledge, culture, and history contained in it. Written in a clear and straightforward style, the book reconstructs Hegel's theoretical philosophy and shows its connection to the ethical and political theory. Terry Pinkard sets the work in a historical context and reveals the contemporary relevance of Hegel's thought to European and Anglo-American philosophers.

There is no such thing as Just War

Author : Hadrian Mâr Élijah Bar Israël
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His Excellency the Nazarani Metropolitan outlines the case against Christian participation in war, the military and the police from the perspective of the Bible and early church fathers; and discusses the reasons why Christans may not defend themselves, even when attacked. Well researched, with impeccable references to each point.

No Such Thing As Failure

Author : David Hempleman-Adams
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If there’s an adventure to be had, it’s likely that David Hempleman-Adams has been there first. Ranking alongside Ranulph Fiennes and Chris Bonnington in the pantheon of British explorers, he is the first person in history to achieve what is termed the Adventurers’ Grand Slam, by reaching the Geographic and Magnetic North and South Poles as well as climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents. The question Hempleman-Adams is most often asked is, simply: what drives him on? Why risk frostbite pulling a sledge to the North Pole? Why experience the Death Zone on Everest? Why fly in the tiny basket of a precarious balloon across the Atlantic? Is it simply the case that he likes to push himself to the limits, or is there something more to it? No Such Thing as Failure answers these questions and more, uncovering what drives arguably the world's greatest adventurer.

There is No Such Thing as a Social Science

Author : Dr Phil Hutchinson
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The death of Peter Winch in 1997 sparked a revived interest in his work with this book arguing his work suffered misrepresentation in both recent literature and in contemporary critiques of his writing. Debates in philosophy and sociology about foundational questions of social ontology and methodology often claim to have adequately incorporated and moved beyond Winch's concerns. Re-establishing a Winchian voice, the authors examine how such contentions involve a failure to understand central themes in Winch's writings and that the issues which occupied him in his Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy and later papers remain central to social studies. The volume offers a careful reading of the text in alliance with Wittgensteinian insights and alongside a focus on the nature and results of social thought and inquiry. It draws parallels with other movements in the social studies, notably ethnomethodology, to demonstrate how Winch's central claim is both more significant and more difficult to transcend than sociologists and philosophers have hitherto imagined.

No Such Thing as Luck

Author : Charlie P. Johnston
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Do you need luck by your side to have great success? Many feel that good and bad luck are active powers influencing life! Johnston says No Way! Life is never influenced by luck. His book: * Alerts people to luck¡¦s idola- trous nature.* Proves that luck is not a source of prosperity. * Takes the romance out of destiny¡¦s meaning. * Eradicates beliefs about luck, chance, fate and fortune.* Teaches the tremendous value of separating truth from error and how to do it! * Explains in vivid detail the origin and development of luck¡¦s meaning, pinpointing its beginning.* Shows how a Roman goddess named Fortuna established the modern meaning of fortune and how luck became a lady.Deceiving beliefs and teachings about luck, fate, destiny, lot, fortune and chance abound worldwide. After reading Johnston¡¦s book, no one need fall prey to these cleverly devised concepts with their crafty meanings.


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NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE – From Adversity to Triumph” is the inspiring story of the remarkable life of Jairo Alvarez-Botero, a brave, caring seventy-three years old Colombian immigrant and businessman who is living proof that the American dream is not a myth. His courage and determination will brought him from a difficult life in Colombia, South America, to a prosperous life in the United States. Raised by loving parents who provided a wonderful example of good character and hard work, while also sharing their good fortune with those less privileged, Jairo drew upon his great faith and his father’s profound wisdom to always do the right thing when lesser men would have run quickly and run far from the many difficult challenges that crossed his life path. Extremely well written, this book draws the reader from the tale of Jairo’s simple childhood at a potato farm in the Andes Mountains. As a young man he had ambitions to become a general, but destiny would put him on different course. It was a path that would stop him of his career in the Army, but afford him the opportunity to save his president’s life and avert a coup that would have resulted in the re-establishing of a dictatorship in Colombia. In exchange for his life, at age of twenty-five with one hundred dollars in his pocket and unable o speak a word of English he came in a cargo military plain as a poor immigrant in the United States. He was forced into menial labor in a filthy environment in order to survive; from his humble determination to learn the English language on a statue of Moses in Washington Park, Albany, NY. Within three and a half years he had learned the language well enough to earn an honor degree from Albany Business College in Albany, New York. After years spent struggling, Jairo finally found success in the land development and home construction builder to become the largest in Louisiana, operating his several enterprises with the help of his wife of 44 years and his three children and their families. Today Jairo is an artist, an Olympic athlete, a writer, cancer survivor, motivational speaker and philanthropist who dedicate good part of his fortune to many charities organizations. No Such Thing as Impossible is the compelling story of a courageous, compassionate man who has provided a wonderful example for his children, but also to his readers as he tells the astonishing tale of finding his way from very difficult circumstances to taking great joy in living the American dream. Simply put, this is a great and inspiring read. The proceeds of this book go to recognized charity organizations.

How to Plant a Church The Easy Way No Such Thing

Author : Dale Rhodes
File Size : 69.41 MB
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This book is a "How to" on church planting. It will help you understand what it takes to plant a church and how to avoid pitfalls in planting a church. Even though there is no real easy way there is a right way. This book will teach you that right way.

Such Things Are a Play in 5 Actes Every One Has His Fault a Comedy in 5 Acts from the German of August Kotzebue

Author : Elizabeth born Simpson Inchbald
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No Such Thing

Author : A.M. Arthur
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Twenty-two-year-old Alessandro Silva knows that returning to tiny Perch Creek to help his foster mother was the right thing to do. With no degree and a delinquent's reputation, he's lucky to have landed a job waiting tables. But not everyone is happy he's back, and the only thing keeping his move home from being a total bust is his boss's hot brother. Jaime Winters spent most of his life watching the world go by, first from a series of hospitals and then from behind big stacks of textbooks. Studying is easier than facing the fact that years of heart failure means he's still a virgin at twenty-three. Until the new waiter in his sister's diner awakens desires he'd long ago given up on. The last thing Alessandro wants is to fall for someone as fragile as Jaime. And Jaime may have a new heart, but he's scared of what giving it to another person would mean. Their no-strings-attached, instructional approach to sex keeps emotion safely at bay, until a secret from Alessandro's past forces them to confront their feelings in the present… 67,000 words

There s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship

Author : Alain Badiou
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Published in 1973, "L'Etourdit" was one of the French philosopher Jacques Lacan's most important works. The book posed questions that traversed the entire body of Lacan's psychoanalytical explorations, including his famous idea that "there is no such thing as a sexual relationship," which seeks to undermine our certainties about intimacy and reality. In There's No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship, Alain Badiou and Barbara Cassin take possession of Lacan's short text, thinking "with" Lacan about his propositions and what kinds of questions they raise in relation to knowledge. Cassin considers the relationship of the real to language through a Sophist lens, while the Platonist Badiou unpacks philosophical claims about truth. Each of their contributions echoes back to one another, offering new ways of thinking about Lacan, his seminal ideas, and his role in advancing philosophical thought.