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Western Europe and Southeast Asia

Author : Giuseppe Schiavone
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The European Community and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations functions and powers - have established a formal relationship which could provide a valuable model for interregional cooperation between industrialized and developing countries, now that repeated efforts to launch global North-South negotiations have come a dead end. The proceedings of a conference convened to discuss opportunities for and obstacles to a closer relationship between the two groups are presented here.

Citizens and the State

Author : Takashi Inoguchi
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This book is about the relationship between citizens and the state. Their relationship has tended to be argued from a top down perspective without systematically examining empirical data about their association. In contrast, Citizens and the State, analyses the relationship from a primarily bottom up standpoint. Using the 18 country cross-national survey (the Asia-Europe Survey) data it examines how citizens relate themselves to the state. Featuring case studies on France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Britain, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, Korea, the Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and China, the book systematically examines the relationship by asking three questions: how strongly do citizens identify themselves to the country? how much confidence do citizens place in the state and its institutions? how satisfied are citizens with life and politics? Innovatively, the book attempts to answer these questions by first setting up six types of relationship between citizens and the state via factor analysis of the survey data pertaining identity, confidence and satisfaction then by examining country profiles more closely and beyond the six types. The book will be of interest to students and researcher of political science, political theory, comparative political science, Asian Studies, European Studies and sociology.

Globalisation Public Opinion and the State

Author : Takashi Inoguchi
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This is first integrated book-length account of citizen responses to the new global order. Based on a comprehensive survey, administered at the end of 2000, in nine European and nine Asian countries, this book demonstrates the diverse responses to globalization, within, and between, two of the world's major – and most globally integrated – regions. Globalization, Public Opinion and the State is a pioneering empirical study, drawing on 18,000 interviews across these 18 European and Asian countries supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education. The Asian-Europe Survey is one of the largest of its kind ever conducted, and provides the book with a wealth of novel data on public opinion and social attitudes that identify the linkages between national/regional policy responses and the political and policy orientations of the publics affected. The book uses theoretical insights to situate these public responses and reactions to globalization; and it addresses one question in particular: do nation states matter in how citizens come to view regional and global engagement? Rather than offering another theory about globalization, this book presents much-needed empirical findings that help us decide between arguments about the public impact of globalization cross-nationally. This book breaks new ground as there no other comprehensive study in this field.

Regionalism Globalisation and International Order

Author : Jens-Uwe Wunderlich
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New regionalism and globalization have been prominent themes in academic and political debates since the beginning of the 1990s. Despite the considerable amount of scholarly attention that the new regionalism has received in recent years, its full empirical and theoretical potential has yet to be fully investigated. This illuminating study provides an overview of new avenues in theorizing regionalism and proposes a consolidated framework for analysis and comparison. Offering a comparative historical perspective of European and Southeast Asian regionalism, it presents new and imaginative insights into the theory and practice of regionalism and the links between regional developments, globalization and international order.

Political Cultures in Asia and Europe

Author : External Professor European University Institute Florence Visiting Professor Jean Blondel
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This book is a study of the attitudes to political and social life among the citizens of eighteen countries in Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia. Drawing on data from the largest cross-national survey on political culture for the last half a century, this book assesses how political culture differs across the two regions and whether this can be drawn back to a profound difference in basic societal values, or ‘Asian values’. Examining geographical, religious and socio-economic factors, the authors discuss whether there genuinely is a common political value in the two regions or a profound difference as these countries move towards modernity. This original and comprehensive study of the values, norms and beliefs held by citizens of the East and West will appeal to students and scholars of political culture and comparative politics, as well as Asian and European politics.

Who s who in Southeast Asian Studies in Western Europe Austria Denmark Finland France Federal Republic of Germany Great Britain The Netherlands Norway and Sweden

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Western Europe and South East Asia

Author : Giuseppe Schiavone
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Asia and Europe

Author : Tommy Thong Bee Koh
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Frank Hamilton Cushing's stay at Zuñi pueblo from 1879 to 1884 made him the first professional anthropologist actually to live with his subjects. Learning the language and winning acceptance as a member not only of the tribe but of the tribal council and the Bow Priesthood, he was the original participant observer and the only man in history to hold the double title of "1st War Chief of Zuñi, U. S. Ass't Ethnologist." A pioneer in southwestern ethnology, he combined the discipline of science with a remarkable imaginative capacity for identifying with Indian modes of thought and perception-and corresponding gifts of expression.

Asia in the Making of Europe Volume III

Author : Donald F. Lach
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First systematic, inclusive study of the impact of the high civilizations of Asia on the development of modern Western civilization.

The World of Strategy and the Foreign Policy of Nations

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