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Weather for Hillwalkers and Climbers

Author : Malcolm Thomas
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Written by a professional weather forecaster, this book provides the beginner with an understanding of the basic principles of the cause of each of the elements, and then looks at how to make short-term weather forecasts.

Weather for Hillwalkers

Author : Malcolm Thomas
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For years hillwalkers and climbers have struggled to understand the complexities of weather systems. Written by a professional weather forecaster, Weather for Hillwalkers provides invaluable insight to the beginner and veteran alike. Now in a new edition, Malcolm Thomas offers an understanding of the principles of the elements – the causes of wind, rain, snow, cloud, fog, thunder and clear skies – and looks at how they are affected by mountains and high ground. Readers will learn the terminology of depressions, warm and cold fronts, air masses and more; how to interpret weather maps; and how to make short-term weather forecasts from observations. This is essential reading for those tackling the elements amongst the hills.

Mountain Weather

Author : William James Burroughs
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On the mountain, even the best-laid plans can be ruined by the weather. For skiers, choosing a resort can be a lottery, with enormous variations from place to place. This book shows how a basic understanding of meteorology, combined with knowledge of the local climate, can help you predict what conditions will be like, and provides a wealth of climatic information about the world's most popular resorts.

Mountain Weather

Author : David E. Pedgley
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This is a comprehensive handbook of mountain weather written by a former weather observer, forecaster and instructor in the Meteorological Office. Included in this edition are 29 full-page satellite images.

Mountain Weather

Author : David Pedgley
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A guidebook to help walkers and climbers understand weather in the UK mountains. Helps you to develop the skills to interpret forecasts, understand weather maps, and read the weather so you can make important decisions about activities in the hills. Illustrated with weather maps and satellite imagery.


Author : Steve Long
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Hillwalking is an indispensable guide to the skills required for summer hill walking and is a major reference book for those who wish to lead groups in the UK and Ireland. It is the official handbook for Mountain Training's walking schemes. This fully updated third edition covers every aspect of walking in the hills, from clothing and equipment to access and the environment. It also covers camping, route finding and navigation, the weather, party management, hazards and risk management, and incidents and first aid. The book contains new information about access to the hills and advice for leaders working with people with disabilities. The navigation section has also been expanded to include major updates about digital mapping and GPS devices in this increasingly technological age. Written by International Mountain Guide Steve Long with contributions from staff at the National Mountaineering Centre Plas y Brenin, Hillwalking is endorsed by the British Mountaineering Council, Mountaineering Council of Scotland and Mountaineering Ireland. The publisher, Mountain Training, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and currently oversees 13 skills and leadership schemes in walking, climbing and mountaineering.

Cairngorm John

Author : John Allen
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First published in 2009, Cairngorm John: A Life in Mountain Rescue is universally recognised as a classic mountaineering book. Sandstone Press now presents a 10th anniversary edition which will include a substantial new section entitled Ten Years After, which will include chapters on changes to the helicopter service and the addition of drones, go-pros, apps, new means of transport to the mountain rescue service, and mountain safety. There will also be an additional plate section and a number of glossaries and appendices.

The Hillwalkers

Author :
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Pragmatics and Literature

Author : Siobhan Chapman
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Pragmatics and Literature is an important collection of new work by leading practitioners working at the interface between pragmatic theory and literary analysis. The individual studies collected here draw on a variety of theoretical approaches and are concerned with a range of literary genres. All have a shared focus on applying ideas from specific pragmatic frameworks to understanding the production, interpretation and evaluation of literary texts. A full-length introductory chapter highlights distinctions and contrasts between pragmatic theories, but also brings out complementarities, shared aims and assumptions, and ways in which different pragmatic theories can make different contributions to our understanding of literary texts. The book as a whole encourages a sense of coherence for the field and presents insights from various approaches for systematic comparison. Building on previous work by the editors, the contributors and others, it makes a significant contribution to the growing field of pragmatic literary stylistics.

Northanger Abbey

Author : Val McDermid
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The internationally bestselling crime writer “offers a canny new twist on Jane Austen’s early novel . . . a reimagined delight for Austen fans” (Booklist). A homeschooled minister’s daughter in the quaint, sheltered Piddle Valley in Dorset, Cat Morland loses herself in novels and is sure there is a glamorous adventure awaiting her beyond the valley’s narrow horizon. So, imagine her delight when the Allens, neighbors and friends of her parents, invite her to attend the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh as their guest. With a sunny personality, tickets every night, and a few key wardrobe additions courtesy of Susie Allen, Cat quickly begins to take Edinburgh by storm and is taken into the bosom of the Thorpe family, particularly by eldest daughter Bella. And then there’s the handsome Henry Tilney, an up-and-coming lawyer whose family home is the beautiful and forbidding Northanger Abbey. Cat is entranced by Henry and his charming sister, Eleanor, but she can’t help wondering if everything about them is as perfect as it seems. Or has she just been reading too many novels? A delectable, note-perfect modern update of the Jane Austen classic, Northanger Abbey tells a timeless story of innocence amid cynicism, the exquisite angst of young love, and the value of friendship. “McDermid’s success lies in her ability to allow her version of Northanger Abbey to dovetail tidily and enjoyably with Austen’s original while infusing it with her own humor, wit, and style.” —The Boston Globe “Rife with conflicts of love, gossip, misunderstandings, and updates on social media, it is an accessible and enjoyable read, especially rewarding for young readers as a gateway into appreciating the classics.” —Publishers Weekly

Understand The Weather Teach Yourself

Author : Peter Inness
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Understand the Weather is a comprehensive and practical guide to the workings of the atmosphere. It will ensure that you not only understand what causes changes in the weather on a local, national and global scale but that you can also fully interpret weather broadcasts and are able to make your own predictions. Packed full of case studies, this book will explain both the weather we experience daily (winds, cold fronts, rain and shine) and the extreme weather that makes the headlines all too often (El Nino, Hurricane Katrina, floods). It will also focus on climate change and its effects - how will our weather be different in the future? Whether your job or leisure pursuits rely on the weather, or you just want to understand more about it, this book is ideal. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.

Journal of Meteorology

Author :
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Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal

Author :
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Includes section "Mountaineering literature."

Instant Storm Forecasting

Author : Alan Watts
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Instant Storm Forecasting is an invaluable reference for anyone pursuing outdoor activities. Using dramatic photographs of cloud formations, helpful tables and practical explanations, Alan Watts equips the reader with the tools to assess the chances of being caught out in a storm, and judge how severe that storm might be. He explains how strong winds build up, how thunder and hail stones are formed and what causes hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and waterspouts. This comprehensive little book makes fascinating reading as well as being an essential guide for anyone about to encounter the elements. Praise for Instant Weather Forecasting: 'Excellent value and a good cockpit companion' Classic Boat 'Useful in every clubhouse' Golf Monthly 'A surefire bestseller' The Yachtsman 'Another gem that's a dog-eared favourite' Coastal Cruising 'Well worth a place on the bookshelf or in the car or rucksack' The Countryman 'A handy and information-packed little volume' Birdwatch

50 Shades of Hillwalking

Author : Ralph Storer
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In 50 Shades of Hillwalking, Ralph Storer takes a quirky look at the peculiar pursuit of messing about on mountains and presents us with 50 personal hillwalking experiences. Walking, climbing, mountain biking, caving – Ralph has tried it all, but admits to expertise only in the lost art of ‘festering’. With room also for contemplation and argument, his inimitable 50 Shades will amuse, inspire and inform. Follow in his footsteps as he roves from the Lake District to the Alps, from Snowdonia to Scandinavia, and from the Scottish Highlands to the deserts and canyons of America. Warm to his intrepid exploits of derring-do as he gets snowbound in a tent, gets stuck on ice falls and in caves, and falls off mountain bikes and down sand dunes. Culled from not-yet-a-lifetime of eclectic escapades both at home and abroad, brought to life by carefully selected images, this highly entertaining collection of stories will resonate with anyone whose aspirations outstrip their ability. PRAISE FOR RALPH STORER: His books are exceptional… he subverts the guidebook completely. THE ANGRY CORRIE Storer is happy to share numerous irreverent insights into the hills, and this acts as a timely reminder that walking should be primarily about enjoyment of the great outdoors. ABERDEEN PRESS AND JOURNAL A treat for all hillwalkers active or chair bound… Ralph Storer rambles over all aspects of enjoying and suffering, not only Scottish, but the world’s hills. SCOTS INDEPENDENT on The Joy of Hillwalking


Author : Ian A. Morrison
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You can become quite skilful at forecasting what the weather will do next. All you need is your eyes and a few simple instruments. This book show you how.

Hillwalking in Wales Vol 1

Author : Peter Hermon
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The first book in a two-volume series describing walking routes up every 2000-footer in Wales - all 166 of them. The result is not just a guide to the mountains of Snowdonia, but a handbook of over 450 routes covering 21 Welsh mountain ranges - the whale-backed ridges of the Black Mountains, the Brecon Beacons' precipitous escarpments, the Cwmdeuddwr uplands, Plynlimon's unknown valleys, the heather clad Berwyns, Cader Idris, the vast solitudes of the Arans and Arenigs, the Rhinogs and the wildest land in Wales. For those longer days the author also suggests over 100 high level traverses. This volume covers: the Arans, Arenigs, Berwyns, Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons, Cader Idris, Carneddau, Cwmdeuddwr hills and Dovey hills.

Weather Education

Author : J. M. Walker
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Weather Watch

Author : Dick File
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Guide to Weather Forecasting

Author : Storm Dunlop
File Size : 24.23 MB
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Describes weather forecasting, including how different phenomena develop, how geography produces local weather patterns, and ways to make a forecast at home.