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Welsh Castles

Author : Adrian Pettifer
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History of and gazetteer to all surviving Welsh castles - the majority 13c - arranged by county, with full OS details.

Castles in Wales

Author : Gerald Morgan
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You may be a castle enthusiast on holiday or an armchair aficionado seeking the perfect introduction to Welsh castles. If so, here is the perfect solution: a combination of fireside companion and practical handbook for windswept walks. The introduction sweeps through medieval history, setting the castles in their historical, political and military context, while the main text is a practical guide to nearly 80 castles with grid reference and notes on access, history and building details. Fully illustrated, "Castles in Wales, A Handbook" also includes a list of over 400 medieval castles, and an appendix of possible, post-medieval and lost castles.

The Welsh Castles of Edward I

Author :
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Arnold Taylor, the leading expert on the subject, provides an authoritative guide to the castles, begun between 1277 and 1295, in a short compass. He deals with their joint and individual features, dates, planning and construction.

The Medieval Castles of Wales

Author : John Kenyon
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The purpose of the book is to give visitors to the medieval castles of Wales a concise but informative description of the main publicly accessible sites in a convenient format. An introductory chapter outlines the development of castle architecture in Britain, drawing on Welsh examples, with a number of ‘box features’ that elaborate more fully on particular aspects, such as gatehouses, or key personalities such as Llywelyn Fawr. Five chapters form a regionally based gazetteer of the castles described. Each entry is prefaced with a key to arrangements at each castle, such as whether there is an entry charge. The know history of any given site is then summarized, and this is then followed by the core of each entry, namely the description of the visible remains, to enable visitors to navigate their way around. Some of the descriptions of the larger sites are accompanied by plans. A final chapter provides a brief overview of castle-like buildings dating from the seventeenth century onwards, and this is followed by a guide to further reading.

Welsh Castles Colouring Book

Author : Dorian Spencer Davies
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A collection of beautiful but fun illustrations of Wales' most spectacular castles, drawn by well-known Welsh artist Dorian Spencer Davies for you to color and treasure. Anyone from 4 to 94 will enjoy bringing these vivid, joyful images of 21 stunning Welsh landmarks to life. The book includes castles from all over Wales and built by both the Normans and Welsh princes: Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Cardigan, Carew, Carreg Cennen, Castell Coch, Chepstow, Conwy, Criccieth, Denbigh, Dinefwr, Dolbadarn, Dolwyddelan, Harlech, Kidwelly, Laugharne, Pembroke, Raglan, Rhuddlan.

Medieval Castles of England and Wales

Author : Bernard Lowry
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Designed to dominate the surrounding area, to house powerful garrisons, offer sumptuous quarters for local nobility, and to discourage and repel enemy attacks, castles dominated England and Wales for more than half a millennium. Though some were built before 1066, the Norman Conquest left a lasting legacy in the form of fortifications ranging from small earthworks now barely discernible, to mighty and dominating stone fortresses. This book examines why castles were so essential to medieval warfare, their importance in domestic politics, and the day-to-day lives of those who lived and worked within them. It also shows how the development of new technologies affected their construction and design, and why they eventually fell into disrepair in the late Middle Ages. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs, this is the perfect guide for any castle enthusiast seeking to discover more about medieval fortifications and their inhabitants.

The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales

Author : Diane Williams
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The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales publishes the proceedings of a conference held in 2007, a year that marked the seventh centenary of the death of King Edward I, which set out to review recent scholarship on castles that he built in north Wales after two wars, in 1277 and 1282-83 and a Welsh uprising in 1294-95, and to rethink the effect that their building had upon Wales in the past, present and future. Building upon the seminal work of Arnold Taylor, whose study of the buildings and documentary evidence has been pivotal to Edwardian castle studies for more than fifty years, the volume includes papers which call into question the role of Master James of St George as the architect of the kings new castles; the role of Richard the Engineer, the nature of royal accommodation in the thirteenth century and a detailed look at how households worked, especially in the kitchen and accounting departments. New approaches to castle studies are encouraging a more holistic understanding of the Edwardian castles and their context and to this end papers consider their impact on Welsh society and its princes in the thirteenth century, notably Llywelyn ab Iorwerth ( Fawr , the Great) and his grandson, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, prince of Wales. Their symbolism and meaning through the words of Welsh poets and the mythology behind Caernarfon Castle are also examined, so too is the role of Welshmen in Edward Is armies. The wider context is considered with papers on the Edwardian towns in Wales, the baronial castles in north Wales and Edward I in Scotland and Gascony. The castles still have powerful resonance and the Minister for Heritage in the Welsh Assembly Government considers their role and presentation in Wales today and in the future. Robert Liddiard concludes that the volume 'not only takes our knowledge of the Edwardian castles forward, but also informs the study of castles in the British Isles'.

The Castles of Edward I in Wales 1277 1307

Author : Christopher Gravett
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In 1277 Edward I gathered a huge army and marched into Wales to subdue the rebel Welsh princes who continued to raid and pillage English controlled areas of Wales, and even England itself. A key part of his strategy of subjugating and colonizing the Welsh was to erect a castle at every point where his army rested, to provide permanent bases for English garrisons and a visual reminder of English power. This title takes a detailed look at the design, development and principles of defense of the Edwardian Welsh castles, documenting daily life within their walls and the historical events that took place around them. Looking at key sites such as Cardigan, Aberystwyth and Conwy it highlights the varied castle designs ranging from fortifications based on French models to the defenses inspired by Constantinople, illustrated with eight pages of full colour illustrations and cutaway artwork. Chris Gravett provides a clear explanation of why the castles were there, who lived in them and how they were built - crucial reading for anyone interested in some of the most romantic and militarily effective buildings ever created.

Castles and Fortifications of Wales

Author : Alan Phillips
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The fascinating story of the buildings that have helped to defend Wales throughout its history from the Iron Age to the twentieth century.

Castles of Wales

Author : Alan Phillips
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The fascinating story of the buildings that have helped to defend Wales throughout its history from the Iron Age to the twentieth century.