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Nutrition And Weight Control for Longevity 2007

Author : Lora Brown Wilder
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This White Paper gives you answers based on the latest research. It provides you with up-to-date recommendations on how to start an exercise program, lose unwanted pounds, and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis. You'll find out which fad diets are dangerous, and which ones are less risky.

Weight Control

Author : Richard Cottrell
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The mechanisms controlling body weight or, to be more specific, that component of body mass that consists of adipose tissue is an active area of scientific research. Two stimuli can be discerned that give a sense of urgency to this research. The first is the data, from many sources, confirming an inexorable upward trend in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in developed countries. The picture in the emerging nations is unclear because of both a lack of appropriate survey data and the continued scourge of under nourishment among their poor. It is likely, however, that, throughout the world, wherever disposable income and food availability are high, obesity and overweight will be a continuing and increasing problem. The second driving force among researchers is the realization that, to date, there has been little success in either stemming the tide of individuals experiencing excessive adiposity or enabling them to recover a more desirable body weight and composition. Such are the problems. But significant progress in research into the origins and treatment of this condition is being made, and in recent years has been brisk. Technical advances (such as the ability to measure total energy expenditure in free-living individuals with good reliability), new and imaginative thinking and a determination not to be satisfied with hypotheses until they have been thoroughly challenged by experiment have yielded significant advances.

Weight Control

Author : Raj Bhanot
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Discusses issues such as weight control, nutrition, and exercise. It also provides information on medical disorders such as arthritis, high blood pressure, osterporosis, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, alcohol consumption, and the use of tobacco.

Weight Control U S Edition

Author : Vincent Antonetti, PhD
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This critically acclaimed book is an excellent, easy-to-use guide to successful weight loss and life-long weight maintenance, with in-depth chapters on nutrition and exercise. The book has many new tables and images, and is loaded with Weight Control information not found anywhere else! Weight Control - U.S. Edition contains no gimmicks and makes no outrageous claims. Rather it provides a basic understanding of weight loss and weight maintenance that you will return to again and again.

Professional Weight Control for Women

Author : Vincent Antonetti PhD
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Updated and easier to use! Professional Weight Control for Women - Metric Edition is for health-care practitioners (physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, etc), although anyone who wants to get healthy, lose weight and keep it off, and improve their overall fitness will profit from this outstanding eBook. A great reference with safe, natural, effective methods, lots of new tables and easy-to-use effective weight-loss strategies. New tables include: new BMI-based Weight versus Height table; new Body Fat Percentage table, new Maximum Waist Size tables, new Optimum Waist Size tables, as well as Unique Weight Loss Prediction and Weight Maintenance Calorie tables. Includes comprehensive Exercise and Nutrition chapters. Metric units.

Exercise and Weight Control

Author :
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Making Weight Control Second Nature

Author : Susan Burke March
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March inspires readers with her personal weight-control triumph and her professional expertise. She presents an exciting, easy-to-follow way of living that puts dieters in control of their weight and health--one day at a time, one meal at a time, one food at a time, and one walk at a time.

Weight Control and Physical Activity

Author : International Agency for Research on Cancer
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Avoiding overweight and obesity is the best-established diet-related risk factor for cancer. The proportion of people who are overweight/obese is increasing, and the amount of physical activity is decreasing in most populations, including urban populations in many developing countries. The increasing prevalence of overweight/obesity is presumably due to the increasing availability of highly palatable, high energy foods and an increasing sedentary lifestyle due to mechanisation ofboth workplace and leisure activities.Overweight/obesity and reduced physical activity increases the risk of cancers in various organs. Maintaining a healthy body weight and regular physical activity is the second most important way to prevent cancer, after tobacco control.The suggestions of possible public health action aimed at tackling these risk factors include education activities to promote balanced diets which are not excessive in energy and broad education and planning to enable and encourage physical activity during work and leisure. The Handbook Volume 6 on Weight Control and Physical Activity contains a full discussion of this topic, together with recommendations for public health action.

Novel Food Ingredients for Weight Control

Author : C J K Henry
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Obesity has become an epidemic of global proportions and is predicted to become the leading cause of death in many countries in the near future. As a result, weight control has become increasingly important for many consumers. Edited by a leading academic in the field, this important collection reviews research into the production and use of specific ingredients which can help to control body weight. Part one discusses ingredients implicated in the development of obesity such as sugars and lipids and the body’s response to hunger and satiety. The second part of the book reviews particular ingredients derived from grains, fruit and vegetables, which can assist weight control. Chapters cover ?-glucans, oligosaccharides, starch and carbohydrates. Part three details dairy-based ingredients which can help regulate weight. It covers the use of food constituents such as calcium, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and trans-free oils and fats. Written by an international team of contributors, this book provides food industry professionals and nutritionists with a valuable reference on ingredients for effective weight control. Reviews research into the production and use of specific ingredients which can help to control body weight Provides food industry professionals with essential information about particular ingredients that are effective in weight management Valuable reference for nutritionists and food industry professionals

Calorie School Fast Fun Lessons for Weight Control Exercise and a Healthier Life

Author : Kirk DuBay
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Calorie School is a straightforward approach to weight control with your long-term success in mind. Concentrating on calories, author Kirk DuBay shows how to reverse the process that got you overweight in the first place. With the mix of truths, half-truths, myths, and the constant barrage of opinions and advice from every direction, it's no wonder calories are such a mystery. While all nutrients are important, understanding and regulating our calorie intake and output will result in weight control. Calorie School teaches you a straight forward approach to master your weight by: Gaining a clear understanding of calories Determining the number of calories in the foods you eat Managing calorie intake Knowing how your body responds to the food you eat and the process of losing weight Understanding the role physical activity plays in losing weight and how it can accelerate or hinder your progress Taking action to achieve your goal with easy-to-implement instructions and helpful details, tips, and suggestions Calorie School puts aside all the weight-loss rhetoric and gets back to the basics so you can control your weight for good.