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They Called It the War Effort

Author : Louis Fairchild
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Over the course of World War II, Orange, Texas’s easternmost city, went from a sleepy southern town of 7,500 inhabitants to a bustling industrial city of 60,000. The bayou community on the Sabine became one of the nation’s preeminent shipbuilding centers. In They Called It the War Effort, Louis Fairchild details the explosive transformation of his native city in the words of the people who lived through it. Some residents who lived in the town before the war speak of nostalgia for the time when Orange was a small, close-knit community and regret for the loss of social cohesiveness of former days, while others speak of the exciting new opportunities and interesting new people that came. Interviewees tell how newcomers from rural areas in Louisiana and East Texas tried to adjust to a new life in close living quarters and to new amenities–like indoor toilets. People from all walks of life talk of the economic shift from the cash and job shortages of Depression era to a war era when these things were in abundance, but they also tell of how wartime rationing made items like Coca-Cola treasured luxuries. Fairchild deftly draws on a wide array of secondary sources in psychology and history to tie together and broaden the perspectives offered by World War II Orangeites. The second edition of this justly praised book features more interviews with non-white residents of Orange, as Japanese Americans and especially African Americans speak not only of the challenges of wartime economic dislocations, but also of living in a southern town where Jim Crow still reigned. Publication of this book was supported by a generous grant from the Nelda C. and H. J. Lutcher Stark Foundation

We Called it MAG nificent

Author : E. N. Brandt
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During World War I, in 1916, Herbert Dow, founder of The Dow Chemical Company, received news of “star shells,” weapons that glowed eerily as they descended over the trenches of the enemy, making them easier to attack. The critical component in these flares was magnesium, a metal that was suddenly in great demand. Dow, along with a half-dozen other U.S. firms, swiftly began manufacturing magnesium, but by 1927 Dow was the only U.S. company still in the business. Dow’s key innovation was a method of extracting the metal from seawater, an engineering accomplishment finally achieved at Freeport, Texas, only eleven months prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. Dow was the principal supplier of magnesium for U.S. and British planes during World War II, a distinction that ironically yielded an indictment from the U.S. government on monopoly charges. The company eventually became the world’s largest manufacturer of magnesium until 1990, when the Chinese entered the market and offered the metal at rock-bottom prices. Dow quietly ended its production of magnesium in 1998. Brandt’s history is an engaging look at Dow’s eighty-three-year romance with this remarkable metal.

They Called Them Angels

Author : Kathi Jackson
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With the insight and intimacy of firsthand accounts from some of the thousands of army and navy nurses who served both stateside and overseas during World War II, this book tells the stories of the brave women who used any and all resources to save as many lives as possible. Although military nurses could have made more money as civilians, thousands chose to leave the security of home to care for the young men who went off to war. They were not saints but vibrant women whose performance changed both military and civilian nursing. Kathi Jackson's account follows army and navy nurses from the time they joined the military, through their active service, to their lives today. They Called Them Angels presents the stories of women who lived under extraordinary circumstances in an extraordinary time, women who even today bear emotional scars along with lasting pride.


Author : Denzil Batson
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One man's story of his combat days in Korea

They Called Them Soldier Boys

Author : Gregory W. Ball
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Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONE Winner of two Communicator Awards for Cover (overall) and Cover (design), 2013. They Called Them Soldier Boys offers an in-depth study of soldiers of the Texas National Guard's Seventh Texas Infantry Regiment in World War I, through their recruitment, training, journey to France, combat, and their return home. Gregory W. Ball focuses on the fourteen counties in North, Northwest, and West Texas where officers recruited the regiment's soldiers in the summer of 1917, and how those counties compared with the rest of the state in terms of political, social, and economic attitudes. In September 1917 the "Soldier Boys" trained at Camp Bowie, near Fort Worth, Texas, until the War Department combined the Seventh Texas with the First Oklahoma Infantry to form the 142d Infantry Regiment of the 36th Division. In early October 1918, the 142d Infantry, including more than 600 original members of the Seventh Texas, was assigned to the French Fourth Army in the Champagne region and went into combat for the first time on October 6. Ball explores the combat experiences of those Texas soldiers in detail up through the armistice of November 11, 1918.

The Fifth Generation War

Author : Bruce Haedrich
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Wilson Kraft, a retired history professor, having lived through America's darkest years, has recorded his insider's story. Now, toward the end of his life, battling two disparate allegiances, he tries to find the courage to expose the grisly historical truths that could destroy his family. His story unfolds as the U.S. is attacked by a terrorist army embedded within the country and intent on annihilating what they consider a predatory American Empire. The guerillas, known as the International Army of Liberation, outmaneuver the American military superpower with low-tech, potent, and repeated attacks on American citizens. They create enough chaos to break the social order from within. As the government tightens security controls and scrambles to identify its enemies, a web of intrigue draws the reader into a thrilling quagmire of greed and corruption that lead us to a sterile world where freedom is sacrificed for security. The Fifth Generation War warns us of what could happen if current trends continue to organize and define the American way of life.

They Called Him Preacher

Author : William W. Johnstone
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JOHNSTONE COUNTRY. WHERE THE BULLET IS LAW. Of all the Western series by William Johnstone, the epic saga of the mountain man known as Preacher may be the most beloved and enduring. This special edition includes two of Preacher’s greatest adventures—Cheyenne Challenge and Preacher and the Mountain Caesar—featuring two of the legend’s bloodiest showdowns . . . TO HELL AND BACK Ten years ago, Preacher taught a bad man from the east a violent lesson he’d never forget. Today, that man returns to even the score by igniting an all-out Indian war. The battle lines are drawn. The players are cutthroat. And Preacher’s scalp is the ultimate prize . . . OF GODS AND MONSTERS In the mountains of Montana, Preacher stumbles upon the town of Nova Roma, aka New Rome. It’s ruled by a ruthless tyrant straight out of ancient history. But Preacher refuses to bow down to a power-mad Caesar who thinks he’s a god—not if he bleeds like a man . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

They Called It Golf Because Flog Was Already Taken

Author : Frank Fenton
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The funny stuff comes from humor columnist David Grimes, who reminds us- not to "putt" rules before golfing fun- why golfers should hit balls, not bottle- how to press a Nassau without getting skinned- how to cope with unspeakable hardships like the laws of physics

They Called it Passchendaele

Author : Lyn MacDonald
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The third battle of Ypres, culminating in a desperate struggle for the ridge and little village of Passchendaele, was one of the most appalling campaigns in the First World War. In this masterly piece of oral history, Lyn Macdonald lets over 600 participants speak for themselves. A million Tommies, Canadians and Anzacs assembled at the Ypres Salient in the summer of 1917, mostly raw young troops keen to do their bit for King and Country. This book tells their tale of mounting disillusion amid mud, terror and desperate privation, yet it is also a story of immense courage, comradeship, songs, high spirits and bawdy humour. They Called It Passchendaele portrays the human realities behind one of the most disastrous events in the history of warfare.

They Called it Prairie Light

Author : K. Tsianina Lomawaima
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Established in 1884 and operative for nearly a century, the Chilocco Indian School in Oklahoma was one of a series of off-reservation boarding schools intended to assimilate American Indian children into mainstream American life. Critics have characterized the schools as destroyers of Indian communities and cultures, but the reality that K. Tsianina Lomawaima discloses was much more complex. Lomawaima allows the Chilocco students to speak for themselves. In recollections juxtaposed against the official records of racist ideology and repressive practice, students from the 1920s and 1930s recall their loneliness and demoralization but also remember with pride the love and mutual support binding them together—the forging of new pan-Indian identities and reinforcement of old tribal ones.

I Called It Magic

Author : Gareth Knight
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The life and work of a ritual magician in his own words.

And They Called It Camelot

Author : Stephanie Marie Thornton
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An intimate portrait of the life of Jackie O… Few of us can claim to be the authors of our fate. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy knows no other choice. With the eyes of the world watching, Jackie uses her effortless charm and keen intelligence to carve a place for herself among the men of history and weave a fairy tale for the American people, embodying a senator’s wife, a devoted mother, a First Lady—a queen in her own right. But all reigns must come to an end. Once JFK travels to Dallas and the clock ticks down those thousand days of magic in Camelot, Jackie is forced to pick up the ruined fragments of her life and forge herself into a new identity that is all her own, that of an American legend.

The Fellers Called Him Bill

Author : P. J. Kearns
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The Fellers Called Him Bill is a story of the American Civil War by P.J. Kearns. It is a thoroughly engaging account of the Great Rebellion following one young man’s incredible journey through it. The generously illustrated narrative is presented as a three volume set Book 1 - Secession and the Outbreak of War Book 2 - The Rebellion Intensifies Book 3 - The Final Desperate Fighting and the Aftermath of War The story touches on the military, social, political, and economic realities of the era while introducing the larger-than-life Americans who shaped history in the mid 19th century. Loaded with fascinating anecdotes, photos, drawings, and maps. The Fellers Called Him Bill offers the reader a compelling narrative covering the most incredible period in American history. For a student of American History, the set of books would serve as an excellent source of material.

I Called Him Grand Dad

Author : Thomas T. Fields
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In 1961, small town lawyer Harvey Fields died. His memory slowly disappeared over the years. Forty-five years later his political papers were discovered and identified a person that was far different from the aged lawyer from Farmerville, Louisiana. He had been a political activist fighting for the just causes of the American laboring man in Louisiana and America. Fields was a law partner of Huey Long, Chairman of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, State Senator and Federal District Attorney. He was a Democratic Convention Delegate four time and was famous for his floor fights. His calls for a just America eventually cost him his job

They Called Them Greasers

Author : Arnoldo De León
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Tension between Anglos and Tejanos has existed in the Lone Star State since the earliest settlements. Such antagonism has produced friction between the two peoples, and whites have expressed their hostility toward Mexican Americans unabashedly and at times violently. This seminal work in the historical literature of race relations in Texas examines the attitudes of whites toward Mexicans in nineteenth-century Texas. For some, it will be disturbing reading. But its unpleasant revelations are based on extensive and thoughtful research into Texas' past. The result is important reading not merely for historians but for all who are concerned with the history of ethnic relations in our state. They Called Them Greasers argues forcefully that many who have written about Texas's past—including such luminaries as Walter Prescott Webb, Eugene C. Barker, and Rupert N. Richardson—have exhibited, in fact and interpretation, both deficiencies of research and detectable bias when their work has dealt with Anglo-Mexican relations. De León asserts that these historians overlooled an austere Anglo moral code which saw the morality of Tejanos as "defective" and that they described without censure a society that permitted traditional violence to continue because that violence allowed Anglos to keep ethnic minorities "in their place." De León's approach is psychohistorical. Many Anglos in nineteenth-century Texas saw Tejanos as lazy, lewd, un-American, subhuman. In De León's view, these attitudes were the product of a conviction that dark-skinned people were racially and culturally inferior, of a desire to see in others qualities that Anglos preferred not to see in themselves, and of a need to associate Mexicans with disorder so as to justify their continued subjugation.

World War I

Author :
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They Called Him Wild Bill

Author : Joseph G. Rosa
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His contemporaries called him Wild Bill, and newspapermen and others made him a legend in his own time. Among western characters only General George Armstrong Custer and Buffalo Bill Cody are as readily recognized by the general public. In writing this biography, Joseph G. Rosa has expressed the hope that "Hickok emerges as a man and not a legend." For this comprehensive revision of his earlier biography of Wild Bill the author was allowed to work from newly available materials in the possession of the Hickok family. He also discovered new material pertaining to Wild Bill’s Civil War exploits and his service as a marshal and found the pardon file of his murderer, John McCall. Additional, rare photographs of Wild Bill are published here for the first time. The results of Rosa’s additional research make this second edition the best biography of Wild Bill likely to be written for years to come.

The Fellers Called Him Bill Book Iii

Author : P. J. Kearns
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The Fellers Called Him Bill is a story of the American Civil War by P.J. Kearns. It is a thoroughly engaging account of the Great Rebellion following one young mans incredible journey through it. The generously illustrated narrative is presented as a three volume set Book 1 - Secession and the Outbreak of War Book 2 - The Rebellion Intensifies Book 3 - The Final Desperate Fighting and the Aftermath of War The story touches on the military, social, political, and economic realities of the era while introducing the larger-than-life Americans who shaped history in the mid 19th century. Loaded with fascinating anecdotes, photos, drawings, and maps. The Fellers Called Him Bill offers the reader a compelling narrative covering the most incredible period in American history. For a student of American History, the set of books would serve as an excellent source of material.

They Called Him Stonewall

Author : Burke Davis
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The New York Times–bestselling biography of the South’s most brilliant and audacious military commander: “Completely fascinating” (Kirkus Reviews). With the exception of Robert E. Lee, no Confederate general was more feared or admired than Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Once derisively known as “Tom Fool,” Jackson was an innovative battlefield strategist who struck terror in the hearts of Union army commanders and inspired Confederate soldiers to victory after victory in the early days of the Civil War. A fanatically religious man, Jackson prayed at the start and conclusion of every battle—yet showed no mercy when confronting the enemy. Eccentric, enigmatic, and fiercely intelligent, he became the stuff of legend soon after he died from wounds suffered during the Battle of Chancellorsville; his untimely death would help to change the course of the conflict. Based on a wealth of first-person sources, including Jackson’s private papers and correspondences, and the memoirs of family, friends, and colleagues, They Called Him Stonewall is a masterful portrait of the man behind the myth.

They Called It Puppy Love

Author : R.A. Rios
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Revision 2019 This Story is about true everlasting love! While falling in love is a confusing emotion, no matter what your age from a teen to adult we all experience the struggles of our emotions. Toby and Mary experience romantic affections for one another even though they knew they were too young to know any better. This set their life course down a one way street out of control. When we are young these emotional feelings sometime stir within us the thoughts of true love, but they seldom last therefore the term ‘puppy love.’ This story is about Toby and Mary and the exceptional emotional experience that they go thru in their search for "true love." Come along on this emotional roller coaster ride into true love that brings them real joy as well as lots of emotional pain and heart break. Their story and search for true love spans twelve years but over that time the suffering that this one man must go through is more than any person should ever have to bear.