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Westmoreland s Way

Author : Brenda Jackson
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Mr. November: Dillon Westmoreland, real-estate tycoon Objective: Pamela Novak, business owner Strategic Plan: Seduce and rescue There was a secret to Dillon Westmoreland's heritage—and Pamela Novak had the key. Though the raven-haired beauty was ensnared by her shifty fiancé, Dillon—eldest of the Denver Westmoreland clan—couldn't resist a mind-blowing night in her arms. And after that incredible passion… Well, once a Westmoreland claimed the woman he wanted, he wouldn't let anything tear them apart!

High Powered Hot Blooded Westmoreland s Way High Powered Hot Blooded Westmoreland s Way Mills Boon Desire

Author : Susan Mallery
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High-Powered, Hot-Blooded A powerful businessman, Duncan didn’t like ultimatums. But the board demanded he improve his public image. When he encountered sweet kindergarten teacher Annie McCoy, he knew she could make him look like a reformed character...

Westmoreland St Improvement Judd Road to Whitesboro Oneida County

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Waiting for Westmoreland A Memoir the Path from Vietnam to Enlightenment

Author : John Maberry
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This book is the true story of a 20th century Candide-an innocent growing up in America in the fifties. As a boy, the author suffers the death of loved ones. Spending a year in Vietnam corrupts him. Then the political realities of the war and Watergate shatter his idealistic illusions about America. He searches for tools to reform the country that failed him. His quest becomes a frustrating pursuit. Finally, he meets a person who tells him about the life philosophy of Buddhism. He learns that the credit or blame for all of life's events lies within-not from others. Looking for happiness outside oneself is fruitless. Only by taking personal responsibility for one's own life can one be truly happy. Reforming oneself, rather than changing others, leads to a better world.

Westmoreland s War

Author : Gregory Daddis
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General William C. Westmoreland has long been derided for his failed strategy of "attrition" in the Vietnam War. Historians have argued that Westmoreland's strategy placed a premium on high "body counts" through a "big unit war" that relied almost solely on search and destroy missions. Many believe the U.S. Army failed in Vietnam because of Westmoreland's misguided and narrow strategy In a groundbreaking reassessment of American military strategy in Vietnam, Gregory Daddis overturns conventional wisdom and shows how Westmoreland did indeed develop a comprehensive campaign which included counterinsurgency, civic action, and the importance of gaining political support from the South Vietnamese population. Exploring the realities of a large, yet not wholly unconventional environment, Daddis reinterprets the complex political and military battlefields of Vietnam. Without searching for blame, he analyzes how American civil and military leaders developed strategy and how Westmoreland attempted to implement a sweeping strategic vision. Westmoreland's War is a landmark reinterpretation of one of America's most divisive wars, outlining the multiple, interconnected aspects of American military strategy in Vietnam-combat operations, pacification, nation building, and the training of the South Vietnamese armed forces. Daddis offers a critical reassessment of one of the defining moments in American history.

Flames Of Attraction Quade s Babies The Westmorelands Tall Dark Westmoreland The Westmorelands

Author : Brenda Jackson
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Two classic Westmoreland novels from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson QUADE’S BABIES

Lyndon Johnson s War The Road to Stalemate in Vietnam

Author : Larry Berman
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"Stunning....The portrait of the embattled and unyielding president that emerges is vivid and memorable."—Publishers Weekly By 1968, the United States had committed over 525,000 men to Vietnam and bombed virtually all military targets recommended by the joint Chiefs of Staff. Yet, the United States was no closer to securing its objectives than it had been prior to the Americanization of the war. The long-promised light at the end of the tunnel was a mirage. This absorbing account reveals the bankruptcy of the bombing campaign against North Vietnam, the failures of political reform in South Vietnam and the bitter bureaucratic conflicts between the US government and its military commanders.

Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Association for the Advancement of Literature and Science

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Westmoreland Law Journal

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Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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