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We Have Been Harmonised

Author : Kai Strittmatter
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In China's shiny new 'Smart Cities', citizens can scarcely cross the road or buy an orange without the government knowing about it, and tweeting satirically about the Glorious Leader's dumpling-like features can land you in jail.It's often assumed that capitalism and the internet automatically bring freedom and democracy. But Strittmatter shows how China's autocratic leaders are using powerful new technologies to create the largest and most effective surveillance state the world has ever seen

Common principles of European private law

Author : Reiner Schulze
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The Age of Unpeace

Author : Mark Leonard
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'Compulsively readable... An essential course in geopolitical self-help' - Adam Tooze 'Full of fresh - and often surprising - ideas' - Niall Ferguson 'Extraordinary... One of those rare books that defines the terms of our conversation about our times' - Michael Ignatieff We thought connecting the world would bring lasting peace. Instead, it is driving us apart. In the three decades since the end of the Cold War, global leaders have been integrating the world's economy, transport and communications, breaking down borders in the hope of making war impossible. In doing so, they have unwittingly created a formidable arsenal of weapons for new kinds of conflict and the motivation to keep fighting. Rising tensions in global politics are not a bump in the road - they are part of the paving. Troublingly, we are now seeing rising conflict at every level, from individuals on social media all the way up to nation-states in entrenched stand-offs. The past decade has seen a new antagonism between the US and China; an inability to co-operate on global issues such as climate change or pandemic response; and a breakdown in the distinction between war and peace, as overseas troops are replaced by sanctions, cyberwar, and the threat of large migrant flows. As a leading authority on international relations, Mark Leonard has been inside many of the rooms where our futures, at every level of society, are being decided - from the Facebook HQ and facial recognition labs in China to meetings in presidential palaces and at remote military installations. In seeking to understand the ways that globalisation has broken its fundamental promise to make our world safer and more prosperous, Leonard explores how we might wrest a more hopeful future from an age of unpeace.

Reigning the Future

Author : Dennis Wang
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Reigning the Future is an informative overview of US-China relations in regards to the ever-evolving tech world. With the relationship between these two superpowers at the forefront of international news, author Dennis Wang looks to inform readers through expert interviews and in-depth analyses about the mounting tensions between the two superpowers. Wang discusses the technological rivalry between the United States and China, analyzing great-power political competition and its connections with business and innovation. He believes the modern bilateral relationship between the two countries is one of the most significant challenges of the century and uses his research to prove that point and offers insight into navigating these unique times. Through his personal experiences with companies like Huawei Technologies and China Central Television, as well as his studies at Duke University, Wang provides unique perspectives and in-depth analyses on this topic. Reigning the Future will appeal to everyone from tech students to business leaders and policymakers. Visit ( for more info!

The art journal London

Author :
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Sustainable Wellbeing Futures

Author : Robert Costanza
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Ecological economics can help create the future that most people want – a future that is prosperous, just, equitable and sustainable. This forward-thinking book lays out an alternative approach that places the sustainable wellbeing of humans and the rest of nature as the overarching goal. Each of the book’s chapters, written by a diverse collection of scholars and practitioners, outlines a research and action agenda for how this future can look and possible actions for its realisation.

OECD Competition Assessment Reviews Greece

Author : OECD
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This report identifies areas where reform could be undertaken to address regulatory barriers to competition in Greece.

The Political Economy of Public Finance

Author : Marc Buggeln
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This volume examines the major trends in public finance in developed capitalist countries since the oil crisis of 1973. That year's oil shock quickly became an economic crisis, putting an end to a period of very high growth rates and an era of easy finance. Tax protests and growing welfare costs often led to rising debt levels. The change to floating exchange rates put more power in the hand of markets, which corresponded with a growing influence of neo-liberal thinking. These developments placed state finances under considerable pressure, and leading scholars here examine how the wealthiest OECD countries responded to these challenges and the consequences for the distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor. As the case studies here make clear, there was no simple 'race to the bottom' in taxation and welfare spending: different countries opted for different solutions that reflected their political and economic structures.

The Report Egypt 2008

Author :
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The Political Thought of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya

Author : K. S. Bharathi
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In Indian context.

The Global Smartphone

Author : Daniel Miller
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The smartphone is often literally right in front of our nose, so you would think we would know what it is. But do we? To find out, 11 anthropologists each spent 16 months living in communities in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, focusing on the take up of smartphones by older people. Their research reveals that smartphones are technology for everyone, not just for the young. The Global Smartphone presents a series of original perspectives deriving from this global and comparative research project. Smartphones have become as much a place within which we live as a device we use to provide ‘perpetual opportunism’, as they are always with us. The authors show how the smartphone is more than an ‘app device’ and explore differences between what people say about smartphones and how they use them. The smartphone is unprecedented in the degree to which we can transform it. As a result, it quickly assimilates personal values. In order to comprehend it, we must take into consideration a range of national and cultural nuances, such as visual communication in China and Japan, mobile money in Cameroon and Uganda, and access to health information in Chile and Ireland – all alongside diverse trajectories of ageing in Al Quds, Brazil and Italy. Only then can we know what a smartphone is and understand its consequences for people’s lives around the world.

Poverty and Low Income in the Nordic Countries

Author : Björn Gustafsson
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This title was first published in 2000: The Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers decided in 1994 to initiate and finance a comparative study to understand better the structure and development of poverty in five Nordic countries, (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The main question posed is how the number of people living with low incomes has changed over time and what characterizes such households.? Since no official poverty line has been defined in the Nordic countries, the comparative study examines a set of different definitions of poverty and analyzes the change in poverty rates and poverty composition in light of those different definitions.

The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal

Author : Arthur Edward Waite
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In the 13th century, over a few decades, a huge literature emerged around an unlikely tale. Survivors of the core of early Christianity make a perilous journey to Western Europe. They begin a hidden bloodline, preserve immensely powerful relics of the crucifixion, and carry a secret which, if revealed, would turn the established church on its head. A.E. Waite gets to the core of the Grail legend, an interwoven mass of narratives which started with seeds of pagan folklore and grew into a massive allegorical Christian epic.

HERMES Harmonised Econometric Research for Modelling Economic Systems

Author : Commission of the European Com
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The "HERMES" European system of models is featured in this book. This system was set up at the initiative of the Commission of the European Communities (Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development). It involves a series of medium term, macrosectoral econometric models in which energy plays a special role as a production factor. The different models are interlinked by a bilateral flow module, which describes for each product the trade between all the Community countries taken in twos. The United States, Japan and five zones are represented in this by simplified versions of the Commission's COMET model. This volume will help the reader to understand and interpret the numerous studies which have been undertaken with the help of the HERMES system. Economists and researchers will find valuable information and figures, with a common nomenclature, on the economies of the different countries, both on structural data and on economic operators.

The Syriac Version of Ezra Nehemiah

Author : Balzaretti Claudio
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he Syriac Version of Ezra-Nehemiah seems to be based on an original Hebrew text that is partly different from the one transmitted in the Masoretic tradition. This study seeks explain how the Syriac translator understood the Hebrew text. The author firstly examines the manuscript traditions and provides a critical apparatus to the Syriac text. He then investigates the translation technique and shows the translator’s efforts to solve the difficulties in the original by offering a more coherent and clearer new text. This monograph also discusses questions concerning the translator and his community. In sum, the Syriac version constitutes a stimulus and a call to read the Old Testament afresh. «Despite the fact that the Syriac version of the book of Ezra and Nehemiah presents some notable differences in comparison with the Hebrew Text, there has been no exhaustive research on this book». «The history of the research has shown the persistence of certain opinions which a more careful analysis has demonstrated to be problematic. As this point, we can put forward two presuppositions of our research: in the history of the canon does not allow us to make deductions as to the history of its translation and transmission». «From the rhetorical point of view, we have recognised various phenomena which can be summarised in a few words: the translation provides a clearer and more consistent presentation of the original Hebrew, even at the cost of sacrificing some redundant expressions of the Vorlage, but with the aim of producing a well-ordered arrangement of the text by means of the technique of repetition».

The Expository Times

Author : James Hastings
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Foreign Relations of the United States

Author : United States. Department of State
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Rule of Law and Transition to a Market Economy

Author : European Commission for Democracy through Law
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The Legend of the Holy Graal

Author : Arthur Edward Waite
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There are a few legends which may be said to stand forth among the innumerable traditions of humanity, wearing the external signs and characters of some inward secret or mystery which belongs rather to eternity than to time. They are in no sense connected one with another--unless, indeed, by certain roots which are scarcely in time and place--and yet by a suggestion which is deeper than any message of the senses each seems appealing to each, one bearing testimony to another, and all recalling all. They kindle strange lights, they awaken dim memories, in the antecedence of an immemorial past. They might be the broken fragments of some primitive revelation which, except in these memorials, has passed out of written records and from even the horizon of the mind. There are also other legends--strange, melancholy and long haunting--which seem to have issued from the depths of aboriginal humanity, below all horizons of history, pointing, as we' might think, to terrible periods of a past which is of the body only, not of the soul of man, and hinting that once upon a time there was a soulless age of our race, when minds were formless as the mammoths of geological epochs. To the latter class belongs part of what remains to us from the folk-lore of the cave-dwellers, the traditions of the pre-Aryan races of Europe. To the former, among many others, belongs the Graal legend, which in all its higher aspects is to be classed among the legends of the soul. Perhaps I should more worthily say that when it is properly understood, and when it is regarded at the highest, the Graal is not a legend, but an episode in the æonian life of that which "cometh from afar"; it is a personal history.

Risk Global Governance and Security

Author : Yee-Kuang Heng
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This book applies risk society theory to the 'War on Terror', steering the discussion away from the militaristic discourse of the Bush era towards an emphasis on global cooperation and a new cosmopolitan agenda. The literature and rhetoric of the 'War on Terror' has been dominated by dramatic high-profile military campaigns and division in the international community. This overlooks the various multilateral practices and cooperative processes that are emerging to combat global terrorism. President Bush himself had initially been at pains to stress that his 'war' on terror would be like no other; it would involve not just military tools but financial, intelligence, police and diplomatic measures too. More than eight years later, the time is right for an in-depth evaluation of this 'other' war on terror. Yet these relatively mundane regulatory dimensions have received much less attention than the 'hot' wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, where ongoing difficulties suggest that military force alone is inadequate in controlling globalised terrorism. This book aims to redress this imbalance, by foregrounding these initiatives, tracing their implementation and reflecting on the implications for International Relations. Adopting an analytical approach that seeks to incorporate theories of risk, global governance and security, this book aims to explore the overlapping multi-level and multi-lateral dynamics of the emerging global security architecture which have remained neglected and unmapped thus far in the war on terror. This book will be of interest to students of risk politics, security studies, global governance and IR in general. Yee-Kuang Heng is Lecturer in International Relations, University of St Andrews, UK. Kenneth McDonagh is Lecturer in International Relations in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University.